Meat Loaf - Dirty Water Lyrics

Preacher man says, going straight to hell
Confess you sins and redeem yourself
Fire and brimstone are on your trail
Wash your soul with Jesus


So I went to the altar and turned the lights
Scared that the preacher man might be right
I knew, my friend, if I left that night
Gotta give my soul to Jesus


Lord, I slid of the track
Tack me back
It's not my fault
I'm falling in a river of sin
The watering hole
I could lose my soul
Must have been dirty water


Been told by the Devil all my life
Go for revenge, even He ain't tried
I beg for forgiveness every time
I wash my soul with Jesus

Women, whisky damn near killed me
Body's drunk but my mind is dripping
I'm so bad my momma's guilty
Wash my hands in Jesus

Lord, I slid of the track
Tack me back
It's not my fault
I'm falling in a river of sin
The watering hole
I could lose my soul
Must have been dirty water …

Lord, I slid of the track
Tack me back
It's not my fault
I'm falling in a river of sin
The watering hole
I could lose my soul
Must have been dirty water

(Dirty water)
At the watering hole
(Lose my soul)
Must have been dirty water
The watering hole
I could lose my soul
Must have been dirty water
Wash my soul in Jesus
Oh yeah
I wash my soul in Jesus, yeah, yeah
Must have been dirty water
(Wash my soul)
Oh yeah
(Wash my soul in Jesus)
Wash my soul in Jesus...

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Meat Loaf Dirty Water Comments
  1. Serge Dufour

    The woman in the video was the front desk receptionist at the recording studio. The woman scheduled for this song didn't show up, so the receptionist said that she could sing. So, they took her instead, and all she got was a platted copy disc of the song, and a thank-you certificate for her participation.

  2. Dee Dee

    This song has so many layers - close your eyes & let it take you on a journey. Never ages

  3. Rosie balderas

    True romantic music who’s listening December 30, 2019.

  4. Jayson Cabe

    This video has better writing than Star Wars Episodes 6-9

  5. NO NWO

    His football coach said, "Get off my foot you big piece of meatloaf!" and thus, his stage name was born.

  6. Selina Bon jovi

    Love the video & song. X

  7. Todd Beach

    The best artist ever ! Great song! Thanks for keeping this song on here meat loaf.

  8. pablo escobar

    this guys looks like me after i get drunk..... Smashing shit

  9. JC the Drummer

    This song pretty Gothic

  10. John Olas


  11. Lewis Glover

    the woman actually singing wasn't good looking enough to be in the video, yet they allowed meta loaf?

  12. AJ Saenz Jr

    The genius writings of Jim Steinman and outrageous vocals of Meatloaf, high praise!

  13. Michael Rowland

    Love Meat, love Patti, love Jim Steinman, love this.

  14. Casey Jones

    Ah, the fantasy of 'Love'...we all want the fairy tale, until we get hit over the head with the reality hammer...

  15. Mike's Mash-up

    Meatloaf is the best safe word of all. It means I would do anything for love, but I won't do that!

  16. saint_ michael

    That's how I get through my puberty.

  17. Emma Nair

    I loved him in Rocky Horror!

  18. LpaLoc realmtrotter

    Dasdda 1 2 ask blind wittouteu deiwebbamelaigree nociento cont1go Dolores esm1 med1c1nA.

  19. Blake Young

    I like this original version of Twilight over the crappy 2000's remakes

  20. Alee Pastorello

    Lembrei do filme
    Para sempre ❤️
    Alguém mais?

  21. Renata Gabriele

    Amo essa música

  22. MrJayel27

    Okay,...WHAT IS IT HE WONT DO?....Discuss...

  23. MrJayel27

    Absolute Masterpiece.

  24. PredCaliber

    Damn I was a little boy when I remember a lot of kids did perform this in a playback show back then. When I see this music video, it remembers me of that time immediately.

  25. david hulkower

    i have heard some people make fun of his song.i guess i am as they say because i like it and understand it

  26. The TGTHD

    Who came here because of that M&M’s commercial?

  27. Kendrell Braud

    this is real music, man is telling his story the procussions the perfect organization of sound and silence. Got dammit his VOICE

  28. Tommy Wolf

    Is that Jeffrey Combs?

  29. Morten Nymann

    Suverænt fed text

  30. Truth Speaker

    Love the comeback

  31. Clay3613

    I can't watch my TV because fake lesbians are being so loud, back there!

  32. Julio Mo

    What is it that he won't do? I've been wanting to know since 1995!

  33. Chris Kersey

    Member when they played the shit out of this song back in '93?

    I 'member.

  34. Carsten Eriksen

    how ce er c4 og 4aår 1 gang for lysår siden &.Der slutde lige plu++++eligt ved gospild/propops hundayi er pistillenss skoogtopen grenen og flade monak ere hirshomnnennnn

  35. Carsten Eriksen

    cphddad +e6&puten0=JULBEN PÅ STYLTTER I WODKASBRANDERT mmmy

  36. Carsten Eriksen

    hils de døde fra me goetomilinim begs 1icpi

  37. VIVI

    When I was 9 years old, I found this music video to be frightening.

    Darrell Miller

    Me to, lol....


    @Darrell Miller Lol yeah, I was like, why is this creepy demon guy hiding in the shadows? I was so confused. A reminder of how scary shit was in the 80's and early 90's.

    Darrell Miller

    @VIVI I thought it was a vamp from the Lost Boys 😱😱😱😂

  38. John Doe

    Incel's theme song.

  39. ashton williams

    Me:I would do anything for love.
    Her:will you give up your guns an vote Democrat?
    Me:but i wont do that.

  40. Theodore Hayes

    i just love hearing this song.

  41. Marne Horne

    Never ....cheat for love

  42. Samba Tiesto

    Extremely underrated artist

  43. qrricha Q

    Me: I'll do anything for love.
    My ex gf: will you marry me?
    Me: But, I won't do that.

  44. Nigel Hodder

    For years fort she was singing shame .oh what a beauty she is

  45. Christopher Fraley

    Love it

  46. Atefeh Khalilkhaneh

    Who's the girl?

  47. Khalid Elhassan

    Great song and great video - until you get to the ending and can't help but laugh when Meatloaf transforms from monster face to human face, and it's not that much of an improvement. It wasn't frog to handsome prince, but more like horned toad to frog

  48. Jürgen Schulze

    eins der schönsten songs, DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST geil war zun musikel da einfach klasse

  49. Stephannie Sanchez

    28 12 2019😍

  50. Redstar2613

    This song would take on a whole new meaning if it was sung by a yandere

    savanah powers

    Lmao ture 😂

  51. TheIntJuggler

    But I wont do butts.

  52. MrFoxboy7

    How come we don't have anything like this today the music of today is all drivel

  53. felixnoor

    Speechless , awesome

  54. zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba

    I would do anything for love. "But I won't do that" so broad these days lol

  55. nikolce34

    Who’s listening 2020?

    Average Meme

    nikolce34 a bit early m8

    Koko Tiger

    nikolce34 it's a little early for that my dude

    Jacob Starr

    Me! It's a classic that takes me back to being a kid. :)

  56. X Xyz

    Who is the lady singing or is she lip synching

  57. Ken Ketcherside


  58. Knight192

    you would do anything for love but you're too fat

  59. bored channel

    So sick

  60. deshpremi

    Nice movie. 👍👏👌

  61. booger smith

    I built the sound system in the old Capri Theater where he played in Atlanta, GA. He was great but talk about a "Bull in a China Shop". I can't believe he played football. He was a really nice to work with but a tad rough on equipment. That was 3 decades ago; glad to see he is still moving about.

  62. Michelle Renee

    I love this song

  63. 80sriceman

    "but I won't do that!" is what she said!😆

  64. Mark Preston

    17k dislikes omg I did not know there was that many people stupid enough to hate this song this is meat loaf how can you hate him fantastic songs/videos.

  65. Alain Pratali

    je ne connaissais pas c 'est un monstre !! poufff c'est d un lyrisme absolu!!!! je me suis régalé putain que c'est bon et avec un pastis encore meilleur !!!!!

  66. Michael Cotton

    Meatloaf Rocks! 🎆🎉🎇🎊

  67. Oscar Torres

    Fuck yea I remember this and Bonnie Tyler was the first CD one of my brothers bought and I was so damn young but loved it! I’m 33 now and appreciate it even more now!

  68. Pete Wrigley

    So many people hate Michael Bay and they don't know that he directed THIS VIDEOCLIP! Great Work!

  69. Bönzeaux Bleuxgrën

    He looks so much better after the plastic surgery

  70. Jon Wilarych

    He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly
    He’d run right into hell and bac

    Rebekah Page

    You win😀

    Boddy 07

    Amén brother

  71. Tobin Durazo

    Let's just all admit it now,..... Meatloaf is a badass.

  72. Benjamin Trif

    I got it he'll do anything for love except lose weight.

  73. 5kidmonty

    beauty and the beast by meat loaf

  74. Rodolfito Argento

    Temazo de los 90 MTV alegórico a la bella y la bestia, super hit

  75. Faith constentine

    THE Song of Songs .💋💕🤘

  76. Hyds Lopez

    No i wont

  77. Shannon Hutchinson II

    Best song when going thru divorce

  78. JuanJose123

    "But I won't do that !" -- chompin' on a smelly rug.

  79. Darren Inglis

    Looking for a meatloaf recipe ... damn!

  80. DiGaO

    Cresci ouvindo esta música!

  81. Maggie Irvine

    I'd love to know what THAT is. He says he'll do anything except this one thing. What the f is it she wants him to do.


    Kill sb

    Emma Gower

    For real? How many times have you listened to this & you don't know (lol)? OMG this is a timeless classic - who else doesn't have a clue what this song is about? I need a doctor due to splitting my sides open from laughing so much! FFS!!


    @Emma Gower so what's the answer

    Emma Gower

    @GodOrGamer #1. He'll never lie to his woman. (0:58)
    #2. He'll never forget the way she feels. (1:05)
    #3. He'll never forgive himself if he and his woman don't go all the way in their relationship. (2:58)
    #4. He'll never turn his back on their love for each other. (4:27)
    #5. He'll never have better sex than he did when he was with his woman. (4:33)
    #6. He'll never stop dreaming about his woman. (5:31)
    #7. He'll never think that their relationship was just a fling, and move on to someone else. (6:27)
    #8. He'll never break the relationship and start screwing other women. (6:46)

  82. Katrina Bishop

    Music is my soul

  83. Goku Odinsson

    Einfach nur geil ^^

  84. MultiPizzapizza


  85. Jon Dove

    Piss off

  86. Antonella Fidanza

    2019 and it still breaks my heart!!

  87. Clifford Kilkenny

    Gotta love the Loaf!

  88. Igor Cabrera

    Similarities with Dracula's Coppola

  89. Adeel Raza

    i love this song lovely ever lasting.

  90. Christopher Bonczewski

    I had the biggest crush on her, every time I see this video I'm still reminded of how hot this video was. That and the next one in line.

  91. Ned Kelly

    I, d kill your firstborn to go back to this point in time.

  92. The Major

    Meat Loaf, I wonder how many years of misfortune he got due to all them ruined mirrors...

  93. Chris Bridges

    Me:" I would do anything for love"
    My ex: "Are you coming back to me?"
    Me:" But I won't do that"

    Nikkole Thomasino

    Chris Bridges 😂

    Steven Bertrand

    Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣



  94. BoB HAWK

    Lissen to the music

  95. kolobok pictures

    Who is she?

  96. Malcolm Wilson

    Bueaty and the beast❤❤


    Every one here to shut up meat loaf is the best

    Ned Kelly

    Are you trying to be funny or are you just a natural tool???

    Vitaliy Zaikovskiy

    The Best forever


    Holly Pyeatt: You're a moron.


    I are my faveret I want to meat him person

  99. Сергей Сапегин

    Who is from December 2019, hello everyone and great happiness!

    wannabe freespirit

    Hellooooooo from the Caribbean!!

  100. Jason Meyer

    Will you even finish listening to this song?
    No, I won't do that.....