McDonald, Shawn - Simply Nothing Lyrics

So hard to fathom the pain in Your eyes
As You're watching Your children, doing what You despise
In pursuit of our own
We just go round and round
Another nail to our cause
We continue to pound

What are you, man, if you do not learn love
What are you, man, if you do not learn love

So hard to fathom, oh, the feelings inside
As You're watching Your people choosing to die
You called out a warning
To all that would hear
Saying come to Me, come to Me
And I will draw near

Learn love
I must
Learn love
Learn love
Learn love
Learn love
Learn love

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McDonald, Shawn Simply Nothing Comments
  1. TAC cisco

    Ark of the covenant

  2. Kristy Candir

    God, keep me goin strong and keep trusting me keep becoming the woman You want me to be. In ur name I pray this amen, forever GD please keep on changing me becoming a whole brand new me in you

  3. Matthew Manuel

    I remember when I first heard this song in 2004, I thought it was ahead of its time. This song still sounds amazing 15 years later.

    Kearstin Smith

    Same brother

  4. Jeremy Benson

    I need youu. Christ is the greatest love song.

  5. Amanda Burger

    Best Christian singer ever!!! Met him at camp harlow as kid before he become famous

  6. Bad MamaJama

    Summer 02 Church Camp💒

  7. Alexander Bautista

    Rip only three comments

  8. Kingdom Purpose


  9. LJ DQ Flippin

    This just reminds me that I will always need G-d