McKennitt, Loreena - Lost Souls Lyrics

This journey's over
Another's just begun
Beneath the moonlight
Or by the warming sun

I seek to hold you
In sunshine or in rain
Beneath the heavens
I'm coming home again

So far we drifted
Like ships upon the sea
Horizons fading
We lost to destiny

Storm clouds hover
Our vanity like pain
Which held back the winds
That bring us home again

Oh could I see now
The swallows in their flight
Watch the moon dance
On oceans in the night

The trees reach upward
To help the birds to fly
And of the creatures
Who'll hear them when they cry?

We walk the hillside
Like lost souls in the night
And in the darkness
We're searching for the light

And in the morning
Like freshly fallen dew
Much like a moon's breath
I'm coming home to you

This journey's over
Another's just begun
Beneath moonlight
Or by the warming sun

For I remember
That if my heart be true
Just like an eagle
I'm coming home to you

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McKennitt, Loreena Lost Souls Comments
  1. Sibila de Cumas

    Me encanto Gracias

  2. Cardápio Musical

    fantastico sensacional!!!!

  3. Evandro Gonçalves de Brito

    Ouvir Loreena, é plainar num aeroplano feito o silêncio de um voo de um pássaro.

  4. Maui- Maui

    Nice video with lyrics beside of

  5. Lucas Mota8

    Lorena, eu conheco voce de outras vidas.
    A primeira vez que ouvi sua musica tive certeza que a energia da sua linda voz e universal.

  6. Rynn21

    God damn, this woman is in her 60s and still sounds as angelic as she did decades ago.

  7. Son Of Thunder

    She will always be amazing to me... I've been a fan for a very long time..Beautiful song

  8. babylon333

    How can i have missed this new album. I'm so glad today!!

  9. Magic Mountain

    She creates flawless perfect music. There is no one like her

  10. Green Ink

    I only wish she can tour my country Dominican Republic

  11. Julian Pagan

    The ocean awaits: perhaps I should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas...T.S.E

  12. William Harrell

    Her voice, musicianship and musicality is simply amazing!

  13. Ergün Eren

    Sie  verbindet  die  Menschen mit  ein  tolle  Musik , und  das  bringt   Frieden , Danke  Loreena .

  14. Garrett Crider

    loreena is immortal... she's a perfect ten.

  15. Silkya100

    Maravillosa, inefable, única .......Loreena Mackennit

  16. james fry

    I would love to hear her singing with enya after that i think i would truly be ready for the summer lands even if i where to go a second after that

  17. Cesar Carini

    maravillosa voz y música. volver a escucharla sería tocar el cielo

  18. Jose Maria Villar

    Maravillosa Loreena..! Acabo de ver tu show en Buenos Aires y tu música ha vuelto a penetrar en nuestras almas. Brillante como tu aura, un espectáculo para disfrutar y sanar de tanto ruido mundano. Salimos flotando con mi esposa y llegamos a ver tu salida del estadio Luna Park... tu magnetismo se contagia entre tus músicos y la gente. Ojalá vuelvas pronto y nos sigas deleitando desde donde estés... Larga y Bella Vida para tí..!! Gracias

  19. Salih Yıldız


  20. J N

    What an awesome breath taking masterpiece, It's the soul of Spain in all it's splendor and glory. Ms McKennitt is one of my favorite female vocalists. What a beautiful mesmerizing voice. The only other vocalist that compares is Ms Joan Baez. Bravo Senora McKennitt, que Dios te bendiga.

    J N

    Search the song by Joan Baez titled "So we'll go no more a roving" but listen to it on a hi fidelity sound system or a good set of headphones, you won't believe the beauty of her voice.

    Music Story

    You are right, this song shows her great voice. There's a resemblance in her voice with "Nana Mouskouri".

    J N

    Nana is another of my favorites along with Sarah Brightman

    Honey Lambb

    @Music Story - You must be quite young if you have never heard of Joan Baez. She was quite popular in the early to late 1960's. She sang at Woodstock.

    Honey Lambb

    @J N - I also like Nana and Sarah Brightman. I believe Sarah Brightman has a new album coming out in November 2018. Do you like Kate Bush, Sarah McLachlan and Susan Boyle as well ?

  21. Alicia Nyblade

    This song makes me think of Victor Hugo's novel, "The Man Who Laughs".
    This is totally Dea singing to Gwynplaine.
    For those who know the tale, I'm sure you'll agree.

  22. John Fredy Gil Ruiz

    Musica maravillosa

    ali mousavi

    محصور صدای توام ای اعجاز صدا و ملودی

  23. Mari Tapia

    Hermosa voz y canciones, sólo la gente sin oído y buen gusto por la música de excelencia pone mano para abajo.

  24. eniretak33 Pal

    Toujours aussi extraordinaire. Une voix comme celle-là est un cadeau Divin pour elle et pour nous. La mélodie est magnifique, texte est comme tous les autres, très poétique. Vraiment, quelle Merveille ! Merci !

  25. Cleyde Machado

    Minha anja ruiva,como transmite amor ,paz ,luz e alegria .Sua voz perfeita e seu lindo sorriso,faz meu espírito viajar por tantas épocas diferentes que sei que já habitava outros corpos e outras terras.🙏 Namastê 🙏🙏🙏

  26. Mari Tapia

    Al fin podré escuchar su dulce voz en vivo en noviembre 😊😊😊

  27. Santiago Garcia

    Loreena, una mujer y una cantante excepcional.
    Única e irrepetible

    J N

    La unica voz comparable es Joan Baez

  28. licoli

    Loreena is the most complete woman. Nobody did better.
    Only a ANGEL like her can reach the PERFECTION, the INSUPERABLE.
    She belongs to the PARADISE. LOREENA is a CELESTIAL MUSE.
    She is the music QUEEN. GODDESS of the human heart. GODDESS of sensitivity.
    LOREENA forever, for the eternity. Ever and ever. Oh, beloved GODDESS.

    Bigor Shpella

    you just idolised shall have no other gods before me says the Lord. #idolikehermusictooyetdontworshipanyotherbutOne :)

    Complextro Cassette-Carotta

    and when she gets up in the morning, she takes a big dump

  29. celia fragoso

    O loved

  30. lio live