McKennitt, Loreena - Never-Ending Road (Amhran Duit) Lyrics

The road now leads onward
As far as can be
Winding lanes
And hedgerows in threes
By purple mountains
And round every bend
All roads lead to you
There is no journey's end.

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and few
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

Deep in the winter
Amidst falling snow
High in the air
Where the bells they all toll
And now all around me
I feel you still here
Such is the journey
No mystery to fear.

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and few
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

The road now leads onward
And I know not where
I feel in my heart
That you will be there
Whenever a storm comes
Whatever our fears
The journey goes on
As your love ever nears

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and few
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

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McKennitt, Loreena Never-Ending Road (Amhran Duit) Comments
  1. vanefreja86

    I would love for someone to be able to say this to one day ♡

  2. Love In The Midst

    Ohhhhh. This is therapy.

  3. John Herlihy

    I have always wanted one of my daughters to use this song in their wedding. This song is beautiful!!👍🤓

  4. Denise Williamson


  5. lauranda145

    bello il video,stupenda la canzone!

  6. TheTourmaline57

    118 people never found the road.

  7. Susan Moran

    Such beautiful music. And lovely images

  8. Saved New Orleans Tile Spinster


  9. Nora Garza


    Nora Garza


  10. lauranda145

    questa canzone è troppo bella! Grazie!

  11. Rainbow's Magical WonderWorld

    Beautiful... No words to describe this song ❤ Thank you

  12. François Gannier

    10000 pouces levés si je pouvais.!... for Bénédicte and Brigitte my wife. ...

  13. lauranda145

    canzone molto bella....molto romantica...sono curiosa di capire le frasi!!!!!!

  14. Roger Alexander

    Looking at the uplifting comments especially George Horn to "Charlotte"-I hope it has all come to pass for you. I love this song too, but at the moment it is desolation for my love no longer holds those dreams in the palm of her hand.


    Another time, another love will come in the palm of your hand.
    Cheers, Marc

  15. Al Davis

    Played for my Scottish Mother’s funeral 12 years ago.

  16. Kathleen Murphy

    This song always makes me cry...but I'll never stop listening to it ...


    seeing her live a few years ago was just as amazing. she got the best voice ever

  17. François Gannier

    Je t'avais dédié cette chanson Nanou. Quelle absurdité ! Que de regrets surtout ...

  18. iris turat

    Fantástica la mejor.Amo a esta señora.

  19. George Horn

    Charlotte, Here is my heart! I give it to you! ❤I will love you forever!❤

  20. dusty lynn

    When you realy sing your pitch its crystal.

  21. dusty lynn

    May time treat you all to kindly

  22. dusty lynn

    Ever on loreena ill cry the day your voice leves the earth

  23. dusty lynn

    This woman has a voice that pierces soules

  24. Minus Medusa

    "Now its their non-existence to share, social turns to put-downs." Prayers to hold. "Good luck."

  25. Zackaria Kahil

    wonderfull!! very wonderfull!!

  26. Madeleine Schumacher

    This is like being caressed by a flower

  27. François Gannier


  28. George Horn

    Charlotte, Here is my heart, I give it to you! I shall love you till the day I die! And then for all eternity! I LOVE YOU!❤❤❤❤❤

  29. alba gu brath

    so wonderful celtic music is awesome

  30. Luisa Zappella

    Atmosfera favolosa ♥️

  31. Joachim Meyer

    you have a wonderful voice

  32. Jane Norris

    I read that she wrote this beautiful song in memory of her fiance who was lost at sea

  33. George Stemple

    Simply beautiful

  34. Charles Williamson

    Just HEAR the lyrics..."Here is my heart, I give it to you..." This says it all.

  35. George Horn

    Charlotte, my love, Here is my heart I give it to you! I will love you forever❤

    graham Paice

    Beautiful !

  36. philipApart

    That will give you room to enjoy your own story and feeling. Cheers

  37. Ron Delby

    Like her very much and music is beautiful but its hard to understand what she is singing.

  38. maria luiza lu

    Muito, muito linda! Como todas as músicas que ela canta! E aquela harpa?!! Parece que estamos saindo de um sonho! Magnífica|!

  39. Léia Katsuki

    maravilhosamente 😊linda

  40. Carmen Bauer

    thank ypu to much

  41. Vera Merino


  42. Alper HÖKE

    İnsanın ruhunu dinlendiri yor

  43. AirLab 7

    This is the heaven! <3 I love this Woman.! wow

  44. Loreto Mendez

    Dios, te ¡bendiga! querida Loreena y, nos, permita poder, seguir, disfrutando de tu ¡maravilloso! talento musical, ;)

  45. Tine Boer

    Still so very, very nice! Love this so much! <3 <3 <3

  46. Saner YILDIZ

    Müthiş bir ses ve yorum...

  47. Marina Assanti


  48. Kathleen Murphy

    Absolutely beautiful. Perhaps I see things to a bit differently being a vegan. No judgements whatsoever, my friends.

  49. krystalTiger

    Love this so much! Sooo beautiful <3

  50. a5athome

    the best of the best of Loreena McKennitt - and when the uillann pipes sets in I am totally lost...

  51. Fernando De La Torre Quiñones

    Una sola cancion suya me trasporta al cielo.

  52. David Reed

    What. Can. You. Say. About. This. Song. Apart. From. Beautiful. I. Have. Recently. Discovered. Loreena. This. Is. Fantastic.

  53. Loyalty Owns Works

    What a tradition to throw away: those beautiful, serious Libra women.

  54. Michael Valle

    Thank you for uploading! I have been looking for this version. I love the bagpipes! <3

  55. Tine Boer

    Sooooooooooooooo beautiful! I'm loving this <3

  56. alan errington

    this music is timeless, it could be from a 1000 years ago, or from the next century. love it

    roma azo

    Well said my friend

  57. Ferran Galí Kelonen

    The cello and Spanish guitar plus her voice really takes me somewhere to heart emotions, specifically when I'm down

  58. optimusprime090909

    Listening to her music gave me the idea what heaven is.

  59. ÂfullmoonGtr


  60. Gabriela Soto

    Maravillosa voz, canción bellísima. Gracias Loreena por regalarnos estos instantes de música hermosa.

  61. Ben Oliveira

    Such a beautiful music. Thank you!

  62. my voice

    Eine grosse Künstlerin 😍


    que hermosura¡¡¡¡ has llenado momentos inolvidables de mi vida con tus melodías...y ahora que te escucho de nuevo,,recuerdo mi juventud,,bella lorrena

  64. Pedro Salcedo

    voipicola Vita onírica


    Pedro Salcedo, Fermoso

  65. Romana Strasheim


  66. Romana Strasheim

    I know you will be there ... 💋

  67. Romana Strasheim

    Beautiful. 😊
    Thank you. 😊🌹🌸🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸❤

  68. Jeff Yiammas

    I can imagine Bilbo Baggins leaving his beloved Shire to Rivendell, in the Trollshaws, to be with the Elves of Rivendell. In time, he along with Frodo Baggins, Mithrandir, Elrond, Galadriel (Keepers of the three Elvish rings), journey West over Sea to Aman (Valinor) to live their lives in peace.

    Christopher Heinig

    True ! Wish she would have created the soundtrack to The LOTR !

    tau rauross

    The road goes ever on and on...well met my friends.


    Dont forget all of us are going aswell! Be you there

  69. Laurent oudin

    j adore ces chansons elle m apaise je suis cool merci loreena

  70. Lochlann Hurtado

    This woman slays my heart everytime

  71. eieren26


  72. Ralf Woerter

    ich mag dieses Lied ganz einfach :-)

  73. Rita Klapper

    an amazing song, I just love her work.

  74. Laura Bisaccia


  75. Daniel Marcon

    una grande voce un grande spettacolo da ascoltare

  76. dario di sauro

    It's amazing: this lady can't sing nothing but beautiful.

  77. FrostyA1

    Rhoda, I do not come by here often, if you are a Kelt/Celt you will feel all that is shewn and given, I am a private man, my children are precious, I treasure all that I still enjoy & love.
    I am not a young man but appreciate Life more than I ever have previously........Allow me some privacy & a little mystery, Peter John, Scott of Scots.

  78. antje tautkus


  79. Santiago Garcia

    Iris Gonzaga, estamos de acuerdo, la mejor cantautora del mundo.
    Qué precuosa voz y qué diletancia y profundidas los temas de sus muy elaboradaa canciones, con estrucrura,,investifación y fundamentos.
    Grande Loreena McKennitt.

  80. Youba Arts

    Tomber par hasard sur cette video une nuit te remplie de determination.

  81. FrostyA1

    The original `Never Ending Road` was the Druidian-Keltic pilgrimage from Iona by Western Isles by devout Scots to link arms with their brothers and sisters in Northern Anglia, Cymru by Ancient Briton, Stonehenge by Priests, then across the wildest waves to Newgrange by Pictish elders, they observed every solstice and holy day by their unshakeable creed, then returned over the twelve months to their given homelands to spread their wisdom and holy travels...What ever happened to such unselfish love? they followed the Christian way 2000 years before he was born! F.

    Rhoda Summitt

    Would love to know your references for this information. Or to know more about this facet of Celtic history. Pls email at [email protected]

  82. pelin bilgiç

    Bütün eserlerine ayrı aşık olduğum kadın ...senin gibisi gelmez dünyaya ömrün uzun olsun ❤️🙏🏻🍁🍂🍃🍃☕️💐☁️

    Kübra Öz

    pelin bilgiç kesinlikle

    Saner YILDIZ

    Kesinlikle aynı fikirdeyim.. Lorenna yı güzel ülkemde benden başka dinleyen insanları görünce çok mutlu oluyorum zira Lorenna nın sesinde ayni his ve duyguları paylaştığımızı düşünüyorum.. :)

  83. Kai W.

    Magnifique !!

  84. mirta guerrero

    Los que nos manejamos en castellano , no tenemos derecho a la traducción???

  85. purgatorio

    That gaida at the end... Wonderful

  86. Remigiusz Zapasek

    Wspaniała kompozycja dźwięku, słów i obrazu . Przyprawiająca o drżenie poezja piękna. I ten jej cudowny głos......

  87. Maria Ignez da S. Roquette Mokarzel

    Linda música.

  88. József Demjén


  89. Madved07

    My soul rests here. Though I'm a man

  90. Francisco Argote



    Lo siento, este mundo no es perfecto. Nada ni nadie es perfecto. Loreena simplemente se acercó a la perfección.

  91. erzsebet horvath

    Nagyon  SZÉP  

  92. Fabíola Valdeira

    Here is my heart and I give it to you my love playlistv4u...Adri...

  93. Iris Gonzaga

    A melhor cantora do mundo!!!!

    Zeca Urubu

    @Iris Gonzaga e que musica emociaonante,dos tempos de castelos,damas e cavaleiros

  94. TehDarkrai

    The road goes ever on and on 
    Down from the door where he began 
    Now far ahead the road has gone 
    And I must follow if I can 

  95. İsmet ERDİK


  96. josé carlos fernandes

    that beautiful music, these songs of loreena stirs something in our soul  

  97. Jerry Mularyk

    ilook into her eyes and see a cougar, like all cats from the home tabbies, to the big carnivores they are truly magnicifent.  so it is with loreena, she is truly magnicifent. a voice like an angel, a face like a boticelli venus.