Melvins - Pitfalls In Serving Warrants Lyrics

Can you hear their timing prophecy?
Have the only other why's it trusting all again?
Listen to the baby sigh
It's only happening the boiling rose a lone
This green is mine world
It's the only air installed the soldiers sighing way
I've got an industry
To know the fill is not to save.

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Melvins Pitfalls In Serving Warrants Comments
  1. Isaiah Coley

    Volcom Freedom Wig Brung Me

  2. PARENTS Television

    Someone stole my copy of this, I hope someone serves them a warrant.

  3. João Vítor Fidanza

    God Damn, this is awesome. haha, first time I heard the original song, never thought I would listen again...But now its just a god song!

  4. Depressed dork

    Roger Daltry, perhaps?

  5. Depressed dork

    I dont think Buzz is doing these vocals....