Meat Loaf - Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul Lyrics

Whatever happened to Saturday Night
When you dressed up sharp and you felt alright
It don't seem the same since cosmic light
Came into my life, I thought I was divine
I used to drive around with a chick who'd go
Listen to the music on the radio
A saxaphone was blowing on a rock 'n' roll show
You climbed in the back seat
Really had a good time

Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll

My head used to swim from the perfume I smelt
My hand's kinda fumbled with her white plastic belt
I'd taste her baby pink lipstick and that's when I'd melt
She'd whisper in my ear tonight she really was mine
Get back in front put some hair-oil on
Buddy Holly was singing his very last song
With your arms around you girl you try to sing along
You felt pretty good
Really had a good time

Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I really love that Rock and Roll

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Meat Loaf Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul Comments
  1. Jackoo Grayhan

    I love that party guest's 0.0 expression!

  2. LukaANDkrusty

    This is noise in narrative form. I like it.

  3. stainless steel pan

    Tim Curry LITERALLY slays

  4. stainless steel pan

    After watching it the first time today I didn’t pick up much but after listening to the soundtrack multiple time (today) and watching all the musical scenes (today) everything makes so much more sense.

  5. Loke Laufeyson

    Remove the mic from the tin can

  6. ora_ora_no_subirse_de_a_dos _

    Versión subtitulada al español:

  7. ♐BRILL 39327

    Eddie and Columbia are one of the coolest couples in film history. Such a tragic romance.

  8. Robert Budlong

    Meatloaf really did steal the show.

  9. Blair Bart II

    Adam Lambert is better.

  10. Jessica Wolcott

    I haven’t seen this movie in 12 years and it’s the best movie to me

  11. Tati Acquario

    I have always loved the look Eddie gives Janet the moment he puts his eyes on her

  12. William Schutz



  13. Heisenberg

    Eddie has left the building

  14. alan murphy

    He make a meat loaf out if him

  15. Matt McCue

    The 80's wishes they did as much blow as the 70's

  16. William Darkhölme

    5 years from now it will be the 50th anniversary of the day we come up to the lab and see what's on the slab.

  17. telepylus111

    meatloaf is a vegan

  18. hobbicles28

    Meat Loaf. Fuck yeah!

  19. HilbillyHomeboy

    This. Is. Hot. Trash. Delete this

  20. Marzan

    Little Nell and Eddie should got the fuck out of there!

  21. Kris Keller

    One from the vaults...

  22. mountain tiger

    Meatloaf had been told not to bother singing the whole song because until then nobody had been able too but he nailed it anyway.

  23. The Spectre of Boredom

    Why, Frank? Why?

  24. degenerate boi

    Poor Eddie. Literally under 4 minuets of screen time before he's axed to death

  25. Mathew Tallman

    Adam Lambert version way better

  26. Reuel Lucas

    Oh, Frank, dear, stop picking at your meatloaf. It’s getting cold...

  27. Ian Rae

    Meatloaf, a singer that comes a close second to the late, great Freddy Mercury!

  28. EditorOfSL

    Meatloaf was perfect for this role!

  29. Sophie Hanssel

    Brian May brought me here

  30. Damien Kennedy

    It’s just meatloaf then he dies. Deal with it.

  31. David Mosteller

    I heard later they had Meatloaf for dinner.

  32. Ryan SLADEEE

    There is something iconic about that look that Tim Curry gives about 38 seconds in. You can already tell that he wanted nothing to do with Eddie anymore.

  33. Jamie Wish

    Hot patootie this is the greatest comments section of all time

  34. oxyninjassassin

    Who the hell wrote the script for this movie....and can i buy drugs from you...

  35. Nina Ray

    Will forever love Meatloaf... Will never forget this part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the movies that I went to see every Friday nite for over a month or more...

  36. Deadhorse1

    When I saw this movie as a kid I promised my self before I died I would get a girl like Columbia and a WWII Harley WLA...
    I have. 😉

  37. The 1980s man

    Did frank kill Eddie cause Rocky started to dance and Rocky didn’t like Frank

  38. Michael Barclay

    This was the entertainment portion before the served the Meatloaf.

  39. T E R E N C E M C K E N N A B I T C H

    My best friend in 8th grade introduced me to this great movie, he use to dress up as Frank and we even danced at school to "Time Warp". Thanks to him!

  40. Bobby Powell

    What a guy
    Makes you cry
    And I did.

  41. Bobby Powell

    From the day he was born, he was trouble

  42. MacDougalPuppy

    1:27 EAT! SHIT! AND! DIE!

  43. Random Stuff In Oregon

    I always find it sad how he's finally out of the freezer for just a couple minutes, and then immediately killed.

  44. Some guy Named God

    As much as I love him I can’t unsee meatloaf with Columbia

  45. ChiliConQueso

    Perhaps the original Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

  46. Doctor F.

    That’s him, that’s the motor meat man

  47. Bill Bateman

    I am told the A) Meatloaf almost didn't do the film, and B) he was th only one who could get the lyrics right. The directors said the other cast couldn't do it and just made "rock noses". Triva.Humm

  48. ChimneyMan27

    Wish that bitch would shut up

  49. 02chevyguy

    YIKES! 2:14 Frank is pissed!

  50. Elizabeth Hillman

    Meat Loaf was GOAT in this film. Completely upstaged Frank-Furter 🥰

  51. Kaycee Whitham


  52. midnight angel

    God damn Columbia is super duper cute

  53. Philip Young

    That’s how Meatloaf is. He is loved everywhere.

  54. Shontae Wyatt

    I have two a letter word.


  55. Mark Mcauliffe

    Some boy. Love this movie still.

  56. Jack Furmanek

    At live showings near me, we sing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light!" when Eddie first breaks out of the freezer, then chant "His name is Robert Paulson" as Frank kills him. Who would've ever though such a talented musician would have such memorable acting roles that you can find such unique aspects from his career and jab them in when you see this film

  57. notsusan

    See this is why after you steal half your delivery boy's brain and throw his body in the freezer, you shouldn't put his motorcycle in there with him. Or really, your axes, that must have been dreadfully cold on Frank's hands while he was murdering Eddie.

  58. Brad Brown

    I heard Meatloaf got to be Eddie, because he could get the entire song in the allotted time.

  59. Matthew Pritt

    “Ok Eddie you can become the center of attention you can sing an entire song but make rocky dance and now I’ve had it”

  60. Andy Ussery

    What's for Dinner?

  61. AnimatorSpeedy

    A girl played Eddie in my school’s production of Rocky Horror and if I didn’t already know I was bi I would have figured it out during this number.

  62. Robert O’Halloran

    Next meal on the menu: meatloaf

  63. TBALLZ_973


  64. JONNSS Innes


  65. SmidBeach

    It just occurred to me that he's driving mighty slow to be able to break down a wall!

  66. Ditch-11

    Well… that happened.

  67. Richard Johnson

    makes me want to watch my blue ray

  68. Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO

    Meatloaf had a great ass

  69. Sebsabbath

    My girlfriend show me the movie for a year ago.... and holy shit I really love this movie!!!

  70. Michael Rampersant

    He’s working that saxophone though

  71. 4thcoming

    Meatloaf became meatloaf!!!

  72. Annamae Feldmeth

    I love meatloaf ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Dave Greenwood

    This film is immoral and wrong

    Howard Pearcey


  74. Calliope •_•

    If this is Eddie on half a brain just imagine what he could do with a complete one

  75. Anthony Scully

    did steinman write any of the songs?

  76. Ronnie Frutschi

    Funny , watch a documentary on Rocky Horror. Meatloafs agent suggested this, he walked onto the set saw guys dressed in fishnets and was about to leave

  77. Anne Tahunanui

    This was before my time but that mustve been a great era . This movie would've been ground breaking too

  78. ridor9th

    is it me that I always thought the taller dude with a group of spectators above the floor was Howard Stern?

  79. LukaANDkrusty

    This fucking film lmao

  80. Awesome Sauce!

    Love/Hate 💪

  81. Joe Schmoe

    I feel dumb but who plays Eddie

    regina george


    Joe Schmoe

    @regina george ok that's what I thought

  82. senateboy0909

    Frank is everyone who wants to be the center of attention but is outclassed by some one else.

  83. Filby

    God, that little walk Eddie does at 1:30 makes me melt. Eddie is Fat Queer Man Goals.

  84. George Donnelly

    Basically Meat Loaf stole the show

  85. Wayne S

    Great video, but YouTube forced me to watch 15 seconds of Elizabeth Warren beforehand. Another left-leaning tech giant.

  86. The Dark One784

    Meatloaf killed it in this scene. I guess you can say “it was a mercy killing.”

  87. Tyler Wedell

    lmao rocky is dancing to Meatloafs song and Frank gets pissed

  88. Picnicl

    Aside from the Adam and Eve/Frankenstein etc allusions, in part, the movie seems to deliberately represent illogical (or at least overblown) European anti-Americanism for implicitly unusual effect. The Transylvanians are, of course, European. They are shown as somewhat 'chattering classes' and the vast majority of them, ironically, have nothing to say in the movie. Eddie is killed for, presumably, being an American South biker with too much supposedly 'unrefined' passion. Brad and Janet are at risk for being the 'American as apple pie' virginal (also perhaps largely South of America) type. Europe represents sex, represents an 'old' continent with old money and original gothic architecture that's 'been around the block'. America represents 'jumped up kinda' goths - bikers in effect - and religious prudence.

  89. ArtsyBug14

    I love this version better, John Stamos butchered it

  90. Alxking Reyes

    why do they put people who can't sing in musicals like the butler or eddie and even frank Furter

  91. EconMan

    Magenta is hot!

  92. mythra 717

    No one can sing this song like The Meat.

  93. *_Megarino _*

    Frank killed him because rocky was beginning to like him!

  94. Blair Bart II

    This is bland and boring compared to Adam Lambert's version

  95. Blair Bart II

    Adam Lambert did it better.

  96. cubsfan 154e56544

    My favourite song from this

  97. WhiteSwarm


  98. Sibylle Freytag