McKnight, Brian - I Want U Lyrics

Is it a crime
That I worship your lips and what you do with your fingertips?
It's about time
A half an hour's passed,
And not to soon to ask
Baby you got that something
And I need you now
I know you like to hear me say it out loud

That I want you
Yeah, I want you now
Yeah, I want you
I want you now

You don't have to try
A physical reaction,
To have my satisfaction
A love so divine
Your skin against my skin, the way that we begin
Whatever your need is,
I will supply
Baby you were made to be mine

And I want you
Yeah yeah, I want you now
Yeah, I want you
I want you now

When you touch me, I don't ever get enough
The way you kiss me, tease me
The way you love me

And the way that you start me up,
It's heaven
In you, I see forever

And I want you
Yeah, I want you now
Yeah, I want you
I want you now

I want you now, yeah

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McKnight, Brian I Want U Comments
  1. Go CPNG

    We Want A 2020 Album!!!

  2. Go CPNG

    A Real Artist With Real Talent.

  3. D M

    This song is so much fun... It's Beautiful....Right!

  4. Joy Cast

    And now it's become so difficult for me to figure out who my heart calls out for, I mean not who wants me but who does my heart beat for... I'm stuck in limbo 🥀 it's so difficult for me, I'm so tired.

  5. Kathy Riddle

    And his wife is the leading lady awesome

  6. Mk B

    This looks like the whackest masquerade party ever..or are they swingers?

  7. Jane William - Nesbitt

    Love this song and the fact that is current wife in the video is awesome. I hope I am correct she sure does look like her though. Thanks Brian your songs hit home and are just perfect for my age bracket and yours to listen. I love it keep it up; it is on point sexy, sensational, sensual and classy. Happy New Year to you and your family see you 2020 with more great musical notes, words of collaboration about life. God bless you and your family.

  8. Felicia Coby

    Brian does look like Idris Elba two Fine Black Men

  9. Juanita Buron

    22:35 12/26/19 fr. BL

  10. Aneita Irving


  11. AlishaDanielle

    Yasssss this is the Brian I remember, don’t loose him! 😍

  12. Ang Cruz

    That voice is amazing . Music like his hard to find. His voice never gets old to me so soothing 🥰

  13. Dennis Haberlach

    Biran and his beautiful Wife! He is an Idol and a legendary Singer and musician! I am so proud to know his music an every single Word from all of his Songs! This man had given so much love to us in his Songs for years and years, i cant be more thankful for having his music in my life!

  14. Stacie LMT

    Still the man. :)

  15. Dilek Brand

    Love this voice and the song is daaaaamn aaaawwww😍💕

  16. Delores Mitchell

    Aren't you a old for that song

  17. BrownSkinGirl1969

    Brian is my favorite contemporary R&B singer!

  18. Ruth Mbembou

    Your voice is best elegant sexual waouh the times past not your

  19. Yulanda Smith

    Damn he’s fine as hell

  20. VV Perez

    Wowwwww amazing music.. seems the older the more handsome lol❤

  21. Thickness Boss

    So beautiful... I have goosebumps. ❤❤❤

  22. marcos barros

    Um excelente cantor e compositor canta muito.

  23. Di Bn

    Love is ever thirsty...if apart...

  24. jason johnson

    vintage B Mcknight

  25. sinta ibramoK

    I remember when mokha say i want u ♥🌼🌿 a romance time when he say wanna be in halal marry 🌼🌹🌹

  26. Calvin Soafo

    i know u do...but u have a funny way of showing drought im dying inside

  27. Jessica Tanoue

    So apaixonada pela voz desse cantor maravilhoso 👍👏👏👏👏👏

  28. Juliana Magalhães Duarte


  29. Shekera Miller

    Brian keep making the songs you make. I love it

  30. Djerboa hakou


  31. Richard Riley

    One of the few artist who sound better in person than on their recordings.

  32. Tina Johnpier

    I wanted to talk to everyone just tell everyone that I do what I have to do

  33. Erica Acosta

    Your voice is angelic

  34. Raihan Diandri


  35. Bruno Lucas

    som bom pra relaxar a mente.

  36. Lyla Hougaard

    Why so handsome 👀... He is aging Gracefully 😘🥰💖

  37. Shian Blessings

    I am now seeing this 2 yrs later!....omg
    ..Brian is like wine...getting finer with time.....same the grey hairs.....lovely song...feels like I'm back in the 90's.😍

  38. Zhaafirah Malan

    Sweetest voice ...2019 right here

  39. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    Oh, oh sing it!

  40. Thais Ferreira da Silva


  41. Ascending Elevations

    This man has aged ever so gracefully and he still sounds exactly like yesteryear!!!! Now that's God given! Yes Mr Brian McKnight! 👏👏👏

  42. Latoya Smyth

    OMG i so love Brian Mcknight😍💕😩 i want him n Mariah Carey to sing at my wedding 👰 💕

  43. Barry Allen

    He's too old to get views.

  44. aakinyi roseline

    Someone to dedicate me this song even if it is pun intended

  45. London South

    I feel his voice through my body!!!! AUUUGHHHH SIIIIING!

  46. Sweeticles 51

    I love that Brian is fully matured and has found true love. Love that he values and appreciates and love that he will not let go. It shows and he wears it well. Congratulations you deserve it.

  47. Jayne Tripplett

    Fine as wine!!

  48. pretty girl tee

    My mommies husband which makes him my dad🤣🙂🙂🙂🙂

  49. gix_ chars

    like this song........

  50. Sean Lullaby

    Hearing this song makes me want to hear him do a rendition of “Up against the wind”.

  51. *Pamela Hay*

    🌬Love Him and his 🎶 💕2019

  52. Sandra Arena


  53. Omar hernandez

    Brian my man first time hearing you and never head of you and i gotta say holy. You sing really good. Keep it up.

  54. Arminda Saavedra

    I want you now....

  55. jgj gbv

    He is my favorite male singer of all times. #RealMusic

  56. Marcio Barbosa Pinheiro

    Esse canta muito isso sim e música boa para ouvir

  57. Rashida Hankins

    That's too bad

  58. Lisa Chesser

    I used to feel that way

  59. Shelly Smith-Mitchell

    How in the hell has this song out from 2017, and I'm just now hearing it!! Been loving Brian from he dropped "One Last Cry"!

  60. Nane Vieira


  61. Opal Myers

    He’s still the same 😍😍😍😍😍

  62. SNOW Z

    Anyone here from *Naked*

  63. gnevere Nunes


  64. Timelord The First

    I actually thought it was the bloke sat on the table he was singing too! My bad! 😂

  65. N O P E

    Why does he resemble Idris Elba here
    My heart skipped a few beats ❤️❤️❤️

  66. kiko bebe

    Yes i love to hear i love you from you because life is short. So i dont want to regret one day and never know how to say love ..

  67. kiko bebe

    Be patience and listening for the situation . You will achieve everything. Time run fast you will see. I love you everyday

  68. Mia Crei


  69. Michelle Stafford


  70. Leslie Parker

    love this song Love that he is singing about the woman he loves.

  71. Shannon Ball

    Beautiful....Just Superb!!!!!!!

  72. heffasaywhat

    I just got pregnant

  73. Rashida Hankins

    That's why Om in the perxicament I'm in

  74. ember michelle

    After all these years he still sounds good.

  75. Luana de oliveira

    Lindo 😍 Br

  76. Dani simz

    Myyy ohhhh my he can siiiing I can feeeeel ALL his songs from within.

  77. Georgiana murray

    I want you now 2019 and still fricking single 😞

  78. Refilwe Molaba

    2019...Who's here with me?

  79. Susanne Rumpf

    I love his music and always will

  80. child bye

    Real music by a real man. This is how music should be not these low budget artists who have to have videos hoes to make there video interesting

  81. Kakhaber Maghradze

    I think he does not sing this songs without music.more mistakes

  82. Fela George

    What's with the lady in the video? Don't these brothers have any pride!

  83. 이신규

    Your voice is getting more deeper even now. Though, I don't know your every songs, I can feel it. Thx for you gave me amazing impression thru your songs.

  84. Angi Smile

    Er ist ein wunderschöner Mann mit einer wundervollen Stimme🌹

  85. Everesttae

    Aku cinta suaramu!

  86. Krystal Corbin

    Still so amazingly talented.You will always be a classic and honoured for your music

  87. Xunda LOL

    Um alô do BRASIL .

  88. Nefertiti

    Married to a non black women 🤨 What is up with the eyes wide shut video which was 🗑

  89. Lucy S

    Hey Mr. McKnight.

  90. Ketheley Lima

    Sou apaixonada ❤️🇧🇷

  91. Kaycia Gordon

    He's still got it

  92. Fyendi DarNesha

    I thought he was about to be with the dude there for a scary ass minute.
    Amway, nice song and I've loved his music since I can remember. But this is a weird ass video.

  93. Solange Holme

    Um certo requinte faz com que transformemos comportamentos...
    ••☼•Soℓαηgє Hoℓmє☼••...

  94. Olivia Futrell

    I love McKnight's music...unforgettable 👏👏

  95. Luke Laurent

    The only guy who comes close to what Luther was capable of 🙌🏽

  96. LadyAnne

    Promise me you won't wear that mask. Please!!


    Wanting you more..really. True. 😊

  97. Niylah JayPheonix

    Brian McKnight still got it and still looking Good. Looking forward to more music from him