Meja - Daughter Of Mornin' Lyrics

Daughter of mornin', just like a child
So fresh and so brand new
I'm happy as can be,
In front of you
Daughter of mornin', rises at dawn
As the one she came to be
And nothing can change
Her natural mystery

She's sentimental at night
But soon the mornin' brings light
So don't worry 'bout today because
Tomorrow's gonna be just fine

Daughter of mornin', I'm just like you
Sometimes grey, and sometimes blue
The stars in the sky tells me
What you're up to
Daughter og mornin', light of my life
She's learning how to fight
To keep all the scary shadows
Out of sight

I know you came here to play
And we both know that someday
You won't worry 'bout a thing
Because tomorrow's gonna be OK

Daughter of mornin'
Daughter og mornin'
Finally you found a home, yes
Daughter of mornin'
You don't have to be alone.....

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