Men I Trust - Again Lyrics

A trail looks even
Rising with ease
Gradually stretching
In fair daylight view

As cool winds
Bare my vague thoughts,
A quiet journey
I embrace again,
Oh I embrace again!

Slowed my pace down
(Somatic burden)
I see a wide sphere
A table I thought

Things now look idle
Leaving reserved
Sparsely aware
Of this new lapse

As cool winds
Bare my vague thoughts,
A quiet journey
I embrace again,
Oh I embrace again!

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Men I Trust Again Comments
  1. misatogang

    this is such a quality band

  2. i'm not cyborg


  3. Abhner Held Cunha

    Sente só rapaziada que musica gostosinha de ouvir.

  4. HAKO

    My man Yuri ❤️ I'll miss

  5. Richard Ortiz

    Nest year, Houston or Austin dates?

  6. artrickk

    Wow this is beautiful. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 🖤

  7. Charles Joseph

    i think i wanna live again

  8. Nick El-Khouri

    Woah! This that fire

  9. Gianluca Bush

    Top work

  10. LumabeeLumabop 4321

    Beautiful. Just found out about this band and i feel blessed to hear this music. Also ghostly kisses is amazing here

  11. Mal Mok

    This is orgasmic...

  12. alexandra s.

    The whole album is very good, give it a try

    alexandra s.

    Okay, I take it back. The album is not "very good", it's GREAT! You should definitely give it a listen.

  13. Tefilla Pelafu

    The awesomeness of this song woke me up from sleep, thinking how dope the song is, never heard it before, now putting it on repeat

  14. Mr Krabs

    what do you mean only 250k views? the 250 should be millions instead

  15. Sodcio Kaesenberg

    Music is very good, sounds like a Radiohead.

    alexandra s.

    Huh? How is that sounds like Radiohead?

  16. Andreas Gomez

    Estaba viendo la tele letal,en el capítulo cuando fue la mencha,y Vi un comentario que me llamó la atención no sé si fue por la foto

  17. Yosemite Sam

    MIT has got to be one of the best new acts (at least new to me!) along with Tame Impala, Khruangbin, Fazerdaze, Still Corners, Far Caspian, etc. I get goosebumps hearing these marvelous sounds produced by the genius collobarations ... Love - beep beep.


    Yosemite Sam Great list of bands. Check out Crumb too.

  18. add19455

    God I love this song

  19. oscar villa

    This is like Massive Attack meets Furns

  20. WiFislilpeach

    I love that the album art is plow pose. This entire album is otherworldly

  21. 4Azr

    Amazing, so soothing + little James Blake vibe

  22. DigitalMadrigal

    Sooooo. Beauuuuuuuutiful.

  23. MyName IsRamen

    Reminds me of London Grammar

  24. Mr. sting ray

    I could die to this song

  25. Voondubah


    alexandra s.

    Some youtuber who recommended this song in her video I guess, she showed up in the comments

  26. Pierrette Millette

    belle voix angélique

  27. randy castillo

    Love the last lyrics of the song speak my mind

  28. Maay Souza

    this song reminds me of this trip I made to London. I met this person in a such deep way and I remember that, when I went to the airport, I could not stop to listening this song. Time passed and I don't have contact with the person anymore, but, deep down, the feeling I nurture when I listened to it the first time remains the same.

  29. Gonig Bratal

    crazy awesome song

  30. Ester Carvalho

    Vim pela Lola❤

  31. Chiara Carrieri

    Vim pela Lola 😚

  32. Palola


    Roberta Consulmagnos

    Palola vc é foda mulher

  33. cali4niazownmax

    so beautifully written

  34. Miguel Herrera

    I love this song ❤️💎

  35. idle1337

    this song is out of this world

  36. CPfefferminze

    my favourite song at the moment. love it.

  37. Hồ Nhi

    A song I would like to keep in my playlist for 10 more lives...

  38. Meni Store

    Again ! 1:01, Again !! 2:28, AGAIN !!! 2:54 *PERFECT !!!!*

  39. Turbo Chicken

    Who's that Lola y'all talking about ?


    Turbo Chicken me!!!! HAAHAHHA

  40. jbhr2

    This song is really cool.

  41. Jason R

    I haven't heard one song that I haven't liked by Men I Trust

  42. Pam C


  43. ufis567

    amor fati

  44. ArtiseLBP

    Doesn't David Bowie's blackstar sound a little like like this, in parts of this song?

  45. LeoxSevered

    When i skate i have this on repeat.....great song for a midnight run through nyc streets

    alexandra s.

    Sounds great

    Jop Masselink

    man that would make a hell of a video for this song

  46. Cameron Savage

    Love this album! Bandcamp find 😍

  47. Melika F

    Her voice melts my heart and soul 😍

  48. Our Bad Taste

    My good taste in music brought me here

    N Kubin

    Our Bad Taste ditto

    Nic Manza

    How full of yourself lol

    Alexander Kostyaev

    good taste of my cock

    Max Moorhead

    Yeah it did!

  49. Alex Dias

    the synth reminds me vangelis

  50. Nina Sumarac

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

  51. Very.Edgy. Jeff

    This is on repeat , all day

  52. Corvon H Lordhaze

    Oh my gosh

  53. _BUFS_

    Some radiohead "esq" chord changes there in the chorus. Very nice

  54. Preston West

    good at 1.25x too

  55. laisa warrior17

    Lolaaaaaa 😍


    laisa warrior17 manoooo

  56. mars

    Feel good

  57. Bored


  58. yamana fernandes



    yamana fernandes ❤️

  59. Miguel Vicente



    Miguel Vicente aaaa

  60. Gabbi :3

    Lola <3


    Monxtra brabona aaaa

  61. Uma fã de Stranger Things

    vim pela abóbora com vina quem mais??✌😍


    Uma fã de Stranger Things manoooo

  62. ma 15

    quem veio pela lola?


    Manu Sooya 😢😢😢

  63. Thais Alessandra

    Vim pela lola <3


    Thais Alessandra ❤️

  64. Jef Barbosa

    Channel: "Abóbora com Vina" brought me here.. ✌😚🇧🇷


    Jef Barbosa MORTAAAAA


    Lolaa essa epra quAlquer um se acalmarrrrr



  66. Melissa Silva Barbosa

    Lola ❤


    Melissa Silva Barbosa nhaaaaa


    vim pela Lola


    ANA LUISA LIMA aaaaaa

  68. Cindy

    Lola <3


    Dincy s2

  69. Deise Lino

    quem veio pela Lola? \o

    Daffila Silva

    quem é lola?

    Deise Lino

    Uma YouTuber, do canal Abóbora com Vina ksksk

    Little Bru

    Deise Lino eu kkk


    Deise Lino socorrooooo

  70. Vyckiy Costa

    Vim pela Lolaaa😂❤

    beatriz soares

    Vyckiy Costa tbmmmmm

    Vyckiy Costa

    beatriz soares é nois

    Ana Beatriz Barros Braz Braz

    Tbm musica horroRosa


    Ana Beatriz Barros Braz Braz horrorosa meu pauzao enorme

  71. L7ner

    Quem veio parar aq por causa da lola?♡

    beatriz soares

    Lihh Relli Euuu


    Lihh Relli ksksksk eu


    Lihh rtz lagrimas?????

  72. Diliu

    Lola me trouxe aqui Kkakakak


    Daffila Silva Youtuber




    Davi ASMR que orgulho to shorani

  73. Marie K.

    Try to stay in this position throughout the whole song. After you go over the uncomfortable phase it's pretty relaxing. And the song goes perfectly with it.

  74. David Lochschmidt

    As I get older I need more such a music, because I can´t (actually I never could) stand yelling, screaming, shouting of pop stars. Moreover I am fed up with everyone´s trying to sing like black singers, all those "feelings", empty, shallow...

  75. Zagorodniuc Nicoleta

    ``i embraceeee Gauguin``..:)))

  76. April Trevino

    Idk what you call this, but it sounds so deviant and lustrous.... if those are the right words.

    synth wav

    April Trevino Yeah, I'd say those are the right words.

  77. Gabriel Mirandaz


    a trail looks even
    rising with ease
    gradually stretching
    in fair daylight view

    as cool winds
    bare my vague thoughts,
    a quiet journey
    i embrace again,
    oh i embrace again

    slowed my pace down
    (somatic burden)
    i see a wide sphere
    a table I thought

    things now look idle
    leaving reserved
    sparsely aware
    of this new lapse

    as cool winds
    bare my vague thoughts,
    a quiet journey
    i embrace again,

    oh I embrace again

    Nina Sumarac


    Cyber Life

    When she says “a table I thought” it sounds like she says “a fable of hope” but idk 1:58

    Manaswita Rajguru

    *a fable of hope, not "a table of thought"

  78. Raw Pax

    This kind of music is what makes me want to be alive

  79. Marlena Dragan

    purifying sound

  80. Luis JR

    Late to this. Stunning!

  81. Cae Rule


  82. BugPowderDust

    Heard on Spotify, now a firm favourite. Chilled to the max.

  83. Dorothy Lewis

    love this song

  84. shoshenkis

    So, so good !

  85. Spirit Twin


  86. Citr0nJaune

    Heard you on Spotify, loved it!!

  87. Pablo Zamora

    Ghostly Kisses (L)

  88. MSE .G