Melvins - What's Wrong With You? Lyrics

You don't understand me
You don't like my candy
You want a handy-dandy
Don't you even know?
That's not how it goes

What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me is what's wrong with you

You need an interpreter
Not a video worshipper
Because we're only getting stupider
On the telephone
With can and bong

What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me is what's wrong with you

I see how it's going to go
You roll your eyes as I speak in code
You pick a bone
I trip alone

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Melvins What's Wrong With You? Comments
  1. Lexus Bolen


  2. david hatred

    singing along to this album a lot, wasn't sure at first but now i bloody love it, i hope some of the moaners online feel suitably silly.

  3. Vlad Tepes

    The "Death" album has various styles and this is not the best one. But listen to the whole album, it's excellent!

  4. lame lame

    seeing them tonight

  5. peeping tom

    For me this song only works on the album
    And the album is pretty good

  6. Carter the Hunk

    so I've heard two Melvin albums before and I swear I've heard this song from another band before. It just sounds a bit different, know what I'm saying?

  7. Eric Edward

    The new Melvins album (DEATH) is great but this is definitely the weakest song on it.

  8. vomitedshit

    cool! a 2LP for $40!! sold!!!

  9. Kool Legged

    The Melvins bring together the unenthusiastic whinge bags like no other long running band.

    I'd still take a mediocre Melvins track over 95 percent of what passes for rock these days. Not that I think this is mediocre by any measure.

    What's WRONG with you?

  10. josh weinberg

    why are the Melvin songs exactly 5 minutes at least most of them

  11. Remy Bienko

    I feel like there is decent chance of this song being of their concert setlist.

  12. marcelsupi

    Sounds so cool! Noice!

  13. Jordan Allen

    love the change of direction with this song. can't wait to see them in july.

  14. Jeremy givens

    Was this recorded in 2017? It's super cheese to actively produce a poor recording. You could ask any kid with a laptop and would get you a far better recording.

  15. Nikita Lane

    Can we get an Easy Listening album on Ipecac?


    Just by seeing your profile pic I'd say you don't really look after easy listening albums ; )

  16. Josh Crawford

    very red krossy

    Alexander Teixeira Moreira

    Josh Crawford Steve McDonald is currently Melvins' bass player

  17. mikael brodin

    melvins rockon now with havey psych

  18. Jame Donovan

    Are they releasing the weakest songs first in order to blow our minds when we finally get to the meat of this album? Genius, pure genius.

    Red Threads

    You're barking up the wrong tree. Everything's turned weak, Melvins are just reflecting that. They haven't changed, you have. There's no meat anymore....hope you're not too hungry buddy.

  19. fuzzylumpkin49

    Sounds like Dale on vocals. Love it. I love the way the Melvins mix it up. Doom, thrash, punk, hardcore, ambient, pop -- they do it all and they do it all brilliantly.

    Greg Pasquier

    I think that's Steve McDonald's vocals up front. The rest could be singing backup, but sounds lower in the mix.


    Yeah, I think you're right.  ^_^

  20. Sesshomaru magic

    I feel like this is too mellow for what I'm used to listening to when it comes to the Melvins

  21. lordkevork

    Steve McDonald sux! Melvins always rock.


    i agree!

  22. Vacant Cemetery

    They can do better than this...


    Yes, this is terrible :(

    Jordan Stuteville

    Isnt that the best part. Fuck the norm fuck the new shit. This is rock n' roll. Period

    Arthur Dent

    What's wrong with you?

  23. MsHowDoYouLikeMeNow

    Epic song, like 👍🏻like👍🏻 like👍🏻!!

  24. Mark Fry

    Melvins never gets old

    Ian M

    Tell that to King Buzzo's hair!!! :-o


    they ARE old!