Meat Loaf - Standing On The Outside Lyrics

I ain't livin' here no more
I ain't even keepin' score
It's too late to change, it's over
I'm drowned in a sea of tears

Nothin' I can say to you makes any difference
There ain't nothin' I can do
None of it's makin' sense

Standing on the outside
Lookin' in at you
Standing on the outside
I'm running out of time

I'm so tired of being alone
In a world that feels so cold
There's got to be a light that I can find
There's got to be a soul somewhere that shines for me

Now I don't want to live without love anymore
I just wanna live my life
Love's gonna open up the door
Show me it's light again


Nothin' I can say to you makes any difference
There ain't nothin' I can do
None of it's makin' sense


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Meat Loaf Standing On The Outside Comments
  1. Billie Sims

    Miami vice Forgive our debt


    Exactly how I feel

  3. Sean Metro

    MIAMI VICE drove me here....

  4. a b

    30 years and still amazing

  5. Miller Heileife

    He looks the barrell dead
    Leans to the hood of the 240z
    Does his cross
    Accepts his fate

  6. mkl62

    This hit from Meat Loaf was heard on the Miami Vice episode, Forgive Us Our Debts, which aired on December 12, 1986. Miami Vice was one of my favorite shows. It was the first to combine MTV with police action drama.

  7. arthurspooner

    we're all here because of the superb miami vice episode "forgive us our debts".

  8. Sergio Melis

    fantastic song, I remember all the scene of the episode where this song was, one of the most beautiful scenes of all miami vice series, greath athmosfere, very guessed song by meatloaf

  9. rich allen

    Best song on the Blind before I stop album IMO.

  10. Julien Brene


  11. Leigh Burne

    Surely one of the best episodes Vice ever did. Such a crushing, unexpected ending.

  12. einsqad

    i wish if i could go back to that same age and experience the same miami vice feeling again.

    Mac try ario Velasco flores

    einsqad se

    Sonny Crockett

    Same here,pal.


    Getting an 80's convertible and slowly cruising down city streets at night while blasting some synth tunes might not be a perfect recreation, but it's good enough for me.

  13. Dewayne White

    Miami vice was the the show every Friday couldn't wait until Friday that's how bad this show was and I watch it til this day in time love it never tired of watching Miami vice awesome show along with new York undercover both produced by Dick Wolf

  14. Trub1n

    Miami Vice, Season 3 episode 11 Forgive us our debts.

  15. Ďêvőň Čľåşh

    perdona nuestras ofensas in spanish for me the bettet chapter and episode of miami vice only staying the remembers

  16. 5eurocups2005

    Every man should have a chance at love.

    Miami Vice :)


    Best episode, I thought at first they show how cruel death penality is, but then bam!

  17. MrGaryo78

    In 1986 this song was played a starring role in a Miami Vice episode, an outstanding story line in the episode with this song was just amazing!!!


    Agreed. I just rewatched the other day the episode and it is haunting. I have been remembering this episode since the 80's and trying to find the song, it stuck with me . Ah sweet Netflix, Shazam and Internet :0


    @labeep Yes, it really meshes well with the story line of that episode.


    I've just watched that Miami Vice episode from 1986 via DVD. The song is certainly a powerful piece to compliment the story line.


    Miami Vice, Season 3 episode 11 Forgive us our debts. 

  18. Roberto Santo Perina

    Bellissima !

  19. Galadín Nimcelithil

    Forgive Us Our Debts. ;_;

  20. bsklasika

    very powerful song especially in movies. in Miami Vice it was one of the greatest moments that this song created.

  21. marcelo suarez

    miami vice!!!!!!! fantastic!!

  22. Денис Архипов

    The song which help me all years in army. Very best. Love this song.

  23. sundet81

    Written by Richard Page and Steve George of Mr. Mister. Their demo is out there somewhere and sounds amazing too. I think it took a Meat Loaf to copy Page's vocals. What a voice.


    Can you share the link please?

  24. manny ramiz

    This song was played throughout one of the best ever Miami Vice episodes. For those who haven't seen it... Find it and watch..!

  25. lisa McGregor


  26. minerva2kutube


  27. 100klecha

    Forgive Us Our Debts episode !!!

  28. Em Es Em 92

    God I love the intro to this song so 80's omg

  29. Ninja VS

    There ain't nothin' I can doooo... but screeeeeeeam like a woman!!
    There ain't nothin' I can doooo... but hooooowwwwll like a pussyman!!!

    annie staes


  30. martjon2

    to the uploader this is an awesome song but i have to point out that this track came from the Blind before i stop album not Bad Attitude fantastic song and i'm one hell of a meat fan

    Jack Callister

    yes i noticed that

  31. Gert Rijks

    to bad there's no video of it because it's one of the best ballads ever

  32. t3r080

    MIAMI VICE!!! :)

  33. bumbo612


  34. GONZOUncleBionic

    The best Meat Loaf song ever. One of the best songs ever created.

  35. aivar edala

    the best song

  36. ekostros eko

    ! - best song ever - !