Memphis May Fire - Sell My Soul Lyrics

Well I saw a light in the dark and I have so much to tell
I sing it out, scream it loud, they say keep it to yourself
Push me out, drag me down just so you can say I fell
Why do I have to be just like everybody else

They want me to sell my soul
And live my life with their blindfold
They feel safe when my mouth is closed
They want me to sell my, they want me to sell my soul

See I've got this fire inside of me and it can't be put to rest
I'm stronger than I've ever been, feel it burning in my chest
My feet are planted standing on everything I know is true
So feed me poison, feed me lies but I'll never be like you

They want me to sell my soul
And live my life with their blindfold
I know they feel safe when my mouth is closed, yeah
They want me to sell my, they want me to sell my soul, yeah
Sell my soul
Sell my

You can take my life, take it all
I don't belong here, I don't belong here
Take my pride, take it all
But I'm never gonna sell my soul

They want me to sell my soul
And live my life with their blindfold
Cause they feel safe when my mouth is closed, yeah
They want me to sell my, they want me to sell my
They want me to sell my, I will never sell my soul

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Memphis May Fire Sell My Soul Comments
  1. RDF1nner

    His voice is so good but this whole album is so uninspired and generic. The guitar riffs sound so boring and everything is just terrible. Damn they really sold out. I saw them in concert when they were actually good.

  2. Bishop Kam

    Half of these comments are toxic you do realize as bands your style in music does change . Not all Metalcore bands are going to have the same taste they want to change it up a bit and I don’t blame them this song is amazing ❤️ anyone who talks shit about this band has no right you don’t make music do you ? Keep your hypocritical comments to yourself please .

  3. G. Angelino

    Bad ass keep it up .

  4. Rebecca .N. Holmes.1

    I found this by accident and i love it i guess its just not for everyone

  5. Trent Lenze

    They’re not branching out or progressing the sound, they’re just abandoning the sound for basic over produced butt rock with easily digestible lyrics.

  6. FF: ParadQX

    Sounded like imagine dragons a bit

  7. Joshua Byrd

    Don't EVER sell your soul! If you already did, then please, pray and plead with the Archangel Michael that he rescues you and breaks any bond that you have with The Devil! Any marks, chains, anything that marks you as The Devil's property, implore the Archangel Michael to remove it and set you free! I don't believe in Hell, but the spirit world exists, as does Satan. If you sell your soul, you automatically become a part of Lucifer the moment you die. Your soul, your energy field becomes a part of him, and you forget who you are. Your memories, emotions, everything is lost, and Satan uses you as his next embodiment. A few decades of good living here on Earth is not worth losing your soul for all eternity. If you have made a contract with The Devil, then call on the Archangel Michael to help you, to rescue you and fight The Devil. And then, get away from whatever made you sell your soul in the first place.

  8. Syntax Error

    Can’t wait to see you guys at warped tour this weekend! Play this song!!?$&s%

  9. OnicoreGames

    i love this shit here

  10. Aidan303

    Songs can be good without screams. If screaming is just a little check for you to decide weather or not you like a song, then you are listening for the wrong reasons.

  11. Jamille jamille

    Wow น่าฟังดีว่ะ จุ๊บบบบ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. OnicoreGames

    talked to matty in baton rouge knew it was coming so i am happy to say he kept his word i love it

  13. Serkan Kaya

    Am I only one who thinks this song should be play in Lucifer? Song is dope, MMF sounds different but thats not bad. 👌🏻 keep it up Kellen, u still doing great job.

    Holy wolf 96

    This message is him telling Satan his soul is not for sell. And I personally rebuke Satan in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

    Holy wolf 96

    It's not kellon it's matt

    caleb schroeder

    @Holy wolf 96 guitarist is kellen too but he probably means Matty 😅

    Holy wolf 96

    @caleb schroeder oh ok my bad

  14. vorcazm

    I mean it's not bad. It's just... not good

  15. Eseosa Erhunse

    I see people whinning because they change their sound. The song is not for everyone. These guys are smart because they're not only changing their style, they're also appealing to people who love this kind of songs. Deal with it bub.

  16. Pati. zabcia

    This is it the Best album 😊

  17. Salem

    Am I the only one who still like MMF and likes this album and does not understand the hate? Idk. I like heavy as well, but for what it's worth, I find this kind of stuff good too.



  19. pictorial arrow

    i like how it sounds, the comments tho- I mean, I get ur points

  20. Bugpip

    #GhostRider #RobbieReyes #JohnnyBlaze 💓 🔥 gotta love Memphis May Fire

  21. Healing Through Inspiration

    we found this looking for something else but this is a pretty solid tune

  22. Forever Young

    Top top top

  23. Allyson Lee

    I love Memphis May Fire. Love this album. You guys are doing great work for The Kingdom. God bless!

    Allyson Lee

    Also, I have you guys in my prayers.

  24. Igor I.

    Man I misso the old MMF

  25. Dank Meme

    They’ve become the Nickelback of Rise Records

  26. VTDLC

    We want old MMF. you sale your soul? We left.

  27. Salam Stylinson

    Well I saw a light in the dark and I have so much to tell
    I sing it out, scream it loud, they say, "keep it to yourself"
    Push me out, drag me down just so you can say I fell
    Why do I have to be just like everybody else?
    They want me to sell my soul
    And live my life with their blindfold
    They feel safe when my mouth is closed, yeah
    They want me to sell my
    They want me to sell my soul
    See I've got this fire inside of me and it can't be put to rest
    I'm stronger than I've ever been, feel it burning in my chest
    My feet are planted standing on everything I know is true
    So feed me poison, feed me lies, but I'll never be like you
    They want me to sell my soul
    And live my life with their blindfold
    They feel safe when my mouth is closed, yeah
    They want me to sell my-
    They want me to sell my soul, yeah
    Sell my soul
    Sell my
    You can take my life
    Take it all
    I don't belong here, I don't belong here
    Take my pride
    Take it all but I'm never gonna sell my soul
    Yeah, they want me to sell my soul
    And live my life with their blindfold
    They feel safe when my mouth is closed, yeah
    They want me to sell my
    They want me to sell my
    They want me to sell my
    I will never sell my soul

  28. Ivo MLS

    artic may fire :) fake ass fuckers

  29. Sir Jamesy Senkou CXV

    I love this album and tbh I hope Matty doesn't turn from his faith because of ppl pressuring him out of it, especially when it comes to the album. Just because it doesn't have screams doesn't mean it's not good! I came for his gorgeous voice and now I come for Matty! 😍💙🧡

  30. DFX Sazzad

    Jeez! What cancerous audiences

  31. Josh Nelson

    I’d rather listen to MMF who’s changed their style a little every other album than listen to For Today who always sounded the same since the Breaker album

    Omni Media Group

    Josh Nelson at least For Today didn’t sell out. For Today had a style and they stuck to that. That’s why their music was dope as fuck every album.

  32. I'm that 1 Cripple Kid

    Just keep doin you Matty, I've been here since The Hollow and you've stayed true to yourself the whole way.

  33. sam radke

    This song is great mmf can does every genre they don't need to be there same forever change is good as long as you stand up for what you believe in and I believe in the Sam thing as mmf keep it up guys👋

  34. Matt Jamess

    How did I miss a new mmf album

  35. chauntal elcock

    this is probably the only song i like off this album

  36. BrittBratt18

    wow people hate the sound of the band, this pretty much says that people don't listen to the lyrics. They just like how it sounds but nobody is listening to what he's actually saying, he's telling you whats going on in Hollywood, what happens in the music and movie industry:

    "They want me to sell my soul
    And live my life with their blindfold
    They feel safe when my mouth is closed, yeah
    They want me to sell my-
    They want me to sell my soul, yeah
    Sell my soul

    "They"= the industry/elites who are in charge of everything from music, to movies, politics etc.
    "want me to sell my soul"= why do you think so many new celebs randomly pop up out of no where these days and make it so big? People you never heard before, but all of sudden just pop up into existence and suddenly win medals, oscars and such? It's not because of talent anymore, it's because in order to make it big in the industry these days you have to sell out. You have to sell your soul to the devil cause he's in control of everything in this world today but he's (mattie) not willing to do it. People you got to wake up. Stop listening to a band because the instruments sounds nice, listen to what they are actually telling you in the lyrics.

    Eseosa Erhunse

    @exodus K Well, I'm pretty sure he got out that's why he sang this song.


    @exodus K *God also allows/positions His children to walk in spiritually dark places to be a guiding light for those who are lost and hurting.*

    iBelieveEverything iSeeOnYoutube

    I mean, yeah, good lyrics always help, but it's difficult to listen to a song if you dislike the sound of it, regardless of how much you might be on board with the lyrics.

    hailey thegrungexangel


  37. openyoureyeschemtrails

    Think i found me a favourite song!!!

  38. Adam Krupczyk

    I actually don't mind this but reading these comments makes my stomach churn

  39. mimimig222

    It's sad to see the negative comments! I believe this is AMAZING!😍
    Keep up the good work❤


    It's actually a great song for it's style. Love it 🤘


    @ArizMo2015 Yeah! I can't stop listening to it 😁

  40. project 000

    I think they should go back to their root sound either.."SLEEPWALKING" album

  41. Alina Dima

    Illuminati confirmed!

  42. D Wel

    Why is everyone crying all bands can only do so many songs that sound the same before people stop listening hey kudos for trying for a new sound and u think about it asking alexandria changed bmth changed issues changed plus many more it doesnt mean they are giving up they are reaching out to different people change is a part of evolution if they stayed with the same sound they would be done so stop all ur bitching and just enjoy the music

  43. Chaotic Chan

    WTF they sound like Nickelback now :(

  44. Aaron Moyes

    This band still rocks. Their style change is a breath of fresh air. Fight me.

  45. Peter Maroney

    I hate how much they don't listen to their fan base

  46. arii vargas

    So bad, Where is "The Hollow"?

  47. Il B4NDIT lI

    Fuck everyone who can't accept chsnge... Its inevitable... People who can't adapt to change gets left behind or prospers forward... Simple evolution and with modern day issues... If you don't like it... Good... Learn to accept change once in your life

  48. Architects XIII

    How is a song they made so long ago with no words better than this entire album and still more technical?

  49. glass planet

    Man am I the only one who actually likes this?


    I'm loving it! Same thing with BMTH new album!

    Mason Zent

    Hell no. I love this whole album!

    Elizabeth Rivera Price

    No! I'm loving this! MMF is the best! ❤

    Sam Ward

    You’re not alone

  50. DontLet TheWorldRot

    Never thought id see the day I dislike a MMF song. Smh. All the impactful power this band had is lost.

  51. Trinity Lopez

    It's hard for people to accept change. I don't care for this album as much as their others, but it's still a decent album. The same exact shit happened when LP released something different than their other previous albums. I say let bands do what they want, let them evolve and find themselves. You don't have to like it, but calm the fuck down and stop demanding them to go back to their old ways. No band wants to hear that.

  52. Caleb Contente

    If you listen at 1.5x speed it almost sounds like Memphis May Fire!


    Sounds better in 1.5 👍

  53. psycchob

    it seems like kellen the original songwriter isnt writing songs anymore. it seems like this is 90% matty. matty for so long has gotten on my damn nerves im a Christian and i love God but daamn mattys been on some other shit lately. acting like hes the shitt. eventually people that act like that will turn into shitt and looks like i was right. fuck this album fuck this music and fuck matty

    Ray Mejia

    Says someone who's "Christian" but doesn't speak like one.


    Ray Mejia yeah i said that. my name is right above my comment we didnt know you to clarify the fact that I said this.

  54. Aylê Roqueiro

    <3 <3 <3 \m/

  55. Denis Kasperovich

    Any good musician makes music for himself first. I see a lot of "you will lose your fans", "i'm not listening to you anymore", "this is shit", etc. Well, no one gives a fuck about you. They don't need YOU, they will have new fans who enjoy this and probably more than before so stop complaining and know that musicians don't owe you ANYTHING.

  56. NextGen Duelist

    They sing about the same exact thing every album. Time for some new lyrics

  57. min tzik

    not a real MMF album without the "they just didn't get it back then and now i made it so suck it" song. how about some new topics?

  58. Scrutex Romana

    its shaley from dayshell lol haha

  59. La Birbona

    It is an In This Moment's "Oh Lord" rip-off .
    Anyway i think all the songs and the album are completely useless, so far.
    Maybe, i'll change my mind, but come on!
    31 minutes of an album that feels rushed and completely uninspired.
    It's not a problem with the complete clean singing, but the lyrics are written by a 10 year old and sound clichèish and the riffs are the same generic nu-core sound/trend of the last few years.

  60. Gio Masia

    I just realized he did sell his soul become bigger??? still wtf

  61. Stu

    Everyone go check out palisades, doing things right

  62. Gagandeep Singh uppal

    Another Bring me the horizon 😭😭😭

  63. GoldenToast

    Generic beats, ironic lyrics, predictable chorus, and what’s with all the whispering? Gave it a chance, going back to Polaris.

  64. verr oux

    Not heavy enough, but not bad tho

  65. Christian Silva Videos

    Metalcore is dead lol since 2013 probably (IN MY OPINION)
    I'm just so focused on metal right now, Rammstein, Slipknot, Tool, Deftones, Lamb of God, A7X are releasing new albums man 💕


    Christian Silva Videos idk man Polaris is pUrDy good

  66. Francisco Rodriguez

    Wow... You guys officially freaking suck now.
    I'm done giving you guys chances. For the past 3 years I've been hoping the next album sounds like hollow or challenger but they end up sucking harder and harder. I give up, I'm not clicking on another Memphis may fire video on YouTube, F*** it!

  67. PWTR Dalton

    This is probably going to be the soundtrack to the upcoming WWE PPV for all the wrong reasons.

  68. Richard haznich

    Wow..stay 💪..GOD bless you n Good song and soo cool

  69. Dillan Manihera

    I love these new songs and the new sound. Hate on my comment, your tears give me strength.


    Dillan Manihera tears?

  70. Derek Lap

    The production of this records sound like they couldn't be too loud because they would wake up their parents. It sounds like they are tickling the instruments.

  71. Luis Angel Alvarado

    If you were fans, support them, share this and maybe someone else like it and you can shut the fuck up and stop of tell "oh, this is so boring, so bland" MEN! Share this shit, listen the old albums and stop the bad critical, maybe out there is some else who like this
    Just saying

  72. Jordan Dougherty

    Reminds me of maylene and the sons of disaster and im lovin it! Wish it kicked harder into the chorus’ but still a nice song

  73. Vince Lopez

    Atleast this song is sound like the old MMF

  74. Spencer Whiteout

    This is cringy.. Can't believe what MMF is now

    Eseosa Erhunse

    Shut the hell up. Let them try something new.

  75. Spencer Whiteout

    This is cringy.. Can't believe what MMF has turned into.

    Denis Kasperovich

    Do you know what "cringe" even mean kid?

  76. Coradett1

    O que foi que aconteceu com essa banda que era tão boa? Memphis may fire morreu pra mim em 2012.

    jev patkins

    sopa do macaco uma delicia kkkkk


    good job guys

  78. Christian

    Was this album recorded in a day ? What the hell MMF. I remember listening to the hollow and challenger and getting chills through out the album. The lyrics were actually well written, and the instrumentals were great. This is so bland and boring. What the hell happened ?

  79. FlackSti

    I'm wanna cry

  80. Black Wolf 1616

    Definitely my favorite song through out the album ❤️

  81. Noah K

    They sound like dad rock now

  82. loveislove 0531

    I'm going back to the old them. This is kinda okay but too bland. I need the riffs, the meaningful lyrics, the growls and screams.

  83. Savage Dawgs Highlights

    I feel like this is another band going through the lead singer syndrome, just like Issues. Had some good albums, but the lead singers put out solo albums and soon the bands sound started gravitating towards that. Y’all had me tricked with the last album, thought progression from that would be great, but this? They’re all the same. Sing, sing, sing, scream and breakdown, scare yourself with said screaming and breakdown so end it with singing lol oh well. Least I still have Sleepwalking, The Hollow, and Challenger.

    Nicholas Brandle

    Don’t get me wrong, dude has a rocking voice. It’s good to sing but it’s definitely one of those situations of: if somethings not broke don’t fix it.. if they want to do nothing but singing, drop an acoustic album

  84. Cristian Ventura

    Now what's next? ...Oh wait It's Memphis turn

  85. incrdble

    One more absolutely boring hard rock band now. Good job.

  86. Tepe Cute

    I dissapointed? No no, we are so freakkin dissapointed

  87. MERCER

    Best part of this song is at 3:20

  88. Colton Omega

    Best song off the album..... And thats not saying much.

  89. Thomas Wilson

    #1 Mistake artists make is right here. Let me explain...

    MMF, You have an audience. The audience is reaching out and you're not listening. Even though its music, It's still like running a business, to the degree at which you've grown. Whenever a successful company listens to their audience and caters their products to that, the company becomes more successful and thrives even greater, over time...

    Most artists completely bypass this part and use the excuse, "I'm going to write the music I want." And that's OK. You're entitled to create the art that you want. But don't expect your fans to stay loyal. And maybe learn the concept of "Staying in your lane." Own your niche. Stop trying to break off into different genres. That's what side projects are for. Give us the old MMF we've been wanting back for years. Sell out those tours we want to get rowdy at. Give us the incentive that used to inspire us as fans to rock the hell out of your music.

    Or just keep ignoring us.

    Anyway, no hate. Take the advice with a grain of salt. And maybe, just maybe, your fans might just be right.

    Caleb Clark

    Thomas Wilson he just said he won’t sell his soul lol

    Thomas Wilson

    Well, maybe he should start. If I ran my e-commerce business like they run their band, I would lose a lot of customers and wouldn't sell my product. The number one rule of a thriving business is to look at data. In this case, the audience is the data, statistically telling the band what they want and they aren't catering to it. It's very unfortunate. @Caleb Clark

    Denis Kasperovich

    Sir, i sincerely recommend you to stop acting like a smart-ass online. Thank you and get the fuck outta here.

    Aaron Moyes

    Its about what they want to play. Not what we want to hear. They thrive off of us but thats because we chose to like them. Now all of a sudden they sound different and that makes them "generic" or "a business"? No. They grew the fuck up. They arent a bunch of scene kids who bust a nutt when they hear a breakdown or a good scream. Get over yourself.

    Jorge Ruiz

    Best comment, hate is not necessary, I agree, I kinda like these songs because he is a great singer, but he can perfectly make soft music and try other sounds on his solo records, I like his solo records, and he can just make the music we love on Memphis may fire . I will buy this album, but it's clearly their worst

  90. eRa FLSE

    I love this band , great message

  91. Mad9 9Mat

    You just can't please everybody. A band branches out and tries a different sound and the "fans" will whine, gripe, and lose their minds. Keep it up MMF this is 🔥🔥🔥

    Colton Omega

    Mad9 9Mat Not arguing and saying the songs aren't "good" but if you have any knowledge of music from an instrumental and lyrical point of view this isn't branching out and evolving. It's regressing and it's sad because MMF had some super creative riffs, breakdowns, choruses, and lyrics. That's all gone now.

    Jacob Antony

    Every band gets saturate. You cant keep evolving. Everything good must come to an end.

  92. bob darcy

    i never thought the day would come that i would say i was disappointed in an album that came from mmf. especially coming from finding them by a mistaken download of a motionless white song since they both had the same song name. this band quickly became my favorite. but this album is just not the band i fell in love with and its a sad day. RIP to the old Memphis may fire. they have grown up and moved on.

    Zack Cochran

    bob darcy I'm curious. Which song was it?


    He's talking about Ghost in the Mirror, an early MMF track and also the name of an early MIW track.

    bob darcy

    Hes got it thanks

    Mech Bean

    Lol rip

  93. A. D.

    Wtf is this asking alexandria cover band shit?

  94. Sean R

    Alright I think I'm done for good now...

    Francisco Rodriguez

    You aren't alone.

    harry crevis

    @Francisco Rodriguez losers

  95. tenaciousjoe24

    Well hes not wrong he sold his soul to Rise

  96. DeadSinceForever

    Man,I feel like this is a turning point,mmf isnt ever gonna be the same again,super sad


    I'm still going to support the band.

  97. Jose Alejandro Morales España

    Numero 19! :v

  98. Tiny Nos

    Catchy song. Kinda the only song im kinda mehh about.

  99. Music_is _life_36

    uhh... where'd the riffs go?