Men I Trust - Dorian Lyrics

I recall polar days like these by the Zora river
Before heading nearby to quench my thirst
Writers and few musicians among the local drunk
Tentative relief, together blank

So I dream about C.R.E.A.M. tonight
White flag night
Wicked night

I miss October nights in Parc
Miss the corner store small talk
Smoke indoors past four
Come on Jean-Talon

I miss October nights in Parc
Miss the corner store small talk
Smoke indoors past four
Come on Jean-Talon

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Men I Trust Dorian Comments
  1. Marcelo :3 Balladares

    what is my name doing there

  2. Keelan McDorman

    If you're reading this, thank you for enjoying great, soulful music! You have exquisite taste. Oncle jazz is a huge inspiration to me. I'm here to tell you that if you like Men I Trust I think you'll like the three bands I'm in, they're indie, dreamy kinda stuff as well:
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    Here's the Spotify link to the new Openness album:
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    Cheers, I love you!


    The albums really good!

  3. GamerGirlJuice *

    This song is so well written

  4. Deqin Wu

    freakin legendary

  5. Rollin Rocker

    So is this song played in Dorian?

  6. Wonchul Do

    More like mixoaeolidorian 😂

  7. Lavender Waterfall

    Coraline aesthetic

    Sapphire Rose

    Oh my god yes i was just thinking that!! I wonder what, musically, makes it so

    Lavender Waterfall

    Sapphire Rose I’m not sure, but good question! I’m happy I’m not the only one who thinks of Coraline when hearing this song, but I can’t really figure out why it reminds me of it either

  8. Liam Peters

    Who is Jean-talon

  9. Yoon Kang

    Pokemon Gym BGM

  10. Renzo Campos

    this song is what I need

  11. Weston Shuken

    please tell me where else I have heard this melody

    James Cope

    It's sounds a lot like Seal's Kiss From A Rose...not that I mind.


    Enya - Sail away

    david brun

    here, at the intro from second 13

    Aimen Hamami


  12. Mike Var

    Aww reminds me of the dorian mode. Wait a minute...

  13. LGsavage Music

    Aww reminds me of Hurricane Dorian...but aye love the song

    Becker Aviation

    Beautifully destructive? The soundscape this song gives me is surreal. I can picture a big hurricane from space with this song.

    LGsavage Music

    Becker Aviation you are officially one of my favorite just took the words out of my mind

  14. Darian A. Castañeda

    I almost had a song with my name haha my name’s Darian

    Rom Perre

    Durian is king of fruits

  15. Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Sounds like Robbie Williams Millennium. Robbie Williams actually took the orchestral part from The James Bond music -You Only Live Twice but the melodic phrase that this song shares with Millennium is the chorus part.

  16. Narewhest

    I don't know why but the intro sounds like a soundtrack from a pokemon game, can't remember the name of it but it seemlessly fit in

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Robbie Williams Millennium

    Aimen Hamami

    It's the themes of the routes 4, 5 and 16 on pokémon black/white

  17. Olin Morris

    thank you :)

  18. Rob Cole

    This is such a vibe, love the bass. I feel the warmer mix!

  19. Viajante Futuro


  20. Eve

    Is it the middle of the night? Yes

    Do I have school tomorrow? Yes

    Am I staying up to listen to the whole new Men I Trust album? Yes


    will you fail your exams because of it? Yes. Will you not graduate because of it? Yes. But is it all worth it? YES!!!


    I thought about skip job but I wasn't brave enough



  21. Nicolas Zambrano