McEntire, Reba - If You See Him / If You See Her Lyrics

If you see him
Tell him I wish him well
How am I doing?
Well, sometimes is hard to tell
I still miss him more than ever
But please dont say a word
If you see him
If you see him

If you see her
Tell her I'm doing fine
And if you want to
Say that I think of her from time to time
Ask her if she ever wonders
Where we both went wrong
If you see her
If you see her

I still want her
I still need him so
I dont know why we let each other go

If you see her
Tell her the lights still on for her
Nothing's changed
Deep down the fire still burns for him

And even if it takes forever say I'll still be here
If you see him
If you see her
If you see him
If you see her

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McEntire, Reba If You See Him / If You See Her Comments
  1. Mary Frank

    I sure do love to hear that woman sing

  2. Sherry Luna

    Nothing as good as when two Oakies sing.

  3. Kala Whitecrow

    Reba I always listen to

  4. Janie C

    One of my favorites . No better love song duo.


    2020 who still watching??

    Philippines here😍💖😊

  6. Eligius Emil

    The Iiiiiii at 1:57 is like the soul of this song......

  7. Eligius Emil

    I love when Reba doing duets... she’s a good story teller

  8. Debbie V

    To Patrick Carroll 1985

  9. Jaycee mulholland

    2020 anyone

  10. Amber Doolen

    😀😍🤣😎 Sharmon

  11. Mary Crickett Drummy Drummy

    Still miss him more than ever...

  12. Shelbi Roof

    Still a great song in 2020!!

  13. Tori Brown

    2020 anyone?

  14. Kimberly Rushing

    I'm so at a loss for words, I will always love you Roman.

  15. Amber Johnson

    2019 still listening. Wow where did the good Ol'Country music go?

  16. Shelby Lou

    Everyone thinks about the one that got away when they hear this! Right?

  17. Buckeye Fangirl19

    Love you Reba❤☺👍oh and ❤ you two handsome men too❤☺☺❤

  18. Brandy Irizarry

    Separated right now wondering if this song will be our outcome after 15yrs together 😞

  19. Russ Hughes

    I could tell her I'm doin fine but that would be a lie.

  20. Heather Douglas

    My mom loves this song. She has all Cd's of Reba.

  21. Ronald Hollis


  22. Debbie V

    Awesome Song So True

  23. andersonanne64

    Who is listening to this great Duett today, l this

  24. tom meyer

    So is there a better female county voice tell me I’ll listen I know there isn’t a better male voice

  25. Rebecca Howarth

    It's cool to live in Nashville because I have met Reba MCEntire and Kix Brooks!

  26. Stephanie Walton

    My favorite song

  27. Sandra Burkhart

    Love these you guys

  28. Shari Archer

    2019😭😭 my heart's broken to pieces 💔😢

  29. Carol Anderson

    Two of my all time favorites!

  30. gilbert stolzer

    did she song these before or after her show?

  31. country girl

    Trying to get my life in order for me but I do wish I could talk to you one more time I really need to talk and you always listen I miss it I wish I could turn back time I am getting stronger every day it's been a long time since I had a long talk with someone

  32. Brandon Koch

    Decade to mygirlfreind clrissa laub theses Are the days and little moment

  33. Bunny Sikorski

    November 2019 ✋

  34. Pamela Jarman

    That is OUR song no matter what.

  35. Sue B

    Now this is GOOD MUSIC! Unlike the crap they play today.

  36. Brendan Hill

    Nobody makes music you can dance to this days

  37. Daniel Santini

    Great picture 😀


    True country right here folks you don’t get this quality music anymore

  39. Bonita Perkins

    If you see him tell him tell him im done with him he said he's in love with me and he hasn't changed his life and I will never be his wife i am done with his lies are over whit him hert me his last time im going to do with what I was going to send him I will us it for me to go were im wanted ok lym

  40. Cleola Bell


  41. Mysti Lucas

    Semper Fi army boy

  42. Nadia Willson

    “If you see her, tell her the lights still on for her”

  43. Nadia Willson

    😭😭in tears. So powerful

  44. Connie de Laat

    Still so beautiful !!!

  45. Sue Fortner

    I love to listens to this song and I love the way they sing it togather


    Life sucks......

  47. Ashley Weiser

    This is a very good song it makes you think.

  48. Mr-pensive

    if you see her let me know so i can stay out of her way!!! LOL, thats just one x, but there was that one!!!.. song says it all ;-)

  49. thomas Prior

    man what a crazy situation been there but walked away just that little %tige that says no

    heart broken for last time no more

  50. Jesse Burdorf

    Sick car phone tho

  51. Rosie W

    Love Reba's haircut.

  52. Crystal Head

    This is my song to my son's dad 😭

  53. Randy Barber

    I still love this I saw them together in the 90s

  54. Jennifer Delay

    Ten cats that wont understand why

  55. Jennifer Delay

    Hunt this

  56. nick osbourn

    That solo/instrumental man just blows me away man you can really feel the heartache and loneliness in them

  57. Shanna Ellis

    I pushed someone away once who was everything I ever wanted because I didn't feel worthy of him. While we went on to find happiness in life on separate paths, I still think of him sometimes and wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't done that. Don't let your pride or lack thereof let you ruin something great for you.

  58. Kimberly Hoover

    Ronnie Dunn. . . he could sing the phone book. sigh.

  59. Yoli Suggs

    Where did we both go wrong😔

  60. tom meyer

    The greatest male county voice in history ......

  61. Steve Reed

    When Brooks and Dunn listed the Musicians They gave the names of each person like John Smith on Keyboard and Linda Evens on Back up vocals. When they listed everyone on this song they just put "Reba"...... no need to say anything more...... we


    Don’t say. A. Word. M

  63. Brandon Koch

    Decade to mygirlfreind clrissa laub

  64. Shannon R

    MAN I love Reba!! She’s my fav of country music!! ❤️ 👩🏻‍🌾 Brooks & Dunn is pretty awesome too!

  65. Mônica Mcbride Vargas

    Beautiful song. Amazing voices. 💙

  66. Dave Arcudi

    You know I don't like this song anymore

  67. Steven Sheats

    Howdy Reba McEntire
    My Name Is Steven Sheats
    I’m A Singer Too
    My Channel is Steven Sheats
    If You See Him If You See Her
    Good Duet Song
    Susan And I Cover That Song
    At Old School Tavern
    Check It Out

  68. undisputed one

    why did he not run after her why huhuhu

  69. tara lynn

    hey Ms reba

  70. Jennifer Delay

    Poor truckers

  71. Jennifer Delay

    I need that down there. But im 1 of poorest woman. Park it here an ill so u some home cooking

    Marty Rezac

    What's cooking girl ???
    And where should I park ???

  72. Christina Chadwick

    This song is Dedicated to my love Parks smith.

  73. mas Wilson.

    So not sings song any more who are u

  74. orlando rivera

    Excelente canción recuerdos de mas de 20 años

  75. jet1guy

    The most beautiful duet in the history of CountryMusic.

    Reba’s voice is beyond incredible. Combined with Ronnie Dunn, they are a pitch perfect match. And the perfect song. Wonderfully produced. Nashville at its best.

  76. Melissa Richardson


  77. Norma Yvonne Martinez

    Love faith hope keeps moving forward

  78. Mel Memories

    It’s awful to meet Your soul mate too late...

  79. Belle Rain

    This song always reminds me of my high school boyfriend. He was my sweetheart and I guess in a way, he still is. He and my brother were best friends and still are. My brother tells me my ex asks about me sometimes, but I know that door closed a long time. It still hurts. 😥

  80. _tel_marie_

    I've moved on, just had my first baby after trying for 13 yrs and two miscarriages and I'm engaged. But I ran into my ex's best friend today and his friend said "hey baby how are you" and I go "Good, had my baby, had to go c section though. How's he doing" and he goes "I haven't seen him today, but he's good" and I go "that's good" I could feel the look in my own eyes. I will always love my ex. Then we talked about my baby boy. I'll always wish him well.

  81. Christopher Lee

    Makes me think of my exwife who i still love with all my heart

  82. Clarence Dixon

    Beautifully made

  83. Rhonda Corbett

    Pride is a destroyer of a lot of homes. You do survive with time and you are stronger 💪😉

  84. Barbara Wilkinson


  85. derek0173

    1.9 down. What's wrong with you ppl, this is an awesome song. Hellur!!!!????

  86. Michelle Lopez

    Reba a true southern Okie gal ❤

  87. Dominque Hagan

    I'm like that songs is so good songs😁❤

  88. Josh Paisley

    If I see her Oh if u see her

  89. Babykins Feeney

    Four years and I still think of him when I hear this... Esp since we have mutual friends

  90. Cynthia Suarez

    This song helps me deal with a love that I have for someone that is with someone else now.

  91. Julie Ann

    Reba is the best

  92. Rihngamlung Pamei

    Love from INDIA a lots....

  93. CslyJ

    I will always miss him more than ever, I love you T