Megadeth - Bodies Left Behind Lyrics

This thing called "Life" goes by so quickly
On day you're here and then you're gone
This is the moment I've lived my whole life for
And I'll never give up; I've waited too long

I've waited, waited too long, I've waited too long

And all along the road, all the bodies left behind
May all have been good friends; just not good friends of mine

I've been kicked out and said I quit
Then I said, "I had enough" and "This is it"
All I wanted was just one more show for the road
Cause it was over last time before I could blink, I could blink

I've waited, waited too long, I've waited too long


Their bodies left behind

[Solo - Dave]
[Solo - Chris]

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Megadeth Bodies Left Behind Comments
  1. Dynamo

    why was this never used,Dave should use this on a future album

  2. Shao Lor

    ]V[ E G A D E T ]-[

  3. The Big Flying Ninja

    Wtf? Never heard this..
    Songs like early megadeth tho

  4. Jibicus Maximus

    omg this sick, like older stuff but more modern too, best of both worlds, great parts and arrangement. this band rocked my world for 32 years now!

  5. Allan Vidal

    It is a cover?

  6. Nick Buchanan

    Not megadeth.

  7. Patrick G

    Sounds little like. MegaDeth but mid way through, sounds like some one tried recording over different songs of his. Sounds good any way though Keep rocking MegaDeth for life

  8. Simón

    Sounds very similar to Megadeth, but I don't find any reliable info on the internet about this song, does someone have it?


    Simón I can't find shit either haha its weird as hell

  9. Bretton Preston

    Anyone else think this song needs vocals?

  10. Matt Horan

    Nothing like 1985

  11. Service Broke

    If it's not Megadeth, you sure had me fooled. It sounds like an outtake from United Abominations. Pretty damn good.

    Liam Peterson

    I've done some reading about it over the past few days, it's a bonus track that you could get if you preordered the CD (United Abominations), I've been looking all over the place for a CD to buy that has this track but whenever they say "Bonus Track" they never tell me which one it is, because you were also able to preorder the CD with an earlier version of Black Swan

  12. British Kid

    as people say. dont think its Megadeth, but it is good

    Liam Peterson

    It is, it's a bonus track from United Abominations.

  13. Bryan Patrick

    Who is this song?

  14. NightmareTrauma

    Hell of a guitar player!!!!

  15. Mauro Rivas

    Malicia - " guerra continúa"?

  16. Eye Sees You

    Not MegaDeth -_-

  17. EvilSkeltos

    "All along the road and all the bodies left behind,they may have been good friends just not good friends of mine."

  18. Kamil Karczewski

    It's from KMaIG :]


    This shit is dope

  20. burning255

    I had listened to this somewhere's not megadeth tho

    Joseph Church

    Yes it is. It is a bonus track from United Abominations.

  21. jtvalenz

    a sentence from Bodies (Endgame) says "... all the bodies left behind..."

  22. ed stevenson

    I have this song along the other two bonus tracks black swan and out on tile :) in the tour edition of united abominations

    Liam Peterson

    You lucky MFer, I've been looking all over for this!

    Nate A

    ed stevenson
    Post a better version.

  23. スカョアェッᅴョMr.Metzuka

    alguien sabe un link donde pueda decirme la tablatura para aprendermela en la guitarra

  24. silver_rocket

    This song has riffs from 2000-s, and sound and atmosphere from 80-s. Great!
    This is the way, i presume, lots of Megadeth fans think Mustaine should look.

  25. 666LastChance666

    It'a a bonus track from United Abominations.

    Tom Betty

    Thank you

  26. Velizar Hristov

    Where is this song from? I thought I knew all their songs.

    Liam Peterson

    Preorder bonus track for United Abominations.

  27. Rafael Gederlini

    what the fucking fuck is this fucking shit?... sounds good either way hahaha

  28. gecior

    this is not Megadeth but this stuff is Mega and i love this :)

    Liam Peterson

    Listen to 0:40 and tell me that isn't the work of Dave Mustaine.

  29. ChiefGuitars666

    i wish the sound quality was better and didn't have the volume spikes so when i, i mean people pirate this video for the audio, it would sound better above minimum volume...

  30. Skyler Barnard

    No its not, its on one of their newer albums.

  31. スカョアェッᅴョMr.Metzuka

    simplemente buen instrumental esta chido i inspirativo :D me gusto demasiado megadeth es lo mejor :D

  32. Beto Quintero

    imbecil es cancion instrumental no cantan

  33. Yishai Abaddon

    what album is this song from

  34. Sharon JG

    Bitch Please, No sea tan idiota, las canciones instrumentales son excelentes...

  35. GanjaPharmzor

    Pretty close though..

  36. DETH Metal Viking

    the only thing i dont like about this song is that that one riff is kinda repetitive but other then that its great

  37. DETH Metal Viking

    sounds kinda like kick the chair

  38. BluntAnims

    Thats not this song.

  39. Spartan375x

    Obama in the tags...I can see why though.

  40. Connor Sparrow

    Good song but not nearly megadeth. thats easily noticeable

  41. RotnRoll77

    @Showbiz2011 Why wouldn't just use the actual replay button located underneath the video?

  42. Tuef Herrera

    the song in the link you provided is not Bodies Left Behind. It is actually a tribute to Megadeth made by one of our forum members. Bodies Left Behind, which was to be a bonus track on United Abominations, remains unreleased. - Scorpion,

    Alexander Jonsson

    I'm guilty as charged for this one! Funny how people actually think it's a Megadeth song 😎

  43. maloyas

    whatever it is very good.

  44. Isrl Cast

    you fucking crazy yes is megadeth!!!!!

  45. Pervatar669

    this is not megadeth

    Joseph Church

    Yes it is cuntboi

    Alexander Jonsson

    @Joseph Church no it isn't, I made it.. It's just an tribute song

  46. Humberto Rodriguez

    @USAF2409 just put the link of this song on this page: dirpy (dot) com

  47. Will George

    I want this song on my ipod

  48. Will George

    Holy shit what an awesome song

  49. rattlehead54321

    Megadeth is awesome

  50. Vega M

    @UnPutoLoquendero The version off of United Abominations was never released, this 100% fanmade.

  51. Cameron Wasmund

    This sounds like it should have been on United Abominations.

  52. unclejohn2007

    the end of the song kicks ass

  53. SouthOfHeaven97

    In which album was this realeased?

  54. Zaqq

    Audio quality is... not included.

  55. xielop93

    is there any way ican download this song??its fukken bad!!! nd it would b a huge hit :D

  56. The_Slayer

    @21tdarby The REAL Bodies Left Behind was retitled "Bodies" and was released on Endgame.

  57. Tim Darby

    From Megadeth's website
    "It is actually a tribute to Megadeth made by one of our forum members. Bodies Left Behind, which was to be a bonus track on United Abominations, remains unreleased. "

  58. isaacblack97

    "Bodies" is on Endgame.

  59. Xander

    wtf is this song? dosent sound like united abominations...

  60. The_Slayer

    @4seasonsebay Close, it was actually a bonus track on United Abominations.

  61. What a Maneuver!

    Sounds like a Million it!

  62. Desolus

    Sounds really good man!, good work

  63. Clint P

    I'm guessing this is a bonus on endgame

  64. s7raker

    this is certainly not any song off killing is my business i can assure you that

  65. Astral HighlVnd

    seriously who does this song I want to know now !

  66. Carlos Frost Vikernes

    very nice

  67. WannaExpressYourSelf

    @CrazyEnzo03 Killing is my business.. Then why not tag it with Mr. Obama Hussein?

  68. evyatar levy

    killing is my buisness.....and that song is good

  69. jonathan velez

    fuck sick song!!:D

  70. Kusakki

    Too bad this isn't their real song, but it's fucking awesome!

  71. Richie Rich

    this guys are pretty awesome.

  72. Linus Wermelin

    Epic song! Totally worthy of being Megadeth wannabees :)

  73. alevd14

    @Ichimaru1231 Use aTube catcher

  74. juanpis598

    @asatormtz si yose

  75. Emilio_Largo711

    this isn't megadeth, go to their website it says it's a fan-made tribute. it kicks ass though

  76. feztizieo

    @CrazyEnzo03 thats cause WE'RE GONNA KILL ALL THEM POLITITIANS! and whoever western civilization is ruled by.
    i think its an okay song.

  77. Astral HighlVnd

    The very beginning gave me chill's...if it is capable of doing that,it mean's it is fucking awesome

  78. 2015man

    this sounds like something off rust in peace

  79. DimitriVHefley

    @jimmyshitbags Like I said, sounds great, lacks speed. End o' story.

  80. Davide Sciaky

    This is not a megadeth song, but a tribute, it's written in the official website

  81. Cameron Wasmund

    @DimitriVHefley Lmao how does that make him a douche. Take a fuckin' chill pill.

  82. DimitriVHefley

    @tacomonster98 Wtf are you talking about? Megadeth was founded as a speed/thrash band. This instrumental would be great but it lacks SPEED!!!! God damn you're a fuckin douche.

  83. Devour

    This sounds like it would be on United Abomination

  84. DimitriVHefley

    I think it lacks speed, but otherwise well done. I don't like the tone on the harmonized guitar parts...sounds too modern.

  85. tizoooc

    @Obstain001 It is not megadeth but still BAd Ass

  86. glasgowdmon

    to be honest it still sounds pretty fuckin rad, clearly influenced by megadave but still sounds beastin'

  87. Cameron Wasmund

    @NedFreppelin Posting a song under another bands name is a shitty way to get yourself exposure tbh.

  88. Veskovo Kosek

    @JDanK45 Its not Megadeth, this is a fanmade song. It was confirmed on megadeths website

  89. Veskovo Kosek

    @JuuVain1 this isnt Megadeth, it was confirmed on their website that its not them

  90. JuuVain1

    Umm, guys, I don't know how to break this to you but.. this really is megadeth! Go check out "United Abominations" on wikipedia and you will see that this was released as a bonus track on a special edition of the album.

  91. hurakannaranja

    @alexjonssonju sounds like megadeth o.o?? gj man :]

  92. Rc Iredale

    Hey, mbm13213, This Is MEGADETH!v! Go sit on your thumb or something!

  93. exTro

    sorry joeperry666 but you are stupid the vids name is: Megadeth - Bodies Left Behind. thats mean: (Band) - (Name of Song)

    so is the name of the song: Bodies Left Behind

  94. LongLiveThrash

    @EddieVH666 how could you think this was on KIMB. btw just to clear it up to everyone the video is a fake as said on megadeth's site.

  95. Blade1494

    @Bleed4thedevil Page 16 of all the comments (at the time of this post) Look for alexjonssonju, he made the song and has claimed it MULTIPLE times but no one wants to believe him. So much for a chance at glory eh?

  96. Scaly House Productions

    @Donut117 googled it. They posted that on their site

  97. Donut

    @RedDragonAirsoft do you have a source for that? like a URL or something?

  98. Donut

    @CrazyEnzo03 yes it would appear so, but thats impossible because he cant produce music this cool.

  99. Scaly House Productions

    This was a tribute made by a forum member on megadeth's site. Megadeth didn't actually make this.

  100. Ascent To Zenith

    @mbm13213 not really this is good