Meat Loaf - Going All The Way Is Just The Start (Radio Edit) Lyrics

Sometimes it's the night, and the way it seems to cry
And whisper terrifying secrets in your ear
Sometimes it's the day, and the sun has got no mercy
Lighting up and burning everything that's in its way
There are times I got to run
Times I gotta hide
Things I've left undone
Things I've cast aside
So many things to try
So many things denied
If I ever tell you the truth I swear you'll need me
I need the proof that you would believe me

You think I fly like an angel without any tears
Higher and higher above the world and all its fears
We always seems so much braver than we ever are
We always dream we seem braver but we never are
Let's run away, let's go so far

There are secrets I never can tell
There are shadows of Darkness in Heaven
There are so many suburbs of Hell
And their hours are 24/7
There are so many wounds you can't heal
So many nightmares are turning to real
So much of Paradise lost and due ever the cost
But there's nothing to be sorry for
Now we can deal so much more
Now we can [?]
Nothing that we're scared to do

We always seems so much braver than we ever are
We always dream we seem braver but we never are
Let's run away, let's go too far

Say a prayer for those who crawl
Say a prayer for those who run
Say a prayer to all and all
There's a better life to come
Say a prayer for all the lost
Say a prayer for the unborn
Say a prayer for all the young
It takes a fire to keep them all
Say a prayer to all the Gods
Some are near and some are far
Say a prayer to all the Gods
To make us braver than we are

How far is too far baby
Come on and take me, take me
We're crusaders of the heart
And going all the way is just the start
There's no such thing as too far
I've got to be where you are
Going all the way is just the start
For crusaders of the heart

Say a prayer to all the Gods
Some are near and some are far
Say a prayer to all the Gods
To make us braver than we are

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Meat Loaf Going All The Way Is Just The Start (Radio Edit) Comments
  1. Jackson Jack

    Honestly I dont think the video helps. Dont watch it when you listen and the song is better. Seriously... this video, lol.

  2. Warriorsorb

    The full version of this song is just as awesome. Meat Loaf is the best

  3. Sharon Leigh

    I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, been to 2 of his concerts and recently learned of his bad health catching up with him, but this.... I never expected this. This song right here... this is his Johnny Cash farewell song. Still love ya Meat, but maybe retire or get back into acting.

  4. AubreyBlackRose

    His voice! ❤🔥❤🔥❤

  5. Evita Luissa

    "Say A Prayer,.,."😍💃🎵🤓💃💙💃🎶🎼💃🎵Bella la canzone,Thank you so much#

  6. Toro Bro

    Say a prayer for those who want to make america great again

  7. inty carhuarupay

    estimado meat loaf un abrazo y gracias por tu voz y al señor de las letras dios qué genialidad los dos primeros bat out the hell son mis tesoros más preciados

  8. Phoenix J.

    Tanz der Vampire brought me here

  9. Juliano Cruz Gusmão

    Already a song that I really loved.
    After seen this video, loved even more!

  10. Brendan Stanczyk

    He is doing the best he can, still love him no matter what. He is not auto tuned and he is past his best days but we still have him and he is still doing his best. love this man and jim forever

  11. WasserIst Lecker

    Awseome song but of course the long version is better lol

  12. yuk cabrera

    Great job ,Sr

  13. shaun1912

    Love this album. Thank you so much. Can i do a film clip to one of the songs?

  14. Linda Thetford

    OHH MY GOD MEAT THAT WAS AMAZING im in love 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Brain Lock

    Amanda's page just came up as a Facebook suggestion. I had no idea she directed this video.

  16. Krzysiek Z


  17. Dick van Maanen

    Great song, the best of a dissapointing album for me. I am fan since 1977.

  18. Tahaiti Thomas

    Creepy shit

  19. Samantha mcelwee

    ive been in love with meatloaf since i was 3 im 33 now. i know the day will come when you have to say goodbye to us but like your song says 'heaven can wait"

    BtoTheT toTheE

    35 here and meatloaf always been apart of my music. Good times and bad, meatloaf been in my ears

  20. Jaime L

    1:01 holy shit did the official channel get the lyrics wrong? Shouldn't it be 'fly', not 'cry'? Amazing song

  21. Felipe Oliveira


  22. matt rayner

    This is my favorite song from the album. This edit does no justice. And that is where some people judge, they watch this video and say what a load of crap it is. The full 11+ minute is amazing

  23. Loadux

    So this is the school shooter music community this was painful and his name is fucking meat loaf

  24. Loadux

    This is trash asf

  25. Fekete Krisztián

    Dear Meatloaf!
    Happy birthday for you! 70 years old, but the biggest singer in the world! Ever and forever! Special thanks for you every song and movie!
    Good health for you and god bless forever!
    Chris from Hungary!

  26. Petra Wilmans

    Love meatloaf vroeger en nu

  27. Blucham

    This song is like anal sex: Painful and hard to get through, but less so on more attempts. Then it hits you just right and you realize how amazing it is!
    Some people just don't like anal sex.

    Also it's a song about anal sex.

  28. Glenda Weston

    who is that singing with him

    Duo Dreamer Videos

    Glenda Weston
    Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito

  29. Deb Pedrazzi

    you are one of my most favorite singers

  30. Kevin Walsh

    "We always seem so much braver than we ever are,
    We always dream we seem braver but we never are,
    Let's run away,
    Let's go too far..."

  31. Raven

    This was terrible when I first listened to but with every list i like 10x more

  32. Andressa Mascarenhas

    omg, i love this song <3

  33. Satyajeet Dikshit

    He is 70 and he still has that magic! Forever a Meatloaf fan!

  34. megan ivy

    Had this song on repeat so much might need to another cd...

  35. The One and Only KC

    This is brilliant. Gonna  ignore the snipers below. At the end of the day, this is MEATLOAF LEGEND.

  36. Liam Jack

    Older, yet still a powerful voice. Still a great voice still godly singer.

  37. The Autistic YouTuber

    69 years old he is a he's my fav singer. I am 19 and ever since I was I look to him a godfather

    The One and Only KC

    Good lad.


    You give me hope.

    The Grouche

    Dude, I'm also an autistic teen who loves meat loaf lol

  38. Petra Veuger

    blijf je muziek en al je clibs me leven lang luisteren en bekijken.
    love jou

  39. Dorian McCloud

    Funny what passes for a new music video these days.


    Well, he's the boss! I hope he is recovering and gets some major pain relief. Been there, done that with my husband.

    Mark Wilson

    He was a major Trooper- arriving on set at 3 p.m. and staying there all the way till around midnight.... and you could barely walk because of the pain...... so he was seated during the shoot.

    Mark Wilson

    I hear he is looking good..... and currently starring in a new show.....


    He is looking good. Yes, he is in Ghost Wars on SYFY. Only in one episode so far, but he did his usual bang up job. Looking forward to seeing how his character develops. Back to ask whose hand was on his shoulder? Been a fan for 40 years, just love him.


    @Lilly Karla DeVito

  40. Cliff Phillips

    Love it.. love the whole album. Listen to it at least 4 times, it's brilliant. Take into consideration his age, his desire to sing like a powerhouse legend will always remain. Love him whilst he is still here, there will be no other.


    I think Meat's best years are long behind him and I get that he has a legacy and he could've retired years ago and let it be but you've gotta commend the man for his dedication at his age. Yes his voice isn't as good as it used to be but he's still here and he's still ALIVE!!

  42. Martin Sampson

    Are the other commenters hearing impaired? Can anyone seriously say he sounds good? This is utterly heartbreaking. It's a musical version of a The Emperor's New Clothes... I'll be the kid shouting out "He can't sing any more!"

    Martin Sampson

    Not stupid mate, just honest.
    I love his old stuff.
    I'm not criticising the music itself or the people who still like it. This isn't aimed at you.
    I'm observing him objectively & I'm stating the irrefutable fact that his voice is SHOT. It's gone for good and I am terribly sad about that. Even his sense of timing has deteriorated.
    I wouldn't like to see any artist keep trying to perform when they have lost the ability to perform to a decent standard.
    My taste in music is very wide - you have no idea how I'm "wired" so as I am not criticising you, kindly refrain from criticising me.

    livia lives

    Bailey Crawly
    Four times?! I couldn't last the whole song, it was too painful to hear how he's deteriorated. If singing Bat out of Hell over the years has ruined his voice then why the hell keep "singing"? The rule = quit while you've still got it - even Sinatra knew when the jig was up and he kept his dignity.
    I still love listening to Meatloaf in his prime but I'd rather listen to cats fighting than this.


    livia lives You've misquoted Bailey.Nowhere does he say Meat has ruined his voice,quite the opposite.You did make me laugh though actually using Sinatra as an example of "keeping his dignity" and knowing when to stop.Sinatra was a crooner,barely strained his voice with the music he made,Meat was always operatic and grandiose in his live performances and on his studio albums,and he has always acknowledged it takes a toll on the voice long term.But as Bailey said,for him to be singing with the power and soul he still has is commendable indeed.If you only like listening to the earlier albums then I really feel you are missing so much.We all change with age,and it's the almost 70 year old,vulnerable,been there,done that feel to Meat and this album that is sheer perfection to so many of us older fans and why we adore this album and see it as the perfect bookend to Bat Out Of Hell.Very few people berated Johnny Cash for covering " Hurt" at the end of his career and sadly his life,because they understood the emotion of the song,loved his performance and the meaning of it all,even though his voice was weaker...this album means all of that to us Meat Heads.I totally agree with Bailey,this album is legendary,one of my favourites and his music is still incredible.

    livia lives

    Not judging the album at all - judging his ability to deliver it. If you enjoy listening to him, that's great. Rock on.

    livia lives

    musicfan56708 I'm not comparing the vocal technique/style of Sinatra and Meat - I'm comparing behaviour & decision-making.
    If you want more fitting comparisons:
    Last year I caught Maiden's world tour & watched 58yr old Bruce Dickinson perform - note perfect - & this is after he'd endured surgery & therapy for throat cancer.
    68yr old Rob Halford is still nailing live shows & hitting those high notes with Judas Priest.
    I'm not comparing their music to Meatloaf's but they're examples of singers who have really punished their cords over the decades and can still do it WELL.
    I accept you love Meat's determination singing, flaws & all. I think it's sad.

  43. maxtor1981

    Since I saw the music video in 1993 for "I'd would do anything for love" on MTV, I have been a Meat Loaf (and Neverland Express) fan. I was twelve years old and two things in particular made an huge impact on me: The guitars and the choir! Eventually I learned English (I'm not a English native speaker, so sorry for the bad english) and I really began to appreciate the epic lyrics from Jim Steinman.
    So when I learned that Meat and Jim were going to do this album together - AND use Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito - I had no doubt that this album would be legendary!

    But unfortunately, I'm filled with mixed feelings after having listened to it a few times. The lyrics are great and so is the performance of Ellen and especially Karla. However - as we all know - the voice of Meat has been declining over the last decade. It's not his fault, it's just how it is. 

    But my biggest beef with this album, is the absolute lack of guitar solos and chorus! It contains almost only regular rhythm guitar and certainly not the riffs or solos that I have grown accustomed to from this band. Chorus-wise - Ellen and Karla are a delight, but I'm missing the awesome angelic voice from the rest of the Neverland Express.

    That being said, I'm still a Meat Loaf fan and I will still continue to listen to him in the future.

  44. Lil'al Gaming

    Meat loaf make more songs on your vevo

  45. AJ Hanson

    Thank you, Meat.
    Thank you for the years of music.
    You are, and always have been Braver Than We Are.

  46. nenad sadikovic

    its sounds better and better each time I listen to this masterpiece, and people he is not young anymore so stop criticizing him morons.... go meat you are still the same best singer in my ears.

    Jacob Phair

    couldn't agree more


    nenad sadikovic I'm with you there

  47. androom

    Karla DeVito and Ellen Foley!


    i hoped they were going to feature in the video , Karla is gorgeous !

  48. stereomike111

    meat what happened man

    gerry ewing

    he got old but is still great

    Martin Sampson

    gerry ewing
    He got old. He is way past "great". He's wrecking the wonderful legacy he should be leaving.

    Jacob Phair

    i love this song ;)


    If you hear what a lot of people are saying about this album, old and new fans. Listen to as much of it as you can to start with, then after a day or more go back to it, some have found on the second listen they start to not think about how much his voice has changed and realise that HE knows his voice is different and instead of editing or pretending to sing the way he used to, he has adapted his craft and as always found great supporting vocals. Arguably the best part is that Jim is back in the mix too for this one. (Disclaimer: it may take more than two tries but if you are BRAVE enough to listen to it again and again...or maybe you just don't like it.. Thats fine too!)

  49. Julie Treanor

    Awesome song by the genius that is Jim Steinman, I love the man and I love meats voice on this, him and Jim together again......just beautiful !!!

  50. Julia Johnson

    love it

  51. Grimmskrams

    Draußen ist Freiheit!


    Ich hab die ganze Zeit überlegt woher ich die Melodie kenne :D

    Hans Hammerhart

    Ja Jim Steinman klaut am liebsten bei sich selbst 😁

  52. Nene GlamRock

    I loved the german version of Tanz Der Vampire, and I just love this!
    Meat Loaf, you are great!


    Nene GlamRock genau!!!! ich hab das gestern das erste mal gehört und von anfang an mitgesummt ^^

    Hans Hammerhart

    @stobbi38 draußen ist freeeeeeeicheit