Meek Mill - Take U Home Lyrics

Girl I know you got a man, and you so in love with him
But can I get a dance? Maybe a little loving
Slim girl if I took you home, I wonder, I wonder
Maybe I was wondering
I wonder if I took you home
Would you still be in love baby?
Cause I need you tonight
I wonder if I took you home
Would you still be in love baby?
Cause I need you tonight
(Tell your man you'll see him next week, cause we gone)

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I say Maserati stance, get it we disappearing
I tell her cut off the phones, there's nothing to interfere
She follow my every order do anything that I dare
I'm giving her everything so all my neighbors can hear it
Scream to her making her fiend more
We be making a movie they thinking it's Scream 4
Got that from [?] Jeezy and then I put Dean on
I'm 7 looking like Heaven, I love when them jeans on
We rolling get your chick stolen
Stand up paper I can't even fold it
Old bread baby, my money be moldy
Every time I'm going down it's nothing but roses, yeah
I was just on the money, never was on hoes
I told shorty play her part like some corn rows
And maybe you could get a Neiman Marcus wardrobe
I'm talking tearing down the mall when the stores close


[Verse 2: Wale]
Dub A.L.E. you know I'm in the house
I'm going on whatever shorty point them bitches out
They love me up top, I'm important in the South
I could talk them into drinking and then talk them out of a blouse
Look, wild youngin, brown drinking and loud loving
Living in a moment shawty it's now or never
I'm in a 911, this shit is rented though
But how I'm whippin' this muthafucka you never know
Shout out my brother Meek, O Melly what it do?
We trying to find how many bitches could fit in the coupe
She addicted to bags, I'm addicted to shoes
You could buy em for me, he can buy em for you
Word. Wale Folarin
Young'un Supreme SB's, I'm a star in this muthafucka
Raw in this muthafucka, Vuitton a nigga's duffle
John Doe flow: got a car in this muthafucka
Woop! Park the Caddy in the living room
He ain't talking about no paper we don't listen to him
I try to love 'em in the physical not literal
After I'm a hit it gotta give a little nigga room!
A little space! I gotta breathe
We blew enough trees, you gotta leaf!
No Days Off, me and Meek
Young gunner, Rock Boys, double MG!


[Verse 3: Big Sean]
Man I like my drinks high, my lights low
And I'm stacking paper like trifolds
'Til my momma neighbors them white folks
'Til my account triple O, oh, triple o, oh
Man the bank teller thought it was a typo
I've got loose girls in tight clothes
Man, that dance floor look perfect
Only thing it's missing is Michael
Twerk that shit, berserk that shit
Finally Famous ho, I deserve that shit
Put syrup on top, I dessert that shit
Then afterwards I'm gone, I desert that shit
B.I.G. lil bitch!


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Meek Mill Take U Home Comments
  1. Ontayy Ri'Cardo

    ~Mood For 2020 🎶

  2. Dameatis Brown

    But can I get a dance?? Maybe a little loving slim... girl if I took u home🥺🥺that’s my favorite part

  3. NWSMG QuissyB.

    I'm still jamming in 2019 this in my top 10 favorite Meek songs! Lol I was like 17, 18 years old when I found out he was singing on the chorus he ate tf out this hoe!

    Nba Trell

    that’s sequence clark on the chorus.

    NWSMG QuissyB.

    @Nba Trell who?


    @NWSMG QuissyB. SeQuence Clark

    NWSMG QuissyB.

    @koolsweetchic ohh okay okay!

    Nba Trell

    NWSMG QuissyB. lol SeQuence Clark a guy from NC

  4. Dakota Mitchell

    Shout out SEQUENCE FOR THE CHOURS MY NIGGA NC ALL DAY 252 it's funny how meek didn't put dude name on the song wen the CHOURS makes the song the only part that I know anyway !

  5. Nany Cat

    I lost and re found this song 😩❤🔥 still fire 7 years later !!!

  6. Crystal

    Who sing the chorus are SeQuence Clark. You're welcome.

    Darius Cabell

    I wish had blew up... his song on be my self was lit

  7. flickchic238

    Haven't heard this in 7 years

  8. AsapChris89

    2019 anyone ? Man this shit still hard asf 🔥🔥🔥 classic shit

  9. Andrew Sterling

    2019 stand up

  10. AfroTech

    Whats the sample of this from?


    I Wonder If I Take You Home by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (Ft. Full Force)

  11. Rob Parks

    2019 still fiyah!

  12. Annelia Meriweather

    Lisa Lisa and cult jam is the original song he sampled from still a hit tho

  13. Rasta Coffman

    YOOOOO who still rocking in 2019!!!!!????

  14. Neno Sorrell

    Fuck that 2019 still🔥

  15. p money

    Still my shyt

  16. Jonton Soup xyz

    Had to come back just cuz he finally freed! 🔥

  17. The Team

    😶🙄 Girl I know you got a mannn and you so in looove with him but can I get a dance 👡🕵🏻‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Mabey a lil Loving

    Dakota Mitchell

    Shout out SEQUENCE !!!

  18. GudRapMusic 101

    It's 2017 and I'm STILL mad they cut Big Sean's verse shorter than the other 2.

  19. Mr. Heck

    Jordanne on the hook 👍

  20. Meechie Mon

    who sing the intro


    SeQuence Clark

    Dakota Mitchell


  21. Ram Do

    2017 Where yall at?????

    Muhammad Rivers

    Ram Do right here my guy!!!!!

  22. Future Fires Entertainment

    Really fire

  23. Orin Cottman

    is meek singing the hook?

    Muhammad Rivers

    Orin Cottman 😂😂😂😂😂


    SeQuence Clark

    Dakota Mitchell

    SEQUENCE !!!

  24. London Blynn

    This still go smack right now

    Ontayy Ri'Cardo

    Way 2 Lit Night Time Vibes

  25. marquis walton

    Still jamming in 2016


    marquis walton yep

  26. Kimberly Gallant

    18 haters mad they never took a bitch home ;)

    Muhammad Rivers

    Kimberly Gallant yooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Zach Wigboldy

    As a fan of FV, most fans are dick riders. Youre one of those fans

  28. Cameron Johnson

    Good beat, wale goes hard

  29. sbtv

    wale and big sean are fucking nothing compared to meek

  30. sbtv

    I got loose girls in tight clothes
    Track goes in!

  31. Titus Spencer

    This use to be the only mixtaped i listened to this summer...

  32. Juan Trejo

    whos singing ?o.O

    Mr. Heck

    Juan Trejo jordanne


    SeQuence Clark

  33. Savoy Santiago

    G.O.O.D. Music > MMG > YMCMB

  34. orvin williams

    Big Sean I DO IT

  35. HondaBoy1887

    I Fucks with This Beat Though.

  36. moe

    Funk Volume bitch what you know about that

  37. Daniel Estremera

    Cant really compare ; OF isnt as mainstream as the other two ...

  38. TheCharlie096

    Wale Kills it... His Lyrics are so DOPE !!!! MMG

  39. norman bayts

    dont quote me but i think its jeremih

  40. deezydeeefresh


  41. hobbies0310

    Who is singing the chorus?


    SeQuence Clark

  42. Kanaka Bradda

    "We blew enough trees you gotta leaf"
    That's how I feel when I be chonging out broads that don't wanna giv up action.

  43. Shanie G

    This is my freaking song yo. It is always stuck in my head.

  44. wesley dixon

    this my shit this song get stuck in my head

  45. Benjamin Marshall

    wale the shiet :D

  46. jamal smith

    you stupid go kill yo self

  47. YehonatanVaknin


  48. Andrew Ennis

    J-Cole and Meek Mill are both good rappers ? i think yes . so shut up and listen to the song .

  49. Miz Rah


  50. Jason Watts


  51. Adrian Rubio

    Is u RETARDED? This guy couldn't rap if his life depended on it LOL.
    MMG Lower than woka fucka

  52. Ak Homs

    lmao @dyore is deff in the line for hater of the year with silky johnson and pitbull

  53. Giancarlo Alvarado

    @dyore22 You sound like an ill hater. stfu. Taylor Gang and YMCMB are both good.

  54. Jordan StuhtMuffin

    Meek Mill and wale the realest rappers out there

  55. Tajay Heywood

    so mek still got more money than that aluminate nigga

  56. Dalton Yore

    Big Sean, Wale, all of Taylor gang, meek mill, fuck ymcmb

  57. shaun boyle

    MMG whoop whoop!!!

  58. Brandin Harvell

    brennan stfu you listen to "hit that cat daddy" your opinion on rap is am i hating when im a meek mill fan you fucking idiot, im stating the truth cole is lyrically better then meek and his flow is way better you idiot

  59. brennan pecora

    dude meek will kill your family and j cole stop hating bro

  60. Brandin Harvell

    your retarded..i fucks with meek but he will never be better then cole..point blank..cole was nominated for a grammy his first album..

  61. Dre Nelson

    you stupid he nowhere near better than Meek

  62. I LoVe PoP TaRtS

    No he ain't

  63. Brandin Harvell

    j.cole is better then the whole mmg doe no bullshit...

  64. Winston Edwards

    3 of the best rappers on one track

  65. brandon campbell

    .....u funny

  66. TMARIE

    This should be a single! I fuckin love this song

  67. Champiommm


  68. jesus torres

    same shit basically

  69. Lexus Jackson

    whats tde ?

  70. shay graham

    Wale did his thing!!! S/0 out to the DMV!!! BIG SEAN DID HIS THING ALSO !!! D TOWN!!!

  71. Jay Philips


  72. Stevextate

    Don't compare Cole & Meek Mill -____-

  73. Jordan Sandhu

    Best part - "M - M - G"

  74. Justice Mogga


  75. Champiommm

    Kendrick IS better but Drake ain't fucking garbage. YMCMB is garbage

  76. jesus torres

    how you goin say drake has the same good flow as Kendrick, get outta here kid
    drake is garbage

  77. OBEY GEO


  78. LondaLove YouSo

    who did the hook


    SeQuence Clark

  79. Tri-Town Odd Jobs

    all three did the same chorus, just dont phunk with my heart is the voice they used just in a different tone, and the beat and lyrics originated from "I wonder if i take you home"

  80. syed mehdi

    I think the stupid one is the one who cant spell or read

  81. Tom Padgett

    Meek and MMG brought out the best of wale....he used to be some shiiiiiit

  82. Ray Chargle

    THIS IS IT! Someone get this guy famous!!!!!

  83. Grizzy Ventura

    Your fucking stupid as hell "J cole is pop " omfg you needa be slapped dont bring him up unless its positive

  84. jdmrican94

    J.Cole is Poop...

  85. Jordan

    wale killed this shit .

  86. Jordan

    i wrote that on the other song , My niqqa

  87. Stevextate

    On the dance floor I look perfect, only thing that missing is micheal :'(

  88. Mykal Andre


  89. kjjjjjjjjj

    fuck j cole's i wish i knew how to rap lookin ass

  90. jskillz909

    they got the hook from black eyed peas - dont phunk with my heart

  91. InYerMouth247

    I thought it was him. Sounds cool as hell to me

  92. Adrian Rubio

    You ain't have the balls to say that after listening to a j cole verse son.

  93. Adrian Rubio

    1 J Cole song get more listen than this kids whole career.

  94. Kinzetta Harris

    too the person who said jcole is better than meek mill.... KILL YOSELF!