Meek Mill - Str8 Like That Lyrics

We just too turnt up
Turn up to the max
We be gettin to it
Do it straight like that

[Hook: x2]
We do it str8 like that, get money str8 like that
We run it str8 like that, who want it str8 like that?

[Bridge: x2]
We just too turnt up
Turn up to the max
We be gettin to it
Do it straight like that

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
DJ turn me up! Please don't turn me down
These niggas ain't hear me then, these niggas gonna hear me now
I got bad hoes in my section, these niggas wanna burn me down
So I'm gon' make it sparkle, tell the waiter come serve me now
Just Ciroc bottles and top models, all real niggas that pop bottles
I pulled up and I drop-topped, and my bad bitch just popped out
And like Alakazam! This shit way out of my hands!
And I'm with black card shawty, vroom-vroom jumpin out of that Lamb
Well damn, it's YSL in my shirt, fly as hell off Earth
Y'all niggas smoking on dirt, I'm on probation poppin on Perc
We sippin that lean, the fuck y'all mean
My money so long and my bitch so mean
We smokin on strong and I'm with my team
And We turned up, got your bitch tryna fuck

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
All I do is turn up, I'm about to show y'all
Early bird get the worm, I'm up way before y'all
I don't even know y'all, riding with the doors off
Fuck her on the lean, then I fucking doze off!
The dope man is my role model, I had a TV on top of my floor model
That bitch would show, fiends used to smoke dope out the antenna
Closet full of amphibians, aim at it and hit it
Difference between me and your girl: my girl, ass thicker
Life sentence my trunk, real niggas respect it
Dumb charm on my necklace, stupid watch on my left wrist
I ain't have a lot so I brag a lot, when I got a lot, I pop a lot
I bought a drop, bought some pussy, get head in the parking lot
My rhyme style's unorthodox, my weed stank no Tic-Tac
Asking me where I get that, Gucci sat on my flip flap!
Paint job cost 10 stacks, rims cost me another ten
So tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Straight like that nigga, straight like that
No birthday get cake like that
And I ball hard niggas hate like that
Cause I drop that work, come straight right back like whoa
I peeled off in the Bent, came straight right back in a Rolls
Peeled off with ya bitch, came straight right back with y'all
Nigga we share that bitch, 10 big chains I don't wear that shit
Big Glock 9, I air that shit
And a big V12, I steer that shit like skurrrt
And they be like word, I'm with a bad bitch, but I wouldn't wife her
My neck all froze and my wrist like burr
And my shit so cold, I'm a need a light fur
We turned up to the max, turned up on them racks
Got shorty all on that pole and she gon turn up for these stacks
Cause I'm ballin, like Spalding
My wrist flooded, New Orleans
And I'm shittin on 'em, no toilet
And no referee, I called it

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]

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Meek Mill Str8 Like That Comments
  1. TheHorrorBoy

    Still fire 🔥

    Its me DIOO!!

    Facts, this track underrated

  2. Kush PandXO

    And y’all think this dude trash and think gay god is better(drake) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Shawn Wilson

    Dj turn me up

  4. Frylock Jacques

    I pause in between every verse cause I'm str8 like that

  5. Timeless MG

    2019 anyone?😂 2chainz really Murdered This shit dawg. The lyrics got stuck in my head when I first heard this song.

  6. Diarmid Thomson

    Meeks flow in the 3rd verse is crazy

  7. ojjuice man

    "Fiends use to smoke dope off the antina" Hahaha my friends dad told me back in the day he would rip the car antina off and use it to smoke Crack if you where in a bad neighborhood they will take them off to prevent them from getting jacked. Now a days its good I'm chore boi and pipes

  8. Marvin Herring

    Still my shit hard ass Track!!

  9. Ray Balderas

    free meeek

  10. The Fulton Family

    Who still listen to this in 2k17

  11. Dan H

    2 chainz verse was monstrous how can everyone act like this shits normal. So tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend

  12. Justin Frazier

    Two 16s. I played it straight like that

  13. Colin cloud

    DJ turn me up.... plz don't turn me down!!!!☝☝☝☝☝☝


    fucking nigga


    fucking niggaa

  16. sir snow

    lmfao at all you nigas... smh at this fuckery

    alex amico

    +sir snow slow sir relax you fucking troll loll

  17. helgesenb

    Awesome album from Meek fucking love it !!!

  18. christian benjamin

    this was tha hardest mixtape of its year respectively

    DC Highlights

    Nooo DC2 wayyyy better than DC3


    @ThePhillysports4ever Absolutely not. DC3 had waaaay better beats, and more variety. Like Make me, Lil Snupe, the outro...Man I could go on and on for days if I really wanted to.

    DC2 had flexin that was fire, A1 was flames than a mf. But DC3 better imo

    Dominique gray

    chris benjamin dude it was!!!!! This whole album just fucking is amazing I agree 100. I just like remembered this album and now I'm just jammin haha anyone who says anything hatful on meek needs to listen to his mixtapes haha and titi boi kills this song haha

    Diarmid Thomson

    Greatest tape of all time

    Frylock Jacques

    Best DC too

  19. Justyn Mikowski

    This came out in 2012. 2009' , 2010' shit my ass damn lmaoo

  20. Shavell Sales

    man you are cool like how do you do it

    Cullen Clapp

    @Shavell Sales Thanks man.

    Bigg Foh

    @Shavell Sales str8 like dat? we jus to turned up!!!

    Cullen Clapp

    @Bigg Foh haha yeah boss u know whats good!

  21. Mirco Beyer

    still awesome!!

  22. Feacha

    Consider me for beats like this one! I've worked with Louie V before too! Fire!

  23. Wayyy_UP

    This shit still go in

  24. Don Thrilla

    Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish much. In any relationship, they are the applause that refreshes

  25. MoodyShoot Blanks


  26. ToxicFalcon2

    Damn 2010 type shit right here


    who sing this chorus?
    louie v?

  28. Xperienced Virgin

    2 chainz IS THE MY BOY

    Frylock Jacques



    ofc 2 chainz rocks!!!

  30. Jdesroyer

    2 chainz is awful but did kill it in this song

  31. Chukwudi Obidinma


    Frylock Jacques

    Real nigga aspirations

  32. dre davis

    this that party hype shit

  33. adhurim sulejmani

    meek mill kill it

  34. bobbey smith


  35. massavetrav

    means you got buncha work in your trunk, weapons any thing like dat, str8 like dat!

  36. ——-chaser418-—— -iChaseYTdown-

    they both killed this shyytttttttttt

  37. Andrew Gutierez

    this is the only song he killed cause its with meek mill so he had to step it up

  38. TrueG404

    2 chainz killed it, his verse was just plain retarded

  39. Blaine Sickels

    TIL that tell a friend rhymes with tell a friend and that also rhymes with tell a friend which also rhymes with tell a friend...

  40. Jay Hey

    Chainz killed this shit fuckahater

    Wayyy _UP

    sliiiiick :)

  41. Jdesroyer

    altho 2 chainzz can be awful sometimes

  42. nick fo

    why the fuck is there no video for this banger?

  43. Skymind GT

    is there an English version?

  44. Trapped

    Gangsta gangstaa we runnin like that turnt up ...Philly fly boy represent

  45. Kirk B


  46. Shoota5k

    You A Bitch @ likeOMGitsUNLTD @DHGxGearsChannel

  47. Mirko Gjeka

    Meek Mill´s th ebst rapper in this song !

    2chainz sounds like shit in here, his text doesn´t even fit to the beats -.-

  48. Plasma_Creations

    volume is too low

  49. Scootis McPootis

    he's decent

  50. Who Fed Vlad

    no i dont like 2 chainz , most of the time his raps dont sound right

  51. BulletproofRec0rdz

    Why does Meek Mill use so much Autotune in this Song :/ ?

  52. diamond

    i dont care about who is popular, i don't listen to popularity, if you don't realize there is rarely common ground between talent and popularity in rap, then you are clueless. shut the fuck up.

  53. Michelle Noriega

    omg lOve it

  54. Amir Smith


  55. Maxime LECORDIER

    I dont fuck top models but I keep poppin bottles to bring them to me
    ... Nevertheless, Im still keepin fuckin fuckin badass bicthes wit ugly faces, but I STILL KEP IT STRAIGHT LIKE THAT

  56. phantombread

    2 chainz is a fucking joke.

    Young O.G

    phantombread how Bout now

    Frylock Jacques

    His rhyme style unorthodox it's a quite common misconception


    Im not black

    Gav Bull

    YOUNGHUGSVLOGS me neither

  58. stuart greenfield


  59. Netrouse T

    Nize nize

  60. TheNikesz

    instrumental download (no remake) ??

  61. beani dread

    HARDD!!!! Check my page out

  62. Dakray Jr.

    v_v ................

  63. Lanell Johnson


  64. PhobiaBreh

    Life sentence in my trunk

  65. TheRealRiddla

    Str8 like that!!!!!

  66. adam pavnjhg


  67. adam pavnjhg

    nase hymna more!!!! _DD

  68. Orbitman2099

    summmerrrrrr anthemmmmm

  69. Spandex Whale

    holy fuck you're so white

  70. Ichigooo11

    cool song yeah. yo nigga :P

  71. ZuKo

    What the fuck lmao white kid hella lmao

  72. 06tbss_


  73. KaneDaGr8

    it was English his grammar was just incorrect

  74. Abdullah Alamri

    if you thought it was SRT8... gimme a like

  75. Christopher Guadez

    Get money haters!

  76. Rondo069

    that was english dummy

  77. BuDmAn6009

    i just got a rusty trombone

  78. allajah morin


  79. andrew corbett

    We do it Straitt like thatttt, Get money straitt like thatt, We runn it Strait like thattt, Who want itt? Straitt like thattt.

    #Bossed you niggas
    #Deja Vu

  80. 06tbss_

    please, speak english
    thank you :)

  81. Whiterushmediaproductions

    ou shit a fucking punch in the face is this song!!!!!! BOSS

  82. gzim


  83. iAmStarrThaRapper

    All I do is turn up, I'm about to show y'all Early bird get the worm, I'm up way before y'all I don't even know y'all, riding with the doors off Fuck her on the lean, then I fucking doze off!

  84. ialsowantyourballs

    Meek Mill so dope!

  85. Anyee Reese

    song it hot

  86. Frank Russell

    Shut up dont correct me blud

  87. SunnyJay649


  88. JRNDSYolo

    why 2 chainz why :O

  89. Frank Russell

    Best song in the album

  90. ThatGoodLV


    best fucking mixtape i've ever heard!

  91. gamezone445

    @Mattsohorny thanks man but if i want to get YouTube popular i'll use YTPOPULAR(.)COM

  92. SMBShippuden4

    Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend!!!!

  93. Ayden Edmundson

    is it just me or does this song remind u of turnt up?

  94. Mixitrion

    Joe Santagato!

  95. lovelockeddown480

    he was talking about how much money jodan has gosh keep your hater comments to yourself bra

  96. Tucker Hall

    O RELLY??

  97. john doe

    lol you dumb

  98. 123curtis4

    Lame nigga be quiet..