McKennitt, Loreena - Skellig Lyrics

O light the candle, John
The daylight has almost gone
The birds have sung their last
The bells call all to mass

Sit here by my side
For the night is very long
There's something I must tell
Before I pass along

I joined the brotherhood
My books were all to me
I scribed the words of God
And much of history

Many a year was I
Perched out upon the sea
The waves would wash my tears,
The wind, my memory

I'd hear the ocean breathe
Exhale upon the shore
I knew the tempest's blood
Its wrath I would endure

And so the years went by
Within my rocky cell
With only a mouse or bird
My friend; I loved them well

And so it came to pass
I'd come here to Romani
And many a year it took
Till I arrived here with thee

On dusty roads I walked
And over mountains high
Through rivers running deep
Beneath the endless sky

Beneath these jasmine flowers
Amidst these cypress trees
I give you now my books
And all their mysteries

Now take the hourglass
And turn it on its head
For when the sands are still
'Tis then you'll find me dead

O light the candle, John
The daylight is almost gone
The birds have sung their last
The bells call all to mass

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McKennitt, Loreena Skellig Comments
  1. 최성열

    신비로운음의세계로빠져듬니다 ᆢᆢ

  2. V Thompson

    From a guy who listens to very aggressive heavy metal, death metal, hardcore metal, hard rock etc....I really do enjoy listening to Loreena McKennitt's beautiful music 👍

  3. Johnlock4ever

    I know this song is sad, but it surprisingly helps me to cope with grief and loss right now. There's something incredibly peaceful about the melody and lyrics. A silent promise that life goes on for all of us <3

  4. anycold

    sweet calming song although I crying, the tears are of joy

  5. late fall chill

    Oh Lord I love this ... and wonder what  life would have been like for the ancient Christain monks living at Skellig Rock, in the sea off of Ireland ....... Her words inspire visions of it .... Sometimes I wish I had been one of those monks ....

  6. Alejandra Poveda

    ME ENCANTA 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Pine Apple


  8. Raven Nicole

    thank you 💜🖤💙

  9. دمعة شجن


  10. Leah Cox

    So pretty !

  11. julhas com

    Nice song

  12. CasiodorodelaTeja

    What is the year of the release of this song?

  13. Jan Nowakowski

    This is Pendor!

  14. Eusebio Pingalarga

    Esto si se puede decir que es música...pero música de verdad!!! Gracias por compartir el video.

  15. Giseli Vieira


  16. Rosa G.

    Muchas gracias Luis Oroz, es un regalo para los oídos.

  17. Sara Gallagher

    What a beautiful sound.