McPhee, Katharine - Anybody's Heart Lyrics

It's a great big world to a scared little girl
If you smile just right no one knows you might have
A heart full of pain and a soul that can't reign
And a stomach full of butterflies

All that I wanted was just to feel safe
Safe in your arms

Say you didn't mean to
Say I wouldn't understand
But it's time you say something
God knows it's the one thing I need
And the heart you broke
Know it wasn't just anybody's heart

So I bit my nails and I held my breath
And I said "I'm fine" yeah, I did my best
But you can't tell me you never knew the truth
Of all the fear I felt, how I worried about you

And all that I wanted was just to feel safe
Safe in your arms


I was yours, I was yours
And the heart that you broke
Was devoted and pure
And it wasn't just anybody's heart

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McPhee, Katharine Anybody's Heart Comments
  1. Nikki Conner

    All that I wanted, was just to feel in your arms...

  2. Júlio César

    Linda, linda, linda!

  3. Sofiya jay

    I love her beautiful voice. She's amaizing

  4. Tammy Bernacchi

    beautiful song thank you

  5. Jomel Co


  6. 2perful

    I love this album.

  7. Nur Awad

    simply amazing <3

  8. jujia7


  9. lauren gonzal

    chevre el video


    shes beautiful and also her voice like it!!♥♥♥

  11. AlmostFound

    She should have won!

  12. qg6ff

    Very simple, yet beautiful song