Melanie Martinez - Creep Lyrics

When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eyes
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so very special

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

I don't care if it hurts
I wanna have control
I wanna perfect body
I wanna perfect soul

I want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so very special
I wish I was special

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

She's running out again
She's running out
Run, run, run, run

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You're so very special
I wish I was special

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Melanie Martinez Creep Comments
  1. krona niiఌ

    It took a long time for me to realize Melanie didn’t have tattoos

  2. Dan L

    She has got to be one of the most talented artists alive today.

    The mere fact that she was able to take the dumpster fire of shit called "toxic" and transform it into a good song is mind boggling.

  3. Amayah Anne

    *Im gonna do a cover of this on my Instagram if you wanna see it,, @awtumn__*

  4. Suh Bruh

    I don't want it (small brain)
    I wan't (bigg brain)

  5. Dragon Tails

    This is the most relatable song for me...

  6. Roblox_ Fan

    Did anyone else watch the book of life the animated movie and noticed the song creep was in the movie :v

  7. Alo Sol

    Bruh Maria Brink and now Melanie too?
    Two amazing covers😭💖

  8. Jess Regan

    Someone put this on Spotify pls 😭

  9. goofy ally

    I love this cover so much!💗💗

  10. g o t h b e r r y

    I saw the video of fans throwing away her merchandise . True fans would’ve looked more into the situation instead of believing any rumor at the drop of a hat 🔪💒🍼🎂 crybby for life

  11. Lilah Hart

    Every time it gets to "I wish I was special" Or "you're so very special" That's when I start crying, I can't help it, it makes me remember things I can't let go for some reason

  12. Lilah Hart

    I love this song and Melanie 😭😭

  13. JEEZ

    Melanie's most beautiful songs are the Unreleased ones 💗


    this is a cover, here's the original:

  14. Kawaii Bean

    Melanie always makes really heart warming covers

  15. sans loves Hotdogs

    chicken leg bis

  16. BeEbOs FoReHeAd

    I just got chills

  17. mint.i

    Hi to whoever reads this! I just uploaded a cover of this song, please check it out ♡ thank you~

  18. Bleached White

    Oh wow it's already been two years? It feels like I just found this song yesterday.

  19. M.E :3

    melanie canta hermosooooooo

  20. Uraraka Ochaco

    Listening to this, feeling like shit and wondering if life is even worth it anymore. I've lost everything, my boyfriend, my family, my friends, everything is gone...

  21. StarryC

    Hey ! I’m jasper ! My instagram is @kuromib0y! If you’re ever upset or going through something difficult feel free to dm me ! I’ll try my best to help :,) just remember that I care about you and you can get through this !

  22. Sal Fisher

    Melanie doesn't deserve all of the hate she gets

  23. Lucy Melinda

    I'm so happy that Melanie literally just exists

  24. Bri's Tacos

    Is anyone else bothers by the unneeded apostrophe in want???? SORRY IT'S JUST GETTING ON MY NERVES

  25. Vanessa Palau

    3 years ago I dedicated it to my best friend and now I didn't even look at her or say hello, I don't know what I did to her.
    I miss her a lot and I remember that when I was going to dedicate her I cried, I was the only person who understood me.

  26. Diário das Primas

    i'm crying T-T

  27. recess fullofmels

    My mom has been gone since September the 28th she had to go on a trip to deal with her ex so im stuck with my abusieve grandparents and i always get bullied by my brothers for no reason at all i do is make one simple mistake and they bully me for it always is about them and my mother was so nice and if i have to deal with my grandparents one more time this month im gonns start crying and eventually kill myself im tired of being stressed i just want it to be over 😭.

  28. Tannia Jones

    i love this song

  29. Lovino Vargas

    every time i hear this, i cry and i have no idea why. like it's not associated with bad memories or anything, but i just cry every time. idk. i'm weird.

  30. Adalia Galvez

    her voice in this song breaks my heart.

  31. Elisa Duarte

    I’m very confused cause I had a dream that Melanie did a cover of creep about 4 days ago and I wondered if it was a actually a it’s on my recommended🙃

  32. Nathan Everest

    I adore your voice

  33. crybabies galore


    also follow my real youtube

    Nick 42005

    Nocturnal Delirium

    Qwëëñ Bäbÿćãkêš

    I never noticed that she spelled want wrong until I looked at the comments


    Nocturnal Delirium DAWG IM RIGHT EHRE HAHA


    crybabies galore ME FOLLOW MY REAL YOUTUBE HERE

  34. maya

    what key is this in

    Satisfying Sadness

    I think its C
    Chords: C E Am and FM
    but I'm not sure :P

  35. Content Content

    I feel so disconnected from this world why can’t I be normal like everyone else ptsd is normal right why do I feel this way
    Everyone is so happy and I’m just awful :( why do I keep getting bullied for being ugly why can’t I just be Beautiful like everyone else I’m a lowlife nobody:(

    Scarlett Mendoza

    aw I’m so sorry don’t ever feel that way everything will be okay whatever happens never think about yourself like that I don’t know you but never doubt yourself and never think you are uglier than other be confident and learn to love yourself I know it can be hard but you’ll get though whatever you’re going though :)

  36. Tia Is Cringe

    2:40 was the best part tho

  37. Ruby Ruby

    This is my favourite song and now one of my favourite artists is sing

  38. matthew ._.

    why do i frikin love this i-

  39. Enchanted_editz

    50 likes and I'll sing this at my school's karaoke day

  40. Toasty Bub

    My depression is depressed

  41. Iona Wright

    Im doing this as a cover for my friends!

  42. catalina Rojas Pereira

    tengo una amiga que si logro estas notas alta y se presento delante de todo el colegio hizo que todos se erizaran

  43. Latisha Heemskerk

    I usually hate covers, but this one's so calming and great, aahhhhhh

  44. amoelia

    this is so special

  45. Mr. Paulino

    Christina Perri should do a cover of this song. I could def hear her voice on this

  46. Oliver James

    i miss him.

  47. An Alien

    Welcum tu ma kitchin, we haev banainais and avocaidies

  48. Emilia Tokar

    Melanie is to undereeted

  49. SiS SWEET

    I want you to notice when I’m not around~

  50. Sydney Ojala

    Anybody know what key this is in?

  51. Sammy Banany

    in april 2018, my friend committed suicide and to this day it still hurts. i miss him with all my heart

    Nick 42005

    Sammy Banany 💞💞

  52. isabelle xax

    She has my same hair!! ADORE

  53. Aztec Patrick

    i regret clicking

    brian is baby

    Aztec Patrick no one asked

  54. Potato Potato

    But I’m a creep im weirdo 🥺😭

  55. Ariana Celaeno

    My cover is not even close to be good like this. I regret that I uploaded on my channel 😂

  56. brynnayyy

    Petition for her to make a cover album

    brian is baby

    brynnayyy please!!

  57. shimpo adolfo

    The moment when you want to make him happy, but then realized it’s impossible...because he doesn’t even know you.

  58. deemo mayonez

    Ну ахуеть, ребта, любимые исполнители и любимая песня

  59. Jessepennies

    It sounds even sadder at 0.75 speed

  60. Dakimomoe

    I like how Melanie changes position every lyric

  61. remy butler

    Billie Eilish needs to make a cover 😩😩

  62. Dolores, not Lolita

    I can’t believe this was something I’ve never heard before? It’s like hearing an unreleased Amy Winehouse song: always a gem and I feel so stupid for not getting my ears blessed earlier.

  63. get shocked

    I didn't know I needed this in my life

  64. aréana mann

    When you were here before
    Couldn't look you in the eye
    You're just like an angel
    Your skin makes me cry

    You float like a feather
    In a beautiful world
    And I wish I was special
    You're so very special

    But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don't belong here.

    I don't care if it hurts
    I want to have control
    I want a perfect body
    I want a perfect soul

    I want you to notice
    When I'm not around
    You're so very special
    I wish I was special

    But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don't belong here.

    She's running out again,
    She's running out
    She's run run run run

    Whatever makes you happy
    Whatever you want
    You're so very special
    I wish I was special

    But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don't belong here.
    I don't belong here.

    AYH !

    thanks i rfeally needed them bc i dont have eyes to see the video

    Nick 42005


    l a y l a

    @Nick 42005 *want


    l a y l a they’re kidding , since the video put “wan’t” they were being sarcastic .

    l a y l a

    @IRFIvan ohhhh, srry I didn't know :/

  65. That Hufflebix

    Usually I don't like covers of Creep because it's what I like to call my "depression song", but Melanie somehow managed to make this song sound more like someone who is genuinely broken and talking to someone they love instead of someone stalking someone else and just secretly wishing they'd notice them.

    krona niiఌ

    That Hufflebix yeah she sound more sad and shows more emotion

  66. Heck

    I never really listened to Melanie but Radiohead is my favorite band and let me tell you THIS IS A HECKING AMAZING COVER OMG

  67. Maxwell Grimsley

    Melanie just turned me into a cry baby. So emotional!

  68. moikeythe yeemorat击

    Who's here for k-12 premiere?

  69. katelynnn xx

    I just really love and relate to Melanie’s lyrics that’s probably one of the reasons why she’s my favourite artist

  70. Delores TV

    And yall really wanna compare her to Billie eilish.💀

    Brittaney Lopez

    Thet are both equally amazing.

    Lowkey Sis dead

    They both okay

    Delores TV

    @Brittaney Lopez exactly

  71. TheBlueGirl18

    best cover of creep, alongside haley reinhart

    Satisfying Sadness

  72. Gergő Tóth

    I want a perfect soul...

  73. Gergő Tóth

    Yaallll!! K-12 will come out tomorrow!

  74. beepbeep_reetreet wow

    There's this person I really like and everyone thinks they really like me too. This song reminds me of them.


    This is the best song that gets me in my feels

  76. Can shrek fuck me pls

    Omg I love this song and Melanie YAY ✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  77. riley db

    im watching this the day and moment that k-12 is premiering and im so proud of how far she's come :') <3

    Lia Jones

    I absolutely love the movie and album K-12!

    riley db

    Lia Jones same!! it’s so beautifully made

    isabelle xax

    She is the best for covers.... She is so special


    and the fact that she just moved on and continue to make amazing songs even after all the drama. i love my girl so much im crying in da club

  78. ᥱdgꪗ_᥉ugᥲɾ

    lol i sining this song in my mind and i see this

    (sorry for my bad inglish lmao i speak spanish)

  79. Big Loli

    Every time I’m sad I just listen to this song and let my tears out. I’m not depressed or anything, I just have a lot of moments of sadness.

  80. Cleo Cole

    I never knew she covered this!

  81. iADLY

    the way she moves after each line loool

  82. balls vlogs

    Her voice fits this song so good

  83. abuus uwu

    um sis i think that the title is
    creep ( radiohead ) - Melanie Martinez cover

    Scarlett Mendoza

    abuus uwu thank youuu

  84. i like apples

    *Sets Mels merch on fire and throws it* *Cries*

  85. drpmamcc X

    When i first heard this i was in my garandmas room. I slept there with my mom because my grandma was really sick and she couldn't be alone. I remember myself sitting there crying in the corner of the room while everyone is in the living room and my mom came just to see me bawling my eyes out. And she started crying too. That was such a bad time.. My grandma passed away couple of weeks after. Its hard for me but It's better that she is not suffering anymore. I just really miss her.. She was everything to me. And now in hearing this song 2 years after and crying remembering this.

    Nick 42005

    drpmamcc X 💞💞

    ѕοияєιя ѕυβlιмιиαlѕ

    This comment made me cry 😢

    Eddie Kaspbrak


  86. Stoff

    I don't think it was a coincidence that you sent me this song when we finished, Samantha.

  87. xiaoniere

    this one of her young Melanie covers?


    xiaoniere yep

  88. Elle The Flyer

    Am i the only one that thinks this song sounds like the apology song from the book of life?

    Just me? Okay.


    They actually use creep in the book of life when manolo sings it in the bull ring

  89. Jaklyn Saylors

    Hi melanie I'm jaki I'm a adult baby mermaid princess. I'm wittle

    A Pen

    What did I just read



  90. Affinity _ Dreamz

    I keep on replaying this, it's my fav cover of hers!💙💛

  91. give me my doggos

    I found this song with this cover. Every time I listen to this i cry so much, because sometimes i think that im not that special to anyone... But maybe im wrong... 2 years ago my best friend treated me like shit, after 9 year of friendship. I'm really sad when i think of her, because i trusted her. But i shouldn't trust her. Music is the only thing that makes me feel better when im sad and it's the only thing that makes me cry so hard for bringing off all the fucking emotions i have. Everytime im scared to lose someone i love, and this hurts so much.

  92. Manu Marota

    Cagou uma ótima música, essa música combina com voz mais potente

  93. ur mom


    Moon Shine Down


    Lil Miss Crybaby 97

    It's only a cover song its ok

    Watt Satt

    ur mom same ;-;

  94. b h

    isn’t this the song that Radiohead sued lana del Rey for?? There is like one chord the same I-


    yeah.. it is

  95. Arlet Star

    Hermosa canción :) y que mejor Melanie para interpretar :)

  96. Yaiza 2006

    He's running out again :'v
    *crying a lot*

  97. Technically Math

    I don't know what to think anymore