Melanie - Where's The Band Lyrics

My eyes are open but I couldn't see no how
Words were spoken but they couldn't be true
Here's a singer with some time on her hands
What can I do now
Where's the Band?
What can I do now
Where's the Band?

The sun was shining
But the day was dark as night
Darkness miming vision and light
When the fleeting moments asked if I'd like to dance
I said "Yes, I might"
I said "Yes, I might"
I said "Yes, I might, oh where's the Band?"

He's a lover, he's a killer, he's a friend
He's a hunter and the hunt never ends
But the inner woman that's inside every man
Might just sing sometime
Might just sing sometime
Might just sing sometime where's, oh no
Where's the Band?

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Melanie Where's The Band Comments
  1. Richard Smith

    Lyrics again.

  2. Groovy Guru

    where would we be without Ian,Sky,and Randy,thanks to all who share Melanie music

    Richard Smith

    Lacking surely. Also TheNashJim and Joey McGowan.

    Groovy Guru

    @Richard Smith how right you are,and thanks to everyone who post Melanie music if I knew how I would add to it Melanie's been very prolific thank God

  3. Nick Byrne

    Absolutely gorgeous----through & THROUGH!!!

  4. Tony Iveson

    Excellent and thank you.

    Have a good Christmas 2012
    Tony, North Yorkshire.

  5. Ian Walker

    Okay, will get to it!

  6. Tony Iveson

    I can't find Melanie's cover of "you Can't Hurry Love" on Youtube. You are the one to rectify this I feel. As others have said, Melanie has a way with covers - she makes them her own. I'd like to hear what people have to say about her version of this Supremes song. I can't upload, I'm useless at it. Over to you please.