Melanie C - Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did? Lyrics

Oh it really wasn't my intention
To disregard convention
It was just an impulse that had to be obeyed

Though it seems convention we've been scorning
I'll still not go in warning
Though my reputation is blemished, I'm afraid

With just one kiss
What heaven, what rapture, what bliss!

Honestly, I thought I wouldn't
Naturally, I thought I couldn't
And probably I shouldn't
But aren't you kinda glad we did?

Actually, it all was blameless
Never the less, they'll call it shameless
So let's keep the lady nameless
But aren't you kinda glad we did?

Socially, I'll be an outcast
Obviously, we'll dine alone
On my good name there will be doubt cast
With never a sign of any chaperone

No matter how they may construe it
Whether or not we have to ruin
Whatever made us do it
Well aren't you kinda glad we did?

Aren't you kinda glad we did?

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Melanie C Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did? Comments
  1. Steve McGill

    Bit of green on her teeth, and tattoos...won’t do you know.


    I need an album of jazz/blues singing for her.

  3. xxxTIN0xxx

    Brilliant vocal performance, her amazing voice is magical. 💙

  4. Romy C

    3:10 😍😍😍

  5. Romy C

    She 's so beautiful

  6. HIMzone666returns

    wow, i did no know that she sang this in public already so many years ago

  7. Beto Faria

    love it!!

  8. Rosy_E_1771

    I saw this live as my sister took me for my birthday even though i was only 8 :) it was even better live :)

  9. carlucho34

    ME TOO! and I LOVE IT...can't waaaaaaaaaaaait!

  10. DistantCousin

    Cool! Just found out she's recording this song for her new showtunes album, Stages

  11. Angela Love

    she is amazing!

  12. David Carpenter

    Certainly the only Spice Girl who could have dreamed of pulling this off successfully. I love this!

  13. carlucho34

    @tonybu one of her best ones ... noooo noubt!

  14. carlucho34

    I loooooooooove this performance! I even auditioned with this song just bc of MC.

  15. tonybu

    Stunning! I soooooooo love it. One of her best vocal performances back from back then.