MellowHype - Chordoroy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Earl]
We come through mopping, like janitors
Smoking kush nuggets the size of fucking tarantulas
Blow got me amped as fuck, hold niggas backing up
And that nigga Short tell that nigga Jasper swag me up
Swag me up, swag is us, who can tell me how to fuck?
Our number one fans are faggots who used to laugh at us
Tell me who's as rad as us and the answer was
"Um, y'all dope, Wolf Gang just the [?] "
Yeah the dabradors take your head chop off
No father, fuck being proper bitch, we're popping off
And to top it off I'm dropping monster monologues
As hot enough to piss your local arson off
That's me spitting this fucking garbage toss
As you niggas, niggas get familiar with the art of loss
Switch swag on you little dick fags
You fucking dead bitch, chips up on my spiff bag with your bitch ass

She call me crazy, they call me crazy
They call me shady but it's a chordaroy life
I'm living baby, I'm living baby
I'm living baby, it's a chordaroy life
And you call me shady, call me crazy
Call me lazy, I ain't your baby
It's a chordaroy life that I'm living hazy
It's a chordaroy life that I'm living phase me

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
People love Hodgy I hate you though
I don't precipitate bitch, I H2O
And I move across your membrane, you loose against my insane
Thoughts, cause you're an outsider trying to get in brain
I like girls but I don't fuck with tramps
I'm elephant tusking and they suck your lance
I'm shaving off my boot hairs deciduosly
Break jaws Mr. Vigora, rigorously
I'm hot breeze, snot sneeze
I got weed for less than a percentage of a fucking [?]
New racist, too vacant, mutations, natural selection
Bitch I got my swag called, natural protection
Pocket with a cash full of bashful weapons
I brandish and I flash tools and I have full stepping
I'm a geophyte, move under the ground til I can see the light
Feed niggas shells like my motherfucking beach is nice


[Verse 3: Tyler]
When I say "Wolf Gang", you say "Fuck that"
Room full of wolves, inhalers and used blunt raps
Fingers in the middle of bitches bodacious buttcracks
Enough fucking atheist rappers to get a nun slapped
This is fuck music, let a couple sluts use it
Show their boobs, and I'll hop out the booth when I'm done pooping
Grab a couple gats, stuff them in the backpack
Then take them to school for show and tell day screaming "Fuck students"
Backing up a bunch of fatherless kids and a pack of dust
Could fucking splat and show you the fucking Iraq in us
A bunch of fucking wolves and rats having niggers the size of Shaq
Backing up, like juvenile biggest fan was a moving truck
Killing these niggas off quick
Don't believe me? Then watch me empty out a full clip
Trigger being pulled, niggers in a ditch
That wasn't bullets, that was copies of Bastard, you bitch


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MellowHype Chordoroy Comments

    We need a odd future greatest hits

  2. Kinto Un

    smokin a ciggarete in the hallway to this was my shit


    mellowhype (Hodgy beats and Left Brain) ft EARL and TYLER .. classic shit

  4. BasedGod

    yo bring me back to 2010 im about to cry

  5. dave lightSaber

    Tyler’s energy on verses is Sumthing else .

  6. Liana aka lilichu_xo

    ...chips, Im on my 5th bag.... 👽

  7. Tyler Foskett

    Still hot

  8. Mydadhitsme69

    This beat just sounds like odd future

  9. Yellow White

    Damn where’d the time go

  10. Trevor Weissert

    Does anyone actually know who Two Dope Boys were?


    Trevor Weissert they’re these reviewers who rate music and shit. They gave OF bad ratings


    I remember jammin this while rocking my of t shirt thinking i was something lol good times i miss 7th grade

  12. Richard Blanco

    Back here in 2017 son ... day umm


    Oh god this takes me back to 10th grade 😩

  14. Geoffrey Anderson

    dipped the cigarette in some oil
    chased the dragon on some aluminum foil
    shit is spoiled, put the crack on broil
    crisp it up a bit, now im fuckin high
    wheres the oven mits
    i just sit and wait
    wait for my shit to kick in
    then when it comes we come through mobbin
    like janitors
    kush out the canister
    fuckin sinister when i blaze
    got me dazed cant see shit
    lit a geoffrey spiff
    stroked the furry wall while eating curry and chinese balls
    chicken balls i mean
    fuckin fiend, when its time to awake i risen already
    hand steady till i hit that spaghetti

    A Spec Pro

    y'all wack af

  15. Kyla !

    Back in 8th grade memories fucking bandwagons know nothing bout this shit

  16. shardea6400

    Soooo much nostalgia oh my fucking god. I can't believe I've been listening to OF since 2009 😭😭. I was 17/18. Almost 26 now. Crazy how time/music really flies❤️


    shardea6400 I feel.. I just remembered this track and I'm sad now. I used to play CoD4, drinking volt and trying to get out of going to school and now I work 9-5 and live a mundane life. The only exciting part of my day to day life is driving my car but it doesn't seem like enough sometimes.

    Melissa Saldana

    I'm exactly like you, I can't believe I was like 12-13 listening to their old albums and now I'm 21 wtf!!! the nostalgia is so real with their older music that isn't on big music platforms like Spotify or Apple Music!

    Jaron Xaver

    me too wild o.O

  17. Deyri Ohmiii

    Im about to cry real shit man... smh good times yoo 😔

  18. PurpL

    "witch yo bitch ass"

  19. lucas lopez

    who remembers smoking weed listening to odd future and play PS3

    Yolo Solo

    the days man

    Todd Topaz

    lucas lopez hell yeah dude


    on god bruh

    Daelen Guyer

    Right here, only I played 360

    Dimebag Darrel

    I never knew shit like this existed. When of was the shit my favorite shit was blackenedwhite

  20. Eric.

    if you are just now listing to this🔥 , let me know your thoughts on it

  21. Ej Lea-Scandrett

    People love Hodgy, I hate you tho.
    And I don't precipitate bitch, I H2O 🔥

  22. Qwertycatgang1

    this is some crazy shit. blows my mind

  23. Nutty By Nature

    will work do to update 8.212.8

  24. subaruvideocollection

    We come thru moppin like janitors, blackendwhite in this mutha fucka what - Favorite lyrics

  25. PeanutDowntownTV

    brings back many rebellious memories of my freshman year in highschool

    Alex Serafin

    I feel you bro, used to listen to this everyday on the way to school

    Earth Human

    Fr I tagged up my entire middle school when I was 13 with upside crosses, illuminati pyramids, 666s and the OF Donut, if I had gotten caught my mom would've easily had to pay hundreds in repairations, i did a lot of dumb ass shit as a kid man 😂

    Timmy Turner

    I introduced so many people to this album


    I feel you 😂

    bryant perez

    PeanutDowntownTV hahahahah all my friends were in high school freshman and my ass on 8th grade and them niggas waiting for me since 2:05 to smoke w me when my ass got out at 3:50 but home at 4:07 hahaha old times bro I miss

  26. SpagettyLettuce

    The fucking nostalgia oh my god

  27. /////////////

    One of left brains best instrumentals

    Todd Topaz

    ////// /////// true


    Next to strip club

  28. Mr Dump On Everything

    ahh memories .. 😍😘

    Planet Soul

    Boring song

    Mr Dump On Everything


  29. AlexOVarietyHour

    Best beat Left Brain ever whipped up.

  30. Stephon Fagan

    some of tyler verses come from a song he did not release called Lucky Charms 


    yeah thanks captain obvious. if you haven't realized by now most of earl and tylers lines are rehashed and used again in other songs.

    lil grunt

    Lmao u replied to yourself acting like another person

  31. Kibehfied

    mellowhigh is domo and hodgy, mellowhype is hodgy and left brain

  32. fromthebamma

    They called mellowhigh now i think

  33. Wolf Haley

    Or Tyler, the Creator.

  34. spyguy18

    There are only 10 dislikes because people were trying to keep the like count at 666.

  35. JaycutWasHere

    Rest in peace to what? 2010? You dumbass dickriders need to hop off that shit. And stop putting hash tags on youtube stupid.

  36. SoggyHotDoggy

    Favorite Mellowhype song. No question.

  37. HipHopsEYE

    thy classical 2010 OF #RIP

  38. MrGuppie

    lol idk peace

  39. MrGuppie

    that song wasnt meant to be made he didnt know stfu

  40. Soloman Northrop

    i just jacked off

  41. QuantumEuphoria

    Smoking Kush Nuggets the Size of Fucking Tartantulas

  42. lajoy watson

    These yonkers fans are like herpies O.O they hard to avoid

  43. LaserGunsLG

    when this song started and i heard that snare, i was like "PLEASE have that for the whole song". and then it was an amazing song.

  44. CallMeSugarMilk

    this beat doe <33333333333333333333

  45. 20WaveCaps

    Left Brain produces some of the most best beats

  46. Jojo Nichols

    The first is Earl


    Is the first verse earl?

    John Currence

    ILIKETOYOYO123 Welcome to the future

  48. Pyroclastic DOOM

    more like "Feat. Tyler, The Creator"

  49. Trey Jones

    ive had this on repeat for about an hour

  50. Sailor Steez

    lucky charms is mega dope

  51. fakkeRICH

    kinda cool that no one knows about it though. You can show off!

  52. Shaiem Mccullough

    In my opinion earls best verse

  53. CircleTriangleCircle

    667 now :/

  54. Big B’s

    Who caught it at 666 likes?

  55. Venom

    I have my ways

  56. blazecandy18

    how do you know this

  57. iDom

    OF is my life and Yonkers is still dope as fuck... If you say it's NOT then you're not a real fan... Yonkers was a dope ass song, the people that say its not are the ones tha

  58. Venom

    Lucky Charms got stolen off of Tyler's ipod and was uploaded to youtube and he never thought it would make it so he re-used the same verse in chordaroy,

  59. Chrishawn421

    One of the best OF songs ever trippy as fuck

  60. A Delgado

    Who ever disliked this should get fucking killed

  61. beast mode

    OF fuck the rest

  62. Wolf Hound God

    I love their beats. Its so unique

  63. Kuramaah

    Nobody gives a fuck if you're not just a "Yonkers fan". Tyler sure as hell said he doesn't give a fuck. Fans are fans.

  64. notoriousbig19

    Thebe writes his own lyrics, dumbass.

  65. Homero Nutted

    man i still have my autographed version of blackenedwhite. left brain put fuck a bitch to this cd lol

    Todd Topaz

    Homero Nutted hahaha

  66. bg1568

    dammn half of yall dont even kno lucky charms

  67. Xavier J

    because unlike most raps songs.....this is "chill" rap music....usually listened to when u are high....not when you want to get "hype"

    Todd Topaz

    Xavier J Yes because it's mellow but it's hype, therefore, MellowHype.

  68. Paul Dominic

    holy shit me too

  69. RBNWO

    LSKATA96 writes Earls lyrics real OF fans would kno

  70. RBNWO

    im sure he said mopping how do janitors be mobbin


    is it just me or does this beat make you fell buzzed too??

  72. aderwet5

    Wow you'e a massive faggot for the last part, i thought you where cool until i saw the "420" part, i mean srsly dude? "HURR YOU GUISE 420 OFWG BLAZE IT FAGGOT SMOKE WEED, HURRR" yeah i smoke weed but i dont go around advertising it on the internet so people think im cool. faggot

  73. Seusanelly

    If you put "Feat. Earl Sweatshirt" this video would have 1 million views

  74. pjp421

    On every OF video some shit is always going on.

  75. Blacktop_Shady

    Yeah it sounds like it.

  76. Dalton Errath

    nah its lil b

  77. Connor Proehl

    the verse....

  78. Stevie Wonder's Eyes

    this one of my favorite mellowhype songs, along with gun sounds and F666 the Police

  79. Stevie Wonder's Eyes

    its 2 chainz

  80. Bubbo Bumkis

    No, that's R.Kelly

  81. Connor Proehl

    that IS earl at the beginnign right?

    Danny Childs

    Connor Proehl Yes

  82. Brandon Moran

    We come through mobbin'
    Like Janitors
    Smokin' kush nuggets
    The size of fuckin' tarantulas.
    Swaggity swag meow swag.

  83. MangaSword8

    This son gis too epic

  84. Reet

    You don't know how sick this sounds in a car with the perfect bass.

  85. DroBroSlowMo

    People just started this Yonkers thing because they think they are tough for discovering OF first. Awesome bro guess who gives a shit.... :) No one :D

  86. Brandon Grisson

    Yonkers was the first song I ever heard from Odd Future...guess I'm not a true fan :(

  87. delester123

    hell yeah

  88. Josh Fiedler

    Thank you!!

  89. Pat Bishop

    yeah everyone heard of OF through Yonkers, because its was highly promoted, vasty popular throughout the world, and good. fuck why, and what, just listen.

  90. SpagettyLettuce

    Yeah dude I hate those people that just say fuck Yonkers because Tyler said it and everyone else is. And half of those people only heard about OF through Yonkers...fucking stupid.