Melanie C - Weak Lyrics

Every single morning I wake up and there’s a moment of bliss
Then I remember, I get up and I get on with what I chose but oh how I wish,
we could go back in time
And find the part we lost
Go back to where we started off
Every single morning I wake up

And I’ve been waiting, right here, for things to get better
And I’ve been patient, trying to figure this out
Everyone else is saying, what don’t kill you makes you stronger
So why do I feel so weak, so weak, so weak

I can feel you loving me like tiny little wounds when I breath,
and time is so unkind and I am covered up in scars that should be starting to heal
but i’m not moving
It’s like I’m stuck in fantasies,
rerunning made up memories
I can feel you loving me baby

And I’ve been waiting, right here, for things to get better
And I’ve been patient, trying to figure this out
Everyone else is saying, what don’t kill you makes you stronger
So why do I feel so weak, so weak, so weak

And I hate the way I feel, I can’t control myself
It’s like you stripped away my strength and made me someone else
Why am I stuck here?
Cos I’ve been waiting, ooh
And I’ve been patient
Everyone else is saying, what don’t kill you makes you stronger
So why do I feel?

Cos I’ve been waiting, right here, for things to get better
And I’ve been patient, trying to figure this out
Everyone else is saying, what don’t kill you makes you stronger
So why do I feel so weak, so weak, so weak

So weak…

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Melanie C Weak Comments
  1. asasasas topastopis

    Melanie C

  2. lvitolo1985

    Omg fantastic

  3. Francisco Stones Brasil

    Venho deixar meu joinha pra você

  4. maurice ibgui

    One of her more amazing songs.

  5. Dely Rivera

    I love this song so much. Is what I'm feeling right now. 😢💔

  6. Data Clipe

    Some of her videos does not make justice to the songs.

  7. ruben galicia

    Mel C 2019...

  8. Kevin Thompson

    The Sea is her best album, though all of them are so good

  9. Tomasz

    MEL C Poland LOVE YOU

  10. cambed71

    I've been watching all these Spice Girls clips lately with news of their upcoming tour and i'm so annoyed they just never got their shit together after Forever to make another album especially when they all joined forces in 2007. We just lost so many years of good music that they could have made. Their voices together are amazing. But then I thought to myself, they all have done solo stuff that they wouldn't have done had they been together and songs like this and You'll Get Yours which is so good, wouldn't have been made. Beautiful Intentions is definitely my fave Mel C album thus far but I like the variety of songs like Think About It, I Turn To You, Next Best Superstar and Never Be The Same Again. Thank You Melanie C for continuing to make beautiful music all these years to carry your name and the memory of The Spice Girls with you

    c townsend

    Sounds abit how I feel with the new spice world tour. Although I'm really looking forward to seeing the girls together again, part of me is gutted because it's put a delay on Melanie's solo stuff, which I prefer, her songs are so meaningful and fantastic.

  11. Edgars Cirulis

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but I do I feel so weak?

  12. Florence Chestnut

    ☆Melanie C is so awesome!☆

  13. Luzia Santos

    Adoro esta música!💙

  14. Jade Portella de Carvalho Leite

    Beatiful Mel 💖

  15. Tibor Horváth Sportmasszőr

    Amazing.... :)

  16. xxxTIN0xxx

    Top 5 Mel C's most underrated singles that should have been as successful as "First Day of My Life" or "The Moment You Believe".
    5. Carolyna
    4. Yeh Yeh Yeh
    3. This Time
    2. Room for Love
    1. Weak

    Noe Cases

    xxxTIN0xxx so? For the fans every of her songs are the best

  17. Petros Georgiadis

    This song is firmly placed on my top 10 all time favorite songs. This song has gotten me through some difficult times.

  18. Lala Orlani


  19. Aviator


  20. ruben galicia

    Mel C 2018 😍

  21. Jamie French

    Melanie...... 💔💔💔💔What happened to where you felt like you to write this?

  22. Jamie French

    She looks so sad! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Romy C

    But beautiful

  23. Jamie French

    Whoever she wrote this song about I wanna kick his @‘?!$( $&?,$!& ;($! Melanie you are AMAZING. Don’t you EVER feel like you are weak because you’re not.....Your fans from far and wise love ❤️💗💕 you to the moon and back. You are our salvation!!!!’

  24. Jamie French

    I love ❤️ her SO MUCH!!!!! She is SO PERFECT

  25. isabel TPRFAN12

    My all time favorite Melanie C. Song. ❤

  26. i cri

    can totally relate to this as well✌🏼️

  27. Woman Like Leigh

    Mel is my favourite!

    i cri

    Melanie c fan sporty me too! honestly she's the best! :)

    Woman Like Leigh

    just elizabeth :)

    Jamie French

    // Elizabeth \\ Yep. I think most Spice Girls fans loved her the most!!!!! To this day she is still my favorite.

    Romy C

    Im in love with she

    Noe Cases

    Romy C her*

  28. C c


  29. tommy keane


  30. Jeremy Asuncion

    Is it just me? This song reminds me of Geri's Mi Chico Latino melody-wise.

    The moment that Mel C attempt to do the Geri and Emma latin pop influenced musical style in this song but never really worked. I don't understand why people call her the best Spice Girl. Where in fact Emma actually is the best when it comes to singing. Then Geri in songwriting.

  31. xxxTIN0xxx

    With any doubt the most overlooked song of her career, just as the album "The Sea" which is even more underrated than "Version o Me".

  32. Yaneth Tovar


  33. Tarinia Doomarenn

    Melanie C has a great voice. Oldie songs but there all goodie from Melanie Chisholm.

  34. Jadranka Hajling

    the nice

  35. Koby Cochavi

    this is one of her best songs ever

  36. Jp Richardson

    so beautiful!

  37. JPSexy4Ever

    amazing gem!

  38. Khalid Almushari

    this song is just wonderful.

  39. Sweet Escape

    Her tattoos are oh so sexy!

  40. F84

    Love this song . Actually love most of her songs ❤️😄


    beautiful song

  42. Harvey C.

    This is how I feel about my life as a gay man suffering from body fascism from the gay community and also suffering from guys who happen to like me but chose to be with females because they are in the closet.

    David Guerra

    I understand you my friend

    Antonio Rodríguez Molina

    Hey, I saw this message and yes, some people can be really mean and cruel, but who needs them? What is the gay community anyways? We can change it. Just suroorund yourself with people who actually cares and likes to spend time with you, things will get better. And then, I'm sure you can hear other songs of Melanie that are more uplifting. I'm dancing to 'Think about it' at the moment. Warms wishes!

    David Guerra

    +Antonio Rodríguez Molina :D thanks

    David Palmer

    I've recently been in that situation. After years of being the best possible friend/partner to my boyfriend, supporting him through all his struggles, being understanding, patient, loyal and reassuring, I found out by seeing the photo on his sister's Facebook page, that he married his girlfriend. After months of tears, heartache, pain and anxiety and a lot of thinking and soul searching I concluded that it’s his issue now and that one day when those feelings come back (probably when he least expects them to) he’ll realise what he had and regret what he gave up, but that will be his dilemma, not mine. My last communication with him was to wish him all the happiness in the world and that it lovely to have met him; I’ll look hack over the years of our special friendship and the times we spent together with fondness. I hope life treats him well and for him to take good care of himself. Now I feel it is time for me to close this chapter of my life and embrace opening a new one, to see what the future holds; to find the happiness I deserve.So from listening to Melanie C's song Weak I then listen to her song First Day of My Life.All the best

    Loomy mi:

    Harvey C. Im gay and ugly no man want to be with me and i just dont know what to do .if im straight i will find a girl somehow and be happy .im 31 and virgin .its just meant to be.

  43. Wesley C

    Great song

  44. Danny

    Nice song!

  45. Rosanna Arte e Poesia

    So why do I feel so weak? Melanie C  very emotional song !

    Cos I’ve been waiting, right here, for things to get better
    And I’ve been patient, trying to figure this out
    Everyone else is saying, what don’t kill you makes you stronger
    So why do I feel so weak, so weak, so weak

    Shani Trahan

    Rosanna Arte e Poesia Loved the video

  46. dudewheresmycar47

    I feel so weak too, I can totally relate to this marvellous tune

  47. Guy Fawkes

    tune !!!!!!

  48. TomTr

    why it flopped tho :\

    Saku Raitonen

    Your comment flopped. 😘 It's not about the numbers.

  49. Christian Widera

    You do a great work, Mel C ! Thanks for all love and beauty. And strength. 

  50. adam putensen

    i love Mel-C

  51. simona spice

    i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike

  52. Chief Godstaff

    True Beauty

  53. Riina K

    I love this song, too, and this video shows amazing vulnerability with a powerful vocal performance.  Hey, by the way, does anyone know if there's a radio edit of "I Turn To You" that's just an edit of the album version and not the remix I seem to have on every dance compilation I've ever bought... ¬.¬;; If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it so much; thanks!


    Rina I don't think there's a radio edit for the album version of 'I turn to you' since Mel chose the Hex Hector Remix to be the official single version of the song and thus the version she used in the video and radio plays. The Album version isn't even featured in any of the I turn to you singles

  54. ThisIsCivic

    i love this song :)

  55. Cecilia Fréderick

    troppo bella, mi piace molto.

  56. Mario Antônio


  57. Najewa D


  58. JE M

    Burn had to be a single!!!! It would have made to the top 10 Im sure!

  59. Eric Hamley

    I wish she released "Burn" as a single after this!

  60. Gabriele Allara


    Uk Indie Singles Chart: #29 (1,000 sales)

  61. Douglas Pinheiro

    great song. I can't get enough of Melanie C!!

  62. hairul78

    This song is well delivered and heartfelt. Going through this though.. :(

  63. JasonEIIisBextor

    This song is sick. Why am I only just discovering it?

  64. penman08

    She really hit her stride on this album! Every bit as good as her debut!

    Jamie French

    penman08 don’t feel bad I’ve been a fan of Melanie’s for 24 years and I just discovered the whole Sporty is 40 concert she did 3 days ago and I saw her do this live on that and I almost died! So you’re not the only late bloomer discovering this masterpiece!

  65. MelanieD22

    I totally love this song right now... So Identify...

  66. cosmiq

    a very very underrated modern artist

  67. Anna C

    this song is one of my favorites in this album. and also i love the video... <3 #RESPECT

  68. Nelly souffrance

    bien dicho..

  69. Aj D

    Such a nice voice you got...bless you...

  70. OR0R0

    let me find out this is about tom.... you'll get thru it boo

  71. alefkm

    hermosa canción y vivo cerca d ella!! estuve en el concierto en noviembre y wowwww está canción fue genial

  72. ruben galicia

    Es muy fácil criticar cuando no se sabe del esfuerzo que tiene que hacer para lograr sacar un video y seguir con su carrera musical. Recordemos que no siempre los mejores son los que están en el top ni menos la mejor música, hay varios ejemplos que en base solo a la mercadotecnia están por que son moda. ella tiene talento, sabe cantar, interpretar, componer, y ahora es empresaria, son su sello discográfico. Cuantos de los que la critican aquí, tienen mínimo la mitad de lo que ella a logrado?

  73. ragbforever

    god! so deep it looks like a drama movie n this is the BSO luv it!

  74. David Gómez - Lanza Castellanos

    que gran tema, que gran voz!!!

  75. tom h.

    such a underrated artist .... its very upsetting... love mel C - she never disappointed me ,all her solo albums are amazing!

  76. LordCard

    Gangnam style, that stupid shit, has like 60 million views if not way more, and this amazingness has 277k. Something is not right.

  77. Praline

    Sporty Spice should be so much more popular.

  78. Nicole Marín

    Es muy fácil criticar de mala forma estando en el anonimato, ella es un ejemplo de esfuerzo y constancia imagínate que después de Spice girls es la única que ha sido una artista completa y que sigue en la palestra. Mis felicitaciones Melanie C

  79. Marcelo Saumell

    Siii! Es un desastre!! Apenas 274000 vistas en casi un mes. No existe!! Es una fracasada en todos los aspectos! Jajaja... Pobrecita! Da lástima.

    Romy C

    Jajaja pobre imbécil.

    Cristian Castaño

    @Romy C
    Rey de los pelotudos

  80. Marcelo Saumell

    Muy malo! Esta muerta de hambre! Se tiene q producir tus propios videos!
    It's suck! She have to produce her own singles, because nobody wants to.

  81. Ian Ross

    this song is far too under-rated for it's own good

  82. Berth Ljunggren

    Great song from a great album.

  83. Margarita Salinas

    What a great song, why hasn't there been any airplay such a shame. Keep up the great work Mel C. Keep the hits coming.

  84. xxxTIN0xxx

    Amazing song

  85. sickdomestic

    I love melanie since her first solo album! she's amazing!

  86. Femke Migneau

    250000 views ? seriously ? this is an amazing song ... my favourite from "the sea" .... she deserves much more credit. BEAUTIFUL SONG, Lyrics are just amazing.... melody, music, lyrics... its al ONE !!

    Jamie French

    Femke Migneau Yep! She is amazing and her range is KILLER!!!!!! I love this song but I also love Enemy! This one digs right into your soul and just spills everything you have inside you out!

  87. James Clarke

    Well yeah, what do you think 'flop' means? She's still great.

  88. Nasko Kostadinov

    ot biv6iq Spice sustav tq napravi nai-uspe6na samostoqtelna kariera.Pozdravi ot Bulgaria

  89. H Smeets

    So something has to chart, if not its a flop? still call that stupid.

  90. Kevin Wyllie

    she's amazing

  91. JPSexy4Ever

    We love you Mel C! keep continuing music!

  92. bloodybones345

    Awesome, she has always rocked! She was the only Spice Girl with range....and boy does it show! Mel C has and always will be my favorite. She's the only one I followed when they split up.

    Really enjoyed seeing the girls back together at the Olympics though! Brought back memories ;)

    Jamie French

    bloodybones345 Me too. I was devastated when they split. I cried so much when she released Northern Star.

  93. H Smeets

    how can it be the best song, yet her biggest flop?? called about contredicting ur self..

  94. zero chris