McEntire, Reba - She Wasn't Good Enough For Him Lyrics

She was good at late night listening
When he'd call her on the phone
She was good to come and get him
When he couldn't make it home
She was good to make love to
And they did now and then
She was good to never ask
When he'd be back again

She wasn't good enough for him
For his family or his friends
He kept her out there on a limb
Wouldn't let her go, wouldn't let her in
She wasn't good enough for him

She was there on his bad days
And for years he led her on
We all knew she had a bad case
He was doing her all wrong
She couldn't bring herself to do the right thing
Break it off and say goodbye
'Til she overheard him one night tellin'
Somebody on the side that

She wasn't good enough for him
For his family or his friends
He kept her out there on a limb
Wouldn't let her go, wouldn't let her in
She wasn't good enough for him

She was good at late night listening
When he'd call her on the phone

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McEntire, Reba She Wasn't Good Enough For Him Comments
  1. michelle klug

    😔This song is so sad... So many women feel this way and they never should think this!


    This is my life!

  3. Carole Hammonds

    On the OTHER hand, HE wasn't good enough for HER! Remember, there's ALWAYS 2 sides to EVERY story!!! Learn from it! If you don't like the way things are going in your life, change the channel!!!!! You CAN do it!

  4. Diana Hayse

    I was the best damn thing you ever threw away. Just remember aren't better than me. God says you aren't...He created me the same as you. Just remember that.

  5. Lori Hilliard

    Goodbye...I'm done with you..

  6. michelle klug

    😥😔 She can sing a women to tears.

  7. Bonnie Chevy

    Arnold Munoz ..Hurts😎😢

  8. Dana Sublett

    I wasent

  9. Rebecca Vazquez

    I cry everytime i hear this song i love my husband so much but even with a heart of gold i will never be good enough for him😭😭💔

  10. Brandon Koch

    Lol, orther way around

  11. Kacey Jones

    No sense to me

  12. Momma's Five ?

    I was never good enough for a man I loved with everything in me, I gave him five beautiful children and was the model of a wife homemaker. But I was never good enough for him and always needed more. My undying love and forever forgiving heart when whiskey guided hands and strongly evil tongue would lash out at me, I was never enough. Never enough so others would mingle in. You had my love in the palm of your hand but I was never good enough for you. Now your gone leaving me free from a cold hearted man but wondering why I was never good enough. Will I ever be good enough even for me now, because you left me damaged ,with no trust insight, with walls around a once warm heart. I should have turned away that very first day because you was not good enough for ME.

  13. Craig Schindler

    This is how I feel with the person I’m with!!!!!

  14. Jane Colon

    I cannot live without her songs I have to listen to all her songs especially the one that says does he love you like he loves me that is my favorite one I had to buy that one again because I almost had all her songs and they stole them from me now I am trying to get them again one by one

  15. Jane Colon

    I'm in love with a man for 14 years but sometimes the person says things that make me mad and things that he said he's going to find somebody else I tell him go ahead and do it

  16. Tony Ashford

    What has brought you to this point I remember how strong you were and our families have been entwined for several years my grandfather and your grandfather competed together and against each other in their younger days so buckle down get it on

  17. Kristal Price

    These such a pretty song😭😭

  18. Velinda Stevens

    Why do we carewhen they hurt they get fixed yup we arereDy to build then they say I’m going to get bread which means breed so we drink lol

  19. Robert Weinblatt

    You wring my heart out like a tear stained towel

  20. Katherine

    what a shame so many feel this way.......gotta work at it thats for sure by BOTH parties

  21. Tina Luna

    This song hits it on the head my husband told me all the time i wasn't good enough for him . 25 years of marriage and 5 kids nothing made him happy .He was always cheating on me. My husband family knew he was cheating .

  22. Victoria

    In the beginning, I was his all...but then he got a taste of the young meats, and found out he can get anyone..after over 30 years...he didn't want me...and made an was because I wouldn't come down to his shore...but I am too old or him

  23. Jade Marie

    This is the first time I’ve heard this it!

  24. amyjohg

    Ah... what i call the "secret friend". Why I'll just stay single ....not worth it.

  25. Nancy Hamilton

    God I have been there. But I grew strong and moved on. It will never happen again in my life

  26. Lise Reid

    OMG.......get rid of that one! and hopefully God will send someone to you soon to be worthy of your love!!

  27. Texas Gal

    Steve Patridge from Post TX made me feel this way! Not good enough for him. He was the one that wasn’t good enough for me. I want a man with integrity! Now he’s with Jan Spencer Seago. He cheated on me with her and she knew we were together! What the heck, might as well blast them both!

  28. Clarence Dixon


  29. Veritas Aequitas

    Actually it was the opposite..He wasn't good enough for her...

  30. jennifer thomasset

    He lost respect for her...all fails after that

    jennifer thomasset

    didnt realize i just liked my own its how I feel

  31. ren 209

    Sadly it's called getting used I feel this

  32. Joy Michelle James

    I tried 😥💙💋

  33. Joy Michelle James


  34. Lena bush


    Veritas Aequitas

    He's a narcissist..It's all about them...

  35. Kim C


  36. Juanita Buron

    6:07.8/17/19. .. him and my ex.

  37. becky watson

    i have been through this same thing

  38. Shawna Wilkinson

    Wow...... Beautiful! Prefect song for you Mr.Ed! FITS JUST PERFECT!!

  39. DestinyMia Malave

    Can't handle this baby men get intimidated by strong women and men are stupid til they lose a good woman cause truth is you not good enough for me so whoever my soulmate should come forward lmao

    Veritas Aequitas

    Good for you.
    .Stay Strong..

  40. Doris Night

    Says it so well!!!

  41. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Hey! A man never is ok and hey!
    women stop Ok !He worries ok and that's what counts and NEVER will Ok! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. agnelanna heavens

    mic july 14th happy b-day from ur d mom wingheartsflyinurway have fun and nice day

  43. Desirae Finley

    Your one of my heroes. Love this song

  44. Brandy Buckhault

    I feel this exact way! My husband that I am currently married to the 11th of this month(June) for 3 years has been messing around with his EXWIFE! This has been going on for 51/2 years of the 6years we have been together! It started 6months after we started dating! 3years later he married me!!! Tell me why he married me??? I’m so lost confused hurt angry! It didn’t stop then either!! It continued even after we said I do! It stopped this year!!! THIS YEAR! I literately just found out 2 weeks ago! An that’s when it stopped! He wants to work it out... how? How is that possible? My whole marriage was a lie! The whole relationship nothing but a lie!!! What’s was true or wasn’t true? My husband the man I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with,, is only a stranger, A STRANGER!?😭

  45. Ritaann Mendoza

    I love this song my husband does this to me

  46. Kristin Middleton

    This song is so amazing. How have I never heard it before?

  47. Lisa

    Story of My Life his family and his friends were more important than me so I walked away and moved away! Changing my phone number changing my name so he can't ever find me again and starting my new life he married somebody else and he lied to me about it he's a married man time that I find myself a man that wants to be married and spend the rest of his life with me he's already married he's unavailable more unavailable than any man on this planet

  48. Momma's Fur Babies

    Reminds me of my ex, I loved him so much and thought he felt the same way, only to find out that he was making sure that I was being kept a secret from his family and friends and he had the nerve to get at angry at me when I got upset! Yes, I was both hurt and angry for awhile, but I've forgiven and I also discovered that he wasn't good enough for me.

  49. sandra Ferrington

    Love this song

  50. Elizabeth

    I guess I am not good enough for him or his family and friends I wish I could just fall apart and just cry and cry an til I can cry anymore

  51. Nicole Sendecki

    a beautiful women with so much to offer

  52. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Love this song! But for weak women! Not I! Never!!!!!!!!!

  53. Teresa McClanahan

    Love Reba! ♥️ Thanks for sharing 😊

  54. love me leave me

    Member when u where in grammar school these words,then in adolescent, adult and bam she grew up to b a beautiful lady. And said for him cause she she said so ahoooo freedom

  55. love me leave me

    Man if I was her..I would have said for u

  56. sandra Ferrington

    Love this

  57. Lorrie whitley

    I was and yet I wasn't till yrs later, when my heart had moved on..... I always loved you for what we had, but never for what you chose to seek in another, no going back, you made your choice and I chose my son over all.... no regrets ever

  58. Kristin Middleton

    I was never good enough for him 😭

  59. Georgette Cross

    I feel like I have a great connection to this song When my back was injured and I had a tubmer in my Left Overie and my man Left making me feel as if nothing that I did was right he has 5-6 yrs sense I last seen and heard from him and Seen him But I do not feel as if I can move on.I was married 7 yrs to him and after He Left all he'll broke loose.

  60. Glenn Weeks

    oh well his loss....never again will I let another person bring me to the point that I am waiting just to get seconds or be on standby in case they couldn't find anyone else...this song really puts it in prospective....thanks Reba

  61. love me leave me

    However God has one who won't ever talk to me that way ahoooo

  62. Melinda Pemberton

    Im ot good enogh for you or you wohld come back to me love you love me

  63. Natashia Jones

    I was madly in love with a man for 2 years. We made love, we cuddled, in private he said all the sweet things. I never met his family or his friends. When I asked why he said "well I love you but my family expects me to be with a certain type of woman and you aren't her." Broke my heart. Thankfully now I'm getting married to an amazing man.

    Nannette Houston

    I have been there too ,left me with his child never once ask to see her! He married some one else many miles away .I married a good man that helped me with her! Her birth father only saw her once before he died . God does have plans for your life trust Him !!

    Linda-Ann SA

    He was a user who didn't deserve you. Hope you are happy now. ❤

    Emily Lee

    I was in the same boat

    Wayne Edward

    @Linda-Ann SA who how did he?

    Sylvia Wolverton

    I've been in a relationship like that also, for 3 stupid years. That's been 6 years ago and I'm still healing from it. And in no relationship with anyone.

  64. his wife his baby J his baby J

    Nope I wasn't I gave up everything for him I can relate to this

  65. Greta Carter

    Wow ! I feel so bad for Reba and her ex’s however when you get married u know the phrase : “ till death do us apart” , some people are true to that- you shouldn’t get married if you won’t stay true to death do us apart !

  66. Belinda Golden

    Never enough never good enough for him.

  67. Michelle McDougall

    Sounds just like us . I was never good enough for him and it hurt like hell when I said goodbye to him but I had to do what was right for me. I deserve better than that I received from him.He was good on levels and other levels he broke my heart. I loved this man swore after I lost my late husband I would never love again but then I met him and fell so damn hard. I have talked to him once which was not a good visit and I just happen to pull in behind him and he immediately turned as to get away from me like I had the plague or something.It hurt that he did that but hey I broke up with him so he hates me now.

  68. Kandi Kregel

    What hurts the most is how he made me believe that I was good enough. I loved him more than he deserved, that was my wrong doing. The sad truth is that I still love him. I wish I was good enough for him.

  69. Rita Jones

    To eric my ex who hurt me

  70. aline simon

    Some men don't know how to love at all

  71. Mahatmas Gandhi

    you women will defend the woman and berate the man in any case. that woman came after me and threw herself at me and tried every way to get pregnant then i would have to marry her. i realized she was a problem and would turn into a monster once she had me where she wanted me. this woman was put onto me by baptist preachers they tried repeatedly to maneuver me into marrying her to stick her off on me. she is not a strong woman but a pusher when she sees the one who would provide for her. i thank god every day that i did not marry her

    darkness rises

    Sadly, I agree with you. To many times females do trap men this way. It's pathetic and I wouldn't call them women or ladies, those r girls playin games...

  72. Ute Cruz

    I gat to let him goo im to goo for him.

  73. Andrea Ellis

    Been there and done that. Goes to show no matter how our lives are different wen all said and done were just the same. Our heart breaks like anyone else can

  74. Lorrie whitley

    all too many times I was not good enough

  75. David Stammler

    This song is sad. I don't believe in not good enough for someone. I would let him know that it's over nobody would treat me like that

  76. Endy M


  77. Yvonne Gonzales

    This song so described my life. Amazing

  78. Misty Dobbins

    Dale I wasn't good enough for you.. I gave you 13 years of my life I wasn't good enough so you mental abuse and cheating on me I had enough I left cos I'm not never going to be good enough for you.. Hope your new love will be God bless y'all

  79. Lynn Marie Anderson

    I can understand why this song can touch a nerve for so many people, but honestly, when someone breaks up with you, don't take it so personally that you weren't good enough for them! Chances are they might think the world of you, but sometimes life circumstances change and people's idea of what they want changes. At any rate, I would never tell someone that I really cared about that they weren't good enough for me. If you're feeling like someone is treating you like this then get OUT of that relationship.

  80. Linda J. Sullivan

    Reba can sure sing them. You can tell her voice from anyone else's. She has a beautiful unique voice and somehow picks the best songs to sing. Love you Reba!!

  81. Sam Kendricks

    Speaking as an African-American man I can say without a shadow of doubt this is one of the best female singer/entertainer of all time.

    Jade Marie


  82. Mona Woodworth

    Love all you're songs teba they really touch the heart and soul if you truly have one you're the best female song writer and singer of all times love you reba keep them songs comeing like the one got to give this world back to GOD.

  83. Cheryl Johnson

    my husband and his family think I'm an insect. used me and strung me along. a lot of money laundering in the mom & sister's name. prepared for the most perfect divorce behind my back. blocked me from all monies and given an allowance. liar & cheater. slippery as a snake, sneaky as fox and shady as a rat. raised my boys and now they are grown and I look at nothing. strung along for way too many years. This insect needs to grow some wings and accept that I will be walking away with nothing. Life Insurance & estate documents were done with others and not for this insect. The grand betrayal of indignity, humiliation, demeaning, belittling. My own uncle told me that he was the nastiest SOB and even he wouldn't do that to his wife & family. This song made me cry. Was an at home Mom and just wasn't good enough. Didn't bring in the money to make myself worthy.

  84. Rita Jones

    tired feelling this way

  85. Rita Jones

    this remaind my husband cbear

  86. Joy Lewis

    I knew that

  87. Lydia Robertson

    He wasn't good enough for me...

  88. Cee Cee876

    It said it perfectly for me!! I moved on....I deserved to be good to myself.
    I am now married to someone who appreciates me and I am more than good enough for my husband.

  89. Melissa Ann

    Been there..... still there....😢😢😢

  90. Melissa Williamson

    Beautiful. Sad but so true. Thanks Reba for this song I'm sure I'm not the only one that has gone through this. KNOW YOUR WORTH LADIES ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

  91. Ritaann Jones

    so true for us good girls

    Vince Lebron

    And guys we go thur it to

  92. Sunday Osullivan

    Wow you are amazing Lady Reba everything you do is beautiful 😊😊😍😍

  93. Cheri Lones

    He stop loving me

  94. Lisa Martinez

    You said you would let me go, and that is what you have to do.

  95. Tim Wright

    Thank you

  96. Dee OneInAmiLLion

    Well They Say Struggles build Character & Pain grows Strength us Strong Women can either allow it to make us or break us. I'm going through it now I have to walk away with some Dignity & Self Respect b4 I have none I refuse to feel not good enough any longer as well as any othr person going through a break or divorce that is unhealthy.

  97. katrina chapman

    I want to cry right now .. bc my ex boyfriend said I was not good enough for him and he said he never love me and he said he felt bad for me .. so now I feel bad about myself and he told me to go kill myself and he said he wants to watch me kill myself 😭😢💔💔

    Vince Lebron

    Don't listen to him ur better then that we all are I been with crap like that move on there's somebody out there u just found the wrong one u will find them

    katrina chapman

    @Vince Lebron oh k.