McKnight, Brian - 10 Million Stars Lyrics

A second look
Was all it took
And I know
I'll never forget it
A simple touch
Can mean so much
Though I'm trying
Hard not to let it

All it took
Wa one look in your eyes
I can't think
I can't speak
To my surprise
Can't explain how I feel inside
You took me to outer space tonight

I don't want to change your life
I just wanna be where you are
(I just wanna'
I just wanna')

Girl you light up my life
Like 10 million stars
10 million stars
10 million stars
10 million stars

Every kiss
Every caress
I give you my all
Nothing wasted
Short of breath and soaking wet
Way down in my toes I can taste it
If you knew just how much I fantasize
To one day see that look in your eyes
Can't explain how I feel inside
You took me to outer space tonight

I don't want to change your life
I just wanna be where you are
Girl you light up my life
Like 10 million stars
10 million stars
10 million stars
10 million stars

When were making love,
We defy time and space
It feels like I'm floating
Across the milky way
Bodies meeting hearts beating,
Past the speed of light
Perfect in each so divine

I don't want to change your life
I just wanna be where you are
Girl you light up my life
Like 10 million stars
10 million stars
10 million stars
10 million stars...

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McKnight, Brian 10 Million Stars Comments
  1. DeLeon Mc Bride

    This that peace music ...

  2. paluzando

    Sou brasileira, gostaria da Cifra dessa música para violão ou teclado. Alguém?

  3. paluzando

    Listening EVERY single DAY! <3

  4. rcrp7

    This song is absolutely amazing. How could anyone ever give a thumbs down? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😘

  5. Integrity

    Every time I hear this takes me somewhere...I forget time and heart begins to beat takes my breath away.This is what Beautiful sounds like~

  6. pretty girl tee


  7. UNbowed62


  8. Polaris St*r

    So beautiful 💖💖💖💖

  9. Jadiah Washington

    Master of his craft glad I met this brother in person

  10. Aravia Newton

    Come through B.Knight you did that!!!!!

  11. Fafa Dia

    This song is so beautiful ! ❤❤❤

  12. Tonja Fortson

    Awesome mcknight.



  14. apere431

    Why doesn't this have more views?

  15. Aisha Thomas


  16. Chuchu collections Jay nice


  17. GunZ N’ Butter

    That beat tho is solid

  18. JusSmakk’n Cafe

    Like it 🤩🤩🤩😍🔥🔥🔥

  19. Robin Bee

    Where is the video? I can’t stop listening to this song! Please perform this next year in Detroit 😍

  20. Chuchu collections Jay nice


  21. Dayane Silva

    l love it Brian Mck

  22. amos williams

    Tantalizing goodness,like if you'd hear this from #GOD your self. B.McKnight still kicking as if inn the womb.

  23. Morris Fletcher

    He sounds the same; the quality of music still maintains.

  24. Carmo Sousa

    Adorei música 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👄👄👄👄👄👄👄

  25. Rita Turner

    Oh yeah real music

  26. meu nome é ninguém

    beauty song, brother. congratulations!!! god bless you

  27. Mary Miller

    Beautiful Song

  28. Elsa Castañares

    no me canso de escucharlo : lo amooo!!! más show 2018 x fa desde argentina

  29. katina wilson

    This song gives me life!!😍😍😍

  30. Billy parker

    My mom love's this song so much😘😘😍😍

  31. LaTanya Curry


  32. baby girl douthard

    my dad and mom love this song soo bad

  33. Bully Jackson

    This a wedding song

  34. Victor Tudor

    This song deserves much more views!! It's perfect

  35. 정다운 Daun jung


  36. Neisha Jordan

    Beautiful song.

  37. susan jones

    Divine vocals!!!superb video.

  38. gospelkeypro

    sounds like a keeper good r&b needed that for the summer 2018

  39. Peter Chacon

    @ItsBMcKnight Hey I wanted to ask if you can dedicate a song "Love of My Life" to my wife. Our first year anniversary is coming up next month. I'm your biggest fan I been listening to your music since I was a kid I really hope that you can do this.

    Thank You
    Peter Chacon

  40. Chantal Brooks

    #prettygalchantie Instagram

  41. Chantal Brooks

    Brampton Ontario L6X4Y8

  42. Nathalie Duverna

    I'm in luv with Brian all over again. I have always loved his voice. And he's sexy even as he ages. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  43. MyNameIs V

    Could not get this song out of my head!!! Loooove it omg 😍

  44. Megan Joye


  45. walt wayman

    is this official or fan made video?

  46. gigi love


  47. Sheila E

    Beautiful song... ☺

  48. Charles lima locutor


  49. drw isis

    missed u Brian. nice song.

  50. Leah Hannah

    Every word and beat of this song completely resonate with me. 💗💕 Thank you Brian McKnight for your gift.

  51. We Are The World ING

    😉🌸😍💖💖💖Love this song!2018~

  52. Aiysha Johnson

    Love it!

  53. Travis Armstead


  54. Danielle Brown

    Loving this right here... Brian McKnight always knows how to bring that magical feeling to his music... I absolutely love him!!!

  55. Dedra Jordan

    2 thumbs up

  56. nina_ simone

    I'm only 12 now and I'm posting to you and there is one thing I can say You are one in a million

  57. Ni Made Alika Mahasari


  58. Mystikaly maleficent 89 Maleficent 89

    Another beautiful utlization of spiritual growth 😇

  59. shayla e

    He can sing anything and it will sound beautiful. Sooooo underated!!!!

  60. H2D

    My fiancé is in penitentiary and sent this song to me for Christmas 🎄 beautiful wow I love 😍❤️ him so much miss him so bad hurts 😔 😢 😞 so much too

  61. H2D

    This song sweet like coco birds in the trap sing Brian McKnight

  62. Michelle Se


  63. SMALLTOWN Entertainment

    oh my god!!! The King is Back!!!!! R&B Soul is Back..... Bravo!!!!

  64. Elaine Cristina Da Silva

    Amo Brian

  65. Elaine Cristina Da Silva

    Top demais

  66. Paula Houston

    uma voz é uma voz Brasil 😍😍😍💕

  67. Paula Houston


  68. Kyle Mallari 415

    You're the best!!! My idol...

  69. gigi love

    haters if you don't like this love song or maybe cause they don't know the meaning of love

  70. Bio G


  71. Bio G

    Beautiful 💖🌟🌟🌟

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    New jam

  73. gigi love

    I love it Brian McKnight

  74. gigi love

    another nice slow one

  75. Sorena Photography

    Welcome back Brian!

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    He consistently gets greater

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    Essa voz... perfeita como sempre.

  79. Leslie Akraka

    Very smooth! beautiful music!

  80. Chastity B.

    Not feeling it.

    dion jackson

    Who gives a shit?

  81. Bernardo santos

    Canta muito......

  82. Bernardo santos

    Bom demaissssss

  83. Michel Le Fleur Brand & Music

    Number One....!!!!

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    Ok like this song a lot

  85. Angelique Soul

    10 Million Stars is perfection! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  86. Roshon Willams

    Brian Beautiful love song.. 💜💜

  87. Amanda C

    yyaasss Brian! Thanks for real r&b!

  88. Francis Anselmo

    Hi I love you

  89. April Campbell

    Nice beat.

  90. Husnun Karimah

    Beautiful song!! He's my idol😊😄 ..

  91. Husnun Karimah

    Beautiful song!! He's my idol😊😄 ..

    LookUp ToTheHills

    Husnun Karimah God is your #1. Brian is a wonderful gift to us all...

  92. Husnun Karimah

    Beautiful song!! He's my idol😊😄 ..

  93. Simone Costa

    Amo vc negão lindo💖💖💖😘

  94. more. love. Whyte

    He sure. can smooth a lady.s. heart.

  95. mahlodi thandi

    awwwwwww don't wanna change ur life just wanna be were u r . wow

    Danielle Brown

    Exactly... That's what I'm saying

  96. Miche M

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