Melanie C - I Know Him So Well Lyrics

Nothing is so good it lasts eternally
Perfect situations must go wrong
But this has never yet prevented me
Wanting far too much for far too long

Wasn't it good? (Oh so good)
Wasn't he fine? (Oh so fine)
Isn't it madness he can't be mine? (He can't be mine)
But in the end he needs a little bit more than me
More security
(He needs his fantasy and freedom)
I know him so well

No one in your life is with you constantly
No one is completely on your side
And though I'd move my world to be with him
Still the gap between us is too wide

Looking back I could have played it differently
(Looking back I could have played things some other way)
Learned about the man before I fell
(I was just a little careless maybe)
But I was ever so much younger then
(I was so much younger then)
Now at least I know I know him well
(I know I know him well)

Wasn't it good? (Oh so good)
Wasn't he fine? (Oh so fine)
Isn't it madness he won't be mine?
Didn't I know how it would go?
If I knew from the start
Why am I falling apart?

(Wasn't it good?)
(Wasn't he fine?)
Isn't it madness he won't be mine? (He won't be mine)
But in the end he needs a little bit more than me
More security
(He needs his fantasy and freedom)
I know him so well
(It took time to understand him)
I know him so well

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Melanie C I Know Him So Well Comments
  1. Chris Travers

    Why did it take me over 7 years to find this?


    Amateurish.. paper thin voices devoid of soul.

    GamerGirl 1

    Im assuming youre referring to the talentless drivvel that hollywood spews out. 99% of which dont sing live music ... EVER.

    even their concerts are fake

    This video of mel and emma is actual talent. They have beautiful voices. They dont need to show skin, or sing about cheating, sex with random people, and other sexually immoral crap.

    Their music has more soul than those in hollywood, because those libtards in California sold their souls to satan

  3. mas tina

    They're 40's... but still gorgeous... Mel C voice...really Wow...
    Emma also has good voice.. I like this song

  4. Martin Odendaal

    Mel C has the most irritating squeak in her voice. Corny cover. Leave it to professionals rather

  5. Gary Hawkins

    Gotta love 21st century auto tune and manufactured sounds! Give me Michael Jackson on his Bad tour any day !

  6. Gabbie Reed

    This is so beautiful, so soulful. Best version i've ever heard 2nd to Steps🥰🥰🥰

  7. Christian Caulfield

    Bollox is this a live recording

  8. PDUK 69

    Mel C is a woman 10/10

  9. Juergen Hass

    This is simply brilliant and wonderful .....

  10. Zschrydosispath

    Surely Both Are so Beautiful (in their own way of course). I'd love to meet'em forever.

  11. Coco locco

    Emmas voice, is angelic 🙏sent from heaven

  12. stephen shutt

    They were always the best singers of the five. and still are. They should bring out a song together.

  13. Fiorella Balladares Perez

    Two best voices out of spice girls, those girls were always amazing! Angels voices

  14. Olesya К

    Great song! (beautiful melody and thrue words)

  15. craig gilchrist

    As a Stage and Sound Engineer I would of put them on the same Mic to make it more personal. But on the flip side it gives the Engineer better control over each vocal.

  16. Ice Karma

    This is the full video? What's with the hacked-up arrangement at the start?

  17. Rosana Fernandes Absalão

    Muito lindas! Bela canção!

  18. charalampos Tsouflidis

    I dont know the Song!

  19. Luis Rodrigo Mix


  20. gaw gaw

    What a fake World we live in.

  21. bryan Dutson

    great job girls

  22. Mir Grande

    WOW !!! Why have we never seen this before ?! Two gorgeous girls, great voices with a fantastic song - 'I was ever so much younger then.......'

  23. Muziek en film liefhebber

    4 million for this duet. Love Melanie C and Emma.

  24. Kerol Reyes

    I like the way Emma deliver her lines. It feels like you're in that story and you can feel the emotions of it. Superb.

  25. havingalook2

    After that - could these two now be my favourite Spice Girls? Yes perhaps - well done ladies. Brilliant version

  26. Humpy And Bex

    Emmas voice is so beautiful

  27. Rama Manopo

    so beautifull..

  28. mfcmichael

    I LOVE MEL C. She is cool and the Best Singer from all the Spice Girls. And here Eyes are so Beautyful. Amazing

  29. Lisa Davis

    I love this so much

  30. god of war

    Bringin back the 90s good song

  31. Lee Johnstone

    Emma's voice so soft

  32. Janice Human

    Oh so GOOD! Beautifully sung and both are beautiful women.

  33. Arsen Jaho

    I like more Emma's voice in this classic's cover.

  34. drjay555

    This performance brings tears to my eyes Mel ❤️

  35. Dencod Raikkonen

    The only ones that can really sing in the spice girls.

  36. John W

    Mel C 👅💦💦💦

  37. Faith Thomas

    Stunning! Both beautiful, both fabulous singers!

  38. Faith Thomas

    Stunning! Both beautiful, both fabulous singers!

  39. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    Lovely 💞

  40. voltare2amstereo

    Never EVER apologise to the feminazi

    Beautiful version of this song. Thanks girls

  41. TaD D

    Mel C needs to round her vowels...but this is nice.

    Jaissa Pierce

    I think that just her accent coming through why she sings it like that.

  42. Azoyce

    OMG I rem. Steps 😭

  43. Utch Punk

    Wank. What a load of fucking shit. Murdered it

  44. John Deocadez

    Mel C looks like Kate Middleton.

  45. drjay555

    Goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️. Wow is all one can say. The voices, the look of these two gorgeous women and that sublime soundtrack.

  46. TheGav67

    I LOVE how they sang this song to each other... as the original lyrics were describing the unrequited love experienced by BOTH the mistress and the wife.
    In this version, both women sing this song as a song of farewell, letting go of the man who doesn’t love either of them... realising they are perfectly happy with each other’s sisterhood.👍🏼

  47. TheGav67

    If Emma’s voice is like the sweetest nightingale, Mel C’s voice reminds we of strongest pair of wings, soaring higher and higher above the clouds.

  48. TheGav67

    WELL DONE to Emma for keeping the sweetness to her vocal sound; decades later.
    And Mel C’s voice still SOARS, and I still soar with them. ❤️

  49. Nathanjohn Reacts

    Id really miss the Spice Girls, this brings me back all the memries.. i hope they will have a comeback song together.

  50. Saskia VS

    Omg my skin is shaking ♡ so beautiful ♡ and so much memories to spicetime ♡

  51. Carlos Pinho

    Mel C my favourite Spice Girl.

  52. Bea Manalo

    7 years ago!

  53. Audrey ????

    That was so lovely! X

  54. S CP

    Mel’s pipes are still so incredibly strong 🤯

  55. kakoroto1

    mel c is like a wine shes gets better with age

  56. Lewis Ashby

    Mel c mmmmm

  57. Petr Novotny

    Marvellous song but I am feeling to be offended by this fake recording set - playback of voices (mics positioned out of logic just for impression or just for piano), not present instruments which are audible. Why?

  58. Brian Larsen

    Still a great voice on both of the lovely ladys....:)

  59. Wc Jongkok

    @Intel Indonesia

  60. Wc Jongkok

    @Sony Pictures Indonesia #Bad Boys for life

  61. 8L3553D

    Auto tune to the max

  62. Spice Guy

    The more i listen and read the lyrics, this song seems like the feelings and thought of a mother towards her son, the nostalgia when she realized her son is growing up and going to have a world of his own, instead of staying by her side and be her little baby boy all the time.

  63. Simoun O'Brien

    My two favorite Spice Girls singing a stand alone song together... damn I love it!!!

  64. Олег Шевченко


  65. dreamsurfer

    Wow what a beautiful duo!


    🚧spice girls🚧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💗💖💝💞❣️💕❤️💌 i know him so well 💗💝💞💖💕❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🚧spice girls🚧 was not , good ? 🚧🚧

  67. patou menou

    Une superbe chanson de Mélanie c et de Emma bunton♥️♥️😥😥🎧🔊🇫🇷vive encore et toujours les Spice Girls ♥️♥️♥️♥️😥😥😥😥💫🎆🐈🐈🐈🐈

  68. nic miles

    Excellent . Best two singers from the spice girls for me !

  69. Kris Bart

    Ooh oh so fine! This is just delightful!

  70. Paul Cook


  71. Dheng Bautista Clomera

    oh em gee,!! i cried!

  72. Kasper Joonatan

    I'm happy but I'd be happier if it wasn't written by Swedish guys (again) :(

  73. Jill Patrick Fulleros

    I love this version. Not overpolished; just Perfect.

  74. K J

    My girl Mel C always killing it. The best singer in Spice Girls as well.

  75. Garden Girl

    Mel C looks like Kate Middleton! Both girls aging so beautifully

  76. Bea Manalo


  77. Bea Manalo

    I love this so muchhhh

  78. Jedd the Jedi

    Love how complimentary and appropriately contrasting both their voices are in this song. One of my all-time favourite showtunes beautifully interpreted!

  79. Gerson Yamada


  80. mark p

    Sporty as defently become the sexiest spice girl as she's got older, she's beautiful

  81. Abbey Millsom

    I love you so much😍😍💙💛💜💚💞

  82. Tony Ross

    LOVE this.

  83. isis ferreira


  84. Spice Guy

    By far the best solo spices collaboration. They should work on solo projects together amongst themselves without using the Spice Girls name, instead of keeping parading about their past success.

  85. Sharmila Dallo

    Such good music. And the lyrics are poetry

  86. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Its amazing. I love you Emma!!!

  87. Antônio Carlos dos Santos Godinho

    Que doce e lindo demais ver elas cantando,são maravilhosas e grandes divas eternas da música pop britânica,grande Melanie C e Emma Bunton!!!

  88. Steven H

    Sporty is Kate Middleton... and is that James May on the piano

  89. Marv Bracket

    Are they the only 2 from the Spice Girls who can really sing?

  90. M. Palme

    La la lalala la la go

    Geri please

  91. geo752

    Two gorgeous women , Emma was always cute and smiley while Mel had the in your face look but always attractive her style now brings out her beauty

  92. Илья Бандай

    no voice)) Russian voises more better

  93. Sherif Shaaban

    The genius Benny Anderson.

  94. Rebecca Wilson ash

    Your my fav spice girl Mel c. I'm only 10 years old.😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  95. Tuan Son Dang Vu

    Great song with angels' voices

  96. John Lezy

    Exceptional!!! How beautiful!!!

  97. Anna Teresa

    Is it just me or does Emma sound a little like Olivia Newton-John?

  98. nicola smart

    Love love love!!!!

  99. Annabelle Francisco

    2019 any one

  100. rudig garino

    the best of two of spicegirls