Melvins - Mombius Hiabachi Lyrics

The shining Chinese
Holding yang
What's the difference
A light for all time
The buried secret
Sings together
What's the hurry
You're not Harry
To lose your mind
Keep it open.

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Melvins Mombius Hiabachi Comments
  1. Let It Be Known

    Spooky as hell!!!

  2. Bruno Aziz

    so wrong so good

  3. makeithurtful

    whats the hurry?

    Youre not harry!

  4. skilldren

    When I was young, I listened to bands like Deicide and Suffocation, and I thought they sounded evil. But then I heard Melvins, and my idea of what sounded evil completely changed. Melvins get into your brain in a unique way, and that's one of the reasons I love them.

    Zach G Parks

    I wouldn't say "evil" when describing Melvins... "Heavy",weird", unique" yes, but not "evil"


    yeah, this is more like it.

  6. monster5o

    I use the loud part at the end as my ringtone

  7. Rich Szabo

    My head just oozed something sticky and pink

  8. Sal Saccheri