Melissa Manchester - Race To The End Lyrics

There is but one freedom, man running along
Each step that he's taking's a step to his soul
The passion and courage it takes to be fair
The spirit of freedom alive in the air

Whenever the running man awakes
To challenge to glory
He knows that he can turn
The key once more to unlock the soul

The way becomes clearer, the way is complete
The need that of winning admit no defeat
The circles together hold hands to the sky
The freedom of running, the freedom to fly

Let no man surround himself with pain
But use it to free him
The game is to learn to live again
To try to the end, a race to the end

A race to the end
A race to the end
A race to the end
A race to the end

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Melissa Manchester Race To The End Comments
  1. Xidong Wu

    Most uplifting song ever.

  2. Johnny Schaefer

    Very few singers can pull something like this off!

  3. Paa Kaber Khamem Zazan

    Chariots of Fire sent me here.

  4. jungyong lee

    Thanks for upload

  5. dcseain

    Wow. Very impressive.

  6. sekander3

    I always loved this song.  Her vocal made the hair on my neck stand up.  Maybe her best performance.