McLachlan, Sarah - Mary Lyrics

Mary walks
down to the water's edge
and there she hangs her head
to find herself faded
a shadow of what she once was
She said "How long have I been sleeping
and why do I feel so old
why do I feel so cold
my heart is saying one thing but my body won't let go"
With trembling hands she reaches up
a stranger's flesh is offered
and I would be the last to know
I would be the last the let it show
I would be the last to go
Take her hand
she will lead you through the fire
give you back hope
and hope that you won't take too much
respecting what is left
she cradled us
she held us in her arms
unselfish in her suffering she could not understand
that no one seemed to have the time
to cherish what was given
and I would be the last to know
and I would be the last to let it show
I would be the last to go...
Mary walks...

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McLachlan, Sarah Mary Comments
  1. Thomas Thedoubter

    I bought this CD three times. Played each one so much I wore it out. Wonderful composition, lyrics you get something new from each time you hear it.

  2. J F

    Tenho que a ouvir de vez em quando, porque adoro! :)))

  3. nicholas ng sing kwong


  4. Raccoon

    *my favorite one*

  5. Lisa f

    My mom died when I was 15, I listened to this song. Made me think of her. It's a beautiful song

    Alison Whiteman

    So young to lose your mom. Holding you in the light.

  6. Shawn Nadeau

    I found it very difficult to masterbate to this video

    Thomas Thedoubter

    Yeah, some girls just won't shut up during sex, huh?

  7. Sensei Aishitemasu

    This song will forever make me think of my mother ❤️

  8. Blauqkween

    For everyone at different points in their lives it different. For me it was a bad relationship. I was a shadow of who I one was. You look and wonder how long have I been dormant that this happened. For me the person who lead me through was my baby girl. She held my hand and I had to be strong because the inner suffering she would not understand. I now have a sister going through something and she can take my hand.

  9. Jason Higdon

    This should absolutely be in my service.

  10. Jennifer Silliker

    these songs remind me of when i was a young nieve woman, such beautiful music.

  11. Mary Kelly

    This song is perfection 💕

  12. asr070568

    Perfection recorded.

  13. Michael Bankhead

    Mary Magdalene...and Christ...Christ knew his entire story before he met them.

    Michael Bankhead

    Then Mother Mary, saves...leads through the fire...Jesus best friend was a Prostitute, Mary Magdalene, The Woman at the Well, The Last To Leave His Tomb...

    Michael Bankhead

    +Michael Bankhead How is Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Eve similar...they interacted with Unknown...

  14. J F

    A melhor música de todas!! :)

  15. Lorenzo Butler

    Mary the mother of Jesus... just a women's name picked out for the song?!? In the arms of the angels-O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) -life is so precious-everyday we wake up and take a deep breath is a blessed day-life is great-never waste the opportunity to tell someone u love them-we're not guaranteed the next minute-have a blessed day-:-*

  16. LD SW

    I used to imagine myself as Mary when I was 20.. now that im hitting 40, hmm.. the more things change, the more they stay the same..

    Abba Ahmed

    +K Sykes I agree with your observations.

    Melanie Willard

    K Sykes thar made me smile😍
    I was 35 and now I'm 54...
    "How did i get This old? "
    We watch our lives as if we are spectators, looking through a keyhole... ellusive.. Is that me? ..I see myself and some tears grow and threaten to fall slowly while I attempt to capture this moment. My face will be strained by the tear. Who are we, anyway?

    LD SW

    Melanie Willard 3 years later, and here I am still fumbling.. hoping to figure that out, someday..❤️

  17. ta mama


  18. Devin Smith

    i still dont know what this song means but i love it nontheless


    I love this song and always have since I first heard it 20 years ago. It's the most peaceful, soothing song and evokes this emotional connect with me that transports my mind to the waters edge and the solitude and calm there. It's nighttime, humid, the earth is damp under my feet and the sky is clear.

  19. Jonathan Ingram

    The first tape of hers I bought was in 93 while I was in Guam. Her work is still powerful and fascinating as it was then. I'll be 80 years old and still listening to her.

  20. jaaaacques

    I absolutely agree. She always writes about herself. The themes and treatment are so recurrent somehow. It's quite fascinating

  21. Intisaar Jubran

    I used to interpretive dance this alone in my kitchen when I was 10. (I still do it!)

  22. themoondancer62

    this song always makes me think of my Mother and I always thought Sarah might have wrote this for an aging mother.

  23. Broadway Phanatic

    We are using this for our lyrical dance ;) yayyy

  24. darkfey1963

    @ChenStylish You lose the bet.She was 25.Small bills are acceptable,no coins please.