Melissa Manchester - If This Is Love Lyrics

Guess I'm just afraid
I'm not the kind who makes it last forever
And in my selfish way I think I'm clever
Until you cry

Do you wanna leave?
You can let it go because you're strong
But one day without your love seemed so long
And I sigh, how I sigh

If this is love, darling
Now's the time to wake up
Hurting words can't really shake up someone's life

If this is love, darling
It's time to stop pretending
We'll never have a happy ending while we cry

Isn't it a shame
How one excuse still leads into another
After all this time we hurt each other?
Isn't it a shame?

Time to make a change
Time to find the things we both believe in
Talk about the staying, not the leaving

If this is love, darling
Now's the time to wake up
Hurting words can't really shake up someone's life

If this is love, darling
It's time to stop pretending
We'll never have a happy ending while we cry

If this is love, darling
Now's the time to wake up
Hurting words can't really shake up someone's life

If this is love, darling
It's time to stop pretending
We'll never have a happy ending while we cry

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Melissa Manchester If This Is Love Comments
  1. daniel tibar

    Nice song

  2. Rose Marie De los Santos

    Old time youngtime favorite

  3. Danger Ann


  4. Yhanyhan Gomez

    2019? Who else listening??😍😍😍

  5. Mariafe Elcano

    Care ko nga.

  6. Vhernz Obi

    I give everything to someone i love the whole me even my dignity then suddenly left me without a reason. After few months i heard from his friend that he living alone and very sick. I want him back and l will look after him. But still no chance he was shy to me and wanted to live on his own till end. I hope he get well...

  7. Reynaldo Gallardo

    Good song it reminds me of someone hope she's still remember of...

  8. de Manalo

    This song is good

  9. Kyla Levanta

    My favorite song didecate nko sa tao nga maoy naka pamove on nko charut hihihi

  10. Raquel Cuazon

    Sarap pakengan?

  11. Emelita Perez

    " if this is love " 🌷💞

  12. becky Love

    No won't cry for you ever against.

  13. Red Baldado

    Nice ra gehapn ang song

  14. Jenny Ramirez

    Iyak ako

  15. Ely Moreno

    Long live..

  16. Mila Babas

    I like love song very much

  17. Mila Babas

    Happy sweet Sunday everyone

  18. Atomy Filipino Team America

    I’m in love again 😍

  19. Gwen OnirOs

    2030 still listening 😅🙏🙏🙏🙏☝️

  20. lily manglicmot

    I used to sing this song whenever I go to karaoke bar

  21. Alexandrite

    Reminds me with someone

  22. Angelina Limchaypo

    Old song but gold

  23. jocelyne gacuma

    I like this song, it's so sentimental, they should work out the happy ending. If this love darling, its time to stop pretending, well never have a happy ending while we cry.

  24. Canada Eh

    Ganda talaga ng mga lumang kanta tagos sa puso..A woman in love by the three degrees tsaka yung kay charlene dancan it aint easy coming maganda rin.

  25. Doryreyes McMillan

    I love this song, miss you 💖💖🎶🎶👏💖

  26. Daisy Adrias

    One of my nest favorate song

  27. chavacano Deliverio

    My favorite song

  28. lonelyheart Mp


  29. Chona Doria

    "If this is love" nakakaiyak na naitatanong ko sa sarili ko... minahal ko sya? O naghanap ako ng pagmamahal nya?
    Ako ang naghanap ng pagmamahal. Naginh motto ko na pag mahal na majal mo na ako,iingatan ko at mamahalin din kita ng todo.

  30. Béláné Langer


  31. Ana ruby Ajoc

    Haysss gahout ang dughan remembering my past💔 but still thankful that i meet you💗💙💗

  32. Nono Goble

    Why I still a bachelor ...

  33. Béláné Langer

    I love You 💕

  34. Madelyn Baylon

    Favorites my friend this is song ❤️ where are you now I miss you and god bless you

  35. cherry Espiritu

    I love this song.....

  36. Madelyn Baylon

    Remembered to my friend litter l

  37. josefina acupan

    grabe,sarap makinig ng song,nakkarelax,i luv musiclike this,

  38. Enrico Cenidoza

    I like this song!!!!!

  39. Paco Soundtrip

    I hate listening to this kind of song in abroad it makes me cry and homesick😥😂

  40. Luis Evarista

    1990'S q pa unang narinig sa fm tong kanta na to my no.1 favorite

  41. Aradney Magallanes

    Thnk u 4 a nice music compilation... Listening frm Abu Dhabi

  42. Olivia Midori

    missing u always

  43. Vhernz Obi

    I want to dedicated this song to the one I Love who left me for no reason...age gap 😔

    Ronald Sarmiento

    Same with me

  44. Liza Lomida

    Yeah f this I Love 😂😂😂

  45. randy nool

    one of my favorite song

  46. edmar recto

    Like an original song

  47. Gary Lynch


  48. Gary Lynch

    Sasha your the love of my life and I believe that everything happens for a reason and you have touch my heart in places that I didn't know exist and I would love to spend some time with you and get to know you I'm not giving up on something I truly feel is 2 valuable into meaningful to just let go and give up

    Rufa Temblor

    I feel you Gary Lynch... go for it

  49. Wilfredo Bendebel Jr

    I'm just a lonely... That's why.?

  50. Diego Sondong

    2019 nindot japon paminawon.


    agree jud

  51. Reina Virtucio

    Nagkakaroon ng.ibat ibang kwento if you still talk to a vampire.pakiusap lang,Rudy.let there be peace once and for all.thanks again.Be careful.

    Aleyyah Marie Tira

    Hi 2019! ^-^

  52. nitsujac atnabal

    Love it..rellate much..

  53. Hussen Nigussie

    Love no enebade geft onle god geft love no cantry no reghn ples geev me halp

  54. lagi wasak ang puso

    Masakit na masarap magmahal

  55. Dheys Jubinal

    Wow naman sarap pakinggan ng kantang ito nakakain love.

  56. Ronnel Tiongson

    Nice and wonderfull songs

  57. Marko Suarez

    You can let it go because you're strong

  58. Du Terte To

    “ We’ll never have a happy ending while we CRY.”

    Angela Bofill

    Malou Carpio

    Melissa manchester

    Aleyyah Marie Tira

    @Malou Carpio Yes

    Malou Carpio

    Sorry,got curious abt angela bofill😊

    lonelyheart Mp

    Break it to me gently😃😂😂😂😂

    lonelyheart Mp

    Wht angela bofill ? I think u are reffering Breat it to me gently by angela😂😂😂😂

  59. Edwin Protacio

    Need help.. how to love a woman on May December affair..

  60. Connie Españo

    If this love darling....

  61. Rose Duenas

    Talked aboutbthe staying not te leaving...

  62. Rose Duenas

    Very touching love it!!!

  63. Madylene Baylon

    I never im happy the relationship my ex

  64. Carmencita Lopez

    Have a nice day

  65. Emelita Perez

    🌷🧚🏽‍♂️ " we'll never have a happy ending, while we cry " 💞 🌹🧚🏽‍♀️

  66. erza scarlet

    I love the song 💞💞💞

  67. Estifanio Quinto

    It’s nice song , I like it any time to play

  68. Bebot Macmac

    I just love to here this song remembering of my younger time...

  69. Mildred Bersaba

    May 2019 still my favorite song

  70. Melody Rose Flores

    I missed my mom. She always sing dis song. Wherever ur ryt now.hope ur fyn miss dos memories. Love ma

  71. Mary Hazel Boles

    Bring back the the old memories...

  72. Mary Ann Ortal

    Nice song

  73. LetrellPungtod LoveMorissetteAmon

    Morissette amon brought me here💓

  74. Noa Balansag

    Hurting words can really shakes up someones life....

  75. Emelita Perez

    "" 🌹🧚🏽‍♀️ 🦋 🌷🧚🏽‍♂️ ""

  76. Emelita Perez

    " 🌹🧚🏽‍♀️ 🦋 🌷🧚🏽‍♂️ "

  77. My Phuong Huynh Thi

    I love u

  78. jic stefan webpage

    I feel younger when I hear this song...

  79. Syed Shamsuddoha

    Love this song as I grew up listening to it from my childhood!!! Awesome as!

  80. Emelita Perez

    " 🌹 🌹 🌹 " 🧚🏽‍♀️

  81. Biya Tras

    I love it

  82. Biya Tras

    I love to sing it too

  83. Aradney Magallanes

    Thank you for a nice music compilation... Listening from Abu Dhabi

  84. Magdalena Algura

    What a nice music I remember my old days

  85. Bam Emnas

    I love this song😍

  86. Emelita Perez

    " IF THIS LOVE " 🌹

  87. Marlona Dipatuan

    i love this song if this is love, but i remember always my first love

  88. Remedios Camaya

    I love u darling ,,this song is for you😍😍😍

  89. soul journey

    do you wanna see how i shake up someones life?they dont know me yet.☺ AmndaRysy .but if you wish ,i will do it for you to turn the shame on them. ☺AmndaRysy😊 it wont hurt them so badly ,but ill make it sure it will hit them .😊 We Win already since the start. talking shame i slap it already back to them.. thy give slap to me,thy give slap on you, i return it back already towards them, the same slap of shame😊😆 honey i shake it up already, i am just an actress who play the role ,like nobody can stand to play ,an actress who play a role in their front like they cannot stand watching me ,copying their
    actions of how they act to play the role of bad attitudes and front of me😆.. u got it .. hope smart enough ,when i started to figured it out slowly😆.😂☺

  90. soul journey


  91. Joel macasinag


  92. Lordy Abriol


  93. Elisa Canagan

    Ilove you miss na miss na kita