McEntire, Reba - (You Lift Me) Up To Heaven Lyrics

Been to Colorado where the mountains touch the sky
And I've done other things in life to lift my spirits high
But nothing that I've ever tried to do
Has taken me as high as loving you

Cause you lift me up, up, up, up to heaven
When you gently lay me down
You lift me up, up, up, up to heaven
Yes you make my world go round

I never try to get away on daydreams anymore
Love's taken me to places that I've never been before
But if it's not heaven when you're holding me
It's the way that heaven oughta be

Cause you lift me up, up, up, up to heaven
When you gently lay me down
You lift me up, up, up, up to heaven
Yes you make my world go round

And we never leave the ground
Up, up, up, up to heaven
Yes you make my world go round

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McEntire, Reba (You Lift Me) Up To Heaven Comments
  1. Andrew C

    Anyone ever notice her beautiful voice was used to benefit her producers?

  2. Maria G Oliver

    This song came out when I met my husband to be. He's gone home to Jesus now but when I hear Reba sing this song, I see my precious husband again, holding me close as we danced. Thanks Reba!

  3. Brett Sprang

    Early on proving how great she is...and the song is great too!

  4. GrindFreakMike

    id say her best song. 9 dislikes but then we all cant have good taste

  5. Mickey Bowser


  6. Kevin Miller

    While I like Reba (not a fan o f hers, but I still like her son- gs), I pulled up this song on my phone & listened to it, thi nking I had never heard it be fore. As soon as she started singing it all came back. I re- member hearing it on statio- ns like WMAQ out of Chicag o back in the 80s. How I mis s the days of good country music.

  7. Jason Story

    My all time favorite Reba song

  8. Michael Morgan

    Great song. Think it came out around 79 or 80 thereabouts. Good country music.

  9. Caden Monier

    You take me back to when I first heard this good country
    Caden Monier

  10. Kim t.

    Been a fan of reba for 25 yrs !!! Love reba 😚💓 .. queen of country music!!! Love this song can keep listening over an over

  11. Darrell Steffens

    Best song from Reba

  12. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #8 on the country charts in 1980!!!

  13. Mickey Bowser


  14. Donna Franklin

    If only it were just tad bit longer.. loved it so much!

  15. Muzikgirl67

    This fine lil' ditty is the one that became Reba's VERY first Top 10 single on the country charts, when it peaked at #8 back during the sizzling, hot days of summer back in 1980! Definitely, one of my early favorites from Reba...thanks for posting Jacky, and this one's going straight to my "Top 40 hits from 1980" playlist! Hope you're having a groovy weekend, and take care! Ms. Elizabeth⭐🌠⭐🌠⭐

    J.W. Gauntt

    certainly welcome Lizziebelle , appreciate the info , always nice to read

  16. Randell Sterns

    Maria they have it on cd i love this song to

  17. D. Slick

    Reminds me of growing up in Colorado in the early 90s, I miss those days...



  19. nita meeker

    ilove you reba your a song singier

  20. JennysCountryChannel

    Reba is so awesome! Great song! Big like :-)

    J.W. Gauntt

    thanks Jenny , sure appreciate you listening

  21. Stephen West

    at least we only have 3 idiots in the usa

  22. Barbie Taylor

    Now heaven is going to be more wonderful because they now have Joey Feek up there BUT I WOULD RATHER HAVE JOEY FEEK HERE WITH US TODAY.

  23. Terri Beatty

    My dad wrote this song with his brother... Bill Zerface and Jim Zerface. :-)

    J.W. Gauntt

    awesome!! thanks so much for commenting, must be so proud, I know I would be !


    He (They)wrote the perfect song, and Reba was the perfect singer..I play this all time..Thanx so much, for the music !

  24. idisagree61

    Here is my memory of this song: Back in my late teens I cleaned my old man's bar I n Gowrie, IA, a place called Skip's Tap,  on Sunday mornings. I use to play the hell out of this song on the Juke Box while was I mopping floors and cleaning toilets. I really liked this tune!  I was more than ready to be lifted up to heaven by some chick, and Reba would have done nicely!!

  25. Leslie Wood

    It's hard to find Music I used to listen when I was a Little a Girl. I love this song:) I was born in 1981. My momma listened Reba MacCantire and I remembered. She died March 14 2011. And then my cousin died she was only 19 years old she was in the Nursing Field starting young and now she's in Heaven with my mom. I love them both and I will see them again. Thank you J.W. for posting this song, you're a good man Sir. I thank you...

  26. Kigsgrama

    Back when Reba sang country music -  her early work is awesome.  When she went pop I stopped buying her music.  Sure did love this song........


    Nice Brittany, insults work wonders sweetheart...
    Have you ever heard the words, "respecting others opinions"?

  27. Maria Viether

    This is my favorite Reba McEntire Song. I can listen to it over and over. Thank you so much for posting it. I used to own a cassette tape that contained this song but lost it. :o( I wish I could get it on CD or download it to my MP3 player but have not had any luck finding it. Any ideas?


    Maria Viether I bet someone stole it. ♡

    Tanis Hart

    here you go:

  28. Wesley James

    What year, if anyone knows, was this song released?

    J.W. Gauntt

    @Wesley James 1980

    Wesley James

    Thank yoy

  29. latokatn506

    Thanks Jack  very good Super Talent 

    J.W. Gauntt

    @latokatn506 very welcome Rock, sure appreciate it

  30. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Jack Csodálatos ez a dal.
    Nagyon jó hallgatni az énekesnőt,
    Köszönettel Klára Szépvölgyi

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're very welcome Clare,, thank you for listening