Mellencamp, John - Pink Houses Lyrics

There's a black man with a black cat
Livin' in a black neighborhood
He's got an interstate
Runnin' through his front yard
You know he thinks that he's got it so good
And there's a woman in the kitchen
Cleanin' up the evenin' slop
And he looks at her and says, hey darlin'
I can remember when you could stop a clock

Oh, but ain't that America
For you and me
Ain't that America
Something to see, baby
Ain't that America
Home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses
For you and me
Oooh, yeah
For you and me

Well, there's a young man in a t-shirt
Listenin' to a rockin' rollin' station
He's got greasy hair, greasy smile
He says, Lord this must be my destination
'Cause they told me when I was younger
Said boy, you're gonna be president
But just like everything else
Those old crazy dreams
Just kinda came and went

Oh, but ain't that America
For you and me
Ain't that America
Something to see, baby
Ain't that America
Home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses
For you and me
Oooh, little baby
For you and me

[Instrumental Interlude]

Well, there's people and more people
What do they know, know, know
Go to work in some high rise
And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico
Ooh, yeah
And there's winners and there's losers
But they ain't no big deal
'Cause the simple man, baby
Pays for thrills
The bills the pills that kill

Oh, but ain't that America
For you and me
Ain't that America
Something to see, baby
Ain't that America
Home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses
For you and me
Ooooh, yeah...

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Mellencamp, John Pink Houses Comments
  1. Sky Henry Blue

    PS. Song. For. Goodniy

    One. My. Long. Long. Long. Time. Favorites

    Band. On. The. Run
    Sir. Paul. Macarthy

    God. Bless

  2. Sky Henry Blue

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    Their. Eyes. Go. Eciptical

    Like. A. Cat


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    N. They. Will. Go. Exactly. Like. A. Cats

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    Looking. Damn. Scary


    To. You. Rick. Springy

    Saw. You. First. Time

    Said. Damn. He's. So. Damn. Good. Looking. I. Damn. Can't. Believe. It

    Really. Seriously

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    God. Bless. You

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    Soon. Sorry. Wrestling. Post

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  3. Sky Henry Blue

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    Motel. Eyes
    Official. Version.

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    Always. Rick

    Cow. Boy. Grady

  4. Sky Henry Blue

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    Your. Love
    Off. One. The. Hottest. Alblums. Ever

    The. Outfield
    By. The. Outfield


    Cow. Boy. Grady.
    One. Sexiest. Most. Awesome. Hottest. Songs. Ever

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    No. Damn. Wink

  5. Sky Henry Blue

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    C'est. Lavie
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    Mon Cher

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  14. Sky Henry Blue

    Bidi. Bidi. Bum. Bum

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  15. Tony Mumma

    The correct interpretation of. Pink houses is antigovernment not anti-American

  16. Sky Henry Blue

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  18. Sky Henry Blue

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  23. Sky Henry Blue

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  24. Sky Henry Blue

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  32. Sky Henry Blue

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    All. Same. Time

    The. Living. Years

    Cow. Boy. Grady

  33. Sky Henry Blue

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    The. Way. It. Is

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    This. Song. My Anthem. Says. Said. It. All

    The. Way. It. Is

    Cow. Boy. Grady

  34. Sky Henry Blue

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    I. Can. Dream. About. You
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  35. Sky Henry Blue

    Simple. Minds.
    Don't. You. Forget. About. Me
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  36. Sky Henry Blue

    Howard. Jones.
    No. One. Is. To. Blame
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  37. Sky Henry Blue

    Thompson. Twins
    Hold. Me. Now.
    Official. Version.


  38. Sky Henry Blue

    Til. Tuesday
    Voices. Carry
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  39. Sky Henry Blue

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  43. Sky Henry Blue


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  44. amy morro


  45. Herbert Samples

    The iconic John Cougar Mellencamp

  46. Sky Henry Blue

    Happy. Happy. Valentine's.

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    Little. Warmup. Films. Songs. Stephany. Of. Atlantis. Her. Life. N. Her. N. Her. Girls

    Atlantis. The. Lost. Sunken. Continent. N. List. City

    Mr. Jaws
    Duckie. Goodman
    Funny. Shark. Song

    Linda. Ronstadt
    Blue. Bayou
    Official. 1970s. Version
    Her. Me. Southern. Mexican. American. Mix. Hillbilly

    She's. Amazing. Beautiful. Mucho. Gusta. Chica
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    Can't. Make. You. Love. Me
    Official. Version


    This. One. Amazing. John. Cougar. Mellancamo. Everyday.

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    Happy. Happy. Valentine's

    God. Is. Love

  47. Edgard Garza

    Millennials....This is music

  48. roger mullen

    John enjoy your music so much, I live in the heartland of Nebraska and your songs speak of reality

  49. ArgueMax DotCom

    I love this song. It should be our National Anthem. Maybe when Pete wins he can sign an Executive Order

  50. Geert Hof

    Real Rock & Roll I Love the man, great singer to....

  51. Eric Carroll

    Best thing to learn from

  52. Andrew Bjork

    John is a Democrat, through and through. Just remember that when voting this year.

    Kevin Griffin

    I vote for the most qualified candidate. Not a song writer. I love Johns songs but I have my own political views. That’s what makes America. Home of the free. Yeah yeah yeah. Little pink houses for you and me. !!!!

  53. Mike dellaserra

    This is way it used to be when I was younger the most beautiful country to live in I sure miss them old days

  54. Greg McClelland

    Make America Great Again! America First! Trump 2020

    Andrew Bjork

    John is a Democrat, and I don't hate to break it to you.

  55. Princessa Stardusty

    probably out of all the huge song list of songs my band did, this was on the top of the list of my favorites, ... simple, meaningful, and the crowds loved the way we did it ... we killed it. added huge female vocals, of course i did, lol so much fun. special events, perfect. ty John. <3

  56. Claude Bieniek

    Was a John Mellencamp fan, grew upon his music. Just seen his add for mike Bloomberg will not listen anymore

  57. John Cottey

    Hey From the same Small Town .

  58. kiko kiko

    You have to be a morron not to like this song,.

  59. Connie Vino

    John is a socialist. Well at least he made his money.

  60. Valenda Newell


  61. Sky Henry Blue

    Jason. Grey
    Remind. Me. Who. I. Am
    Official. Video

    Pastor. Henry

    Live. From. Parker. Colorado. McDonald's

    Having. Little. Breakfast. Soon. As. Do. Church

    God. Bless. Us. All

  62. J T Minor


  63. Casper williams

    I’ve always wondered why he’s got a capo on even though I can play it easily without

    The Leopard

    Casper williams wtf r u talkin about

  64. Steve Cummings

    John's videos are the BEST. This one, Paper in Fire, Check it Out. FANTASTIC, now ain't that America. Now that's Rockin' in the U.S.A baby.

  65. Derek Cook

    where all da pink houses at?

  66. Sky Henry Blue

    January. 28th

    Official. Important. Shogun. Announcements. Today. Couple

    Already. Finished. Done

    At. Bonnie. Raitte
    Can't. Make. You. Of be. Me

    And. Also

    N. Michael. Jackson
    Official. Version

    Very. Important

    Already. Posted. Find

    So. Many. In. America. The. United. State's

    As. Most. N nths. Them

    Last. Bunches. Days. End. Of. Month

    Broke. Hungry

    So. Want. Fix. This. Stop. This

    Feed. Them. House. Them. Get. Them. Good. Jobs. Where. Applicable

    Good. Housing. All. Us

    Freedom. Fro. Huge. Mortgage

    God. Willing

    God. Bless. Us. All

    Cow. Boy. Grady

  67. Jeff Cranford

    So underrated

  68. Todd Drawhorn

    "And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico"!!!


    Thank you John for all your wonderful and truly fabulous music. I’m listening while getting my chemo treatment each and every song make my heart delight in the love you have for us midwestern life.

  70. Jimmy Macis

    What a jackass we are not free lol

  71. Keonne Williams


  72. Bryan Govostes

    True Music is Divine infinite eternal!!! Long live rock!!! An't that America! Lord Jesus Christ The Living God Of The Universe!♥️💪✌️👑🗡️


    Here’s the actual house today where the black man was sitting in the video:,+Austin,+IN+47102,+USA/@38.7358631,-85.8098699,3a,75y,356.64h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sJDcejG1delQuzMu4jOMsWQ!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x886bdb286480c62b:0xc0c97e6088bd2221

  74. Josh McDaniel

    Glad being 21 and being raised with good old classical rock and classic country

  75. Reef Diver

    This music will never be made again, because the people of this era, their souls, their values, their morality, their sense of pride and patriotism no longer exist. What remains of music in America is a vast app-driven wasteland of lazy gen Xers with no musical talent seeking to make a fast buck using Autotune and Garageband with the sole motivation to retire before they're 30. At least we will always have recordings from real musical artists from the analog era, before the digital age made it possible for the talentless to fake anything using a laptop.

  76. Kay Leathers

    My husband is in video pink houses and hurts so good rest in peace Gary Reynolds love you

  77. alan smlth

    Blame John Mellencamp that all the Mexicans want to cross the border and come back to America and live in little pink houses like you and me.

  78. Sky Henry Blue

    Sunday. Sunday

    Lil. Late. Church


    Church. Already. Started

    Over. At.

    Bonnie. Raitte
    I. Can't. Make. You. Of be. Me

    Pastor Henry

    Your. Internet. Pastor. Guru

    God. Bless. You. All

    God. Is. Love

    God. Loves. You.


    What's. Wrong. With. You. He. Don't


    Jesus. Christ. Is. The. Son. Of. God

    Holy. Bible. Says. A. Man. Tells. You. Specifically. Jesus. Christ. Is. The. Son. Of. God. He. Is. From. God

    You. Been. Told

    Supposed. To. Ask. Somebody. That. Comes. To. You. N. Especially. Your. Church

    Know. He. Is. From. God

    God. Bless

  79. Angela C

    My parents wedding song :)

  80. cosminmoise13

    Long live Glee - Kurt Hummel for introduce me to this master piece!!!

  81. sue hollar

    Ah I forgot about this one soooooo goooood.

  82. Sky Henry Blue

    January. 18th. Saturday.

    Beautiful. Bright. Sunny. Cold. Cool. Crisp. Day

    Denver. Colorado. Area

    Today's. Post. Brought To. You. By. Proud. Folks. Not. At. Manwhich

    One. Americas. Favorite. Sandwiches

    The. Slooo. Joe

    Can. Makings. Add. Whatever. Your. Hamburger. Called. N. Your. Area. Ground. Round. Too. Round. Etc

    Usually. One. Pound. Hamburger. To. One. Can. Manwhich.

    Brown. Hamburger. First. Lil. Oil. Sautee. Pan. Medium. Heat. Til. Beef. Browned. Done. Cooked

    Drain. Off. Excess. Fat. Comes. Off. Melts. N. Cooking.

    Add. Can. Of

    Me. Better. About. Two. Thirds. Can

    Little. Sweet. Rich. Than. Best

    But. Amazing. Awesome. Yummy

    Any. Boys. About. Even. Still. Most. Men

    Serve. On. Toasted. Slightly. Hamburger. Bun

    Tada. Sloppie. Joe

    If. Mom. Ur. Son. Boys. Loving. You. Big. Time


    Would. Feed. With. Salad. Or. Some. Cooked. Greens

    Healthy. It. Up

    Most Times. Served. With. Kraft. Mac. N. Cheese. N. Potato. Chips

    Traditional. Big. Time. America

    Good. N. Is. But. Way. Unhealthy. All. That. Together

    Kraft. Mac. N. Cheese. American. Favorite. Easy. Awesome. Most. Us. Me. Also. Love be. So. Much. Easy. Cheap. Fast
    Ten. Minutes. Tada. Yummy. Awesome

    Kraft. Family. Size. Noodles. Bigger. Thicker. Taste. Because. Test. Me. So. Much. Better

    Standard. American. Dollar. Box. Most. Buy

    Cheap. Smaller. Thinner. Not. As. Good. Noodles

    Same. Do. Family. Size. Pasta. Macaroni. All. Boxes. Better. Even. The. Pasta. Add. Protein. Good.

    Bigger. Profits. Lots. More. Sales

    Is. Awesome. Though. One. Big. American. Long. . Time. Favorite

    Most. Of. America

    Check. N. Mail. Kraft. When. Fix. God. Willing

    Best. Frickin. Mac. N. Cheese. By. Far. Sold. N. America

    Stouffer's. Macaroni. N. Cheese. Frozen

    Yummy. Awesome. Best. By. Far

    Small. Box. Sizes. Awesome. Single. Serving. Nice. Size. One. Person. Salad. Heavenly. Good

    Big. Family. Size. Party

    About. Thirteen. Ten. American. Dollars

    Seriously. Frozen. But. Heavenly. Best. Yummy. Mac. N. Cheese. Is

    Better. Any. Restaurants. Or. Home. Made

    Love be. All. This,. Stuff

    All. Stouffer's. Stuff. Frozen. Awesome. Also

    Trust. Me. I. Don't. Lie

    Your. Country. Doesn't. Have. Sell. Manwhich

    Easy. Hamburger. One. Pound.

    Can. Little. Diced. Or. Ripe. Whole. Tomateo

    Little. Vinegar. White.

    Little. Ketchup. If. Have

    Brown. Burger. Drain. Excess. Oil. Fat

    Same. As. Top

    Add. Tomatoes. Vinegar...etc

    Medium. Heat

    Serve. On. Any. Good. White. Bun. Half. Top. Other. Half


    American. Sloppy. Joe's

    Today's. Posts. At

    Charlie. Puth
    One. Call. Away
    Official. You. Tube. Song. Comments

    Bunch. There. From. Yesterday. Already. Started

    Post. Subject

    Repeat. Posted. Bunch. Times. Before

    Craigslist. Complete. Couple. Times. Not. Exact. Words

    Here. You. Tube. Song. Comments

    Couple. Times

    Complete. N. Not

    eBay. Couple. Times. Think. Also

    Again. Soon. God. Willing

    Yahoo'. Board. Soon. Also. God. Willing

    Hollywood. Computer. Game. Program. App. Media. Music. Rap. Rock. Country. Any. That

    All. You. Need. To. Be. A. Big. Huge. Successful. Star

    Successful. Zillionaire.

    Yeah. You

    What's. Wrong. With. You. You. Can't. Do. That ?



    Keep. Telling. Yourself. That

    Then. Yeah. It. Is. True

    Your. To. Fat. To. Ugly. To. Thin. To. Old. To. Young. To. Tall. Your. Nose. Is. To. Big. To. Small

    They. Tell. Told. Everybody. That

    Forget. That. BS

    You. Can. Do. Anything. You. Set. Your. Mind. To

    Anything. Anything

    At. All

    N. God. N. Jesus. Christ
    Holy. Bible

    N. Me. Says. So

    All. You. Need. Know. To. Do. Exactly. That

    He. Big. Star. Successful

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    God. Is. Love

    God. Loves. You

    Charlie. Puth
    One. Call. Away
    Official. Version

    God. Bless. You

  83. mike scholten

    So when we were younger we listened to this song and it meant something. Even though we are Canadian

  84. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    “The house is white”

  85. Deliverance to the captives James

    Reminds me of living in Brooklyn Indiana. You were cool if you had the tape.

  86. Sky Henry Blue

    PS. Note.

    Pastor. Henry

    First. Sister. City. Ciadad. Juarez

    Kinda. Gourmet. Mexican. Food. Capital. Mexico

    Many. Famous. Mexican. Dishes. Things. Supposed. Invented. There

    Chicken. Mike

    They. Take. Good. Quality. Mexican. N. Cooking. Very. Seriously. There

    More. Than. Regular. All. Rest. Mexico

    Has. Little. More. Than. Normal. Restaurants. Meican. Cities

    Most. People. Very. Very. Proud. Their. Cooking. There

    Once. Had. Big. Traditional. Cooking. Mexico. Spain

    Twice. Fried. Rice

    Traditional. Authentic

    So. Dang. Good. Cant. Imagine

    Garlic. Rice. Twice. Fried. Tomatoes. Bell. Pepper. Onion. Mexican. Spain. Spanish. Big. Time. Long. Time. Traditional. Authentic. National. Dishes. Mexico. N. Spain

    Lady. From. Ciadad. Told. Us. Me. Made. Best

    Think. Was. Amazing. Good

    Long. Hope. Big. Prize. Contest. Who. Makes. Best. Their. Recipe. Give. To. World

    Later. Tonight. Story

    The. Amazing. Fish

    The. Amazing. Underwater. Breathing. Boy

    Bloop. Bloop. Bloop

    My. Homage. Thank. You
    To. Original. Artists. Comic. Book. Founders. America

    Super. Man. Batman. 1930s. Who. We're. Jewish. American

    I'm. You. Know. Very. Very. Expensive. Artist

    Fifteen. Million. Dollars. American

    Personally. Private. Discreet. Hand. Studies. Hand. Drawings

    Personally. Framed

    By. Appointment. Only. First

    Cash. N. My. Account. Before. Booking. Always

    Five. Three. Hour. Private. Sessions. You. Your. I'm bed. One. Etc.

    One. Week

    One. Awesome. Great. Artist. I. Met. Bunch. Times. Stab. Lee. Creator. Of. Spiderman. One. Founders. Marvel. Comics. Lots. Other. Awesome. Stuff. Marvel. Etc

    At. Qualquam. Biggest. Convention. And. Comic. Book. Convention. San. Diego. California. In. World

    Does. Travel

    Usually. Have. Get. Tickets. It. Well. In advance. Six. Months. Or. More.
    Has. Like. One. Hundred. Twenty. Five. Thousand. One. Hundred. Fifty. Thousand. People. Attend

    Stan. Be. At. Door. Lots. Greet. People. As. Came. In

    Real. Nice. Man. Awesome. Guy

    Convention. Is. Awesome. Give. So. Much. Free. Stuff. Posters. Tees. Etc. Away. Free. Lots. Stuff. So. Many. Artists. People. Cool. Outfits
    Coming vto. City. Near. You. Soon. God. Willing

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    God. Is. Love

    God. Wants. Us. To. Have. Rich. N. Abundant. Life's. In. Jesus. Christ

    Love. Is. Fun

    Love be. Wants. Good. Things

    Like. Good. Spanish. Rice. For. Those. It. Loves

    God. Love best. You

    Cow. Boy. Grady
    Cabelero. Gradee

    God. Bless

    Mucho. Gusto

  87. Sky Henry Blue

    Last. Song. Awesome. Amazing. Beautiful

    For. You

    Jason. Grey
    Remind. Me. Who. I. Am
    Official. Version

    Bunch. Old. Posts There

    Hey. Donate. Help. A. Pastor. Out

    Send. Any. Donation

    Vatican. City
    Time. Italy
    Heads. Of. Jesuit. N. Franciscan. Order

    Earmark. What. Cause. Mine. Or. Gift

    Pstirs. Like. Presents. Especially. Cash. Also

    Remember. Always. Catholic. And. Or. Any. Good. Charities

    One. I. Like. Lots

    Knights. Of Columbus

    God. Bless. You. All. Much

    Awesome. Film. Creepy. Sexy. Churchy. Catholic

    Lord. Ran. Connery
    Brotherhood. Of. The. Rose

    Franciscan. Monk. Priest. His. Young. Aide. Solve. Mystery. In. N nastry

    Christian. Slater

    Bravo. Both. Actors. Lifetime. Work. Amazing. Good

    Lord. Slater

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    This. Film. So. Sexy. Good. Awesome. Won't. Believe

    God. Bless. You. All


    Get. Out

    Are. You. Still. Her

    Have. Blessed. Night

  88. Sky Henry Blue

    Johny. Cash
    He. Turned. The. Water. Into. Wine. San. Quentin. Prison

    Tonights. Message

    Innocence. There. Soon. After about. Fifteen. Minute. Break. God. Willing

    Awesome. Christian. Witness. Song

    Jesus. Christs. First. Miricle

    Made. Wine. At. A. Wedding. For. Wedding. Party. When. They. Ran. Out.

    He. Didn't. Want. To

    But. He. Did. When. His. Mom. Mother. Mary. Asked. Him. To. Do. So

    They. Said. Later

    It. Was. The. Best. Wine. There

    God. Is. Love

    God. Loves. You


  89. Sky Henry Blue

    Last. Warm. Up. Song. Before. Service

    Living. On. A. Prayer
    Bin. Jovi
    Official. Version

    Me. Life. So. Much

    N. Hope. Wife. Girlfriends. So. Many. Young. Love. Couples.

    Just. Living. On. A. Prayer. And. Their. Love

    God. Is. Love

    God. Bless. You. All. Much

  90. Sky Henry Blue

    Love. Is. A. Song
    From. One. Most. Beautiful. Films. Ever. Made

    This. Song. Official. Clip. From. Film

    What. To. Me. Is. What. Heaven. Is. Like

    And. This. Song. Is. Like. Film. So. Beautiful. You. Won't. Believe

    And. Like. Tonight's. Message. Innocent

    Gold. Bless. You. All. Much

    Just. Did

    Hey. If. Will. Would

    Ask. God. Even. Silently. Bow. Head. If. Will. When

    Hey. Holy. Father. Please. Forgive. Me. My. Sins. And. Trespasses. In. Life. Ways. Way. I. Fail. You. In. Life

    In. Jesus. Christ's. Name

    And. Help. Me. Live. Your. Way. Always. No. Matter what

    In. Love. And. Truth

    God. Bless

  91. Sky Henry Blue

    Little. Warm. Up

    Get. You. Into. Holy. Spirit

    Hey. Church. We. Have. Special. VIO. Geust. With. Us. In. The. Church

    Bible. Says.

    That. Whenever. Two. Or. More. Gathered. In. His. Name.

    Jesus. Christ. Is. Right. There. In. The. Midst. Of. Us

    Also. Though. Jesus. Says

    When. The. Poor. Or. Weak. Lonely. Hungry. Are. In. His. Churches

    That. Is. Him

    Another. Song. What. Jesus. Chro. Is. Like. For. Me. Long. Time. Life

    Rascal. Flats
    I. Won't. Let. Go

    Holy. Bible. Says. Jesus. Said

    He's. Like. A. Shepherd. Will. Leave. All. His. Flovo. Go. Search. Until. He. Finds. One. His. Lost. Sheep's


    I. For. Long. Time. Try. To. Be. Like. That

    God. Is. Love be

    God. Bless. You

  92. Sky Henry Blue

    Warm. Up. Song

    Hey. Jude
    The. Beatles
    Official. Version

    Bunch. Old. Posts. Their

    Sir. Paul. Macarthy. Wrote. This. Ong. For. John. Lennon's. Son. First. Son

    Julian. Lennon

    N. Bible. Lots. People. Think. Judas. Betrayed. Jesus. Christ

    But. Jesus. Called. Him. Friend. In. Garden. Of. Gesenemi. In. Jeuresalem

    And. Says. Satan. Entered. Judas. N. Betrayed. Jesus. Not. Judas

    When. Came. To. His. Sences. Grieved. And. Cried.

    He. Had. Killed. A. Innocent. Man

    Holy. Bible

    I. Always. Thought. John. Lennon. In. His. Way. Was. A. Great. Holy. Man

    God. Bless. You. All

    Pastor. Henry

  93. Sky Henry Blue

    Little. Song. Warmup. Church

    You. Are. The. Church. God. Is. Building

    Your. Our. Hearts. Says. The. Holy. Bible. God's. Living. Word

    The. Beatles
    Let. It Be
    Official. You. Tube. Song. Version

    About. The. Blessed. Mother. Mary

    Mother. Of. God. Jesus. Christ

    The. Holy. Bible. Says. The. Most. Holy. Woman. Ever. Was

    Paul. Heard. Wrote. Song. About. His. Mom. Mary

    God. Bless. You. All

    For. Listening. Pleasure

    Warm. Up. Get. In. The. Spirit. Of. God

    God. Is. Love

    God. Loves. You

    Yeah. You


  94. Sky Henry Blue

    Hello. Church

    Pastor. Henry

    Welcome. To. Wednesday. Night. Church

    Song. Post. Already. Waity. There

    Awesome. Song
    For. Me. What. Jesus Christs. Love. Like

    Jesus. Christ. Most. My. Life. Anybody. Asked. Me

    And. They. Did

    Whose. Your. Best. Friend

    Jesus. Christ

    God. Bless. You

    Charles. Puth
    One. Call. Away
    Official. Video. Version

    Like. Most. My. Song. Posts. Official. Version

    Bunch. Old. Oats. There. Also

    God. Is. Love

    God. Bless. You

    Pastor. Henry

  95. Sky Henry Blue

    Little. Church. Warmup. Song

    One. Best. Most Awesome. Biggest. Christian. Song. Hits. Ever

    Zach. Williams
    Official. Version. Like. Most. My. Songs. You. Tube

    Bunch. Old. Posts. There

    Including. My. Witness. My. Drug. Problem. How. God. Cleaned. Me. Up. Rescued. Me. From. It

    AA. N. Addicts. Posts.

    Tonight's. Service.
    Message. Innocence

    Fundraiser. EL Paso. Texas. West. Texas. Non. Denominational. Church.

    Most. Beautiful. Laxish. Luxurious. Church. Ever. Built

    Please. Donate. Big

    Get. Blessed

    Big. Goal. Mission. Church

    Be. Open. Twenty. Four. Hours. A. Day

    Twelve. Hour. Services

    Geust. Pastors. Preachers. Priests. Love cal. Area

    Any. Christian. Faith. N. From. Whole. World. Invited. Come. Preach. Give. Mass. Tell. About. Your. Faith

    Mormon. Baptist. Presbyterian. Seven. Day. Adventists. Greek. Orthodox. Russian. Orthodox. Etc

    And. Occasionally. Other. Faith's. Beliefs. Buddhist. Jewish. Hindi. Etc.

    Expand. Your. Minds. Consiousness

    Preach. Witness. Volunteer. Pray. For. People. Help. Fund. Church

    Take. Donations. Collections

    Get. Half. Donations. Offerings. You. Preach

    Hour. Pray. Relax. After. Each. Service

    Board. Of. Ten. Second. Offices. There. Run. Officiate. Church

    Full. Time. In-house. Pastor. Besides. Me

    About. Twenty. Nice. Luxury. Apartments. N. House. N. Church. Geusts. Pastors. Preachers. Priests. Geusts. Church. Or. Pastors. Or. Deacon. Board. Of. Governor's

    Beautiful. Free. Big. Luxury. Free. Free. Always. Open. Twenty. Four. Hour. A. Day. Cafeteria. Eat. Nice. Meal. Of. Snack. Or. And. Beverages. All. Time. If. Want. Choose. Relax.

    Beautiful. Quiot. Lounge

    So. Much. More.
    God. Willing

    God. Is. Love be. Donate. Big. Get. Blessed

    Blessings. From. God. Nice. Presents. Things. Ask. Want. From. Him. From. Doing. Nice. Good. Things. Works
    Holy. Bible

    When. Building. Church. El. Paso

    Volunteers. Build. Church. Materials. Company. Corporate. Sponsors. So. So. Welcome

    Pastor. Henry

    Your. Internet. Pastor. Preacher.

    God's. Holy. Bible. Word

    Jesus. Christ. Is. The. Son. Of. God

    Enjoy. Awesome. Song

    God. Bless. You. All


  96. Tina Zawisky

    Wow!!.. Takes me back. 👍.. 💖🌹

  97. Ray Ursillo

    There's a black man with a black cat
    Living in a black neighborhood
    He's got an interstate running' through his front yard
    You know, he thinks, he's got it so good
    And there's a woman in the kitchen cleaning' up evening slop
    And he looks at her and says:
    "Hey darling, I can remember when you could stop a clock"
    Oh but ain't that America, for you and me
    Ain't that America, we're something to see baby
    Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah
    Little pink houses for you and me, oh for you and me
    Well there's a young man in a T-shirt
    Listenin' to a rock 'n' roll station
    He's got a greasy hair, greasy smile
    He says: "Lord, this must be my destination"
    'Cause they told me, when I was younger
    Sayin' "Boy, you're gonna be president"
    But just like everything else, those old crazy dreams
    Just kinda came and went
    Oh but ain't that America, for you and me
    Ain't that America, we're something to see baby
    Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah
    Little pink houses, for you and me, oh baby for you and me
    Well there's people and more people
    What do they know, know, know
    Go to work in some high rise
    And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico
    Ooo yeah
    And there's winners, and there's losers
    But they ain't no big deal
    'Cause the simple man baby pays the thrills,
    The bills and the pills that kill
    Oh but ain't that America, for you and me
    Ain't that America, we're something to see baby
    Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah
    Little pink houses for you and me, ooo, ooo yeah
    Ain't that America, for you and me
    Ain't that America, hey we're something to see baby
    Ain't that America, oh the home of the free,
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Little pink houses babe for you and me, ooo yeah ooo yeah

  98. Glenn Scannell

    And picket fences

  99. Shelly Neely

    SWAG ON 😄😂 lol. John sweet ⌚

  100. Gucci Lee

    Not 1 damn pink House in video