McReynolds, Jonathan - Cycles Lyrics

Didn't I conquer this last year?
Tell me what I missed 'cause I fear
That it's coming back up again
Must be something I ate
Some song, some show, some hate

The devil wants to extend the game, free throws
And when it ends he wants to make the sequel
'Cause if he has another chance
He feels like he can take
My joy, my peace, my faith

See the devil, he learns from your mistakes
Even if you don't
That's how he keeps you in cycles, cycles
Cycles, cycles
But I'm not going in cycles, cycles
Cycles, cycles

This will end like I want it to, I win
The enemy will have to lose again
See, I'm a different fighter now
And I have God to thank
'Cause His joy is my strength

See the devil will learn it's a mistake
When I am sure
That I'm not going in cycles
I'm not going in cycles
I'm gonna break these cycles
I'm not going in cycles
I'm gonna break these cycles
I'm not going in cycles
Cycles, cycles
I'm not going in cycles

Ooh, so Lord, help me
Be free from all of my past sins
See, Your love is enough
To make me new
And help me in these cycles, cycles
Help me in these cycles, ooh Lord, cycles
I need You to help me in these cycles
I rebuke him in the name of Jesus, oh
Cycles, cycles

See I'm not going in cycles
I refuse it, cycles
I refuse it, cycles
Oh, refuse it, cycles
Oh, woe, depression, cycles
Oh, all I'm saying, cycles
Oh, I'm not going in cycles
Yeah, cycles

See, there is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
See, there is power in the name of Jesus
To break every cycle, to break every cycle

See, there is power in the name of Jesus
See, there is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every cycle, to break all these cycles
To break all these cycles, to break all these cycles

Generational cycles, financial cycles
Painful cycles, oh, cycles

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McReynolds, Jonathan Cycles Comments
  1. Nondumiso Nhleko

    Come on now 💚

  2. maureen kwamboka

    Powerful. Amen & Amen. Lord Jesus, break all the negative cycles that have chained us & separated all your children from worshiping you: depression, anger, anxiety, diseases, jealousy, materialism, terrorism, death.

  3. Lacoya D.

    I see you Doe Jones💞. What a beautiful voice along with the amazing Johnathon McReynolds❣️❣️ ❣️

  4. Michelle Chetty

    This track grabs at my soul.....Love it!

  5. Sean Kiarie

    God breaking my cycles everyday, the devil will lose again

  6. Felisa Hodge

    I love this guy's music! His music just minister to my soul and heart! I thank God for him! We need this in the time we are living! Stop these bad cycles!

  7. Muneerah Crawford

    Really this song is really good. 😇😇

  8. Julie Cousin

    Just discovered this young man’s ministry. What a powerful message in this song. God is using His people in powerful way in this season. He just delivered a sermon in a song!

  9. Deprieshia Gordon

    Who thumbs down this anointed song?  Wow.

  10. Ciku Kitonga

    I'm breaking cycles in 2020...
    Who's with me ? 👊🏽💪🏽
    We got this 😊😊😊

  11. ivy mequiabas

    Who's watching this song until this year? Wonderful song it is..
    We need to act as we listen to God. Do planning to get away from a wrong cycle.

  12. official OchaiTV

    You're a huge blessing Man of God 🙌

  13. rickjames21

    Firstly, thank you for introducing me to Doe Jones. Thank you. Thank you.

  14. Ann Wainaina

    So i am in a season of prayer and fasting and this morning i was struggling to wake up and pray and this song came to me so loud"see the devil he learns from your mistakes even if you don't...that's how he keeps you in cycles" And i knew that was the holy spirit voice and i immediately got on my knees. May the good LORD continue BLESSING YOUR MINISTRY.

  15. Babalola-Ojo Folajimi E

    God bless you bro!!! Song actually made me cry

  16. Danaya Winstead

    This song got me through 2018!!!! ♥️

  17. Vimbai Madenyika

    This is made me cry👌👌

  18. Sassy Deerah

    Please Jesus work on me in these cycles

  19. Zwelithini Hlabathe

    This fella is blessed !!

  20. Gwendolyn BROWN

    I use to think of a rollar coaster when I listen to Yolanda Adams song " While riding through the Stom"

  21. Cristina Oliveira

    Que todos possam passar pelos ciclos da vida em nome de Jesus

  22. Guido Agüero.

    Jesus breaking cycles in 2020! Oh Yes! Who agrees? It's too early for all of this?

    Carleton Evans

    Agreed man!!!It is never to early or late for the Lord to break cycles in our life's🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿God bless you man🙏🏿🙏🏿

  23. Devaughn Lumpkin

    I love the beginning playing of the guitar🔥

  24. Dennis Kwao

    These cycles has Been the devils ways since time immemorial. The Holy Spirit can help us break all these cycles

  25. Arnisha Scott

    Love the song and message. Them BGVs are me giving me life

  26. Marie Bradshaw

    "But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you."
    Matthew 6:6

  27. Jamahl Rawls

    Whoever faded this out at the end needs Jesus

  28. Stanley-Rose Gumede

    No words to describe this

  29. zoe bellanfante

    question who is the worshipper singing with jonathan

  30. Extreme Tag tv

    And i believe Jesus is gone break more Cycles in my life in people around me in 2020🙏🙏❤

  31. Maryanne Gitau

    "The devil learns from your mistakes even if you dont, that's how keeps you in cycles" profound 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  32. Chosen Vessel

    I heard this song last night in church and OMG. My new favorite song.

  33. Kristabel kangelo Mwaanga

    I am a different fighter now

  34. Dante Evans

    Who's the girl she got pipessss

  35. 13Babeloe

    My husband introduced this song to me. I love it.

  36. Tinotenda Nyika

    I'm not going into the new decade with any destructive cycles in the name of Jesus 🙏

  37. Chari F. Holloman

    Anointed voice, Anointed Prophetic song!! 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you Jesus!! No more Cycles!

  38. Markeita Johnson

    Great revaluation praise God 🙌🏽

  39. Miranda Brokenberry

    Can’t tell y’all how many times my daughters & I have just broke out into praise & worship right in our house with this very song!!!!! We have to profess that we’re no longer falling victim to the very habits that keep us in bondage!

    Love this song beyond words... this is our testimony

  40. Eva Schandorf

    This song has hlped me to find God😭😭🙏🙏

  41. The Listener

    I dont know why, an I've been Afraid to say. That I feel her Tone is not appropriate for gospel. there's No spiritual feeling from her voice , high low medium mumbling, still. No I'm sorry God

  42. Corris Linden


  43. Corris Linden


  44. Corris Linden


  45. Corris Linden


  46. Corris Linden


  47. Ezekiel

    powerful song...i am blessed...there is this new guy i have discovered ..his music is also dope hear him out and thank me later

  48. Andrea Young

    This is a real one touches my heart!!!

  49. Nathalie Duverna


  50. Carol Dixon

    Amen 2019!!! Awesome powerful anointed lyrics and Melody!!!🔥🔥🔥 Keep making songs like this Jonathan McReynolds!!!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  51. Sizwe Ntimane

    I hope you will respond to this @Mr. McReynolds, Im a bit old fashioned I still prefer owning live concert DVDs, do u have one available for the Make Room live Concert? if so where can I purchase it? I am based in South Africa

  52. David Powell

    Hallelujah there's power in the name of jesus to break every cycles🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  53. The Listener

    I love the brother and sister that's Always in the back ground, They've been there from the start, middle,to forever...God bless you 3.

  54. Pastor SDMears

    I have always loved the ministry of Jonathan McReynolds, especially Stay High....however, I heard this song for the first time the other day, and it messed me up. There is a special & unique anointing on this song. I sense it every time I hear this song. Honestly, this one holds special significance to me because one of the passions of the Work God assigned to me, is helping those 'Suffering In Silence' to destroy the cycles.

  55. Detroit Skippy

    Awesome song!!!

  56. Ghem Johnson

    His voice is God's mic😍😍😍😍


    Johnathan Mcreynolds and Forever Jones ❤🙌🏾

  58. A marigold flow


  59. Anthony Ajiduah

    Thank you Jesus for breaking the CIRCLE of darkness in the lives of your CHILDREN worldwide! Thank you!

  60. Tlholohelo Matsha

    Break every cycle King Jesus

  61. Christiana Dedmon

    "I'm not going in cycles!" Hallelujah!!

  62. Ada Chinyerr

    On a scale of one to ten, I give this hundred million likes ❤❤❤😣
    #work on me Jesus

  63. Charlene Ndino

    I can’t wait for more of Your Albums, I love the Grace in your voice

  64. Tink The Guitarist

    Vid still anointed a year later. :)

  65. kimamba official

    Big up bro.i love the way you singing 🎤

  66. ObedienceOrSacrifice

    Whew he is an OUTSTANDING vocalist, writer, producer you name it he's got it but outside of all his skill is the ANOINTING that he has that IS helping to break CYCLES!!! Love him and could listen to him all day!  Who else is STILL listening in 2019!

  67. Rob Smith

    God bless you brother. I'm proud of you like we're fam, another man just doing it without excuse or finger pointing. Your talent is endless keep your head up.

  68. Jillian White

    Whew I feel the anointing!

  69. E.M. Chantal Gatore

    I break all the cycles in the name of Jesus Christ

  70. Jasmine Jones

    i love it

  71. Mbonge Madubedube

    Very Powerful song 🔥🔥🔥❤

  72. Herbert Johnson

    Man ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. Demetria Maryland

    Please Jesus allow this ministry to touch the broken hearted to break every cycle that is prohibiting them from serving YOU!

  74. Sameka Jones

    WOW!!! I needed this!!!

  75. m kalaluka

    Let his blood break all the generational cycles & financial cycles

  76. Charmaine Purville

    I pray what eva depth you are in now that every chain and cycle be broken and you rise from the depths into the light. Lord whom eva this is for may it be recieved in pureness and love. Amen

  77. Agner Ebild


  78. Philippe Antoine

    Amen....God end my cycles

  79. Queen Libra

    Realist song ever

  80. nesha50421


  81. delisha wright

    This is deep. Holy ghost take charge of me. THE BLOOD OF JESUS AGAINST EVERY UNGODLY CYCLE.

  82. M E

    You Betta stop that!!!lol phew... I'm WEAK!!!!

  83. Niecy57


  84. Jasmine Ashford


  85. sherrell holly

    I need to know the woman’s name, omg her voice is beautiful!

    Ashley M. Strawbridge

    She goes by DOE Jones.

  86. Kayce Reid

    There is power in the name of Jesus. Break these cycles AMEN

  87. Precious Johnson

    This song is so powerful. One of my favorite song of his

  88. Duck Off

    3:57 I live for that “HELP ME” from the crowd

  89. lynne munyingi

    Those riffs and runs in the beginning....

  90. Asakha Tuta

    I didn't even know about Jonathan until last year just after the release of make a room and I've been listening to his music ever since. Such a young and talented man of God. God bless him

  91. Aliyah Martin

    Didn’t I conquer this last year ? I felt that

  92. cole cole



    cole cole Look on his web site he will be in Savannah and Miami soon God Bless💕💕

  93. Deion Woods

    I'm back in a cycle that was supposed to end 4 years ago and I'm done. I thought it was over but it came back again. Now I'm upset bc it's hurting me God I NEED YOU!!!

  94. Rachael Desmond

    I feel the anointing.

  95. Tsion Girma

    The simple yet so relatable
    "I'm not going in cycles" AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Tsion Girma

    The simple yet so relatable
    "I'm not going in cycles" AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!