Megadeth - Out On The Tiles Lyrics

As I walk down the highway, all I do is sing this song
And a train that's passing my way helps the rhythm move along
There is no doubt about the words, they're clear
The voice is strong, it's oh-so strong

I am just a simple guy, I live from day to day
A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away
There's nothing more that I can say, but on a day like today
I pass the time away and walk a quiet mile with you

All I need from you, is all your love
All you gotta give to me, is all your love
All I need from you, is all your love
All you gotta give to me, is all your love

I'm so glad I'm living, gonna tell the world that I am
I got me a fine woman and she says that I'm her man
One thing that I know for sure, gonna give her all the loving like nobody can

Standing in the noonday sun, trying to flag a ride
People go and people come, see my rider right by my side
It's a total disgrace that they set the pace, it must be a race
And the best thing I can do is run

All I need from you, is all your love
All you gotta give to me, is all your love
All I need from you, is all your love
All you gotta give to me, is all your love

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Megadeth Out On The Tiles Comments
  1. gsxrkz

    This just goes to show how great Led Zeppelin was, nobody could touch them this is garbage, they completely destroyed the song.

  2. Rob Thomas

    No one can sing "It's a total disgrace" like Dave!!

  3. gene lerner

    The zeppelin version is better


    Zeppelins version is not better it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better there's absolutely no comparison at all.

  4. DragonSlayer5279

    You never truly realise how great Robert Plant’s voice is until someone else tries to song his vocals. Great instrumentals, but the vocals just kill it for me.


    I always knew Robert Plant in his prime was totally untouchable without Robert the mighty Zep would not be mighty

  5. Vic Rattlehead

    If you speed up the verse part, its basically sounds like Killing is my business verse part.

  6. joe walsh

    Heaven My favourite bands

  7. Benjamin Rutledge

    I'm glad Dave put the "stop" in his recording, it wouldn't be Out on the Tiles without it.

  8. Matt Mccaslin

    Greatest song in the world by the most mediocre metal band.


    Most mediocre? LOL

  9. Ingi R.

    My favorite Zeppelin song. I got a tape in my walkman and it was Led Zeppelin. My friends and every one else "the hip hop fans" thought I was crazy. "Why are you listening to "Zeppelin" "Deep Purple" and Humble Pie?" I had no answer. I wanted to be cool. So I said I love whatever you are listening to. Cypress Hill? ok, another rap band I can't relate to "I was a pussy back then. I'm not now. I can tell you I loved Zeppelin when I was 16, I also loved Nirvana but not as much as I loved Zeppelin but I discovered Nirvanas, Bleach first. I mean "School" and "Negative Creep" , "Floyd the Barber" and "About a Girl". How can you not love those songs?

    Soul Drifter

    Listen to what you believe in. Peer pressure is meaningless. Be true to yourself!

  10. Orkhan.S

    Mega zeppelin


    Did Megadeth do any other Led Zeppelin songs?

    Soul Drifter

    I'd like to know the answer to that as well. Outside of speed metal - Led Zep is my favorite band.

    James Yellow

    No they didn’t

  12. Dylan Pradipta Mulia

    Dave was a Zepphead!!!!


    Doesn't everybody know that every band that ever existed after Led Zeppelin was inspired by them there's no way around it, that's why there the greatest band that ever existed..

  13. Andres Arellano

    A decent cover, but I was not feeling Dave voice here.

    Martin Auriemma

    Same, felt all else was spot on, but the voice style just doesn't fit .

  14. xanderdake

    this is horrible

  15. Childin Time

    My favourite band is covering my another favourite band what a heaven

    Soul Drifter

    Love it when that happens!

  16. Liam Ordner

    bad cover.

  17. osensei75

    I love Megadeth, but this is a terrible cover......just not feelin' it.

    Soul Drifter

    I'm a fan of both Megadeth and Led Zeppelin.. and I love it

    Matt Mccaslin

    Here here

    Soul Drifter

    Yay - someone with good taste!