Melvins - Heaviness Of The Load Lyrics

You're little heavy
Of your dropping down load
You're thinking of your influence
With a right to unload.
'cause you're ready for your tenure
And the dropping down disease
There's something in your influence
Take the right to unleash.

Your whistle rolly
Sneaking up behind me.
I'm going lots o' lonely
But never gonna know it.
You're the one that takes it to the.

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Melvins Heaviness Of The Load Comments
  1. Brian Arce


  2. american ruse

    Droppin loads.....

  3. Lance Raglin

    That happened to me once.

  4. Warphead

    Filthiest, doomiest, sludgiest and above all heaviest.

  5. Reverend Benzo

    This describes when I go to the bathroom.

  6. Laquietta Collins

    my youth!!!!!!!!!!!!#!!!!!

  7. Miles Highson


  8. Scott Grzelak

    You are what you eat. This is what my brain devours. What have I become? -_-

  9. ZanArchy13

    try playing this @ x2 speed

  10. Seth Hankemeier

    now we know where toxicity by soad came from.

  11. Suicidalfamily

    DUDE, This is The Heaviest song ever, don't ya think ?

  12. lestatspain75

    best melvins tune ever

  13. juan

    melvins cd covers are very funny younever in the fu%"ing life can imagine that this dark and thick is inside

    Land of Logic

    juan Yeah, it must be some running joke to make their covers be the exact opposite of the music on it.

  14. pirottino

    il piu' bel pezzo dei primi melvins in assoluto !!!

  15. zach markiewicz

    pretty effin awesome