McKennitt, Loreena - Dante's Prayer Lyrics

When the dark wood fell before me
And all the paths were overgrown
When the priests of pride say there is no other way
I tilled the sorrows of stone

I did not believe because I could not see
Though you came to me in the night
When the dawn seemed forever lost
You showed me your love in the light of the stars

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me

Then the mountain rose before me
By the deep well of desire
From the fountain of forgiveness
Beyond the ice and the fire

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me

Though we share this humble path, alone
How fragile is the heart
Oh give these clay feet wings to fly
To touch the face of the stars

Breathe life into this feeble heart
Lift this mortal veil of fear
Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears
We'll rise above these earthly cares

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me
Please remember me

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McKennitt, Loreena Dante's Prayer Comments
  1. Economides Family

    3:43 is the most beautiful moment. In fact, she only sings it once in the song!!! Urgh!

  2. Ailin Rondeau

    Yes, thank you ...mon ami

  3. Jeremy West

    Loreena take me away from this world. You speak my soul through your beauty and voice.

  4. ZabelekPL

    I listen Loreena McKennit's songs from time to time but when i heard this one at the first time... Just beautiful...

  5. Fran Acedo

    All 2020?

  6. Ailin Rondeau

    Beautiful. Close death near; this offers consolation.....we do loose loved ones but their souls live on through us. Makes me cry...... mother, son , loved ones, holly are thou names

  7. Aridela Everglund

    You should read Dante's Whole work, to really understand. He too a Whole life to get to skim paradise, and passed through hell an purgatory. 'Tis just a song, a wondrous one indeed.

  8. Sandra Lucia De Oliveira

    Simply Beautiful!👏👏👏👏💟💚❤🦋🌺❣👏👏👏👏

  9. Shaindarkart

    I love you Dad.
    rest easy big guy......i will remember you forever.

  10. Valéria Gomes

    Eu amo essa música 💃🌷

  11. Karmen Jazbec

    yes loreena

  12. Gary Gene Mckenzie

    To hear this music is to hear the Spirit of God in music. 'Nuf said.

  13. Tulio Cesar

    It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life! It doesn't make me sad, but it always thrills me when I hear it! Touch the deep ... Wonderful!❤❤👏🙏

  14. Maria de Fatima Bezerra

    Fantastic 👏👏👏👏

  15. Bonnie BDP

    My mother died last night (12-18-2019) and we were listening to my "Enya" station on Pandora. This song came up when she breathed her last breaths. It felt very appropriate to listen about shedding mortal fears as my mom was passing. Her soul was escorted to the beyond with beautiful music and I have my own bittersweet memory of this song now. RIP mommy.

  16. BHQld

    Am I the only one who hears Joy more than Sorrow in this piece?

  17. Bailey Wiggins

    2:02 is when the lyrics actually start

  18. Isama Alobede

    وجبابرة وقيادات واحزاب وقاموسات الشراقوى ومطوياتهم والسر اقوى وملاعبهم ومظاهراتهم وعناوينهم واحزابهم وصورهم ومهدياتهم وسيدات وسحارات وزعيمات نساء عوالمهم وعوالمهن ومواجهاتهن الحولات والعوصات جقلات وع.ريات وعاريون واستعاريون يسرقون انواع موالين واتباع وشيعات وانصار ومسميات لتنواع لانواع كوادر وعلماء وعالمات ويقلبوهم ويجعلوهن برمجة استعبادية وتركيب استعبادي وفخ استعبادي وشك استعبادي وامتحان احتكاري ومصيدات خضوعية وتنصتات استعبادية وشبكات تواصي استعبادي وتواصل استعبادي واجناي واجناس استعبادية وم ويقلبون تمبرهم تكبرهن وعلوهم وعواملهن وعلاماتهن وشغلاتهن وشركهم وعكساتهم ورباطهم واستحكارهم وم وقضايهم عليهم وعليهن و

  19. Filukkas univers

    to the ones i love who are no longer here and to my grandma who is slowly fading away

  20. Johan Liebert

    Five minutes after it ended I'm still saying wow

  21. Alesthegirl

    I buried this song in my deepest soul for many years... just too overwhelming to handle, sometimes

  22. Godefroy de Bouillon


  23. Useless Productions

    The apostate prophet brought me here

  24. Mia Mau

    Thank you

  25. Mia Mau

    As a Nagual........ I love the sea

  26. Mia Mau

    I think that my pants fall off me......... or being so weak...... thenI I become more......... Like the sun

  27. Mia Mau

    Dear Lord.... or our souls........ [email protected]

  28. Mia Mau

    The ships and the folks that came in on them ........... made us

  29. Mia Mau

    I thank you heart

  30. Mia Mau

    Dear Soul...............

  31. Sharise Paredes

    Me recuerda al infiero de gabriel😍

  32. Elzbieta Bonthrone

    Let, yourself find me, and try not to ever regret it...

  33. Elzbieta Bonthrone

    Let me find you, my love...

  34. whatroads4x4

    to me this is about reconnecting with God through Jesus Christ.

    especially about the story of the thief on the cross
    “And there was also a superscription over him, THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. And one of the malefactors that were hanged railed on him, saying, Art not thou the Christ? Save thyself and us. But the other answered, and rebuking him said, Dost thou not even fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said, Jesus, remember me when thou comest in thy kingdom. And he said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise” (Lk. 23:38-43).

  35. Dennis Wayne Allen


  36. Mia Mau

    Si como no

  37. Mia Mau

    Your stuff to me is the best I know of........ been a while

    Nescio K

    Thanks, Mia. Nice to hear from you.

  38. I still listen to Punk

    I am not a religious individual but find immense beauty in its meaning, as put into context by Loreena herself.

  39. Ita M.

    this song amazing, loreena !!!!!!! 2019 Brazil !!!!!!

  40. Shaindarkart

    i lost it 5:10.......couldn't fight the tears anymore.

  41. dani3lmg

    Great job choosing the images, thankyou

  42. Frank Lewis Jr

    Powerful song, from the soul......endless

  43. Caroline Santos

    I dedicate this to my husband of 18 years who passed away 4 years ago who will always be my soulmate till we meet again in heaven.

  44. Mikal Mullaly

    This song is so beautiful, it makes my heart hurt.

  45. Carolina Lopes

    For me this song is almost a mantra. Extremely deep, it connects me with my deepest feelings.

  46. wattiskath pi

    4:41 left side in the corner

  47. mônica alvarez mônica

    Amo suas canções🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅

  48. John Herlihy

    I have been listening to this song for about 5 years. It is very powerful and the video puts great pictures to the lyrics. Loreena McKennett is a great artist and is truly an Irish muse! ☘️

  49. Mary Chris

    🦋ヽ♡`♪ `、 💕 `、•♪`、`、•♪`、`、•♪
    Breathe life into this feeble heart
    Lift this mortal veil of fear
    Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears
    We'll rise above these earthly cares

  50. Rocco Giampietri

    Chiudo gli occhi e poi salgono emozioni

  51. Beata Spiewak

    Beautiful 💖✨

  52. George McDonald

    a friend introduced this song to me some 15plus tears ago, 15 plus years later I still cannot get enough of it. What a masterpiece!!!

  53. musicisbrilliant

    Its only a deep song if you're a deep person.

  54. Julian P

    I've told my wife this is the song I want played at my funeral. Then perhaps Highway to Hell by AC/DC. Gotta keep things interesting.

  55. Simple

    Beautiful song when the dark night seems endless please remember me im reborn in the light and i feel at peace for the first time in my life god bless and thank you

  56. 随便Suibian

    Always loves this song. Never realised until today that it is a most beautiful prayer. Perhaps even Loreena herself is not fully aware of the healing power and hidden message of these lyrics.

  57. Melis

    There was this song in Gabriel's Inferno.

  58. Leigh Smith

    Sublime! Thank you for sharing.

  59. Jerz Jurkiewicz

    Is there any song better than this? Amazing.

  60. Marina Reynolds


  61. James Bond

    It allowed me to connect with my feelings
    My lovely mother of 90 had passed and I had trouble connecting with my feelings about her death. The next day I was playing some of Loreena's music and I listened to Dante's Prayer. The tears were flowing down my cheeks. I felt a deep sorrow, but a type of happiness as well. The line "please remember me", was what I felt my mother was saying. The only thing a person can really hope for after dying is that loved ones will continue to "remember" them. I am not religious, but one need not be to be touched by this song and it's strong emotional tones. Six years after my mother's passing and this song still grabs me and lets me mourn her death, remembering how wonderful she was......after all, without our mothers, we would not be here! Thanks so much Loreena for this amazing song and your beautiful voice !!

    Italian Pseudo intellectual

    oh my god, that made me cry.

  62. Osvanildo Zavitoski

    Essa cantora,tem a voz mais linda,que existe,ou é só eu,que acho isto?

  63. Kathleen Murphy

    As a Pagan & a vegan I see this song in a somewhat different light.

  64. Patricia Loaiza

    Please remember me

  65. Frankie Billington

    Rock Goddess on a Temple - Amazing

  66. François Gannier

    10000 pouces levés si je le pouvais!. ... pour Bénédicte qui m'a aimé de tout son amour... pour Brigitte mon épouse, partie bien trop tôt. .... je vous aime! ...

  67. Gerhard Hoffmann

    a green grashopper just told me ( 05:14h ) to "THIS"

  68. Connie Kreese

    How was this not on the Titanic Soundtrack

  69. Flavia Amaral

    This is the song of my life. It describes a dream I had with Jesus. I can't hear without cry. Flávia, from Brazil.

  70. AnnieStannie FlandersSr

    my all time fav of hers

  71. Lorenzini Patrizia

    Il canto di Ulisse! Dante, Inferno XXVI....just enjoy it!

  72. Александр Родионов

  73. Александр Родионов

  74. Александр Родионов

  75. kimberly herrmann

    Thankyou For This Deep Beautiful Music. Thankyou For Helping Me Awaken.
    God Bless And Keep All.

  76. Adam Riga

    please remember me

    Adam Riga

    MR PERFECT glory bro

  77. Sandra Rebouças

    Simplesmente divino! Gratidão 🙇‍♀️

  78. The Two Johns

    I was given this song by a beautiful close friend, she said "this is you Dante, you'll never know how bright you shine in the darkness, guiding others through the night, giving away hope like it's Christmas. You can't see your own light, I wish you did, I pray for you, one day Dante."
    I get it, but so often I don't see it. I feel the fool, stumbling in the dark searching for the light, trapped in a hell of my own creation, for what is hell, but our own construct? Forever seeking the light of hope, to find the path.

  79. B.A.B.

    Always loved this song!

  80. TV Itaqui-Bacanga


  81. TheRABman _

    Can honestly say at the age of 32 this is the first song I e heard that made me well up

  82. Dave Shell

    Take a look at the view of the Southern Cross from Brazil while listening to this.

  83. C. Randall Nicholson

    The first time I heard this song, I was a 4 year old sitting in the bathtub. The CD was brand new. I didn't like this song because I thought the chanting at the beginning was unpleasant. Now this song tears my heart into pieces because it's so beautiful and because I want to be a 4 year old sitting in the bathtub again.

  84. François Gannier

    merveilleuse Loreena ma compagne de chaque soir qui passe sans toi. ..

  85. didier soret


  86. Elzbieta Bonthrone

    Cast your eyes on the ocean, ...please remember frigile is the heart...please remember me....

  87. Elzbieta Bonthrone

    Love, whatever, you sing..

  88. Cloudy Moon

    I repeated this piece over and over.... time the night passed..... and with the dawning of the sun, who painted the morning sky with vermillion clouds.....I still sat there in awe, tears in my eyes - unable to accept - to face the coming day....with an heartbeat I never felt before in my chest.....


    youve created. do you believe in a creator or mere chance?

  89. Paula

    I first heard this beautiful piece of music as I watched a video of Skellig Michael. It was a visual and auditory experience of a peace not often found in our hectic world of today.

  90. Han Perez

    " Quand le bois sombre jaillit devant moi
    Et que tous les chemins furent envahit
    Quand les prêtres de l'orgueil disent qu'il n'y a pas d'autres moyens
    Je vole les souffrances des pierres
    Je ne pouvais croire car je ne pouvais voir
    Pensant que tu viendrais vers moi dans la nuit
    Quand l'aube semblait pour toujours perdue
    Tu m'a montré ton amour dans la lumière dans étoiles
    Projette ton regard sur l'océan
    Projette ton âme vers la mer
    Quand la nuit noire paraît interminable
    S'il-te plaît rappelle-toi de moi
    Alors que la montagne s'élève devant moi
    Par le profond souhait du désir
    De la fontaine du pardon
    Au delà de la glace et du feu
    Pensant que nous partageons cet humble chemin, seuls
    Combien le cœur est fragile
    Oh donne à ces pieds d'argile des ailes pour voler
    Pour toucher le visage des étoiles
    La vie respire dans ce cœur fragile
    Soulève ce voile mortel de peur
    Prends ces morceaux d'espoirs, gravés avec des larmes
    Nous nous envolerons au-dessus de ces préoccupations terrestres
    S'il te plaît rappelle-toi de moi"

  91. Beckah Bartel

    Achingly, haunting yet beautifully hopeful. I cried when I first heard this. Wow.

  92. カーモスセマ

    Today, I decided to part ways with a beloved friend who had been my only dim light throughout the depths of my depression. I'll stop tormenting you, but please, at least, please remember me with the smiles I tried to put on your face, instead if the grimace I've given you.

  93. Kitty Letko

    This is stunningly beautiful. At the beginning is a Russian Orthodox choir singing "Behold, the Bridegroom comes at Midnight." It's a beautiful, solemn hymn which we sing in the Orthodox Church during Holy Week. Many people who don't consider themselves religious or Christian can feel the calling deep in their souls hearing the Ancient chants of the Orthodox church. It's surreal.

    Behold, the Bridegroom comes at midnight, and blessed is the servant whom he shall find watching, and again unworthy is the servant whom he shall find heedless. Beware, O my soul, do not be weighed down with sleep, lest you be given up to death, and lest you be shut out of the Kingdom. But rouse yourself, singing, Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, O our God. Through the Theotokos, have mercy on us. ♥ ☦ ♥


    You do understand the juxtaposition, right?

    Imagine for a moment the situation: at that time, it was four years since the fall of the Soviet Union. Siberia was an inhospitable place in which many people had died during the Stalinist deportations. In Siberia many fields of the Gulag were installed, which made it a hell for hundreds of thousands of human beings, with episodes as frightening as that of the Road of the Bones.
    My relatives were some of the people in those gulags. 17 motherfucking years my grandfather spent there. Fuck Russia, and Fuck the Orthodox Church. Do you know how they treated Jews throughout history? Fucking monstrous organization.

    Kitty Letko

    @ptanyuh I'm so sorry your family went through this. I cannot account for any of those atrocities, but I can say that mistreatment of other people is not something Orthodox Christians, or the Church, do or support. Many people were thrown into the Gulags simply for being Christian, just as the Jewish people were persecuted for their faith by Hitler during WWII. This is not faith, nor the work of the church, it's Godlessness at the hands of power hungry men. People who truly believe in God, whether Jewish or Christian, don't seek to harm others. The gulags were horrific, and unfortunately seemingly forgotten by much of Western Society, especially here in America. Many remember of the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis, but seem to have a short memory when it comes to the way the Communists treated Christian people, or anyone who spoke against the government. It was truly terrible.


    @ptanyuh ahhh you have thrown the baby out with the bath water. men are corruptable. do not set your eyes on men. but on Jesus.

  94. Mich Andrada

    She's the best singer on the world, she's an angel.


    ahhh lucifer was an angel

  95. Rocco Giampietri

    È un viaggio la vita e anche dopo ls vita inzia un nuovo sentiero Ciao Mario

  96. Lennart Gabrielsson

    Most men would walk through hell for their Beatrice... love ... is abit strange

  97. miriam otilia

    Me arrepio toda com essa musica e com a voz dela.