Melanie C - This Time Lyrics

I've been practicing all day
Now the words I meant to say are gone
I promised that I wouldn't cry
Told myself I had to try and hold on
The truth, I lied
I hate myself inside
And why
I played the game and paid the price
I never look back
I never cry never try to wonder why
I'll be on my own
And never doubt, never shout or wonder how
I'll never be lonely until
This time, this time, this time
This time I will
I've been wide awake all night
There's no sign of sleep inside my mind
The headlight shadows scan my wall
I convince myself you'll call in time
The truth, I lied
The girl in me has died
And why
I played the game and paid the price
I never look back...
This time I will be yours completely
This time I'll make sure you don't hate me
This time I know, this time I can and this time I will
I never look back...
I've been practicing all day
Now the words I meant to say are gone.

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Melanie C This Time Comments
  1. Sandro Costa

    MCA5 - Música da Stora Susana (Estagiária)

    Sandro Costa

    MCA5 e MCA5 Verão

  2. Aleasha Wallace

    Beautiful song. Beaitiful soul. Beautiful woman. What a legend! Completely underrated as a solo artist.

  3. asasasas topastopis

    cute girl I love your music.

  4. Rodrigo Moreno cruz

    Amo a mel c de verdad es una artista en toda la, expresión de la palabra debería de haber más artistas así q fueran el boom en la música y trasciendan tristemente han dado oportunidades a muchos artistas q salen al vapor sin nada q ofrecer y sólo sacar un hit del momento en nosotros esta en valorar a artistas como mel c pero bueno la vida no es presisamente justa siempre pero bueno mel ah hecho una carrera y ah sido muy reconocida a pesar de todo empezando de el fenómeno con el q empezó mis amadas spice girls bien por mel y te seguiré hasta, el fin gracias por existir tienes un ángel y una energía bellísima y gracias por regalarnos tu música y talento

  5. Nogy

    Awesome piece of content. Keep up the great work! :))

  6. FitSoul

    Morangos com Açúcar

  7. Kevin Thompson

    I like this version of the song, almost better than the one on the album

  8. fabijsantoss

    Already 9 years ❤️ 🇧🇷

  9. Alucard8319

    album version much better. don't feel it in this one though.... didn't even know this video excisted lmao

  10. Francesco Iannì

    Love this music video

  11. Loomy mi:

    *i love this song*

  12. Romy C

    I love when she walks

  13. Teresa Teran

    I love it. Song.

  14. Epaço Culture

    morangos com açucar

    Diammou Thanks

    FC Football Culture temporada 5 😊😍💕

  15. Jéssica Sofia

    Love you

  16. Fluffy Panda

    She's the reason why Spice Girls were popular


    mmm...the spice girls were/are popular coz they were a phenomenon, In my opinion MelanieC was the peace most important in vocal and musical terms. we can't tell that she's in the only one coz they were five pieces and we needed all of them to live and love their music.


    Vocally, yes, she was definitely ‘the voice’ of the group along with Emma. But back in the day, I remember Emma & Geri were the ultimate favorites. Like almost all people have them as their most favorite Spices. But now Victoria is the most popular. Her cult following is insane. On instagram alone, her followers are much more than all the other 4 Spices combined!


    @Agent Victoria is popular because she loves the marketing and PR things!! Melanie isn´t, she is not the kind of person who´s matter the followers on IG, that not means that she has all the respect that in a lot of cases, Victoria didn´t or doesn´t. That´s the reason why I respect more Melanie than Victoria, Melanie is more genuine and has a possitive vibe all the time.

    Claudice Falcao

    @Agent Mel C is the most popular and the talented with no doubt

  17. s kanamaru

    if powerfull with voice and sound, it can be a good song

  18. Agung Ettexx


  19. Emma Johnson

    As pretty as the moon in the sky!

  20. Daniela Fernandes

    This song makes me feel positive 🍃

  21. Danilo Pignataro

    She is a great singer and I love her so much. I bought all her seven albums

  22. Tarinia Doomarenn

    This is one of her best songs out all, and all the others are beautiful.

  23. Dorian Sol

    una de sus mejores canciones. pero todas son geniales

  24. Pasquale

    Melanie Rocks........she is a honest person....and very funny....that makes her very to a explosive Sexy bombshell

  25. Monico Hernandez III

    All her music rocks!!! I loved it since her departure from the group. Still listen to all her music.

  26. xxxTIN0xxx

    The music industry sucks so bad for giving opportunities to only bland pop stars made of image and null depth instead of talented lyricist and singers such as Melanie C.

    Dabs 4 Jesus

    this is true I live in the usa we don't hear good music like this

    Mckayla Collins

    xxxTIN0xxx I know right! Now most of the music industry is all about drugs and sex. It practically disregards songs with meaningful lyrics. Like this one. The music industry burys good singers and good song with meaningful music with other (dare I call) singers who have stupid lyrics and use a lot of autotune.


    sadly and unfair.


    I know. All of her music that I have heard have told a story or have a point. Ziggy, that other one who made 'anaconda' don't care to remember her name, even taylor swift etc. They just say stuff into a mic that sounds cool... but you can't follow it to a story or point. Especially the first two.

  27. Shelley Turner

    She is awesome!

  28. Erica Fofa

    😘😘😘😘😘 awm amo esta musica

  29. ines jesus

    I like this song

  30. Masashi Records

    Why only 175K views for this epic song? The music system sometimes is really strange. Whatta fuck!

    Rionette R

    You'll be happy to know that it's over 200k now:)

    But you are right, great musicians are sometimes so unfairly underrated:(

  31. Firdevsi Gülin Aslankaya

    meaningful lyrics best song ..

  32. Boyan Peychev

    perfection Melanie C

  33. Niño Dela Cruz

    this time is the best song of mel c.

  34. G R

    LOVE IT!

  35. nofar oliel

    So much pain in this song... :(

  36. Camila Barrenechea


  37. Wassertroepfle

    She looks amazing in this video!!! No words for that o.O

  38. Bobi Jackson

    when I sow it for the very first time I thouth it's something lik Madonna's Live to tell becuz the chair and the ray of light :D

  39. Gabriele Allara

    This time

    Uk Singles Chart: #94 (3,000 sales)

  40. Bobi Jackson

    She is a inspiration for me
    Her songs are lessons I think
    This song is some of them

  41. Bob Loblaw

    Best spice Girl:)

  42. clarkcito

    this version its different right? the cd version is better

  43. Stephen Dixon

    She brings it home on this one.

  44. Judy Ann Rocabo

    mel c is simply amazing!!! incomparable and very versatile, she can sing ballads, pop, rock... name it!!! and her voice is sooo distinct!!! i'm just quite sad that her records are not available here in the philippines where a lot of her fans could have copies of them... i had to order my copies online ... quite expensive but very much worth it!!! she's been my favorite spice girl and still is my favorite after she went solo. mel c rocks!!!

  45. Tomás Alcorta

    Thumbs up if you're listening to it in 2012!!

  46. Fede Rico

    Nice song. Terrible video. Too bad she can't promote herself properly. She is talented and people would love her music.

  47. luigitbdt

    i love this song! i'm pretty sure that this song would fit perfectly with kelly clarkson :)

  48. JPSexy4Ever

    This is pretty good! If I have special powers, I would put this song at #1

    I wish more people would download/buy Mel C's songs

  49. franco evans


  50. Pinoy Spice

    i love this song!

  51. Roden

    This woman is just sooo amazing I love Melanie C she deserves more attentin Melanie's music is soo beautiful and unreal!!!

  52. Gameplays

    yes, thats true. i love melanie, but the videoclip is similar...

  53. cesar danilo

    she is a rockstar!!! you mean.

  54. laurettyna0927

    She's my favourite pop singer!! I never get bored listening to her music

  55. LapSiCoLoCa1

    i love this song!

  56. shanmonte


  57. Gameplays

    thats like miley's videoclip ¨the climb¨

  58. Tom Martin

    I LOVE THIS SONG.............

  59. William Felix Vizuete

    Mel happy birstday!!!

  60. Ian Ross

    @ArtofBrito so true!

  61. JonnyVidz

    The video is a little dull, no? I love her to pieces though :)

  62. xxxTIN0xxx

    Excellent, I love Melanie C

  63. AntoeBrunoforever

    I love this song!!!

  64. Pinto Bokharova

    nice song melanie(J.P)

  65. ralph p

    i just cant stop listening to this. Ive been playing this for a whole day now!

  66. ricardodelv

    what she needs it's a good manager..that's it

  67. jesus1to


    love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahha

  68. christosstef


  69. Fra83boy


  70. Jay Bambs

    by far the most talented and gorgeous spice girl.... this song is my fave and im anticipating her new album.....CANT WAIT

  71. Angela Love

    beautiful song, gorgeous singer, beautiful voice

  72. joshlove18

    she is so amazeing. my favorite singer. I so bady wish she would do a tour in the US. I want to see her live. Or even in the lower part of Canada. But I would need like a years notice to save up enough money for that. her voice is unmatched.


    its time for a new album!

  74. Andre Brito

    absolutely fantastic, she´s the most talentous singer that i know. She´s deserve more atention and credibility!

  75. Luna Nunes

    Divine and sad at the same time.

  76. Nihal Jackson

    The intro sucks though, because I can't stand the over-compressed piano used.

  77. Nihal Jackson

    2:17 - my favourite part of the song! Wow Melanie, ur so damn amazing at writing melodies! Ur the best since Natasha Hamilton.

  78. MikeCastillo

    love so much!

  79. slolove06

    The album versios is so much better and under this circunstances Already Gone would have been a better choice for a single!

  80. korn74

    Oh yeah mel c is back

  81. Kiara Rose

    this is deep

  82. thepopocatepetl1

    you are great

  83. DegrassiInstantStar

    I love this song!!!!