MellowHype - 67 Lyrics

Smoke weed, uh

[Verse 1]
I hate fears, I shake spears
I know pain from cuts and bruises when you lose, I can relate tears
I haven't seen my father for seven going on eight years
Thirteen in the spot you left me out like I'mma wait here
Yellow is for my mom's favorite color
White cause thats the race I kept getting in trouble by
And you ask me why my father couldn't be a man? He's a lullaby
And this song just cut at two minutes and 24 seconds
Shit, my tempers like, two minutes from lifting this weapon
Scraping the residue off the dresser along with the necklace
Time to start my day strong, I'm fucking with breakfast
Prejudice, they hate to see a nigger in a Lexus
Self paid, self made, self sun, self shade, oh
I guess they wanna be like me now, but before they couldn't see how
Drunk in class off of Corona, alcohol in my Arizona
It's because my life was in a coma

I'm all alone in this world, shit, I'm all alone in this world
Am I all alone in this world, am I all alone in this world?

[Verse 2]
I almost sliced my cop nigga, I probably would've
If I didn't knew, I was gonna be a top nigga
Too bad I'm genius for my own genius, stitched and seamless
From the hoop-d to the Beamers, grocery store to the creamers
Nigga non-believers for the dreamers
I is for the teamless, nigga do you know who we is?
The feces of Jesus, Mo'Nique big, as she's there
Before the present business, niggas wasn't fucking with this shit
Left Brain is my witness, who the fuck are all you bitches?
(Who me? What's your name?) What's my name?
Whats your name, whats your name, baby girl whats your name?
What are you sayin', keep it playin', cause I cannot comprehend
You're trying to fly with my crew to Spain, we built this shit, without a crane
And truly all I want is your fucking brain, afterwards I never see your ass again
Shes like "Man, fuck you!" I don't give a fuck bitch, I cant trust you

I'm all alone in this world, shit, I'm all alone in this world
Am I all alone in this world, am I all alone in this world?

Now, if you've ever been alone in your life put your hands up
If somebodys let you down, put your hands up
If you need a lending hand sometimes then put your hands up
Now reach out, I can relate

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MellowHype 67 Comments
  1. Vicente

    And the song just cut at 2 minutes and 24 seconds!!!!

  2. R. E. Kamilleon West

    bruh how’d I miss this lol smh

  3. ermxskrm97


  4. Delusional Vick

    I’m ALL ALONE in This WORLD,

    Delusional Vick

    YEAHH YEAHHHHHHHHH (black girl)

  5. Bill&Finn

    1:58 sounds exactly like Billie wtf

    Somebody you dont know

    Eeee naxe vin vipove


    Somebody you dont know vaa muishkaa

    Somebody you dont know

    Anu 11 wlis iyo es ro gamovida hoda sxvanairi xma eqneboda hoda billie ver iqneba mara dz gavs billies xmas hoda rogorme ro gavarkviot vin ambobs magas tore chavkvdebi


    Somebody you dont know UNDA GAVARKVIOT

    Somebody you dont know


  6. tredon lyons

    Still here 💪

  7. Andrew Wang

    I'm from China I love this beat and rhyme.


    Tune It Up


    This song is still too overlooked

  10. ShareThePopcorn

    still listening to this shit love hodgy man still underrated as fuck

  11. ShareThePopcorn

    still listening to this shit love hodgy man still underrated as fuck

  12. Setharious

    I just copied this from a numerology website so so idk, but if anyone was wondering "what" the number 67 meant. This kinda makes sense for Hodgy,

    "A person with the number 67 in a major position of their numerology chart tends to put family first, being protective and intent on material acquisition so all can be comfortable and secure in a harmonious home. " affinitynumerology was the website

  13. Forever Lone

    2019 anyone? 😂

  14. jose Serrano

    Hodgy the realest.

  15. Shawn Beaton

    still here in 2019. This song is a high school flashback, If only I could go back to 2011 man... damn.

  16. jose Serrano

    Still listening

  17. M_xj7

    Such a good song fr

  18. Vagina Crusher

    Still listen to thing song. Miss mellowhype, miss OF as a collective. Glad to see everyone thriving in their own lane but damn. Whatever thanks for getting me thru high school 🔥🔥

    Brandon Awesome!

    lol ikr same here

  19. Jesus Christ

    smoke weed

  20. Gabriel Santos

    i use to listen to this when i was 14 im about to be 17 i havent heard this in years....the nostalgia is epic rn

  21. Julian Montes

    2018 or what?

  22. A.K.A benz is to me just a car


  23. Joystick Gamerz

    Still here in 2018. Smash the like button if u here with me

    qwertyuiop poiuytrewq

    2020 yo

  24. Eric.

    Middle school memories..... damn we grew up

    Danny Flöres

    Eric. Fr bruh.

  25. terriblelottery

    shitt takes you back man ,.. forreal

  26. Garrett Brito

    This song is super dope hands down bitch lol 2018 wassup , true fan idgaf- domo

  27. Vince Green

    2017 and still jamming lit af

  28. Samuel B

    hodgy is very talented.. seriously

  29. stacy marie

    Hodgy and left brain. Legend

  30. Jwjejxke Sijjfjda

    64 is better

  31. Trill J

    Shits real deep

  32. Yessir

    and this song ends at 2:24 "I'm all alone in this world" speaking on his father being gone

  33. Cameron Cornelius Ester Ross

    i remember when i first heard this shit 5 years ago cx

  34. kid meech

    been jamming this for 5 years 💯

    IllegallyStealsBeats Man

    me 2 :'( me 2

    Devyn Snyder

    8 years

  35. rpgtimefire

    damn hodgy used to body shit.


    He still does


    Hodgy just produces trash now the only thing he bodies is album count. Quality over quantity


    @Rembrandt I see you everywhere lmao but yeah I agree with that

    kid meech

    still nice to see hodgy eating good tho💯

  36. Kartier Glory

    still fux wit it 💯

  37. TheFlumped

    Still jammin to this solid tune

  38. Seth

    Time to start my day strong, I'm fuckin' with breakfast.

  39. Efrain Nieves

    mad nostalgia

    Ch3ff Quise

    Like a mf


    hell yeah

  40. canyon ryan

    good song :)

  41. TheQU1CK13

    1000 😏

  42. StasiaTv247

    there was a really slow version of this song yeaaarrrssss ago and i cant find it, can anyone help me out?

    Angelo Sgroi

    @StasiaTv247 search darude - sandstorm think thats the slow version


    +StasiaTv247 Search it, and put chopped and screwed at the end. That might help

  43. Amila Huskic

    I wonder why it's 67. I wonder what those numbers mean

    Amila Huskic

    I'm asking WHY he chooses those numbers specifically I highly doubt it's random. 


    @Amila Huskic 6+7 is 13, he was 13 when his dad left the fam...idk tho

    Amila Huskic

    hey man at least you tried... it's good to wonder

    Miguel Rivera

    @Amila Huskic probably the 67th track he composed.

    Joseph Collareta

    I thought it was to promote their Numbers album

  44. Envy Mobb

    im all alone in this world...

    Run The Jewels

    @Aspire Gonzalez i g1ve u d1ck n yo boyfrnd iz a fgt

    Ricky Spanish

    Run The Jewels Oh god that 2006 YouTube grammar

  45. zac james

    tha best song ever by hodgy 


  46. Max Uchiha

    Favorite song out of the album hnng

    J.R Caggiano

    not as good as bastard?

  47. lifevids510

    Who can relate?

    Devyn Snyder


    bepsi conk

    Shut the fuck up

  48. Frostei

    The buttons on the keyboard pressed down spells Fuck


    where's the u and the k in the keyboard tho

  49. AsiLayFlyying

    I don't even like MellowHype but this song is too real.

    Kristian Larsen

    Then you like mellowhype dumbass, i'ts like saying ''i dont even like candy but i like chocolate''

    SixPaths Cloud

    +Oliver Poulsen You can like a song without liking the artist

    Kristian Larsen

    @Christopher Sitton, Jr. (-;

    Elizabeth Steward

    fr listen to astro

    Oscar Diaz

    +Elizabeth Steward I like Frank's part

  50. Lexicon

    Deep track, really felt it.

  51. morfius9899

    This their best song

  52. joyjoyjoy

    Mellow hype best song till date

  53. IAmSerbian

    so underrated. fuck

  54. Avionce Nelson

    Hogdy is poetically gifted

  55. wyatt cook

    The beat is fucking nice

  56. spanishderp

    but it is a damn good song

  57. spanishderp

    this is literally mellowhype's only good song

  58. Tyler Schallert

    Welcome to the world of sarcassim

  59. elijah Kerrigan

    i saw that too

  60. James McKenzie

    This is legit but Hodgy Beats has made some real whack shit outside of this and a few other tracks.

  61. Ella V

    this song is so underrated.

  62. Tennessee Scott

    This song is still my shit! Golf wang my niggaz!

  63. SwagKitty63

    Mannn....songs like this and inglorious really speak to me..........

  64. Zach Wigboldy

    Mellowhype isnt the same thing as Mellowhigh..

    The Limon

    Just added domo

  65. Steezy Streamz

    smoke weed.... LOL

  66. Tomislav Be

    He wanted to write KFC but accidentally hit U

  67. multibrothersinarms

    Sick beat

  68. Codenameducksauce

    The letters are the same as a computer's keyboard...?

  69. Eddie Scandura

    Personally, I think MellowHype/MellowHigh is only gonna get better

  70. ben dover

    Shut up.NO RESPECT

  71. luis diaz

    12 songs from odd future

  72. peturr

    Which album or mixtape is this from?

  73. MrMentholSlim

    Damn i love mellowhype, almost all of OF is dope such a shame i didnt discover them till a couple months ago. also shameless selfpromotion btw, i rap not great but fuck gimme a chance.

  74. Rob Garcia

    I'm all alone this world..

  75. TheAwkwardCantaloupe

    That beat.. :o

  76. Eddie Scandura

    This song is full of existentialism

  77. WoopsWoops

    This was off the OF album "12 Songs from Odd Future"

  78. lewis Cobain

    Odd future album

  79. QuantumEuphoria

    I have no clue it doesn't seam to be on anything.

  80. FreakCheat

    none of them

  81. Eddie Scandura

    this was off numbers or yello/white?

  82. Signor Croach

    probably my fav mellowhype track

  83. Eddie Scandura

    Me gusta

  84. jackorox21

    I relegate to this song and its one of my favs

  85. Lieutenant Tentacles

    the rapping ends at 2:24

  86. Kyle Smith

    i realize if you go to about its64...65....67 now take away457 and you get666

  87. DarknessXevil

    Why so much negativity towards this dude. It's not his fault his dad brutally raped him and his mom dressed him up in girl clothes and laughed at him, that's probably why he said that.