McDonald, Shawn - Open Me Lyrics

Would You open up eyes, so I can see
Would You open up my ears, so I can hear
Would You open up my mind, so I can know
Would You open up my heart, so could love You more
I want to serve You, my God
I want to give everything
I want to serve You, my King, yeah
I want to serve You, my Lord
I want to give You everything, yeah
Here I am with my arms open wide
Asking for You to come up, up inside
Won't You make me new, won't You make me true
Jesus, won't You make me like You, oh
Will You touch my eyes so I can see
Will You touch my ears so I can hear
Will You touch my mind so I can know
Will You touch my heart so I can love You more
Won't You open me
Won't You open me, open me
Won't You open me, open me
Won't You open me, open me
Won't You open me, open me

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McDonald, Shawn Open Me Comments
  1. Jason Love

    Jessica Rossi?

  2. Jeremiah Wooldridge

    I just recently found the Lord because he I opened my heart and let him and I live for him

  3. who are You???

    Nice 👍👍👍

  4. Jeremy Benson

    They're worried about truther videos and advertising, but they're selling bunny tokens on Christian content. They'll get theirs one day, if God isn't willing for a pardon.

  5. Isaac Longoria

    Awesome! The Lord is Awesome! An Amazing Wonderful Savior we serve! Doulos!

  6. Dean Marie

    I love this song its amazing when he opens your mind and senses the relation of how amazing his creation is amazing beyond measure . I long to look on the creators face to the point that at times its I forget to live .... Is there such a thing as to long for home to the point it itself becomes a sin ?

    Crystal Palace

    Jesus longs to make his home in his people

  7. Dean Marie

    Probably will always be one of mine favs

    Mireya Ramirez

    Same here 💖

  8. TyLola Darling

    I wanna serve you my Lord, I wanna give you everything!

  9. Destiny

    This song and spirit that runs through it is the reason I picked up the guitar and learned to play. Now I'm blessed to be able to play this song and worship God. Thankyou Jesus! 💛

  10. Josh Lindley

    Jesus love you!!!!!!!!!!!✝✝✝✝✝

  11. Sisterly

    Jesus loves all 💜💜💜

    Mireya Ramirez

    Sisterly Amen😄

  12. Monica Siqueiros

    thank you so much for this song

  13. Sandra Carr

    Open me Father!!!!! Use me mightily for your glory and kingdom.....give me the wisdom to serve you effectively!!!! Amen

  14. Lara Lorentz

    I want to serve you Lord!😄

  15. Jonathan Gauerke

    My heart's cry! Great song to keep us on track to stay open.

  16. Amy Almaraz Torres


  17. Nilsa Me

    Wow! I feel the Holy Spirit when this song comes on and it ministers to me. I need God to open my eyes, ears and heart. I want to serve you my Lord, I want to give You everything. Sometimes is so hard because we get caught up in the lies of this world that offers nothing. I love you My God! I

  18. Margaret Elizabeth

    Such a beautiful guitar! 
    Great song.....    <3

  19. Lisa Russo

    Best version of this song.  Love Shawn McDonald and the woman who sings with him in this has a beautiful voice.

  20. Nathan Bardell

    I Love this song!

  21. Tamara

    Absolutely love this song and the way it speaks to my heart.

  22. Jason Daniels

    Love the sound!

  23. Ryan Pegan


  24. Sarah Paulicelli

    This song makes me Bow to the KING OF KINGS!!! Thank for sharing! God Bless!

  25. deputyseal409

    Who was that singing backup?

  26. Shane Conley

    I cant stop listening to this song! Love the place it takes me to...

  27. Francine Tuskan

    Yes lovely voice and he is in love with GOD I see it! And hear it!! That's why I like him so much :-) :-)

  28. DaisyMaizie Songbird-Nicks

    So talented and such a beautiful voice! He is so in Love with God! I love it!!

  29. Wesley Blewer

    very nice vid to watch if you need the chords, it shows them well on all the main points

  30. Hannah Michele

    Nossa amo demais o Senhor. Que Deus continue te usando

  31. Clay Cooper

    Shelley Winters (August 18, 1920 – January 14, 2006) was an American actress who appeared in dozens of films said it best during a class for actors. You proven to me you can sing, now sitdown, put your hands on your lap, close your eyes, now I wnat to hear you sing....... Shawn McDonald, AWESOME!

  32. sarasayshi

    Just heard this song for the first time today and it is the cry of my heart too!

  33. Andrew Phillips

    awesome song dude......keep it up man

  34. Nina Araica

    This is one of my most favorite Christian songs... I love Shawn Mcdonald!