Mellencamp, John - Dance Naked Lyrics

I want you to dance naked
So I can see you
I'd like to get to know you
You don't have to act naughty

Spin it round and round
Spin it round and round and round

I want you to dance naked
I promise I won't touch you
I promise to tell no one, no
I want you to dance naked

Spin it round and round
Spin it round and round and round
Spin it round and round

I want you to dance naked
If you like I'll join you
I want to enjoy your body
I want to hear all your secrets
I want to know if you like me
As much as I like you
I want you to dance naked
But only if you want to

Spin it round and round
Spin it round and round and round
Spin it round and round

I want you to dance naked
So I can see you
I'd like to get to know you
But only if you want to

Spin it round and round
Spin it round and round and round
Spin it round and round
Spin it round and round and round
I want you to dance naked

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Mellencamp, John Dance Naked Comments
  1. Blue Racer

    Awesome song!

  2. Chris Davis

    Oh yeah!!!

  3. Jp Balaba

    September 24, 2019

  4. Ann Toy

    Yes we COULD dance naked👁👁
    Come on it'll be fun😉😘


    Don't forget to spin round and round.🤠

  5. David Renthlei

    A song a man should sing to the woman of his desire

  6. Don Avan

    This song was overplayed at the local strip joint back in the mid 90s.


    Don Avan
    Sorry about that. Hopefully we didn’t ruin it for ya 😎

  7. Wendy Rydel

    Drivers on a riding lawn mower with his mouth wide open recording.

  8. Wendy Rydel

    Whatever it takes

  9. Terau Gene

    Yes the 90’s were good

  10. michael rowshan

    Best tune in a decade or two.....thanks John.

  11. edlivin

    I don't think this is the original video

  12. Ilikebeaversandeaglesupyourass

    When I was a kid.....I fell in love with that girl

  13. leicestergirl63

    Love this song. :-)

  14. loseyourwings

    one of his best songs fuck those that dislike it spin round and round

  15. Barbara Gurner

    I once did a stint for a band called "Dance Naked" John Cougar Mellencamp Cover Band in South Australia.... Loved it. One of the highlights of my life. xo

  16. Catlu1732

    Whoever she is, she wasn't naked, so he must have had a thing for her.

  17. Terenass Jenkins

    awesome song I love it, it took some time for me to realize how great this music is but I know now... dad had this CD when I was a kid and I broke it because he broke a dumbass rap CD i had. Damn I was a dumb lil kid. god forgive me for my ignorance...

  18. Clay Cooper

    his cousin Trish was a dance partner in college .Great lady.

  19. Teri Renee Bennett

    go entire album
    in concert 2017

  20. Kyle Bastian

    Man, that is flagrant false advertising.

  21. BlueJ

    this was my favorite song when i was like 5 and I remember my older brothers making fun of me. I didn't understand what it was about, I just liked the "spin around and around" part

  22. Harold Puckett

    no matter what color or what size you are hell yea dance naked

  23. Virginia DeYoung

    I want to DANCE NAKED with YOU John Mellencamp!!!! I adore everything about you!!! My #1 artist of all time!! ;)


    i want to dance naked with you lol

    Craigels Alpaca

    Please don't

  24. Teri Renee Bennett


  25. Teri Renee Bennett


  26. nico laza

    funkier than prince . prince supposedly mastered sensuality, no john mellencamp did

  27. Maurizio Spagna

    A woman is never lost, shakes every dance itself.
    Fabled ingenuity inside hot men and playful vanity.
    A woman has the last look before the last clapperboard executed, essence ....
    This, I am a man.
    Ohh my god,
    why are you so beautiful woman,
    when you move your lips intersect the contours of the children men,
    emanate light particles and flavors ....
    everywhere there is the sudden imagined sin.

  28. kimberley bessette


  29. Jule Pokorny

    I would love to dance naked with John!!

    Colby Like

    Jule Pokorny

  30. tom shaw

    Yes a VERY UNDERATED SONG,when it came out I would play it over and over,Thanxs for all the great songs john!!!!

  31. Bill Grosser

    would have been better without all the dumb ads popping ip


    Have you tried AdBlock Plus?

  32. Nicole Rowan

    Why, oh - no WHO thought this woman needed to be THE video????
    More Mr Mellencamp, please!!!!
    Horrible video for an amazing song.

  33. tracy cox

    Elaine should have been in this piece with you ...same concept as "Get A let Up" video

  34. Astrid Bruning

    good one QBE, who composed this one , obviously a joke :D haha great con job :D john mellencamp would be impressed!!!! haha

  35. patricia James

    great "buns"

  36. elizabeth feider

    Mr Mellencamp I'd like to enjoy your body

    Sarah Dee

    elizabeth feider #hellyessister

    elizabeth feider

    John you have no clue how much I love you. Some day I hope to meet you. Years ago I lived in Terre Haute Indiana and when I would go to Brown County I would drive by your home at times i would go up to the gate just hoping to catch a glimpse of you. If ever in St Paul Mn And wanna meet your biggest fan......

    Doug Tyre

    John Lennon and Yoko going into a canoe

    Avery Daymond MAGA

    elizabeth feider Damn woman have some dignity, don't be so thirsty.

  37. lovinliverpool

    fucking commercials honestly! I just wanna dance naked common!

  38. Teachering

    It's an interesting song. I like it even though the song has some sad memory attached to it. 1994 seems a long time ago.

  39. Retro Reginald

    WHAT LOL pause at 1:12! Weirdo lol.

  40. Gerson Nascimento


  41. Duckie Begaye

    Hes got a sexy voice, hell yeah id dance naked for u.. ;)


    @Duckie Begay I would love to see that!!  Ciao, bella

    Retro Reginald

    OMG Me too! He's the definition of sexy! Have you see that man shirtless? Goddamn he's the one who could stop a clock! lolol!

    Craigels Alpaca

    Uhh no thanks

  42. Ed Copeland

    I was there during the shoot of the video. Talked to Elaine a little bit, got to tickle Hud. This was not long after the heart attack: Elaine kept trying keep John from bumming smokes...


    What is the Italian movie in the background?

    Quentin Dugger

    Wasn't this filmed before the heart attack?


    Hi do you know who the beautiful models name in the video?

  43. randall841960

    This would be a good song to play at a strip bar.


    Um... I'm scared

    Gary Reinert

    Lol it's a song about revealing yourself

    Alan Davis

    I've heard it played in strip club

  44. terry k

    ok hit oit john

  45. Tom Bradley

    Is that Janinne Turner?


    I always thought it was Christy Turlington.

  46. yiannaS

    I lie a bit..I'would be crazy if i won't touch..

  47. Debzz Harrie

    This one of my all time favorites... Love it :)

  48. skooter72

    Always thought this song shoulda done better on the charts.

  49. lilmimica

    good question

  50. Starry&Bohemian

    other times other vibes

  51. Dixie Jensen Brown

    Just played on local radio station

  52. Lukav

    Wow, a criminally under-rated song to put it very lightly.

  53. EMOP9

    Is that Christina Hendricks?

    Michael Wallbrown

    no but i had to take a second look

  54. Brandon Kilbride

    The girl in this video is one of the hottest girls i've ever seen.

  55. MackedAfterDark

    I can imagine Lou Reed singing this, because it would really suit his sexy voice.

  56. Abe Kampman

    uhmm, so? you bore me

  57. belziebub

    i only like adult men not related to me- all typed, computer, in person, on phone, in person conversations clear me

  58. Young Kim

    Awesome Song! Brings Back the Great Memories

  59. Abe Kampman

    too bad you type everything you think... you are no longer bi-curious

  60. garcemac

    I can skip this ad in five seconds I'll just watch this video somewhere else. I'm looking for John Mellencamp - not shoes.

  61. Abe Kampman

    i close the blinds when i dance naked

  62. kwpbmore

    I love this video....and hate it. I could easily be one of the guys captivated by this woman and follow her down the street like in the video. Hate it because she would just be a big tease.

  63. Joseph Garibaldi

    & John Cougar toooooooo

  64. kwpbmore

    at 2:32 mark the man is saying "Show us your tits"


    Good Sh*t !! Thx for the track :)

  66. TINML

    who is the girl?

  67. Vigo 894

    1:35= It's Luigi from Cars.

  68. cpljones69

    fuck vevo right in its ass one more time

  69. newfiemale25

    Fucking VEVO stick to ya own damn site and take the advertizing with you

  70. rockcougar69

    John è il migliore cantautore del panorama rock/folk. Il nostro Ligabue gli deve molto ! Piu' a lui che al Boss....

  71. Brett Graham

    I freakin Love this SOng !!!!!!!!!

  72. Michael Wilson

    1:12 best part of the song for SURE.

  73. Alisson Wolf

    nice song

  74. jwafterours

    i think she was sitting next to me at the club last nite!

  75. Thomas Bishop-Garnier

    Excellent !

    Pls John, don't forget the french fan

  76. comeonnow68

    I want you... to dance naked... so I can see you... spin round and round... I promise I won't (*) touch you... If you like I'll join you... every night...

  77. David Brawner

    I remember recording the guitar on this song when I was almost 15!

  78. David Brawner

    2:13 is an erection!

  79. David Brawner

    I know a guy who is better than this dude!

  80. hippiefreak66

    totally agree! awesome song!

  81. Loyal RaiderFan

    one of my favorite forgotten Mellencamp songs.