Meghan Trainor - Just A Friend To You Lyrics

Why you gotta hug me like that
Every time you see me?
Why you always making me laugh?
Swear you're catching feelings

I loved you from the start
So it breaks my heart

When you say I'm just a friend to you
'Cause friends don't do the things we do
Everybody knows you love me too
Tryna be careful with the words I use
I say it 'cause I'm dying to
I'm so much more than just a friend to you

When there's other people around
You never wanna kiss me
You tell me it's too late to hang out
And you say you miss me

And I loved you from the start
So it breaks my heart

When you say I'm just a friend to you
'Cause friends don't do the things we do
Everybody knows you love me too
Tryna be careful with the words I use
I say it 'cause I'm dying to
I'm so much more than just a friend to you


You say I'm just a friend to you
Friends don't do the things we do
Everybody knows you love me too
I tried to be careful with the words I use
I say it 'cause I'm dying to
I'm so much more than just a friend to you

A friend to you
A friend to you
A friend to you

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Meghan Trainor Just A Friend To You Comments
  1. ShebaGirl

    Play at 1.25 speed

    Ya welcome

  2. You Are My Sunshine -

    Since I couldn't tell this to anyone, I'm writing this in here.
    We are friends for years however, this month we started to feel sth towards each other at the same time. If it is a chance or fate or sth else I have no idea. But we can't say anything to each other, because we know that there is a way which we can lost our friendship and I know neither he nor I want this. We talk each other with our eyes but when it comes to mouth " we are just friends". Pretending to have no feelings to each other, we are breaking ourselves unconsciously. I dont know if I should tell him or not. But I know that, one way or another, I'm gonna lose him.

    Atiev _tuv

    If I were you..I'm gonna tell least I won't regret it.

  3. Karen Nurhestina


  4. Lillian F

    This is soooo adorable

  5. The Sister

    This is making me sad lol, it reminds me of me and my friend...
    With her two year relationship T- T

  6. †snowheart†

    I can realate.

  7. Alosmolimin Robert

    how can I not know this song existed

  8. Natalie Gonzalez

    100 likes, I'll sing this to my crush

  9. Yuni Lila

    i actually can related this feeling

  10. Amar Adi

    When i listening this song i remember my hometown, i don't know why, because this song is meaning friend to boyfriend, but me it's sound like home.

  11. Luna Gacha Playz

    Yea ur not a friend because ur a bestfriend

  12. UwU

    Ps. mom's phone (I am thinking of my crush and I am thinking oh will she doesn't like me move on but I can't and I liked her for 6 months.. and I don't know if I told her I liked her she wouldn't talk to me than..and I think I will tell her but I know she doesn't like me but I don't care anymore! ^^ ps. I am a girl and I am bi

  13. skystellar

    came here because my crush rejected me yesterday :/ already knew her answer though

  14. Kendall K

    This is a song I sent to my boyfriend, because before him and were together for 6 weeks he tried to make me laugh, and would always smile at me. Use to hug me, and make sure i was okay. Everyone would tell we had something, and finally last week we had the guts to admit it to one another. We both always smile and laugh, but use to hide it from everyone. Now look at us, one week strong talking 24/7 basically

  15. Madigacha GAMER

    Today i admitted to my crush i thought he was cute, all of my friends chased him,and made him come up to me.My friend said he was blushing! 😳

  16. infinite 72

    How many people has this happened to??

  17. urlocal cRacKhEad

    When your crush has a crush on your bestfriend 💩💩🤡🤡

  18. Ahruaii Hmar

    so nice

  19. dam witch

    _"why you always making me laugh?"_
    _"swear you're catching feelings"_


  20. Checkthebeemovie

    I have this crush that’s a boy
    I was the artist of the school
    But he doesn’t recognise me
    Well..we sometimes talk
    And I have a lots of crush’s..
    Well one protects me.
    One sometimes flirts.
    And the..pretty hard to explain
    And the nose bleeding one

  21. lgbtlaurenmj

    i met this girl, she was beyond damaged, we went on two dates, held hands, called eachother cute, hugged, two dates felt like 2 months, she texted me yesterday and said she just wanted to be friends, im sad..

  22. keisha kamillah

    he doesn't know it, and he most likely doesn't like me anymore, but i still have feelings for my ex. ; ^ ; i get jealous whenever he talks to this girl, because he once told me (after we became friends aFter we broke up) he had a crush on her. the s t r u g g l e .

  23. Tia Agustina

    Good Voice

  24. Julia Ambundo

    when you like the dude you hang with everyday but he just say were friends

    and you feel broken but you know one day he'll get a hint lol i hope he does illl sing this song to him if i get 10 likes

  25. Isabella Vidal

    Most of the comment section is some angsty shit, but, does literally anyone else think this sounds like "Suicide is Painless"? Like, I thought this was the instrumental song that played in the American Dad episode and I was like "I swear I've heard that before" and I looked it up and it was Suicide is Painless, which I've never heard before. I only just realized that this is the song I was thinking about.

  26. Gacha Nessie

    I'll update this story more and more 😂
    Pt 1: I recently started catching feelings for one of my best friends. He's really sweet and kind to me and we enjoy playfully teasing each other so I guess that's why I like him :) ok, that's all for now

  27. •Isabela UwU•

    Marinettes theme song be like:

    Dolores Hinojosa

    Oml I love your pfp

    •Isabela UwU•

    Dolores Hinojosa uwu

    Dolores Hinojosa

    @•Isabela UwU• Ù>Ú

  28. Xx_Sad_daisies_xX

    When your crush is bi but clearly leans HEAVILY towards boys and blocks you and pushes you out of her life because she didnt wanna push you away and hurt you....yeah that happened im hurt so badly


    She blocked my Instagram but I have 3 others so I can check up on her acc but idk if she blocked my # but she got a new phone so I kinda vent their cause it helps but if shes actually getting my vent messages I'm gonna yeet myself off the roof

    Dolores Hinojosa

    Oh that's sad, I wish you the best of luck

    Dolores Hinojosa



    @Dolores Hinojosa ty

  29. DinosaurRawr

    Today We were in call with my crush he told That he lied when he told he liked a girl closer to his house, it accelerated my heart and this song reminds me about him, and 4 that: *Friend Don’t do the things we do* tomorrow I’m going to tell him :”)

    Dolores Hinojosa

    Soo what did he say???

  30. Megan Dow

    Draw Wolf brought me here! >w<

  31. Gacha._. Logic

    Imma do this as a lyric prank on my crush

  32. TiNkLe WiNklE

    Ugh. It's the worse to have a crush on ye bestfriend- I wanna dieeee :(

  33. Sharada Poudel

    and this shit hurts...........

  34. Privileged White Male

    Fuck you. It’s a great tune. Reminds me of oldies. Everybody loves the oldies.. no.. you’re a boomer faggot.

  35. Bxby _ Izzieee

    200 likes and I sing this to my crush
    (I’m not joking I’m serious)

    [VUT] Bee

    I wanna sing this one song to him but my friend is gonna tell him TOMORROW i like him

    Bxby _ Izzieee

    [VUT] Bee
    I will sing it but today is not the day🙂
    Oh god if my friends told him well my life would be over

    Wolfashion Music

    Don't Worry If He Rejected You...We Always Support You!!

    Natalie Gonzalez

    Me and my crush hug and call each other names when we're by each other. Idk if he likes me...but I like him..

    Anjali Murkute

    I wish I could like the button more than once

  36. Lps Diamond Claws

    This reminds me of my crush so mych

  37. Rose Baek

    kukira beda trnyata sama aja. yaudah bye ya

  38. Claudia Garcia

    This i like me and my best friend and it sucks btw I loveeeeee! This song

  39. Yumi Aprina Sabilla

    Im beautiful

  40. Yumi Aprina Sabilla

    Haii aku cantik

  41. itzizzy 445

    3 fav song😚

  42. Flore

    I swear I’m gonna make a cover of this

  43. • DaeguDaddy •

    Story time :3

    - *hiii*
    -*hi bestie*

    -*he kisses me*
    -*h-hey stop!*

    -*aww, such a cute couple*

    -*haha, we're just friends*

    -*just friends*

  44. tiana desy

    Who is in a friendzone ?

    [VUT] Bee

    He Friendzoned me but I took a test that was called"Does ur crush like u?" so i took it and got 44 which was over all the bad scores. Getting over 40 means ur crush likes u bacc. So I guess i'm in between..

    tiana desy

    @[VUT] Bee If I: He already knows that I like him (I and him are classmate), but I don't want to confess and he forced me to admit it. I don't want to admit because I'm embarrassed and I know that my friend also likes him

    [VUT] Bee

    tiana desy it's okay..I told him already..

  45. • SweetPea •

    So I have this crush. His name is Cristian. But I have a girlfriend.... she said she liked me, but I don’t like her. I don’t want to break my girlfriends heart... ( I’m a girl btw ) and Cristian seems gay.... what do I do? We’re really good friends... and I feel like he doesn’t like me... so many other girls have a crush on him. My girlfriend, she feels like the second sister I never had. Not anything more than friends.. but she doesn’t know that. Any help? Please?

    Edit: I told him and he doesn’t feel the same way. I even broke up with my gf for him. I feel sick. He’s such a player

    Dolores Hinojosa

    Just say how you feel, just follow your heart❤️

  46. Ney Tanuki

    Like this and I'll sing it to my crush on his bday but gotta wait til october ;v cause he knows and we are something like friends couple? Idk
    He Don't want no serious relationship cause his ex hurt him real bad and now he's just traumatized but he said He'll think it for me and for us but that he needs time cause of what happened to him in the past
    But im okay with waiting all the time he needs
    Cause he's worth it ;)
    Kay people updateee:
    So he just started thinking it seriously and we are now a couple but still sang it to him and he almost cried im so happy😭❤

  47. Pikachu

    well I like my best friend but yesterday he told me who he likes. now I just need to act happy for him and try not to be sad about the fact that it's not me 😭

  48. armyforever BTS

    Like si ablas español y te está pasando algo Haci😞

  49. Lydo_GamerX 13

    My friends keeps joke flirting with me and I kinda like her soooo every time she says "don't worry we're just friends aha" I die inside :')

  50. tHe iDiOt _cReW

    This is like me and my friend CJ. You see here, I like her.. and we're very good friends.. But I don't think she sees me that way.. Really sucks..

  51. Honey Bum

    Omfg! this is just the right song >.< we dont do the thing friends do, holding hands in secret, sending hearts, hugs.. but i dont know if he thinks the same :c >.< Help?

    Dolores Hinojosa

    Follow your heart❤️

  52. Creme puffs

    I see a comment that says 2019?😅 I look at the date and realize dis was posted on mah b-day OMG also, I'm bisexual and I'm in love with my BFF times 100 and sooooooooooo she always says "I'm so lucky to have a friend like you!" And she means it, and I wunna flipin cry........😐 Oof

  53. Gacha Kitty Cookies

    If only he likes me back 😢😭😭😭😭😫😔

  54. OMG sisters

    Tomorrow I’m going to sing this song to my crush 😬

    OMG sisters

    Gacha Kitty Cookies well he told me that he didn’t like me back :,v but I told him if I can wait for him till he likes me too and he said you can give it a try :,v

    Gacha Kitty Cookies

    @OMG sisters it's fine you're not alone tho
    I'm also been rejected by my crush
    He told me he don't like me
    But I'm still here like you waiting for him to like me back TwT
    I just become his friend again this Monday and it light up my days when he said I can be his friend again TwT
    Well stay strong girl 😘
    Update me if he ever tell you he likes you back ok? ☺
    I'm here for you

    OMG sisters

    Gacha Kitty Cookies awaaaaa thank you eve though he rejected you I am happy that you guys are still friends 😁 and again thank you and obviously I will tell you what happened next

    Vībîñ Öūt

    you go girl

    Dolores Hinojosa

    😊😊😊I just love how there are two strangers having this conversation

  55. Guardian Angel

    "Friends don't do the things we do"

  56. Michelle Iloff

    I love this song

  57. Julisa Andrade


    No just me ;(

    Shlioh MacKaine

    Your not alone T-T

    crystxl snxw

    i'm here uwu

    wie vendetta


    Mother Bruno

    2019 even though it's almost 2020

  58. pjmsub s

    :) having a meeting with my ex today who lowkey friendzoned me but Lowkey didn’t

    pjmsub s

    im excited but look like sh*t

  59. Alexa Banegas

    One I'm a lesbian with a female pansexual , but we held hands the friend time we meet I didn't realize. Cause I was showing her are class so in the hallway I wouldn't lose her I grab her hand until the next day I did it again an ask her if it bother her she said "no it's fine" we became close an I end up catching feeling but I wasn't sure about her now we cuddle, hold hand, say I love u to one another but she always tell people were both bottom an it wouldn't work but I've been top in to relationship an I was a soft dim an I'm crying cause I love her but she doesn't know

  60. Riziki Ndebwe

    When you have crush on someone but they have crush on your best friend instead. So painful because you want friendship and lover at the same time, but if you want to fight for your lover, you will lose the friendship and if you want friendship you will lose love.

  61. Edy Quinte

    Miraculous Ladybug:(

  62. Marr Salk

    My bestfriend is straight and see me like a friend :)))))

  63. kimberly guerrero

    I can relate .

  64. Daffa Ryan Pratama

    wow. i hit the dislike button at 1k !!!

    pjmsub s

    Daffa Ryan Pratama
    Congrats !!

  65. Giani Rahma

    Cause friends dont do the things we do

  66. FirstNationsMovies

    Is this a Les-B-Friends song?

  67. Keysa Alifa

    lagunya kurang enak ya

  68. Fgmaulana lul


  69. cats and me 008

    It kind of sounds like “somewhere over the rainbow” or am I the only one ?

  70. Ariz Farhan Marbun

    Kesini gara" keisya indonesian idol

  71. RainbøwPøwerArts

    This is how I feel atm.

    (Read on if you want to bare with me on spilling my feelings.)

    So I am a female on an all boys baseball team. I usually always fall for one of the boys one season or another, but this time I fell hard. Let’s call him M, since that’s the first letter of his first name. M and I have been getting closer and closer, and I just kept falling for him more. One time he hugged me, and now we hug eachother almost every time we see eachother, and one time he even kissed my cheek. Sometimes we hold hands for a few minutes if he slightly grabs at mine first. Everyone (the team, school people) thinks him and I are dating, which I wish was the truth. I think M knows that I like him, but he just keeps saying that we’re friends. And yes we go to the same school, but this week is the last week of our season and it’s not guaranteed will be on the same team again next season, and he is a grade above me so the only time I see him during the school day is at lunch. So, I’m feeling pretty confused and kinda sad. Sorry for rambling :,)

  72. mochi’s peaches

    WHY DIDN’T I FIND THIS YET!? this is so cuteee ♥️

  73. blue bird

    He can t commit cos he s insecure.
    Especially if ur bigger shot than him
    Man don t like it when ur a train and they re hands strapped

  74. anju roronaisya

    I never got his love and now i just try to forget him

  75. Rianti Dania


  76. Daniel Hopping

    Ha, You losers got sent to the friend zone.

    I got sent to the best friend zone 🤣😂😄😕😔🥺😭

  77. Stacy Sakai

    I think my crush may like me back or is just really nice hes my bff but he gave me his coat when i was cold in winter♥️

  78. AJ C


  79. Vellany Cm


  80. `` Emmø ``

    My crush and I met in our school group chat. We didn't know each other at all but we had so much in common. One day I saw him in a class I entered and he immediately recognized me but we just glanced at each other and got back to what we were doing. Then one day, he went up to me and said: "Hey, aren't you Emma?" I absolutely loved his accent (it was kind of Arabic but a bit Malay-ish but I didn't find it a problem since we were both Malay and I found it super cute :)) We didn't really talk as often until we had the same homeroom together. We talked ALOT and even got caught for it. So of course, people started encouraging us to be a thing which we both found disgusting since we were friends.
    ....Just friends..
    After a 1 year friendship, I started to realize how fun he was to be around and developed feelings. HE didn't feel the same but always talked to me (He's the one who'd mostly start our conversations) I confessed to my friends and they supported me hardcore.

    We're still friends but it just hurts me. So this song just makes me shed a tear every time.
    Especially the chorus: "When you say I'm just a friend to you, but friends don't do the things we do and everybody knows you love me too. I try to be careful with the words I use. I say it because I'm dying too I'm so much more than just a friend to you."
    I just can't.

  81. Zahra Zahira

    Share yaa

  82. Grace Lamore

    my best friend is my crush

  83. Buff kirby With the buns

    Man I feel nostalgic,
    I found out about this song a year ago and memorized it, but I eventually moved on from it, and forgot about it too, but then I was just searching for songs I can play while drawing and found this song again and now I’m contemplating life for no reason

  84. Nur zahirah

    i hate ads

  85. Devin Solo

    Best friendzone

  86. Loyaa here

    The song is like..

    Im okay but im not

    Addison Smith

    Question people of 2019

    So I am not sure if I’m bi or straight
    For example (I’m a girl) and I’ve only had crushes on boys, but my male crush changed almost every month. However when I thought about possibly liking girls I haven’t had a crush on anyone! But last year or the year before I kinda started developing feelings for my best friend. But tho girl has never had a crush other than in kindergarten so she isn’t sure if he’s straight, to be honest I don’t think she’s thought about it. Anyways recently another one of my friends(also female)told me I was her first female crush but she didn’t have feelings for me at the point(still doesn’t) and after she told me that it made me feel loved, and happy, and like I actually had a purpose and that purpose was to love, and protect her so I was really clingy that day...I feel kinda bad now...and apparently everyone else new and I was completely clueless. I honestly need help with this. Suggestions or advice?

  87. mahai ningshen

    Why? Just an imaginary friend 😭😭😭😭

  88. Loraine

    I have a MAJOR crush on this guy I've known him kindergarten I know for a FACT he remembers me! And he KNOWS I have a crush on him like 10 people have told him to his face! Whenever this one girl who rides his bus asks him if we're together yet he says not yet! He ALWAYS looks at me with a smile too,although I look at him alot aswell. The SAME DAY me and my ex broke up,my friends went up to him during lunch and said "_______ WAS dating _____ but now she's free and wants you to ask her out!" He blushed and smiled all his friends were hyping him up too! And APPARENTLY I'm all he talks about on the bus! I'm done with playing this game! I just wanna know if he likes me or not! If you took time to read this PLEASE give me some advice! I've already admitted to my friends that I'm in love with him! Did I mention I haven't talked to him since 2nd grade. Also that I'm in 6th grade so it's been like 3 years. I also moved to a different school in 2nd grade and didn't see him again till 5th grade. AND that we used to be REALLY great friends in 2nd grade....he used to call me lollipop...

  89. Rose Casinello

    NO LABEL 😭

  90. JaiesWolf

    My friend, she..does stuff that friends usually don't do, We've kissed, Hugged in such was tht..You would never see between two friends...And it sometimes annoys me when she all like "Ah yeah we friends"...

  91. Alyssa Gilbert

    when your bestfriend is your secret crush...

  92. withlove

    the type of song shawn mendes listened to in 2017

  93. ᴜɴᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀʀ ᴏᴘɪɴɪᴏɴs

    I dedicate this song to my Crush, since it seems that when he is with me, he seems to like me☺️💕

  94. ETPS

    I used to be able to relate to this song, because my best friend and I used to be just that: best friends.
    Around the beginning of the year, though, I began to question if my love for him was more than just the friend-type of love, and as the year went on, I was sure that I was right.
    I never said anything, because I was too worried that I actually was wrong, or that he wouldn't feel the same way, and I would make a fool of myself and lose him as a friend. If you can't tell, I'm a natural-born worrier. ^^'
    However, around mid-May, he was telling me that some of our friends were shipping us together, saying that he liked me and I liked him. And then he told me that.... they were right. That he did have feelings for me. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was that day, haha. I was trembling and stuff!!
    Today, we are still happily together, calling each other boyfriendo and girlfriendo ((our thing was calling each other "friendo")). We live in different countries, so our relationship is still only long-distance, but we plan to meet each other in person one day and go on a real date. ^^

  95. Nabila Putri

    october 2019?