Melanie C - Tell Me It's Not True Lyrics

Tell me it's not true
Say it's just a story
Something on the news
Tell me it's not true
Though it's here before me
Say it's just a dream
Say it's just a scene
From an old movie of years ago
From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe.

Say it's just some clowns
Two players in the limelight
And bring the curtain down
Say it's just two clowns
Who couldn't get their lines right
Say it's just a show
On the radio
That we can turn over and start again
That we can turn over; it's only a game.

Tell me it's not true
Say I only dreamed it
And morning will come soon
Tell me it's not true
Say you didn't mean it
Say it's just pretend
Say it's just the end
Of an old movie from years ago
From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe.

Tell me it's not true
Say you didn't mean it
Say it's just pretend
Say it's just the end
Of an old movie from years ago
From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe.

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Melanie C Tell Me It's Not True Comments
  1. xxxTIN0xxx

    Melanie C: Fantastic singer with an amazing voice, fantastic performer and actress.

  2. Eleanor Smith

    Who played Mr Lyons and Linda in this one.

  3. zoe louise

    I wish I could see this again.

  4. Valley Girl xx

    I saw this with a friend called Ed years ago. I think Bernie Nolan msy have been in it but I honestly don't really remember.

  5. i980 b678

    Con o neil is the best actor in whatever he is in, but he was MAGIC in this. Mel C is excellent here.

  6. Shaz Brown

    Bludy brilliant! I'm so impressed with her and the company. U can feel it thru the camera. Wow.


    I´m so proud of Mel, she always wanted to do things like that even before of Spice mania, she did the casting of cats and she was chosen but she couldn´t do that character sadly.

  8. KidzJustRule

    I went to see it last night absolutely amazing

  9. Jamie French

    I can’t watch her without crying.

  10. Jamie French

    I love her So much

  11. david waddington

    Blood brothers fantastic musical should come Blackburn Lancashire .any body agree 😀😀😀😀😀

  12. Jamie French

    This is amazing but absolute torture! I refuse to see her cry....... I love Melanie SOOOO MUCH!

  13. Jamie French

    I have been a fan of Melanie’s since I was 12. She is absolutely brilliant. Her voice and beauty are breathtaking! BUT DAMN I HATE SEEING HER CRY!!! I couldn’t watch this but I listened and I just love her so much!

  14. Jamie French

    She is BRILLIANT

  15. Charlie Pike

    This is one of the most emotional endings, it is an amazing musical, one of my all time favourites

  16. david waddington

    I think Mel is the best in blood brothers ever who plays the lead role she should stay in all even in West end as well... I live in Blackburn nothing comes here I think the theatre here will be bust with a brilliant voice.. Please come blackburn...

  17. Conrad Buckley

    Who played sammy in this one??

    Eleanor Smith

    I think Danny Taylor played Sammy in this one.

  18. kaptaintripps

    Holy shit, she fuckin crushed it!

  19. Kaitlin Parry

    At this point I was in tears

  20. Pat O

    Mel c was great and so was Maureen Nolan as mrs j but Katie Hopkins was best

  21. DrWho CrazyGirl

    At 4:27 Mel C looks like she's trying not to cry.

  22. arleen123100

    She's amazing. Does any one else get reminded of Mrs gulch by her hair style 😂

  23. Michael Muldowney

    Saw this show three time - with Kiki Dee in the 1980's, a Irish production in the 1990's with Rebecca Storm and again with Mel C in the lead. Reduced me to floods of tears every time. Still my favourite British musical

  24. Emily Kate

    I've seen it twice now, once with Maureen Nolan and once with Lyn Paul and I cried both times! It's my favourite musical!

  25. zoe louise

    Saw it in London with Mel C in it, this song will forever give me chills now and everytime I watch it I cry but I can't hep, it's so beautiful.

  26. C Rees

    I haven't seen this show in over a year. I need to see it for the seventh time. Soon.

  27. Michael Muldowney

    Have seen this show three times in the 80's with Kiki Dee, 90's with Rebecca Storm and 2009 with Mel C. Every time I am bawling like a baby at the end. Still gets my vote for the best British musical of all time. Music as a stand alone soundtrack does not have anything like the overwhemling emotional impact it does in the theatre

  28. Noelene

    Saw this in Sydney, Australia, with David Soul as the narrator. He was brilliant!!!. Only went back for more 10 times☺

    i980 b678

    David Soul is wonderful. Ten times? Perfectly understandable.

  29. Bert Scrogshaw

    Saw the show in York and was blown away by it. Gotta see it again.....and soon!

  30. Paul Lambert

    going to see it Friday in liverpool

  31. missson67

    Have seen Blood Brothers over 60 times now. Was lucky enough to see its premier at the Liverpool Playhouse all those years ago. In my opinion the very best Mrs Johnstone was the late Bernadette Nolan. Best Mickey ....Con O'Neill and best narrator....Andrew Schofield. Even saw John Conteh play the narrator and Willy Russell stood in for him when was ill. Thanks for posting I didn't see Mel C appear so it's nice to hear her sing the big one at the end. Looks like she did a great job. Brilliant musical one of the best and long may it continue..


    I worked on the original show at the Liverpool Playhouse back in 1983 - Barbara Dickson was so lovely and very nervous! I also saw a tour of it in Liverpool with Derek Hatton (!!) as the narrator! :)

    Dean Morris

    missson67 always preferred Linda Nolan as Mrs J

  32. Gill Fox

    Saw it twice in 1986, Barbara Dickson and Kiki Dee, both tremendous. Really left me shaken and sobbing like a baby. One of the best musicals I've ever seen.

  33. tilog

    Mel C. is very good in this role. I saw Blood Brothers in New York when Helen Reddy played the mother. I loved her, the play and the rest of the cast so much that I saw the play several times. That's the only time I've ever done that.

  34. Billy Marshall

    love the play

  35. Charlie Pike

    Wonderful play i loved it in Nottingham amazing singers and acting skills :)

  36. amy clarke

    love this ☺

  37. NotaFro

    This was the first West End show I saw, went twice, there was a Nolan each time, can't remember if it was the same one (one was the one in The Bill), I cried

  38. Brian Moore

    Damn!  Sporty Spice really does have a fantastic voice!  Cheers from this American, Mel!

  39. Paul O'Rourke

    Marvellous gripping performance from Melanie. Hope to see her back on the West End soon!


    Very good, but Petula Clark is the very best by far.

  41. DIYBroadway

    omg fav song

  42. Ben McGettigan

    Harmony is spot on here- love mel c's voice

  43. Jay C

    I can't imagine anyone being better than Maureen Nolan. She's fantastic - and beautiful!


    Seen Blood Brothers loads through the years - Kiki Dee being my favourite, and in my opinion, the best Mrs Johnstone - but Maureen Nolan comes a very very close second! She put her heart and soul into the role and was amazing - had to go see her in it again.

    Dean Morris

    I always thought Linda Nolan was the best Mrs J...

    Paige Leigh

    Kiki Dee, absolutely!

  44. Saoirse Morris

    this is fab, can't beat Rebecca Storm though!


    I agree completely! Rebecca Storm is out of this World in the role!

  45. Georgia the Gamer

    @Gemma Brown
    Sean was amazing and so friendly, I stay in contact with him sometimes. I only had to write 2 essays

  46. clover Dover

    pleasantly surprised

  47. kelly naz

    ugh i had to perform this

  48. Kat ere

    I have seen Blood borthers 4 times! lol its amazing! I loved Mel C and Maureen Nolan best. I cant pick a favorite out of the two they were both incredible!

  49. Rebecca Warkup

    Seen it twice, both with Maureen Nolan and it was brilliant. the most recent time was last week.

  50. Georgia the Gamer

    Studied and saw this for GCSE drama and I'm still obsessed with it! :D
    And Sean Jones came to my school and did a drama workshop with my class! :D

    Gemma Brown

    So jealous!!! I did this for my GCSE drama which was in 2009 so ages ago now but I loved this show so much however we had to write so many bloody essays on in. It would have been so cool to see Sean jones and do that workshop! ;-)

    Jane G

    I did this for my Gcse Drama and still obsessed with it after 22 years. It's an amazing story. I'm going to watch it again in April and can't wait as my friends daughter is in it.

  51. mrsjamac

    Saw blood brothers for the first time last night with Maureen Nolan. Awesome. I cried at the end!

  52. orleepembo1

    I've seen it twice, both with Maureen Nolan as Mrs J. And she was AMAZING! Definatly reccomend this show!

  53. Linda White

    When i saw this Marty Pello was the narator. I cried all the way through, and not in an attractive way!!! It so touched me4! I want to just watch it over and over!

    Bookhouse girl

    It's so heartbreaking isn't it 😭. I'm playing Mrs Lyons in the play version at the end of next month, and I'm actually dreading next week's rehearsal, because we're doing the final scenes for the first time...I'm going to be a snotty mess!

  54. Eddie Plummer

    Who is the Mrs Lyons in this? Tracey Spencer?

  55. bootsamou

    Mel's voice is great but I think she's a bit young to play the role.  She's better as Mary in JCSuperstar.
    I saw the original with Barbara Dickson. Then 10yrs later with Kiki Dee. Then 10yrs later with the fantastic (late) Bernie Nolan - which, for me, was the best performance of the lot.

  56. xXILOVE DOGS!Xx:3

    I've seen this twice, once in 2010 with Mel C and again this month with Maureen Nolan, Thought both were amazing, but for me Mel C was the better Mrs J. Have to say that Sean Jones was absolutely fantastic as Mickey, He has you totally hooked from the minute he bounces on stage as a 7 year old, right up to the end... Left the theatre crying like a baby both times! 

  57. Banta Fanta

    Went to see it last night
    So sad

  58. Chereen O'Loughlin

    im sorry i have to say Maureen Nolan, last week was abysmal. it was completely insulting to this amazing musical. I've seen it many times, with Barbara Dickson and Bernie Nolan, both completely phenomenal. I wish id seen it with Mel C.

  59. Jay C

    Saw BB in Liverpool with Maureen Nolan. One word - Fantastic!! Maureen was amazing.

  60. kellie loves eminem

    Seen it with Maureen Nolan an it was amazing

  61. Laura NTheFashionettez

    Agh! Goosebumps!

  62. Tara Jamieson

    The pain and emotion you not only see on her face but her in her voice - with every breath she takes is absolutely breath taking!

  63. Sierra Phan

    Seen it twice, never with Mel C:(
    One with Maureen Nolan(still great)in Newcastle back in June, then a school production in July, brilliant!

  64. vinegate

    brilliant version (I saw the show about five times in London over the space of about 12 years) - didn`t see Mel C but she seems excellent -as was Stephanie Lawrence in the lead role

  65. oneslifesadream

    Always knew that Mel C had the best voice of the Spice Girls. What a talent

  66. Zanzibar66

    I read that Willy Russell was planning a film version with Cate Blanchett and Bono but couldn't get the backing. Surely the success of Les Miserables would encourage a studio to finance a Blood Brothers movie.

  67. Bradan Domhnull

    i wish Mel would act in theater more and more!!

  68. Paul Blart

    hey look agent 47!

  69. SMacca3103

    has to be the best show iv ever seen, the music cant be shown as well as is it live, gives you chills every time

  70. LordGareth

    Ive performed in blood brothers for university. Only was in the chorus but this piece is such a strong piece of theatre. Such a dramatic.story and the music fits perfectly. :)

  71. Janie Mucciolo

    thanks!! do you have anymore from the show?? of Mel's parts???