Meat Loaf - Running Away From Me Lyrics

I swallowed the end of the world with my problems
Thought maybe a girl could solve 'em
Don't let anyone in
I'm stuck with these sins
I'm hoping maybe time can absolve 'em
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed to run free
Well that's all through
Thought I was runnin' from you
Turns out I was runnin' from me
La, La, La La, La, La
Runnin' away from me
La, La, La La, La, La
Runnin' from me
There's a girl who lives on my street
She said the flowers take care of the bees
She says she'll bring me a shore
Cause Daddy's at war
She's gonna take care of me
If history is violence and sex
I'd rather not pay my respects
If I've caused offense
I'm just trying to talk sense
Forgive me if I'm too direct
Or politically incorrect
La, La, La La, La, La
Runnin' away from me
La, La, La La, La, La
Runnin' away from me
Turns out I was runnin' from me
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed room to breathe
I said I needed to run free
All that's through
Thought I was runnin' from you
Turns out I was runnin' from me
Turns out I was runnin' from me
La, La, La La, La, La
Runnin' away from me
La, La, La La, La, La
Runnin' away from me
Runnin' away from me
Runnin' away from me
Runnin' away from me
Runnin' away from me

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Meat Loaf Running Away From Me Comments
  1. Nathan Gallion

    Fun fact: This song was written by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.

  2. E.P. R. Bowe


  3. The One and Only KC

    The power of Mr Meatloaf's voice  is incredible. Cant believe this was 7 years ago.

  4. Harry McCormack


  5. Lisa Pressey

    The letter is from Meat Loaf Aday to Pete Rossi and I added the looser comment

  6. Lisa Pressey

    To Pete Rossi
    Peat Loaf AKA Pete Rossi is the UK's Official Number one Meat Loaf Tribute Act Awarded by The Agents Association of Great Britain. More details will follow

    Winner of The National Tribute Awards 2013


    Dean Torkingtgon is a looser

  7. ADQAutomotive

    Where the f**k do you get your information from? Fail!

  8. George Gleixner

    No its not. DEAN TORKINGTON is the name of a Meatloaf impersonator

  9. KazoosAreHardcore

    i want to cry at the thought this will never be recorded in it's original format by jon. easily my favorite rare switchfoot song. oh well, this is a pretty awesome cover. no hate. just bummed.

  10. Hardcore Bunny

    @thebatstrikesback That goes for the Western market, but in truth lets face it the UK love Meat Loaf and love his records more than any other market. I believe its because their a more major as a market place. Meat Loaf may have varying styles but he still rocks. I say in regards to critics listen to them, but don't follow them because critics if you do take what they say to heart all the time you'll miss out on some good shit, "Ghostbusters" a great example. So shut up and leave me to my HCTB.

  11. JesterOfJesters

    Who the hell is Dean Torkington??? I can honestly say I have never heard his name until reading these posts...

  12. Hardcore Bunny

    @Saint670 You obviously don't notice that Meat Loaf is trying new things with his albumns. You're not going to get a Bat Out Of Hell in everything he does, but you curtainly can't say this albumn sucks because of the spark in his voice in this one, and I know those who love this album believe me when I say Meat Loaf is a fantastic singer and performer.

  13. Dean Torkington


  14. s.flo

    just brillianr meat delivered once again and as for the tribute guy get over it you go all over youtube slagging him off but at the the end of the day it is his image and on stage persona that you make your living ---- perhaps you should stop wingen accept that you are not as good as himself and get over it at the end of the day I have seen your act for fun and it is a poor show compared so therefore he is at least doing a better job than you let him be and get off youtube PLEASEEEEE

  15. Dean Torkington

    @MeatloafTribute1 hey this is sarasmitre1 saying that i was just kidding around. I know things got extreme but it was all in fun. Nothing against you. just apologizing.

    All the best,

  16. Dean

    @RogerTQ my comments havnt been banned, I removed them as I am ashamed that I rose to the constant taunting of a few individuals who think I should respect Meat Loaf. I apologise for my language on here and thats why i deleted my comments. I used to like the guy but having been threatened by him and his manager for numerous so called breaches of copyright ie my website, my tour vehicle, my youtube videos, etc i apologise if my defense was a little OTT , I LIKE MOST AM UNDER PRESSURE!

  17. RogerTQ

    @mario1921ful And saying this with caps locked won´t make the truth.
    The truth is that your Dean is making money with the brand that some other guy is working hard for over the years. All my comments showed Respect but they are critical and he pissed me off of his website calling me a jerk (all this with caps locked) this is not my standard and again it shows how weak he is in his position. Just look how many comments of him are banned. He need some education in dealing with critics.

  18. RogerTQ

    @DrMetuza I am totaly on your side!


    @DrMetuza i dont like leather suits!


    @DrMetuza my website is nothing like Meats! wtf are you talking about clown! i tribute the songs of jim steinman , remember him, meatts so called best friend who he was sueing for 45 million dollars , thats the kind of guy your defending!!! in meats 3 bats film he said he has acted like an arsehole! over the years, well at least he is on the way to recovery . He says he is trying to be a nice person! you dont know the half of it so keep your miinformed opinion and stick it up your ass!


    @DrMetuza Hey whatever you say , many on here says HCTB SUCKS! Are they deluded??? Many people have left stunning reviews on my album are they nutcases lol Respected music critics gave our album 8 stars in the biggest rock magazine in the world CLSSIC ROCK MAGAZINE! Is this pro critic deluded , or a nut case. The only deluded people here are the psychophants like yourself who wont recognise That Meats last great album was BAT 2 ! The rest since pale into insignificance like yourself!!


    @TheIowaContact totally agree with you on that one chsib myself!!


    @Saint670 you want an album that keeps true to steinman ??? check my channel, songs that are crafted!!

  24. sweetscatlady

    @DrMetuza Yes Meat Loaf is a way way better and Hang Cool Teddy Bear is way better than switchfoot[who ever they are.] Long live Meat Loaf ...

  25. Beahler

    everything but the chorus blows

  26. carolsomerset

    are you all deaf or something this album is great meatloaf is the best and a true artist grows yes his older stuff are classics but he took a different direction and i think it works bcoz he will neva be a has been well done meat for a great new album and trying something new thats wat makes u a gr artsist not bieng afriad of trying different things

  27. Wabin22

    Too bad, its a very good song. leave me your mail adress and I can send it to you

  28. FilmRangers


    ok, so you are good at impersonating meat loaf right? I'm not going to make out like you're not because you are. But if you got three reviews from respected critics saying you were aweful and that you didn't sound like him, even after I've heard you and know you do sound like him... you still hold the same view?

  29. FilmRangers

    @DrMetuza the best part is... he actually thinks meat loaf took down a video he did out of jealousy... because his album nobody had heard of was more "positively recieved" than Hang Cool Teddy Bear... he does have a delusion, and a massive ego

  30. Acey Lawless

    I want the Prize Lover Fighter track but I can't get it since I am in the US, thats not fair LOL...I at least wish I could hear it, but i can't find it anywhere....

  31. Krussk919

    well ... i think its not as good as his other albums like "bat out of hell 1-3" but still better than lady gaga's stuff or those other songs in the charts

  32. MeatLoafFanRay

    @DrMetuza I agree with you 100%

  33. FilmRangers

    @thebatstrikesback Wait, so because he had three bad reviews, that automatically makes him bad?

    The only think I will say about Pure Meat Loaf is, he sounds too much like the older more tired voice of meat loaf (live of course) which I will admit isn't that great but he does SOUND like him.

  34. RogerTQ

    @thebatstrikesback and.... no need to call me jerk that shows how weak u are in your opinion!

  35. RogerTQ

    @thebatstrikesback Thats just a copy! It is good and he did what he does good but he should not offend his master!!


    @TheIowaContact TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Check out my friend jim steimen style songs on my channel

  37. Dave Wayne

    @ollie241189 its shite,

  38. chasingtherisingsun

    Very interesting sound. Somehow the verses lyrics go pretty well with the music in the verses, and the la la's in the chorus go well with that music, but the two kind of seem like different songs. As in the transition is kinda strange. But overall very interesting nonetheless.
    And I guess I'm not surprised that Meat Loaf would leave out the lyrics that involve Christ and God that Jon had in his original version :P

  39. FilmRangers

    @RogerTQ THANK YOU for saying that to him!

    He is probably the biggest ego maniac I've seen on "TEH INTERWEBZ" he also has the front to critisize Pure Meatloaf, saying that he's bad when he actually sounds even more like the real man then him.

  40. thisholidaygirl


  41. RogerTQ

    @MeatloafTribute1 you make money with his music. First get your own direction before you adjudge the REAL MEAT LOAF.

  42. RogerTQ

    @TheIowaContact Your opinion. But just your opinion. I like it.

  43. RogerTQ

    He just brought his sound and style to the new decade. Great Album and I hope he would never ever stop making Music like this!

  44. Dean

    lost his direction! my album is THE BAT STRIKES BACK , KEEPING TRUE TO BAT 1 AND 2!

  45. Borivoje Stosic

    Love it

  46. Rolf Orwar Strid

    Got the album yesterday from my dad, really awsome. This was instantly my favourite song on the album, Meat Loaf rocks! <3

  47. suuzeltje

    and one of the top songs on the album!

  48. Daniel Robl

    thx for uploading the new album!!!

  49. ollie241189

    The best fucking album I've heard for a long time!!!!!!