Melanie Martinez - Broadripple Is Burning Lyrics

Children, Broadripple is burning,
and the girls are getting sick
Of huffing glue up in the bathroom
While your boyfriends pick up chicks,
And darling I'm lost,
I heard you whispering that night in the fountain square,
The trash filled streets
Made me wish that you were heading home.

There was love inside the basement
Where that woman use to lie
In the sleeping bag we shared upon the floor almost every night
And darling I'm drunk, and everything you thought you had will turn to stone,
So pack your bags,
And come back home.

And I'm wasted
You can taste it,
Don't look at me that way.
Coz I'll be hanging from a rope
And I will haunt you like a ghost.

If my woman was a fire,
She'd burn out before I wake
And be replaced by pints of whiskey,
Cigarettes and outer space
If somebody moves, then everything you thought you had will go to shit,
We've got a lot, don't you dare forget that.

And I wrote this on an airplane,
Where the people look like eggs
N' when the woman that you love
Is gone, she was bombing east Japan
If somebody moves, and everything you thought you had will go to shit,
We've got a lot don't you dare forget that.

And I'm wasted, you can taste it,
Don't look at me that way
Coz I'll be hanging from a rope,
And I will haunt you like a ghost.

And I'm wasted, you can taste it,
Don't look at me that way
Coz I'll be hanging from a rope,
And I will haunt you like a ghost.

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Melanie Martinez Broadripple Is Burning Comments
  1. zhensonb

    Don’t pay to see a show if you just wanna hear yourself talk. It’s not even a discussion, that’s not only disrespectful, it’s asinine. She was polite, and said what was needed, kinder than she needed to

  2. Alexandra Paterno

    As someone from Long Island, 89 North is such a trash venue, she should have played somewhere else :(

  3. Matthew Wehri

    she butchered it

  4. crazyeva13

    Awwww, poor Melanie... she just stood up for herself and people are being rude.

  5. Bunnie Cook

    Her cut crease tho

  6. kayla

    years later and i'm still in love with this cover. <3

  7. Black Hearted Otaku

    And these are the asshole fans she tore her vocal cords to make happy.

  8. Little Body Big Heart

    0:20 the way she shakes her head in disappointment. She is not being rude. She just asking them to be quiet. I mean you came here to listen to her not talk over her smh

  9. Black Hearted Otaku

    This audience was rude and annoying. Mel ALWAYS asks her audience to NOT yell, scream, or otherwise interrupt her.

  10. James Daniels

    she fucking killed this cover

  11. bubble dream

    The audience are being rude to her and all of us trying to listen

  12. Sparkling Gacha

    I felt so bad for her at the beginning when the people wouldn’t SHUT UP

  13. Louise

    So cutie wtf i love this girl so much💕💕

  14. Metta Judkins

    so ik i’m really late but i’m like full on crying. i used to listen to her religiously but i haven’t recently. my music taste has changed too much i guess but this cover is beautiful. this song means a lot to me. it’s about the city i live in. i live right by broad ripple. i bike there to spend time with friends most weekends. and it was only mentioned once in this song but i grew up at small shows in fountain square. this song has always made me really emotional because in my head i’m always thinking that nothing ever happens here but this song reminds me that i can still live even if it has to be here. idk. just my thoughts. have a nice day💕

  15. Savannah Chism

    I had never heard of this band ever before until Melanie. This is the only song I've heard from them but thanks to her I fell head over heels in love and I had to learn this song. I've wanted to be a singer slash musician since I was like 10 I'm all self-taught been playing since I was 10 and when I saw this I lost my mind. I do open mic night I where my brother works. Now every single time I do Open Mic nights on Wednesdays I always play this song and it's always a hit this song and Riptide are the two songs that get me the most applauds and cheers that I have ever heard and thanks to Melanie I feel so much more confident now when I'm on stage playing guitar I love this woman so much that it kills me

  16. Maggie Coyne

    I remember the author of this song yelling at audiences for the same thing, not because that was his favorite song but because he hated how the crowds in Indy always talked over the performers.


    *melanie needs respecc*

  18. Black Hearted Otaku

    If anyone wonders, she plays a Taylor 412sce with rosewood sides instead of spruce.

  19. Ian Willson

    Great vocal, texture, tone, pitch. You're wonderful= sub!

  20. Sarah

    may 2019??

  21. Fluffkin

    The beginning reminds me of when you’re doing a presentation for school and everyone’s just talking over you. 😩

  22. ingramnsonssi

    😳 Damn! Her taste in music is incredible! And her covers are always amazing from the few I've heard! Such an amazing voice. Woman did make an original that became a favorite too, Carousel... The bass and her voice compliment each other very well 😍

  23. ericca corvera

    I miss her so much

  24. Dainyel

    I wish I didn't have to hear all the murmuring and shit in the background

  25. Tracy Parrish

    god i believe her

  26. Xavier Targaryan

    Too bad this douche is talking the lyrics over it

  27. Willow williams

    She kept looking at the people that were talking like she was about to attack them

  28. Chimino1976 Lazcano

    too deep for crying already

  29. Ma Sh

    This girl is so FREAKING amazing!

  30. Loki John

    she kinda sucks at guuitar but she has a good voice

  31. CitizenActionNow

    Too bad these fucking people wont stfu

  32. Porcupine Fan

    Broadripple Is Burning
    Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
    Melanie Martinez Cover


    Children, Broadripple is burning
    And the girls are getting sick
    Off huffing glue up in the bathroom
    While your boyfriends pick up chicks
    And darling I'm lost
    I heard you whispering
    That night in fountain square
    The trashed filled streets made me wish we were heading home

    There was love inside the basement
    Where that woman used to lie
    In a sleeping bag we shared upon
    The floor most every night
    And darling I'm drunk,
    And everything that I have loved has turned to stone
    So pack your bags and come back home

    And I'm wasted
    You can taste it
    Don't look at me that way,
    'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope
    I will haunt you like a ghost

    And if my woman was a fire,
    She'd burn out before I wake,
    And be replaced by pints of whiskey,
    Cigarettes, and outer space
    Then somebody…

    There is more but im lazy...

  33. Porcupine Fan

    Who desliked this???? Ill haunt those people.

  34. cory Bowman

    My favorite as well.

  35. Kevin Tatum

    shes a freaking MUSICIAN= Duh she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants at HER Show, to play hearts out to fans but cant cause of ill-mannered loud asses thinking they own the place for less than a Benjamin!

  36. Winglessa Кумыкова

    Hey guys!
    This is the chords:
    (Capo 7) Em C G

  37. kllrbee69

    Im in love

  38. ari


  39. Stellar Yugioh

    So beautiful...

  40. Jacoboo97

    Speaking from experience I don't think there's a polite way to tell an audience to stfu 😂 She did well

  41. emma

    i love the guy softly singing along

  42. Chocolate Momma

    My queen I can’t even explain how much I love her ❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️

  43. emma

    what the fuck her voice is so pretty

  44. Greenless


  45. Matthew Kilby

    Absolutely butchered the cover with terrible coffee shop diction, “Toiurn Toui Styoneee”

  46. joe y

    I love her.. What she does with just her voice and guitar is so simple but pure magic

  47. Grup Martinez


  48. Lovely Little mess

    It was rude of them to not listen to her when she asked to give her silence

  49. Cry Baby


  50. Cry Baby


  51. Cry Baby


  52. GamingRed

    Ahh her hair is so COOOLLLL

  53. neros1234

    Haha whooooooops stop defending a rapist please thanks :)

    Jason Rotman

    haha woops shes not

  54. Garrett Flynn

    The original was one of my favorite songs, but i think im in love with this one more.

  55. lauren v


  56. Taylor Stolcenberg

    Missin some chords there babe......

  57. crybaby

    I love her sm

  58. Caity Allen

    ok but she was rude people


    Caity Allen She wasn't rude. Wouldn't you be mad if people showed up to your concert and got drunk and kept being annoying for the people who want to enjoy the show?

  59. Casper The Friendly Queer

    Bet she'd be great at singing Skinny Love

    Daniel Coats

    olivia davies She did a cover of Skinny Love lol

  60. Jessica White

    I love hearing some of the people singing along.

  61. nedia joseph


    If we want Melanie to continue making music and not get hate we need to completely drop this situation. Timothy Heller has had proof of lying many times not just about dates and everything. Melanie has confirmed she was innocent multiple times so far. Us crybabies and past crybabies cant just leave without knowing the truth! Mel is innocent until proven guilty. And if we want melanie to make art to our ears and eyes we shouldn't call her a rapist until she has officially been proven guilty. and it shouldn't take long until melanie gets justice So please repost this on as many melanie videos as possible. We need you!

    Em's Random Channel

    Aiden Joseph Thank you for doing this. Seriously, thank you ❤

  62. Jacob Johansson

    I love how the drunk people wouldn’t stop talking. When you think about it, it fits the song perfectly. Like, ofcourse the drunken fucks at the bar wouldn’t shut up.

  63. Seren

    oh wow ok ok ok beautiful

  64. Andrew Osborne

    I love you. XO from Indy😉

  65. Melanie martinez fan boy.


  66. courtney


  67. Xox Rebel xoX

    An actual song that is not pop.... Fills my heart with warmness

  68. Kamila Reeder

    That audience was mad fucking RUDE. She really shouldn't have to beg.

  69. Seren


  70. delia cervantes romero

    El hombre que esta canto me ayudo a dormir :'3

  71. chanelle and porshas fun videos Chanelle and porsha

    She's amazing

  72. Narayani A

    I love her voice but I feel like she's so full of herself sometimes...

    Jason Rotman

    cause she asked for silence?

  73. Daddy Devito

    oh my fuck i didnt know i needed a melanie cover of this until now

    but now i fucking need a studio recorded version

  74. Alejandro Estrada

    Girl, this is for sure the best cover, but i think you mustnt hice a shit about the people just sing the best you want anda ejoy it. And the dude sayong "Shhh", you my hero dude.

  75. Ari 101

    I love how sassy she was GO MEL

  76. badgreeb beatle fan

    great talent,

  77. xXGalaxyGirlGamerXx Mlp

    I can't believe ppl were still talking while she asked them to be quit!Like if you don't care to what she says and leave!Bc I bet all of her fans would not mind to go over there and shut u up for being so rude and not wanting to hear such a beautiful voice!

  78. Isabel Kathryn

    That guy singing along 🙄🙄😓

  79. christi land

    What in the hell!? I love Margot and the nukes!! But not Melanie Martinez lol

  80. Abrakus99

    Lol, she trips me out when she tells people to shut the fuck up.

  81. Billy Russom

    A performer shouldn't have to shush an audience. A performance should shush an audience, or it doesn't deserve the silence.

  82. Hunter

    the audience are the real rude ones.. it's a CONCERT! do you expect to go there and just talk? no, you're expected to be quiet at a concert, you should know that coming in. it's common sense.

  83. Bad S

    why do I cry like a baby everytime I listen to this?

  84. Susan Flores

    Great cover.

  85. Emily Carter

    God I love her so much

  86. soft baby

    why are they talking at the start of the song *mad emoji*

  87. Jonathan Dorman

    Also if you want to talk go the fuck outside, they paid to be at a bar not the show. Go spend your 5 bucks else where and let other people enjoy what they paid for.

  88. Jonathan Dorman

    The fact that you told people to shut the fuck up was the best part of the video, you have a great voice but I hate the fact that you have to tell someone to shut up and listen. One of the worst things about playing at a bar. You're awesome! Thank you for your version of this amazing song.

    nonono nonono

    Johnny Fragile she asked nicely and they were probably talked through all her other songs.

  89. abey gabey


  90. Frida Lomeli

    That's my little girl (:

  91. Instagram: Vviagrah

    She's got a cover of almost any song, and most of them are lovely

  92. Sarah Riker

    if I could like this a million times over i would.❤

  93. l p

    people are so rude. how can you get to hear this and decide to talk through the whole thing?

  94. not using

    The beginning before she started singing tho. People have no respect

  95. gloomy brenda

    Her smile is the best thing ever

  96. Дмитрий Соларев

    Does anyone knows the tabs of ths sond (precisely that she plays)?

  97. kylee yvette

    My son is 9 months old and he is in awe of this song. He gets up close to the TV and just stares.

  98. Oat Meal

    You go Melanie you DO need silence! YOUR VOICE SHALL BE HEARD!