McDonald, Shawn - Take My Hand Lyrics

Take my hand to the promise land
And on You I want to stand
'Cause I cannot do it on my own
You're what I need and I need to be
Right by Your side 'cause I cannot hide
Lord, I know that I need You
Na na na na na na na na na, I need You
Na na na na na na na na na, I need You
Without You I'm so alone
I am weak but You are strong
You pick me up when I'm falling down
And I am crying
Out to You inside of my heart
I need You, Lord, oh so, for the part
I want You to have my life, Jesus
I fall to my knees
And I'm begging You, please, oh, Lord
Won't You change me
Make me new from the inside out
I want to shout out Your name

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McDonald, Shawn Take My Hand Comments
  1. Lynette Barquero

    Rockin out getting ready for this day The Lord has made! Clean and sober. God 1st in my life today. Thank You Jesus

  2. Sarya Ashraf

    Wow this song is so good that it touches my heart

  3. Chris Lindamood

    childhood memories right here

  4. John Cox

    I knew I was going to love this song after the first lyric. It played on YouTube after my song “Zero to Hero”. Here is mine.

  5. Komanden moyon Ngoruw

    I have heard this song on Nokia song. I love this song

  6. Green Eye Beauty ASMR

    Love this song since 2006😀

  7. J P

    Someone will make a really, really good remix of this one day.

    Joey.B 2001

    why would they? the song is absolutely excellent already! no need :p

  8. Brianna Lee

    Listened to this song as a kid with my dad. Today found out I’m pregnant and can’t even remotely grasp the fact , and my dad sent me this . ❤️

  9. honey bear

    This song is awesome it's just like gravity. Just listen to this song or gravity and picture Jesus coming down from heaven or peterffy feeding people with the loaf of bread it's beautiful and pure with the grace of God thatthat people need to hear more of.

  10. William Molina

    Enjoy this young men's music ministers and blesses me ,his lyrics I believe are from his walk with the Lord.

  11. Fidel Gutierrez

    2018 and still Gold!

  12. Rodolfo Silva


  13. Ness Perry

    Without him we are nothing! Thankyou God for mercy and favor! Happy Father's Day to the father of all! ❤🙏

  14. Suyanne oliveira

    I'm heppy

  15. Norma Gilmer


  16. Jeremiah Bankston

    Please PRA for my brother he died in my mom's stumice

  17. Jeremiah Bankston

    I love your songs like if you agreed

  18. bradley orrvar Danika

    my son turned me on to this fine sounding christian artist, he made me all 4 cds, thank you David my son, love pop!!

  19. Mais 2

    Na na na na na na na... love this jam.

  20. Kelsey3 Bennett3

    God bless

    Kelsey3 Bennett3

    Hey bless god and Jesus 😇

  21. Kelsey3 Bennett3

    I need you too

  22. Kiaya Jernigan

    i love it

  23. tgr313

    Please come to the Denver Metro area! We need your gift of music and song! Thank you Shawn and God bless you.

  24. Jason Tellez

    Got to see him and Bebo Norman in person very awesome concert very nice people to meet

  25. Debra Ann

    Love Shawn's music!

  26. Surf Punx

    I'm an atheist and I love this song

    Bushwick Bundy

    @Jesus Saves shut up Jesus freak nobody likes a preacher.

    Jesus Saves

    Why are you replying to a comment I made to somebody else? It sounds like you are preaching to me, telling me to shut up, so that makes you a hypocrite. The crucified and risen Savior, the Lord Jesus (God in human flesh) can save hypocrites, so please call out to Him to save you from the penalty and power of sin because you really cannot do it on your own..

    Jesus Saves

    It sounds like you are a very depressed person by looking at your created playlist of songs, and you yourself like Shawn McDonald's songs because they are somewhat uplifting and are well written and have a good beat. Here is one of his songs you might like when you get depressed ...

    I E

    @Jesus Saves Some do that, some don't. Some believe in other religions, some don't believe in any religion. Please respect that. As we should respect your beliefs and choices you should respect ours. I thank you in advance.


    I E The Bible and God calls us to make as many followers as we can to save their souls and proclaiming Gods heavenly love is what we were made to do. Sorry if we just can’t help ourselves!

  27. tgr313

    He says, "I won't let you go!" Thank you Abba! My King. My Savior. It's You I live for and Only You. I need you Yahweh!

  28. ForeverYoung4

    its really hard folowing christ but never give up my brothers and sisters keep pushing in the end you win! because Grea†er is He who is in Us than who is in the World. Jesus Christ is in us amen.

  29. The Last Altmer

    there aren't even lyrics

  30. Trenton Mileski

    i love this song. listen to it a lot knowing that i need god and i can't do it alone

  31. car car

    interesting to read everyone's comments. motivates me to pray with much fervour

  32. Hannah Marino

    Omg, I found it! The song I heard on the radio so many times as a little kid :D I love it

    Hannah Marino

    +OurHumbleLife Aw you're welcome ^-^ God bless

    Abigail Thompson

    Me too!!! This was my favorite song as a kid and I never knew it till now

    Thomas Cleveland

    how hard could it be to find?

    Sneha Joseph

    Im legit gonna cry. This song literally transports me back to my childhood. I can literally see in my head how excited I was back then, when I heard this at Sunday school for the first time.

    Jason Love

    @Abigail Thompson I love it.

  33. Mindy Welford

    All the time

  34. Shawn Kuretich

    I need You Jesus

  35. jose torres

    love this song

  36. Lara Lorentz

    so much!🤗

  37. Lara Lorentz

    I need you!

  38. SS S


  39. Lisa York

    i need you

  40. mic keech

    great song

  41. Jesus Saves

    "Cause I cannot do it all on my own"

  42. Mary Colberg


  43. Derek Bennett

    this song is amazing

  44. TheBraedon7869

    change me make me i need u you are what need to be needed i know am am just 9 i love this song


    bless you child!

  45. Ernie Kasper

    I will always need you, you are the strength in my bones, the courage in my soul, the air that I breathe and you will always be the victory beyond what the world deems impossible.

  46. kiji lao vere

    thank you for this upload!! been looking for it for ages now

  47. Iza Lira

    Take my hand Jesus!!!!

    Joe Ruston

    +Iza Lira Stae strong faithful and alwae remeba that Yeshua to yuu "I Love Yuu, ai understand and ure future IS safe and Secure!

  48. Beth Stenslie

    Don't understand why Shawn doesn't get any airplay, he is my favorite <3

  49. Simply FanMade

    Where is a live video or an actual video of this?

  50. GuideThe Blind

    i needed to listen to this song. Lord take me to the Promise Land because i cannot not do this on my own. Lord i need you Amen.

  51. Israel Jimenez

    I love it

  52. rose oliveira

    Shawn you use to be my Daniel inspiration,God Bless you always.

  53. Vuk Mujović

    I think this song is awesome and I'm not even remotely religious... the guitar is great, the beat is fresh and the lyrics are smart, all the parts of a great song.

    Nathan Näckdal

    Its not about religion, its all about faith!!
    The almighty God is great, smart and fresh ;) and also all music devoted to him. Everything about God is beautiful and not always understandable (like that he loves us more than we can imagine) thats why we need faith! 
    God loves You and i think You are drawn to his music! So don´t resist, just let God do his wonderful work with your life!
    Blessings from Sweden!

    Vuk Mujović

    @***** In an upper comment @Nathan Näckdal sent his blessings from Sweden (for which I am thankful and return regards from Serbia) and from that moment I can't listen to this song without remembering a girl from Sweden... gorgeous girl, sex was extraordinary, she was (and I hope still is) a protestant priestess. That is one of many reasons I am going to hell if it exists.

    Nathan Näckdal

    @Vuk Mujovic Ur not going to hell bro! Accept Jesus love, and take Him as ur personal Saviour and Lord. You will have a firm rock to stand on, and who will also take care of you. 
    Even more blessings!

    Mais 2

    Vuk Mujović that's what I'm saying. His music goes much farther than that in my opinon. And I've heard nothing but good things about him.

  54. Troy Bell

    Yes I need you Lord each day thank you for receiving me. I have faith for to day. I received a rubber band from Lakewood with that in print.

  55. Oregon197

    where r the lyrics?

  56. Mermaid Gaby

    i love it now and forever!!!

  57. Michael Jordan

    He talks rap/rock... HA!

  58. Esther Tom

    Love It So Much

  59. ArtsyStuff TRL

    I love this song to its my favorite song on earth don't you think so.Because its the best song that ever heard .When it first started I started to write this:-)

  60. Mia Beth

    @atal34 haha good one :) they are not very big

    Aaron J

    do you rly thiink that people who have been dead for a short time lie? the wrent interested in faith before this happend and after? the travel around the world to preach? if there is nothing why should they do this? they were dead for a short time ``they lost everything`` do you still beleve that they lie? how can it be that so many people beleve and make expierience with a dead god? how can it be that such a talented singer decides to sing christian songs? how can it be that people stand up from a wheelchair? do you think they are playing for 12 year a handicaped? juste for this one moment? i beleve in god if you want to close your eyes before the truth and stil beleve this lie that there is no god. its your decision. you juste need to now that god loves you even if you dont beleve in him. and if you think there is no god juste ask him, ask: god are you there? and im sure he wil answer if you dont ask and run away in a second.

  61. Atalgash34

    Really strong atheist huh... How big are your muscles?

  62. nathan craft

    i know this song from the inside out! And i love it.

  63. Pedro Lopez

    i love this song

  64. Nathan E

    If God does not exist then how did this world come into being?There is a God who created this universe!I just have one thing to say,THERE IS A GOD!

  65. Brandon Moreno

    My favorite Christian song very touching, strong voice.

  66. Shawn Kuretich

    I need You!

  67. Tiffawhhknee


  68. Tiffawhhknee

    @miabeth really ? but that would make no sense werything was created from nothing and nothing created itself into something and here's this huge world where everything has a creator but yet you don't think humans had a creator . I believe you believe something you have to . believing in nothing makes no sense.

  69. Damacio Whitlatch

    This song was played at my aunties funeral and now every time I listen to it I cry my heart breaks and sometimes I listen to it when I'm sad and I feel like my auntie is there with me I love you auntie Julianna rip

  70. Reem Saba

    It's not a counsidence that when a priest that has contact with God prays for a group of people that are either disabled, sick or non-believers, suddenly after the prayers become released from all the struggels that they felt before.
    God can really show his face to groups of people, people who do or dont believe in him or anything he stands for just because we are all here for one reason, to fufill the plan that God has set for us. It's not really harder than that! BELIEVE IN HIM!

  71. 420huslah

    ive been feeling really shitty lately, super depressed, and im not religous at all.. but this made me feel.. ok

  72. 420huslah

    ive been feeling really shitty lately, super depressed, and im not religous at all.. but this made me feel.. ok

  73. Sarah Weber

    My dance routine is to this song

  74. Nathalia Ventura

    where the lyrics ?

  75. Brendan Quirke


  76. Mia Beth

    Why am I a strong Atheist? Because I do not believe that God exists and don't believe in any religion and think very strongly that it's all a lie. I believe that we are born with nothing and die with nothing, and that what you do in between those moments is up to you, not god. I think that the universe itself is such an incredible place that you should put all your effort into taking care of the planet and not waste time on thinking about/doing things for ''god''

  77. Michael Jordan

    Still in grade school, huh? Oh, you're grown. Sorry, but with the terrible grammar and punctuation I figured you were a child.. Is it hard being you? Yeah, life can get that way when you are stupid.

  78. trozzi2009

    listen here friend there is just much proof of god as there is santa clause and when god makes hurricanes or causes cancer we say he works in mysterious ways but in actuality he is being a dick and being a dick is one of the most easiestly understandable things since the dawn of time.

  79. Brianna Maus

    Love this song

  80. Gabriel Bababet

    It's amazing to me that this, a good uplifting song, has less than 900,000 hits, but if you look up some stupid crap by Lady Gaga, she'll have like 28mil. views,

    Our world is going into ze toilet.

  81. Terra3241

    :DDD love this song :P

  82. Jonathan Sherman

    na na na na na na na I need youuu!

  83. Biel Bellato

    amo muito essa musica!!! me sinto em casa!

    really love this song!! I feel at home!

  84. Andy Haggard

    fuck god ladie

  85. Katie Bri

    And everyone has a choice that's why some people turn away from God

  86. Katie Bri

    God is always in love with you. It pains him to see his children unhappy and constantly feeling depressed and he is trying his hardest to save all of the people but most of them don't listen they ignore the signs like I did at first but now I am in love with God and I know everyone else can if they see his glory and honor

  87. Gertrude C

    wow his songs are consistently amazing across the board

  88. Frederiqua Le Roux

    favorite christian song

  89. Daniel McQuerter

    I love this song! I need you Lord everyday, not just on Sundays or Holidays.

  90. TheMernkerd

    Hey everyone! :) I did a cover of this song on my Youtube page! You should check it out! :)

  91. Rebecca Baird

    @disturbedaasylum666... If God didnt give us free will, then ee would never learn to make the right choice for we would have no choice. He would be a dictator then. Instead, He makes it simple, actions and choices have outcome. It all dependa what outcome you want. Just like a law, dont cry in jail that you dont want to be there if you chose to commit a crime that put you there. Gods expectations and rules dont harm us... Its so we have something better.

  92. Rebecca Baird

    @disturbedsasylum666... So every kid should get a trophy... So everyone should get first place in a race.... So everyone should get a raise and promotion... Oh, and there should be no consequence to our actions... hmmm.........

  93. cz james

    Without a choice we would not be humans. We would only be robots...

  94. alexi brennan

    hi mrs macpherson mean song

  95. alec tarango

    Favorite Song

  96. Warren Jones

    Jesus Christ was an example to us, He showed us that we can walk this earth as He did, but only with His help, thats why we have been giving the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter to lead us into al truth, but His grace and mercy is what picks us up when we fall, but the Bible saids in Romans 6:1 "Shall we continue in sin that His grace may abound? God forbid." When you put on Christ, you put on a new man and the new man does not do the things the old man used to do. God blessed

  97. autumn messer

    this is not my song why

  98. bellcakes24

    why so?