Melvins - They All Must Be Slaughtered Lyrics

All of them, they must be slaughtered

The Father, the Son
They guide the Holy Goat
The holder takes to end a plea
He wants the best for all of us.

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Melvins They All Must Be Slaughtered Comments
  1. Jacob Easton

    All doesnt always imply numerous

  2. celestialbuffalo

    Ah, one of those nights again. When you get real pretentious and wonder about them. It's totes warm and yet chill. I often think about what it really must take to be one of them. Very wide throats, from all of the vomiting to be sure. The vomiting of course being the day-to-day turpitudenous plotting amongst the clique. Oh yeah, them, as opposed to us? Now let's check ourselves before we wreck ourselves going down the dark path here.

  3. cliff veite jr

    so all me and my brother had to do was push record and you would have loved us ... really ...

  4. Redeemed Royalty

    The Melvins are so diverse and that in such a wonderful way!!

  5. God

    sounds a bit like Echoes

  6. Túlio

    This song scared me but I'm ok, I've had a fuckin' trip listen to it, spooky song and I loved it!

  7. Kevin Jackson

    listened to this album so many times on shrooms lol🍄🤤🙃😳😵

  8. Aaron cadwallader

    This is what I would imagine someone like B.T.K. listening to after returning home from killing a family. Satiated and out of breath, chainsmoking in a darkened room...

  9. Elliot J

    Star Trek sound effect.

  10. Ahorseback44

    one of their very best albums.

  11. I Heart Noise

    Sounds very much unlike them...hmm.

    Leviathan Cross will be my Guide Wish you had it

    I Heart Noise / Ilya S get the fuck out! really?... How is that

  12. Randi Smith

    kat's voice in this is perfect

  13. Carveila

    This sounds like something Earth would come out with

  14. More Volume Please

    this song is pure listen to it and then suddenly stop doing just sit there and stare...

  15. Josh Featherstone

    I used to drive around late at night and play this on a cassette while I was ghost hunting. Those were some great times.

  16. Joseph Stalin

    thats fuckin cool

  17. partly cloudy

    Perfect music to put on when reading creepypasta.

    Dick Dastardly

    Or while boning out a creature…..

  18. underground cartoon therapist

    @ignossos- WTF! that wouldve been great

  19. ObeseChess

    I always forget just how unsettling this song is.

  20. loboisfuzzy


  21. ignossos

    the original cover for this album was a gigantic female australian bird eating spider with a fully erect engorged with blood spider vagina in the process of devouring and forcing ensemenation upon a much smaller male austrainian bird eating spider who is sort of trying to rub his small spider penis that sticks out of his butt upon the females massive cunt while being eaten. when rec. co. suits told buzz this was 2 graphic he erased most of it.

    Laarni Batin

    Bullshit. This came out on Amphetamine Reptile, not Atlantic so no moronic record execs to tell them what to release.

  22. a as

    you gotta be kiddin me!!

  23. ignossos

    Respond to this video...
    sounds like what psychopathic whales would listen to before beaching themselves

  24. ignossos

    Respond to this video...
    sound like what psychopathic whales would listen to

  25. a as


  26. babylonfell

    what can be said?? it's like putting sweet poison into my system

    I cant explain! i enjoy this like a fat kid eating ice cream!

  27. manbearpig91

    @makeithurtful yeah it makes me want to go on a shankathon.

    the video should show a bunch inmates at some brutal thirdworld prison shanking and mutilating each other.

  28. 70moparbaby

    @manbearpig91 haha yeah or that lol love the name by the way. and i mean it. im super. cereal.

  29. manbearpig91

    @70moparbaby or really high

  30. 70moparbaby

    wouldnt it be funny if it turned out that buzz and dale werent genius' after all. they were just really bored.

  31. manbearpig91

    what a dick

  32. cryptomail

    To reiterate, and to berate the obvious....They all must be slaughtered.

  33. Sal Saccheri

    one of their best albums

  34. makeithurtful

    wish there was a video fo rthis song. Something really dark and horrific

  35. unconditionalmalice

    I laugh at who ever gave this video a low rating.