Megadeth - Blood Of Heroes Lyrics

Walking stiff let me tell ya
Better left for dead
And now we are on a mission
Well it's full speed ahead
My legion's when we do the crime
Let's get one thing straight
To get there early is on time
And showing up on time is late

Ladies and gents, we're still alive
By the skin of our teeth, now it's killing time
Angel in our pocket, devil by our side
We ain't going nowhere 'cause heroes never die

Still alive
Blood of heroes
Never die
They never die

We've been run down every hill
Chased up all the dead end streets
But if you try to cut us out
You'll get a kick in the teeth

Ladies and gents, we're still alive
By the skin of our teeth, now it's killing time
Fasten up your head belts,
Time to ride the skies
It's time to be immortal, 'cause heroes never die

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Megadeth Blood Of Heroes Comments
  1. Tin Man

    I think this album got shity reveiw s wen it came out,fuck em,I love this whole album.the last song victory was an awesome compilation of their titles, wrong very intelligently

  2. Rick Rascon

    Like this beat

  3. shreycod

    It's time to be IMMORTAL!

  4. Alexsotorealestate

    Call of Ktulu

  5. PifchoBG

    one of my favorites

  6. ÁUß Code II

    This should be the theme song for a Justice League movie.

  7. Moment Of Clarity

    Blood Of Negroes

  8. luke o'gorman


  9. Moment Of Clarity

    Blood of negroes

  10. Channing

    Clarence kennedy squat 240 5x5!

  11. Assem CR Ghannam

    Best band in the world , to pull out a masterpiece like this for a thrash band is something ridiculous

  12. liamkurt aguilar

    My favorite album of Megadeth I was at 8th grade that time and love to hear their song till now .

  13. Niwata1987 Niwata

    Good song

  14. B Smith

    If you don't bang your head to that intro riff you have no soul.

  15. Joel Blair

    This was the first album I ever bought myself. My mom was pissed lol

  16. Patrick Doran

    A perfect example of how good a wah pedal can sound, when it's not used to death... *cough* Kirk *cough*

  17. christian ramirez


  18. Osman Ozgene

    Megaman and Megadeth Both are childhood heroes <3

  19. Danicolasol

    in my time of need you where there for me

  20. Francielton Rodrigues sousa

    O verdadeiro significado de perfeição.

  21. Vic Rattlehead

    Marty hates wah pedal and almost never use it , yet it sounded so good and perfect when he did.


    Zipper pedal

  22. Boa Roca

    awesome song Megadeth never dies!

  23. The Pick Of Destiny


  24. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Batmobile lost his Wheel and the Joker got away.

  25. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Now are we Team Jacob. Cause Next Time I'm going to Return that Rookie, for the sake of sanity. There Bub.

  26. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    But yeah mom and dad have Black Hair!

  27. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Well we Just dumb blonds that died are Hair blood red don't you know?

  28. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Team MJ- JM- RosyFoxy, Lady's!

  29. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Well Big Brother is watching you in the not so distant future, Just a thousand years or so apart. Mystery science theater. 3000

  30. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Well Hossier Daddy Bubba?

  31. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Hossier Daddy Bubba?

  32. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Yeah I guess Joseph says Ok Father I guess I would have said Daddy.

  33. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Well I guess Big Bubba lost a lot of weight in the heat of the Night there Boss, Call me Daddy. Yeah here's a cross for ya Boss.

  34. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Cause I know I don't like to think of my mother in a bad way.

  35. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Sex with Mom would be so hot, it would give Infintive tears of happiness, The Cartman way of Life. Right Martha Stewart.

  36. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Right Bloody Mary? We was so sad to see the DeadRabbit. Cancelled.

  37. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    It made me cry. Cause I wanted so badly to do the next episode. Just like everyone else.

  38. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    From ninth wonders the City of Torn, From the pages, DeadRabbit cancelled.

  39. Nicolas Chophi

    Sweats of the true Heroes
    And our Hearts as well💪🤘😀

  40. Andrew Hockings

    That riff!!

  41. Shannon Moore

    Still rocking in 2019 and I'm walking stiff this days let me tell you.Still alive tho!!! Must be in my blood?

  42. I R O N G R A Y

    Megadeath..are rocks..!

  43. I R O N G R A Y

    This is the best song..of megadeath?


    איירון גריי one of the best.

    They have other things, like tornado of souls.

  44. S ?

    thank god. fuck the remasters

  45. Joel Eagle-O'Cain

    So all 90s cokebabies the it's about blood God's an respect for the dead yes please and no Thank you understand

  46. Jøhnny FalleN31

    one of my fav song from this album 2018 Nov

  47. walter aquino

    La mejor banda de trash metal para mi sin dudas, creo que por algo Dave se fue de Metallica, hizo una super banda..le duele a quien es la mejor banda, megadeth carajo, larga vida al rock......

  48. Florencia X


  49. Joe W


  50. Stabbed_

    ] V[EGADET] _[

  51. Arthur Amorim Souza

    Algum br aqui?

  52. Grzegorz Zawadzki

    This is what if Carlos Santana played heavier stuff.
    Latino metal ;–)

  53. salome carranza

    Que BELLEZA me Enamore en los 90 cuando salio... Sigo amandolo. Megadeth Q BANDA !!! Mis oidos felices... Perfeccion 1 sola palabra... Guitarrista, compositor y ademas de tan virtuoso... tiene un oido genial... Nunca hay errores en su musica... Disfruta la cancion y volves a escuchar ya q es too much en texturas... Amar es poco! 2016 vuelve a componer ASI !!! Creo q pasaria 10 mas y seguis sacando eso de su interior... Amo escuchar como compone, VERLO concentrado y creando... Asi gano el esperado Grammy... 💋

  54. Ricky Mandala

    democracy only ? no faith ? = Sick Vicious will wake up from his grave and most invention we found just to orgasm orgasm and finally orgasm again again and again

  55. Againwelived

    same spirit of Reckoning Day's solo part

    just greatness of a composer
    Dave Mustaine.

    Osman Ozgene

    music has more meaning in 90'S! i love 80's also but 90 and early 2000's > all music

  56. cristian osorio

    This album has the BEST b side ever imo ( i used to listen youthanasia on cassette)


    cristian osorio

    What's a cassette? ???

    Well " Snowflake it's when life was better 😂😂

    rad 80 90an

    I agree

    Adam Jenks

    cristian Osorio - you and me both.

    Was there any other way back in the day?

  57. Michael Star

    Marty friedman sounds great with wah! Love this solo!


    It's actually a zipper pedal whatever the fuck that is

  58. paul soares

    Fuck one of my favorite albums of all times...never gets old .

  59. Warren Buitendag

    love this song. The start, just before the heavy guitar kicks in, reminds so much of the game Myst

  60. Sean Wechsler

    This album is the peak of Mustaine's voice.

    alex antonelli

    I fully agree, I've always thought so.

    Carlos Guerra

    Yeah he’s voice didn’t sound so pathetic in this one


    KIMB was the best. But he sounds great here too

  61. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    The riff before the solo sounds like Dirt from Alice in chains!

  62. Trinity Fall

    Lovvvvvvvvveeeeeee this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Deepak Eapen

    My God those meaty riffs!!!. Mustaine is unbelievable, so is Marty!!

  64. Shad Palatino

    still the best album.

    Tore Subasi

    Every Megadeth album is the best somehow!!!

  65. Gail Polan

    Let's get 1 thing straight

  66. Walaggler 1313

    Ah much better sound

  67. Lavigne Moré

    This is music...Thrash Metal Never die !!! Megadeth Lives Forever.

    Αλέξανδρος Μαραγκούλιας

    not a thrash album though lol

    Dan Eden

    Dave is The Godfather of Thrash Metal so of course it’s thrash. He could play Madonna and it’s still considered thrash cause It came from Dave. Dave defines thrash.

  68. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    2:17 Alice in chains song: Dirt...

  69. Clarissa Johnson


  70. Jorge Rodríguez

    Eso si es usar un wah y ser virtuoso al mismo tiempo. No como ciertos guitarristas mediocres y aburridos 😝

    roberto isaac salvador mujica

    El Kirk jajaja

  71. MegaSeaMonkey

    2:45 Ahhhh I miss you marty

  72. Sara Salem

    I really love this.

    Rich Harner

    they played this at my little brother funeral. it surely holds a special place in my heart cause he was my hero and heroes never die

    Jeff Waller

    Play dark necesseties.Peppers

    Jeff Waller

    Play dark necssities Peppers

  73. Brohman Vest

    this would of been a good song for Comic book hero Dare Devil and Electrica


    It's a song about those that gave all in the Military champ

  74. lolondd

    Kirk, learn how to use the wah like Marty.

    Andrew Hockings

    I saw an interview where Friedman stated that his guitar tech adds the wah after the recording and that he doesnt actually use a wah. Still the greatest metal guitarist ever though.

    MaD MaX01

    Megadeth and Friedman sucks

    Metal Störm

    @MaD MaX01 Let's see you play something like Marty then.

    Alejandro Ramirez Avendaño

    @Metal Störm
    I think he is just trolling.

    Falcon Heavy

    @MaD MaX01 bad joke

  75. Uziel Reyes

    still alive

  76. Crush40thebest

    Sounds kinda like pantera in the intro, awesome !

    Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Cementery Gates?


    pantera - suicide note pt 1


    Hes talking about The Sleep

  77. Brian Ragland

    Blood of heroes savage song

  78. joshy051

    Sounds like a acoustic falling at 1:35 Lol

    John Desolator

    +joshy051 where did they fall?

    Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    I didn't understand...

    John Desolator

    stoner stuff i guess

  79. ebie banzhaf

    Thanks guys my stream is way better i know you might be having tech problems but cmon your YOU TUBE MY HOME I LOVE YOU GUYS CMON LET'S PULL IT COMPLETELY TOGETHER RUN A TIGHT SHIP THANK YOU OOOH YOUR MY MAIN STAY LOVE YOU GUYS CMON

  80. ebie banzhaf


  81. ebie banzhaf


  82. Rochester The Clown

    this version is the best . the remaster fuckin sucks

    Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Well... not so much... in the original Killing is my business you can hear clearly the bass! I love the basslines so much!

    Frank Berg

    Chester Molester lol I feel the same. when I saw them on the dystopia tour in Chicago, me and a friend yelled "fuck the horseman, we need the mechanix" and he looked and just laughed. I love Metallica, but if KIMB was remastered, it would be so worth the repurchase

    Walaggler 1313

    Lol bruh His voice sounds terrible there too.

    TheUltimateNavigator 1

    Noah and Rust In Peace

  83. Joe Kruger

    this album was written in 1994, i was born in 1993, maybe i could be one of those children on the clothespins. lol

    Mike H

    I guarentee you were one of those babies lol

    Mani I.

    I was born 1 month before the album was released. So I'm pretty sure on the clothspins. haha

    Moment Of Clarity

    Let's hope so

    Rick Rascon

    My son was born 1994
    I was 27 I'm 52 now still listening to the song enjoy😜

    Rick Rascon


  84. Andy Mahasongkham

    I hope Universal Music Group released Youthanasia along with other classics on Bluray-Audio to feel like we the listener are in the room with the artist in 5.1 surround sound.


    Andy Mahasongkham hell yes, this would be amazing

  85. Chevy Metal

    long live the originals!

  86. Flapy126

    This sounds more complete in my opinion than the remastered version