Melody Gardot - Preacherman Lyrics

Preacherman gon' tell me
where his body lie
said he down by the river now child
left him there to die

One by one we tumble
one by one we fall
if I had a solution now honey
I would fix us all

'Cause I believe in a world
where we all belong
and I'm so tired of seein'
every good man gone

Take me to that river
lay me by his side
let the water wash me clean now honey
man done stole my pride

I have seen the darkness
lord knows I've seen the light
don't recall the lord
sayin' there's a difference
if you're black or white

'Cause I believe in a world
where we all belong
and I'm so tired of seein'
every good man gone

(ooooh ooooooh oooooh ooooooh)

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Melody Gardot Preacherman Comments
  1. Anto Nio

    There shouldn’t be any doubt about that Melody Gardot is one of the best artist (musician) of the last decade. And this song and video is one of the most Impressive and strongest since many years and still will remain it for a long long time. No words can describe it.

  2. Slavko Cosic

    Melody Gardot - Preacherman lyrics:

    Preacher man, go tell me
    Where his body lies
    Sitting down by the river, now, child
    Left him there to die

    One by one we tumble
    One by one we fall
    If I had a solution, now, honey
    I would fix us all

    'Cause I believe in a world
    Where we all belong
    And I'm so tired of seein'
    Every good man gone

    Take me to that river
    Lay me by his side
    Let the water wash me clean, now, honey
    Man, don't stole my pride

    I have seen the darkness
    Lord knows… Light & Love...

  3. This is the most powerful video I have seen for years. Melanie great music, great video.

  4. mark621000

    There is ONE true light and you dont have HIM> Lucifer is taking your soul to the PIT.

  5. Can Tüz

    I swear I've been searching for this song for at least 3-4 years. This is as good as I remembered!

  6. Jill Even

    Incredibly powerful...

  7. Arkadi Ardasenov

    How a Colorful is this video!!! Incredible song and clip!

  8. Melody - this is inspirational song, inspirational video. Pure genius

  9. Alex Karbuiuk

    suck it!

  10. HansiSolo

    That saxophone at 5:50... love it

  11. thepretty reckless

    I love my polish teacher for showing this on lesson.. Amazing.

  12. Tami Chock

    Jumped in the car at the right time to hear this amazing artist and song. Wow! Why isn't her name out there more? Amazing vocals!!

  13. Khaldi Fathi

    this is heaven <3

  14. Paola Rosario

    Imagine grown ass men killing an innocent child simply because he might or not have whistled to a white woman. They just wanted an excuse to kill a black person that day. Shameful.

  15. Rob Blanck

    More questions than answers..... evolution is a lie, depravity is proof! We need a SAVIOR!!!

  16. Patricia Ortega

    How come I’ve never heard about this ? Omgeee 😞 how can you not cry watching this video ? Ugh

  17. Einar S

    I got a message today that I lost a cousin of mine. Then by coincidence (??) I call up this video.
    How come I did that just now?

  18. Marco Díaz

    This is Art

  19. Gary Siddons

    Fabulous. Thank you melody for restoring my faith in music.

  20. The Luckiest Luke

    one of the best music videos Ive seen in years...the message here is so powerfull and It almost made me cry, this song has a nice and cozy place in my heart...thank you so much for this

  21. İlham Kaplan

    yıllar geçti sevgim hiç eksilmedi

  22. Jameson Mosley

    I was the kid playing as emmit till in the video

    Jeanne Lucas

    Thank you for your performance.

  23. Luchagore 4 Life

    I'm in literal tears watching this. Considering what happened in my country with the mosque shootings, this has struck me anew... The video and singer should have been given all the awards.

  24. David Silva


  25. Denise Pineau



    Voz única...❤...

  27. LDDT

    Stunning video, stunning music😍😍😍

  28. vanessa southern

    It’s got everything! It’s ART. Whole experience. You feel her pain. This world has real evil in it. She’s got such strength and dignity! It’s so hard to watch.

  29. Xx Soph xX

    This music video is so dramatic and moving, I just love it. And the music really flows and suits with what is going on. Her voice also reminds me of Paloma faith’s

  30. The Sun Hidden Under the Clouds


  31. Woven Hand

    Bonne répartie ;-)

  32. Tosinger Actress & Singer

    Sublime singer. Poignant song. Powerful actress

  33. Sunvening Young

    "I have seen the darkness
    Lord knows I've seen the light
    Don't recall the Lord
    Sayin' there's a difference
    If you're black or white

    'Cause I believe in a world
    Where we all belong
    And I'm so tired of seein'
    Every good man gone"

  34. hülagü han

    The best song ı have ever listen

  35. JDP

    Rest In Peace Mr. Emmett Till. Thank you for your sacrifice


    ♀ ✍ 🎶🏆

  37. Jenna Taylor

    Absolutely Brilliant.

  38. Jameson Mosley

    I’m the one who was dead

  39. Wow! such powerful emotions conveyed with such cinematic and acting skills. This really does deserve an award. Melody's voice always takes me to another place.

  40. neptünlü keçi

    i have a lump in my throat.

  41. CR Bravo

    Preacher man, go tell me
    Where his body lies
    Sitting down by the river, now, child
    Left him there to die
    One by one we tumble
    One by one we fall
    If I had a solution, now, honey
    I would fix us all
    'Cause I believe in a world
    Where we all belong
    And I'm so tired of seein'
    Every good man gone
    Take me to that river
    Lay me by his side
    Let the water wash me clean, now, honey
    Man, don't stole my pride
    I have seen the darkness
    Lord knows…

  42. Hakan Tomaşoğlu


  43. actarus eufort

    Magnifique, ça c'est de la Musique !

  44. Ronan Joseph

    the queen of the blues

  45. charles johnson

    Tear~Singingly Dance~Sing Prayering's ....EL AMEN~Sela'| H | !!!!!!!!!

  46. Antony Irvine

    Amazing woman! Amazing artist! Amazing voice!

  47. MrGapika

    Just push the pause button enywhere in the video. You will see a masterpiece photography. And every case the pictures will show an another very strong emotion. Pride, hate, pity, sorry, contempt, symphaty..... etc.

  48. Phenomenal Woman

    Supplicate to a God that is deaf, and mute.

  49. Phenomenal Woman

    her voice is hypnotizing

  50. Torch Silke

    I was so captivated, immersed into this chronicle of a story that has been much too real, that I didn't hear the song! No words needed to capture the anguish, the torment, the hate. Filming in black and white was spot on for therein lies the gray matter. Had the mother passed her child's killer in the darkest faces in the field or was it those seemingly transparent smirks? Intended or not, the irony was not lost that the mother was of both races, facing prejudices on both sides. Not ONE person came to her aid in such a tragedy, carrying the unimaginable burden of finding her son in such a manner, mentally and emotionally and to also bear the physical pain carrying her child's lifeless body all that way.
    The caged dog seemed to show more empathy than any other being other than the Preacherman.

  51. Bill Lewey

    I agree! How did this not get a Grammy!?

  52. eren akpinar


  53. johnathan hegarty

    The woman in this video needs an award of some kind. Such as simple, underrated and yet powerful performance.

  54. Christina Phillips

    I think she's more than a talented artist and musician.  I think she's an Angel (many centuries over again) that landed here for those of us that need her.  When I have a crappy day, I turn her on and she always puts me back in my place where I am meant to be.  She's a reckoning to be dealt with, that's for sure.  There's nothing like her, I'm so fortunate to have run across her music.

  55. tulius01

    This actress has such a charisma such a presence one could almost grab it.

  56. Ciarli Del Buono

    Gran pezzo, voce calda, testo importante. Il video, con evidenti riferimenti al martirio di Emmett Till, è fenomenale

  57. Shetasen

    What an intense video

  58. Gospel969

    I wonder what happend to that kid

  59. Nan Welch

    If you get a chance....must see her in concert! Breathtaking....raised the hairs on every part of my body!

  60. Ghost

    It is a beautiful video, but honestly if you are curious about the story of Emmett Till please go read up on it, and see the photos of his body. He was brutally killed, the photos are hard to look at but things like this should be seen and known. He was accused of flirting with a white woman, but innocent, the accuser confessed a few years ago that it was a lie...

  61. tom h.

    I'm a fan since she began ... she is special .. ❤️

  62. Paul Scott

    Magnificent 👍👍👍

  63. Omer Kuruuzum


  64. cybertuber3

    great! wow

  65. LilSparrow

    Look up Emmett Till. This video has the feel of that tragedy.

    Erinne Kennedy-Dock

    the scene where she is removing barbed wire from his body in the water is exactly like Emmett Till

  66. Ludovico Galentini

    Hеrеееe is reаlly full аnd hd Рreaaасhеr =>

  67. Sasa de ch nord


  68. Art .Messenger

    That voice + that actress = 1 sublime video.

  69. Mario Lucas

    The most perfect of the masterpieces! the whole world needs to listen/watch this!

  70. D-Dub K 21


  71. HristosIisusEdomnul

    Thank you so much for your music and for the video! So much!

  72. matteo daniele

    Melody is the Style! Great singer and composer !

  73. Dustin

    holy shit. I just discovered her.

  74. Christina Buxton

    One of the most amazing video/ song combinations ever. Gives me chills every time, just love her.

  75. Ronan JOSEPH

    wondeful great artist

  76. Ekatha Alexandrova

    Who are those 86 fricking monsters who disliked the viedo!!!

  77. Sarah Samer

    So fucking underrated!!!!

  78. LilSparrow

    Sometimes you come across a song by chance...and you realize you were meant to hear it.

  79. julie turner SUPERJULZIE

    complete awesomness in everyway

  80. Wes Broome

    this is fantastic

  81. Marc-André Garneau

    After 06:13, it's remind me another old song. Someone knows what I'm talking about ?

  82. Michał Tutaj


  83. Jiskpirate

    God that sax solo at 5:50. It all fits so well. Great clip, great performance and above all, the moral of the story.


    I agree :)



  84. Kim Sakoi


  85. Ali Gökhan Dilek

    Imagine this,
    you had an accident, when you're riding your bicycle. In the accident you suffered serious head and spinal injuries. Then an attending physician who believed music would help your brain injury drastically improve, you began writing music after your accident...
    And then give this gift for the world, a perfect song like this...
    This is who Melody Gardot is...
    I can't be sure what the feel about this, really. If I have to be mad to the driver of the SUV who caused your accident or be greatful to him to give you as a gift, like your songs to the whole world...
    Thank you Melody, for perfection... Keep on!
    'Cause I believe in a world, where we all belong...
    Love from Turkey!

    cymro Gygo

    Ali Gökhan Dilek great thoughts

    vanessa southern

    Ali Gökhan Dilek wow. That’s powerful. It’s a tragedy with a silver lining as you didn’t let it beat you or define you. So inspiring. One of my fave novels is ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ by Jean Dominique Bauby. about suffering then courage and triumph. You should write your story...take care and stay positive. ❤️ yes music heals the mind body and soul. 💪

  86. DAVE Zacher


  87. Zuka

    who is the cinematographer?

    Jessica R


    Director: Calum Macdiarmid
    Director of Photography: Sy Turnbull

  88. Ali Gökhan Dilek

    There's not too many songs has perfection like this one.

  89. Marie


  90. Martin Shwiff Garber

    Song starts at 01:34 :)

  91. dimeolas777

    amazing, true, and what we need in these times. thank you...

  92. Shelby Cobra

    Damn this rocks